I have been working as medium and healer for a few years now and I am always happy to hear back from my clients. Especially to see how their life has changed and improved after a reading or healing session.  This is all I can ask for in my work, to make a real difference to other peoples life.

This is what other people say about me:

Had an amazing life changing experience at Samye Ling with Julie last year. Julie done some healing meditation with me and showed me how to do this myself, had the best impact on my recovery from PTSD that I have experienced throughout my journey! Holistic approach to mental health is the way forward!! Thank you to Julie for guiding me and helping me change my life. – Becca

“Julie’s healing is just terrific. I was allowed to enjoy 2 x and I can only recommend Julie as well as her readings. Just love you.” – Vivian N.

“Julie has given me 2 (maybe more) sessions of distant healing. I felt so uplifted afterwards (I suffer with terrible anxiety) and she gave me a really thorough reading after both sessions with helpful advice included. I always feel so much better after healing with Julie.
She has also given me many in-person readings which I found accurate and extremely interesting. Julie is very professional and friendly. Would recommend to anyone seeking help or just interested in all things holistic.” – Louise T.

“When I asked for a reading from Julie there were many changes occurring in my life. I sat with Julie and straight away my fears and anxieties were put to rest as she calmly and consciely put into words the path my life was taking. She discussed elements of my life which I had not discussed with anyone and reassured me that the worries I have were normal. The chat was very personal to me as she was able to talk about the deeper parts of my personality. I was quite skeptical so did not feed Julie any information, however when she discribed myself so clearly it was very difficult to ignore the truth.

As time has gone on elements raised in our discussion have come to light and the future although still firmly in my hands is taking the path she depicted. I am thankful for her words and reassurance. I would definitely recommend this none invasive inexpensive consultation to support anyone who is feeling they need that reassurance to know the path they’re on is one that’s right for them. Thank you Julie.” – Sez C.

“Julie cares about people and this makes the real difference. I had a healing session with her and it really helped me.Thank you Julie x” – Silvia D.

“Had a trauma release session with Julie.. very interesting.. a little nervous beforehand but Julie eased my worries and told me what was going to happen and what may happen in the coming days ..felt calm and relaxed afterwards .. shall wait and see what is to come ..Very well done and will be going back again if/when needed.. thank you Julie xx” – R. R.

“Julie has read for me three times in three years and always provides the insight and clarity I have needed about making a decision or finding my way when I was feeling lost or conflicted. She also has a deep knack to be able to ‘see’ what is going on at soul level and brings to light hidden parts of your personality that aren’t seen by your friends or get ‘shoved aside’ by the demands of life in a material society. Julie doesn’t tell you want you want t hear or flatter your ego, but reveals in a compassionate way which helps you steer your life the way is best for you x” – Sarah T.

“I have just had an amazing reading from Julie, she was absoloutly spot on! She told me something about everything I wanted/needed to hear about and was very sympathetic and kind!! I will definately be coming to Julie for a reading again! Lovely lovely lady xxx – Elizabeth E.

“This was the first time I had any healing. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but safe to say I ended up coming away with a lot more insight that I was expecting and ready for. Julie was able to pinpoint areas in which I hadn’t addressed myself and I am now able to understand things that I wasn’t before. Would definitely recommend Julie! I’m looking forward to doing it again soon!” – Sherry J.

“Julie is amazing and have had her read me twice now both at different stages in my life. Looking forward to the next one and would thoroughly recommend her”. – Keely B.

“About a month ago I met Julie in Stafford at a Mediumship course, I spoke to her briefly about healing etc and today she was kind enough to do distant healing on me from well over 200 miles away. I must explain that at the age of 50 i have had distant healing many times over the years, but nothing like this. I lay on my sofa at the alocated time and relaxed my body, Julie had little knowledge of my health except i had recently been to hospital regarding an ecg. First i felt tingling and energy flow through both my legs in particular the left leg, my left leg i cannot feel due to being paralised 18 years ago. Then I felt heat and a calmness pass through my upper body around my heart and lungs. After a few minutes i felt hands inside my chest and felt as if my heart was being sewn back up, it felt as if there had been a hole about 3 inches long in my heart, this i know was due to past emotional issues from many years ago. During all the time Julie was working on mr i felt relaxed and there was NO PAIN, infact shortly after she had finished the pain i had experienced for the last 2 months in my chest area dissapeared.I spoke to julie briefly via inbox message afterwards to tell her some of what i had experienced, she is truly a very gifted and empathic lady and i feel so much better now for the experience, not just on a physical level, but on a soul level too. Thank you very much for helping me today Julie i really appreciate it, im sure it will continue to make a big diffence to my health xx” – Lee C.


Would highly recommend Julie, she is such a lovely, caring lady! She is so easy to talk to, I found myself telling her my feelings about my childhood that I didn’t even realise I felt! She then gave me a healing session, just laying her hand on my back and afterwards I felt a great ‘peace and calm’. – Janet T.