Julie – The secret power of rituals III (InsightsGuidance)

So we talked about healing rituals and gratitude, in addition to that rituals often are also being done/created because of the need to receive guidance, support or insights. There are many ancient cultures and spiritual belief systems which are mentioning the higher-self, angels, spiritual guides and teachers. All of them, its been said do carry around the ability to support humankind but also it is their duty or obligation to do so. In our daily life we often experience the limitations of our own mind as well as the material world. We are facing obstacles, problems or other kinds of human irritations.

At the same time we do have this feeling that there´s something inside of us, a knowing, a desire, an energy that is not bothered with these limitations. Something that does not know about space or time and is not interested in how things going to work out, as this something knows they´ll do. This something is called your soul. Originated as a part of the whole existence has it found its way into individualization through you, in your body merging with your spirit. The soul still knows its connection with the divine and always will. It´s our limited logical mind that does find itself wondering, worrying and asking. When the soul gets the chance to reconnect with the source it is able to gain enormous strength, wisdom and insights from that connection. Throughout human history there have always been rituals to connect with the higher-self, spiritual realms, to gain wisdom, insight, direction and support.

I do believe that especially in our modern times people are more and more confused than ever before. The acceleration of our lifestyle, increased use of technology has left many of us anxious and empty. We do feel disconnected from our government, our country, the neighbours and more and more from our own friends and family. Everything seems to change so quickly, people changing jobs, moving away, travelling for years, what is new today is old by tomorrow. Companies are succesful this year and broken the next one. We spend more time in front of a TV, at computers and smartphones than instead talking to each other. Overwhelmed with our own lifestyle, the worry about paying our bills, debt for our houses and cars, insecurity with our jobs has left us alone and frightened. Somehow it seems like there is no stability in anything and everything can change from one moment to the other. Of course, life is about changes and everything is in motion but in natural rhythmic speed. Not the one we are experiencing at the moment. Technology doesn´t know about space and time, nor does the soul.

So why can´t we cope with all this then, if its kind of so natural to us? Because the soul is part of us, it is our truest self. It comes from within. Technology is on the outside and nothing more than dead information. We are bombarded by emails, messages and phone calls. All of them need our attention and do ask us to take action. While the soul requires attention too but in this moment we draw inwards. The soul originates from the Great Source of all living. The soul unfold itself with the rhythm of nature. It is a part of the universal energy.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or drained by watching a sunset? Or by looking at a wonderful flower? No? Me neither. In these moments there is something in our soul that resonates with the sunset, with the flower, with the living creation. Something that responds to these events, something that remembers. Technology doesn´t have this, of course it is helpful but not alive. If we don´t use it, there is no reason for it to exist. But the sun shines and the flower blooms even if no one is watching. These things or happenings are moved by a greater power than we are. Our soul has the deep longing of returning to the source, where it once originated. This happens when we transcendence ourselves, letting go of the ego and let our true-self take over. These moments are filled with happiness, bliss, passion, desire to create, explore to be alive.

When we get lost in an activity like painting, drawing, gardening, singing, making music, writing, dancing whatever it is. You just feel that moment when you disappear and suddenly something works through you. Inspiration, insight, love or compassion. These are magical moments and our soul longs for them and always will. This transcendence can also take place when we do a ritual. We might need a solution for a problem, do face difficulties, want to start a project and don´t know how. We may seek for help, look for orientation, want to change our lives and might be afraid of it. Whatever it is, for some reason we are unable to find an answer in ourselves (often in our logical minds I would say).

We have the feeling that we want and need to reach out to something out of ourselves. Reaching out to the world unseen. Some people pray to invite those unseen guides, helpers, angels, masters to help them. Some people do create an altar, where they spend meditative time till the right answer arises. Others place objects and tools, flowers, candles, incense on the altar to create a sacred atmosphere. Whatever you want to do, you can do it. Just be patient, as we easily get uncertain if we don´t recieve immediate results, this is another habit we owe to the world of technology. Working with the spiritual law takes some time to manifest in the material world, we need to be positive and trust in the process. Sometimes when we ask for guidance or support it can happen that we get a certain feeling and we immediately know, there´s someone around us. And sometimes we don´t, but that doesn´t mean that our prayers or the reaching out is not noticed! Asking for support and guidance will always be heard and will always be answered. Be creative in form of your ritual, do as you feel, there is no right or wrong. Many people are not sure about their own abilities to ask for support, guidance or the quality of their prayer. Let me make this clear, if it comes from the heart it carries the most powerful energy with it and can´t go wrong. In addition to that there is the possibility to receive external help, that depends on your own belief system and cultural background.

If you are not very spiritual you might want to reach out to a counselor or psychologist. Sometimes even a close friend who listens is the best remedy we can get. Depending on your question or your desire to receive support or insights you could also see a medium. These people are very connected with the spirit realms and with their own souls (unfortunately there is no guarantee as such, best you go with a recommendation of someone or go with your own inner feeling/ a medium that you feel drawn to).

A medium can be of great help and might assist you to get the help you were looking for. Most important is that you feel relaxed in their company and they don ´t give you the feeling that you have to do something. Check with your own inner feeling if it feels right for you. But I want to say that sometimes a good medium with integrity will not tell you what you want to hear but what you needed to hear.

Keep in mind that you are the master of your own destiny and you were given free will therefore no one else can make decisions or necessary changes for you. Others might inspire or give you a different point of you, offer some advice, guidance or support but you need to take your own responsibility and take action. Do what feels right, this is the first and most powerful step to connect with your own soul and your inner guidance.

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