My name is Julie Jurgan and I am the Founder of “Blossom of the Soul”. I am a Life Path Reader, Inspirational Writer, Speaker and modern Healer for the needs of the 21st century.

I offer spiritual guidance and assistance via my Life Path Readings in which I tune into my clients soul. In this session I will mention blockages, past experiences and all that comes to mind and hinders my clients progress to move forward. It can also happen that the focus might lies on the clients purpose and its unfoldment in this life.

Most important is that the Reading is empowering and motivating but at the same time it will point out things where there is work that needs to be done. I might mention medical conditions but I dont give medical advice as such. A Life Path Reading or Healing Session doesn’t replace a visit at the clients doctor but maybe opens up to new insights in terms of his/her illness/sickness.

Cost: 1 hour Life Path Reading  £40


Healing Session:

I use various modern and ancient healing techniques to assist my client in releasing energetic blockages, trauma and energetic attachments that no longer serve the highest good. Empowered and more aware the client will find a new way to step into the new life.

A healing session can be a powerful experience and might be the last step that finally bring change into someones life.

Cost: 1 hour healing session £40

There is distant healing available for people all around the globe. Distant healing is as powerful as  a healing in person.


I also share my insights via an online video blog about the universal laws and speak about heart-based entrepreneurship especially within the women empowerment movement.

Blossom of the Soul for me is a result of my own Soul´s journey on which I was asked to let go of who I thought I am to become who I am truly are.

Today I want to offer my experience and insights with the help of my wonderful team to you.


buddha “There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine. O traveler, if you are in search of that. Don´t look outside, look inside yourself and seek that” – Rumi

If you want to book your appointment, have any questions or you are interested in more information, please use the contact form below to contact me. Thank you!

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12 thoughts on “Julie”

  1. “Had a reading from Julia recently… went in with an idea of what I wanted to hear, came out with what I needed to hear! Lovely environment, lovely energy, would highly recommend.

  2. “I visited Julie Jurgan in 2014 for a private reading regards to her mediumship qualities as recommended by a friend. I had never met Julie before and felt a little nervous but I need not have worried I was immediately relaxed and comfortable in her company. All that transpired was so relevant to me. I will not go into personal details but know the spirits of my family were there with us that day. I asked Julie a question and the reply was so characteristic for my brother in spirit that I knew he was with us.

    Since then I joined her Mediumship course and defiantly have learned so much and helped me to decide the path I wish to follow. I believe that Julie gives her heart and soul into every aspect to her work in mediumship.”

  3. “I had a reading with Julie when she did a day of readings at Sushannah’s Angels. I found that Julie easily put me at ease and that the reading overall was very comforting and reassuring. As owner of Sushannah’s Angels I was also able to observe the reaction of other clients as they came out of their readings. They all found Julie to be accurate, comforting in her style, and inspirational. I would fully recommend readings with the lovely Julie” –

  4. “In February 2015 I had my very first Reading. It was purely on impulse; on pre-planned. I came across Julie via a mutual friend on FaceBook and read some of her messages. Anyway, I contacted Julie and we set up a Reading via Skype.
    Although I hadn’t had any kind of a Reading previously and I didn’t know Julie, I felt open and quite relaxed by it. I have to say, Julie was amazing! She really tuned in on what was going on in my life. And she also commented on and gave reference to several things that were pertinent to my life. However, I have to say, I didn’t realise several things until after my Reading, which now makes a lot more sense to me!
    I will be going back to Julie for ‘updates’ in the future 🙂
    I am very happy to recommend Julie to anyone who is considering having a Reading.

  5. “I highly recommend seeing Julie for your readings as I have always been very happy with them each and every time. I have had lots of readings off various different mediums and I can honestly say that Julies were the best for me in the way I felt she connected with me. Julie gave me very good information about my present situations and feelings that I had honestly not told another soul about. Julie is a medium who I have come to massively respect and cant recommend her enough and I would be happy to say that her very first reading for me helped me massively in a hurtful situation I was going through. Thank you Julie”

  6. “I had a reading with Julie and was absolutely amazed!
    Julie identified personal circumstances that I had not shared with anyone. She also gave me a lovely describtion of future possibility. Whilst I was convinced it could not possibly come into being, it is, just not as I expected it to!!
    Thank you so much Julie, I look forward to my next reading!”

  7. „You have to meet Julie in person, as words can hardly describe her gift – to look deep into someones soul. Julie is a charismatic person and very touching. She is able to see your potential and will guide you gently through the next steps to free your own soul. As I said before, I can hardly describe this experience in words – you have to meet her.“

  8. “I had a reading from Julie. She intuitively knew the advice I seeked. She advised me well and gave me the confidence to achieve my goals. She also described my husband and his personality traits.
    Time well spent with Julie . Thank you x x”

  9. “What I really appreciated about Julie’s Classes was the care she took in building the foundations. This for me allowed the experience to feel safe and held. Julie’s wisdom shone through and she shared this with us generously. Julie’s approach was very ‘down to earth’, She didn’t put herself on a pedestal, and neither did she allow us to. Julie was inclusive and encouraging, calm and clear. I would thoroughly recommend her. ”

  10. Julie gave me a reading whilst she was in Newcastle, I wasn’t too sure what to expect but she spoke to the core of me and answered questions and gave validation to things I hadn’t even fully admitted to myself. I can’t recommend her highly enough, spot on and so friendly, she’s helped me so much 🙂

  11. Julie is a phenomenal medium and guide. Her keen insight and broad explanations are to the point. She was able to intuitively and accurately tell me what blocks I had in my love life, career,and overall relationships.
    She gives readings with a sense of practical and very proficient advice. I couldn’t recommend her enough. If you are at a crossroads in your life and need a guide she is the go to person. I seriously suggest anyone who is seeking themselves out to make this connection. She is committed to her craft and truly cares about who she helps . Thank you so much Julie Jurgan for all your wisdom and advice I am ever so grateful for your guidance and greatly needed advice.

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