Energetic Healing

Universal life energy is the vital life force and living energy that all living things need to survive. To keep the flow of this energy free is of paramount importance to our health and well-being at all levels of our mind, body and spirit.

This life force flows freely through our energetic system until it is affected by our social conditioning from our families and carers, emotional trauma from events that happen to us and physical injuries, all which affect the quality of the energy channels within our body.

Over the centuries there have been many cultures created different techniques and methods to clean the energetic blocks within our bodies. Julie offers different kind of energetic healing to help you getting back into balance so that the life force can move through your body freely.

These are Julie’s Healing Session she has available. Both of them are available in person as well as via distance.

Trauma Release Healing Session ~ 60min

An in-depth and profound Healing session that will help you to let go of past trauma and move forward with more ease.

Restoring the Balance Healing Session ~ 60min

This session works mainly on your central nervous system and is good for people who do suffer from ongoing stress, insomnia, fatigue or restlessness. It will restore balance and harmony as well as energy back to your system.


Julie uses different modern and ancient healing modalities to help our clients move to the next level.

This methods are based upon the clients needs and problems and can be different for any client.

Healing sessions are a very profound experience in which we connect deeper to our self healing abilities as well as the ability to be healed by universal forces.

Before a healing session takes place Julie will have a short consultation with you to find out where the problem lies.

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