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Moon Report July 2019 – Super New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse

Are you ready for this Gateway of Change?

This Month Moon Report for July 2019

We have a Super New Moon in Sign of Cancer and a Total Solar Eclipse ( visible in Chile & Argentina) this sets the powerful tone for the next 6 months and is known as the Gateway of Change.

Dependent where you have cancer based in your chart and where the moon is progressing in your personal horoscope it will be a life changing 6 months for many of us.

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We are speaking of a Super New Moon when there appears a New Moon and at the same time a Total Solar Eclipse is happening. This creates a powerful new beginning and brings lots of cosmic energies to the earth because the moon stands between the Sun and the Earth. Even not fully visible all over the world it does affect our body, mind and spirits.

In this video I will give some insights for all those who want to stay grounded and make use of the next 28 days to fully embody the cosmic energies. It is important to stay focused I the here and now if we don’t want to get swept away by this gateway of change.

If you struggle to stay grounded, suffer from anxiety or got problems to align yourself with the current energies. You can book a 1-2-1 Healing Session with me via distant.

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