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Moon in Libra – Restoring the Balance

The universe is based on an infinite harmony in which everything works together in the right frame as well as time. Some might call these ideas metaphysical or spiritual but even scientists can proof that the universe is made upon laws which many of them we haven’t fully discovered yet. So we are asked to see things from more than only one perspective, if we want to break through from narrow minded ignorance and open up to a bigger picture. In addition to that I do believe that even if we can’t explain something, it doesn’t automatically mean its non-existent.


When the moon passes on its orbit around the earth it wanders through the whole of the zodiac signs. This is not superficial astrology but furthermore real science that has been known for thousand of years. Slowly but steady modern scientist seem to give further thought to the influence of the planets with their gravitation and magnetic forces (and all those we don’t know of yet). Soon we all will accept and see that there is a hidden patter, a harmony behind universal forces.

The zodiac signs do represent energetic qualities that work with different forces and do have an influence on the earth and all its inhabitants. In my weekly Video Moon Reports I do speak exactly about how the moons influence does affect our daily lives. And I also offer you tips and tricks on how you can change your life for the better. Becoming aware of the unseen forces, experiencing them on the outside but also on the inside of our physical bodies and minds is an astonishing insight and will lead you into a new direction of understanding.


The moon phase in Libra focuses very much on harmony and the fair exchange of ideas, money, time or any other energetic force. Our sense for fairness is very much heightened and we are able once more to see things from another angle than just our own. The energetic qualities of these days can be very subtle and maybe hard to crasp but it doesn’t mean that its non-existent. Furthermore its energy is so soft and gentle that this has a more calming effect on our minds.

A great time to look for Partnership, Companionship and Real Love. Our desire to finally meet “the one” or the “right” one is very much feel able. We might experience a need to be in company of others rather than spending time by ourselves. It is definitely a good time for a romantic dinner, a marriage proposal or just to spend some quality time with your partner. If you are single and looking for someone special than you might experience some loneliness when the moon passes through Libra. This is because our sense for partnership and love are at the forefront, so we will become more  aware of what is actually missing in our lives.


Moon in Libra days can be very beneficial for all that needs more diplomacy and true understanding. Insightful we will help others and be the best we possible can to offer them good advice. We do accept more clearly everybody’s point of view without losing our own. These days might be tricky to make any kind of decisions because we too busy to weigh every side and angle of opportunities that represent themselves to us.


These days also really good days to not do anything at all. Restoring the Balance often means that we should take some time off and allow ourselves to withdraw from our busy lives. Day dreaming and procrastinating are more the qualities of a Moon in Libra Day. Definitely not a good day for action, but really good to indulge in good food, music and the arts.


If you can make some space to enter into a state of peace and quiet you more than likely will feel the positive outcome of this.


It is important to keep a balanced diet to stay healthy and fit. Too much of anything can lead to an excess or to a lack of something else. When the moon passes through Libra our hips, lower back, bladder and kidneys are more sensitive.

This means there could be more problems arising in that area, but it could also be a great day to do something good to these areas. In Chinese trad. Medicine people know that looking after your diet and your body and treating it accordingly will not only heal illness but also prevents disease.

A good day also to flush out the toxins from bladder and kidneys with some herbal teas. Best time for this is time between 3pm -5pm this is the time were these organs are most active and will react and absorb it even better. Lower back pain and hip issues can be helped with gentle yoga exercise but also with Tai Chi or other gentle stretches.


If you suffer from chronic pain it might be beneficial to think about seeing a Rolfer, a Chiropractor or someone who specific working with these body parts.

A great day to take in the good fats and give the body a boost. At the same time it is important to watch your acid level in your body. It also would be more than beneficial to do a lymph drainage or get one done.

Moon in Libra days 2018:

June: 21/22                                     Sept: 11/12               Dec: 2/3/29/30/31

July: 18/19/20                               Oct: 9/10

Aug: 15/16                                        Nov: 5/6

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