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Our Emotions the Gateway to Power – Nina Bains

The pain we experience is from our emotional baggage we carry from childhood issues and into adulthood such as abuse or any other emotional trauma. These energies stay with us in our subconscious mind and disrupt our lives and cause disease and much of our self-sabotage.

Unprocessed life experiences held in our nervous systems is affecting our bodies. Humans are scared and spiritual beings and we hold power within, once we are connected with our emotions. I am convinced with my own healing journey that our trapped emotions and traumas manifest symptoms and disease in our bodies. Our emotions can set us free from all the layers of baggage that we are holding in our subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind is the storage house for everything that has happened in our lives on an emotional level. When something happens, we have supressed the emotion within the event and buried it in our subconscious mind. When we come across a circumstance and interact within the environment and the buried emotion gets triggered and we react. We suppress our immune system with emotions of the past and this also causes our bodies to become emotionally unbalanced. If only we learned to feel that emotion and release and be free from the pain it is causing our body.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the situation at hand and then get triggered by the emotion that was never healed and it continues to run our lives in the present. Our thoughts and emotions create health problems and then disease in our bodies. How we emotionally feel can manifest symptoms such as our heart rate to increase and anxiety and depression and our stomachs to act up. The emotions are stored in the body and since they are buried in the subconscious mind they are still running our lives in the present moment.

Some tools or skills we can implement into our daily lives to remain healthy on an emotional level.

1. Start by learning to connect with your emotions by breathing into your body by taking a few deep breaths. This is to slow down your heart and you can learn to listen to what your body has to tell you.
2. Scan your body and relax and observe what you are feeling. Many emotions will come up such as fear, anger and frustration.
3. Once a feeling comes up ask yourself several questions. What is the feeling? What is causing this feeling? Where did I learn to feel this way?
4. Start connecting your feelings to patterns and behaviours in your life. Many of us have buried our feelings so deep we have forgotten how to feel them and learn to release them. We have learned to listen to the negative inner dialogue that is keeping us stuck emotionally.
5. As you make these connections in your daily life you will become more and clearer, where and how you buried your emotions. Once these connections are made the healing process will become so much easier. For many of us its past beliefs from childhood that have kept us stuck emotionally and paralyzed us from moving forward.
Life is all about how we choose to respond. We can respond in a negative way or a positive way our bodies react to both. If we can learn to embrace the stressors in our lives with gratitude things can shift and we can discover meaning in our lives. It’s all about how you respond from within. If you respond from the heart without ego and judgement your life can be totally transformed. You’re emotional and physically health is within your power and you have what it takes to heal.

You attract who you are all by the power of your emotional energy. If we can manage our emotions we have the power to change our weight, job and make more money and in return this creates more abundance in your life. If we can only learn to surrender to our emotions and live from within. This power is available to all, we just have to learn how to tune in and manage our emotional health and everything else will start falling in place.

written by Nina Bains – www.betherealyou.ca

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