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Soulevolution and the course of time

I am working as a medium for a while now and I would like to say that I learnt from some very good teachers. These teachers were important along my way of understanding myself, my own potential and what it means to develop my psychic abilities.

As a natural process over the time I grew out of my teachers and looked for my own answers to a subject I lived all my life and never understood.

The teaching and training years are very important to build a solid foundation for your psychic development. But also the years of personal practice and experience will lead you into a new direction of understanding and questioning. Not everyone who starts out to explore their own psychic abilities is going to be a medium. Or even should not start with only this intention in mind. Furthermore let it be a journey to discover yourself and your unlimited potential as human and spiritual being. May the truth set you free!

If we look back in time, people with psychic abilities or supernatural powers can be found during the history of mankind. In ancient traditions we can find the shamans, the healers and seers, the spiritual leaders of a tribe. In those times people reached out to those shamans for advise, help, assistance and healing. People believed that spiritual guidance was important for their well-being and the survival of the whole tribe. The shamans words were accepted and their wisdom respected as it came from the highest realms of spirit. Not everyone was allowed or destined to be a shaman only a few were chosen by spirit to take on that enormous responsibility.

Many shamans went through a long period of initiation, spend time alone in caves and forests to strengthen their connection with the spirit world. They learnt about plants and their use, tuned into the wisdom of the universe and created rituals to celebrate their connection.

The more time went by the more the human consciousness developed and went through different stages of self-understanding and expression. But also our lifestyle and our understanding of the world has changed and been shaped over the centuries rapidly. We as human race have gone through periods of abundance and poverty, of huge wars and peaceful times. Passed through logical and rational thinking and exploration as well as times of religious fanaticism and blind belief. Till we reached our modern times with all its technology and a new way of scientific understanding of the world.

Birth of Spiritualism till the modern times

If we take a look at the 1850 where the phenomena of the “Hydesville Rappings”(read whole article about the Hydesville Rappings here) appeared in America as one of the first official recorded psychic/physical phenomena to a wider audience all around the world.

A family in America received strange rappings in their house and found out that it was a murdered pedlar who was buried in the basement of the house.

Spiritualism found its beginnings and spread like fire in the newspapers in the USA and swapped over to Europe within a few years. Suddenly everywhere so-called physical phenomena appeared and more and more people opened up to another kind of reality. All over the country, especially in America and the UK people started to go and visit seances where there was contact made with the spirit world. Tables started to turn, furniture were lifted by ghost hands and mediums demonstrated their abilities to give messages from beyond. The western world seemed curious to explore what else was there that the eyes could not see and the mind too limited to comprehend.

When World War I and II hit, the bereaved longed for validation for a life after death. Mediumship was there to help, assist and prove what so many were looking for. People found comfort in the messages they received from their loved ones from the other side during a sitting with a medium. Especially in England mediums had a famous status and where well-known in the public. More and more scientist also showed interest in the exploration of the so-called spirit world and gathered together to explore the subject on a deeper level.

The outbreaks and suffering of two great world wars left the world with deep shock, sadness and desperation. Especially in those times, mediumship rose to another level in which the need of hearing from loved ones who passed over was desperately needed.

A lot of comfort, understanding and compassion was spread with the work of spiritualist mediums and their continuous efforts bringing messages from beyond.

Sadly even during those times, ignorance joined the table and many mediums suddenly were said to be fraud. Therefore many mediums were jailed or put on the Society Stack. The masses pulled away and believed more in what has been written by people who claimed to prove mediumship non-existence. Rather than following the path of self-exploration and experience. Luckily the Spiritual National Union achieved to release the The Witchcraft Act of 1735 remained in force in Britain well into the 20th century, until its eventual repeal with the enactment of the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951.

The Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 was repealed on 26 May 2008 by new Consumer Protection Regulations following an EU directive targeting unfair sales and marketing practices.

It allowed to give mediumship a legal status as a religious belief and classified the demonstration of mediumship in public for entertaining purposes only.

Even today the SNU (Spiritual National Union) offers quality training and a standard for mediumship with the focus on religious point of view more than self-empowerment or the exploration of the soul as individual.

The 60’s – Another consciousness revolution

Another big impact for the raise of consciousness or Soulevolution took place when the american invasion in Vietnam escalated in 1961. Many students, peace activists and leftist intellectuals protested all around the globe together. Slowly but steady the Hippie Revolution, New Age Movement or the Anti-war Revolution started. The first time after so many years that no longer the people would accept cruelty, disempowerment and the torture that another war could bring with it.

Spirituality reached a new expression and as a natural evolution 20 years after the second world war spirituality and religion were finally disconnected. No longer spirituality was tied to a visit of churches and following dogmatic point of views. Furthermore it reached out to masses, to join together and experience spirituality on a totally new level. A powerful movement that led people into self-exploration, inspired new thoughts about humanity combined with mystical and esoteric traditions.

During those times many new ways of exploring own consciousness with psychoactive drugs, music but also spiritual techniques such as yoga and meditation found a place into society.

 Unity, Humanity and equality were the new values this movement asked for and would do everything to make itself heard.

Social Ignorance, Materialism, Egoistic behaviour no longer should be the driving force for a society that was too blind to see. A social system that was build up on the trauma of two world wars and the idea that material safety and security would be the only answer for a cruel world.

During those times people of these movements were not afraid to experience themselves in other realities, to step over social restrictions, rebellion and finally the idea of another way of living together as one human race was born.


While the 50’s still focused on new technologies and the comfort of material possessions as an expression of success in life. The 60’s blew this attitude in the wind. Sharing and caring was the new way of life to bring down the concept of separation and inequality.

After the Vietnam war ended in 1975 much was gained such as the Civil Rights Movement in America which allowed black people the same rights as white ones. But also the American Feminist Movement found a new voice and shouted over traditional boundaries. The world had changed and new ideas still moved at the surface of this new society. Unfortunately slowly the hippie movement was soon replaced by the new hunger for oil and its material potential. People slowly turned their faces towards material security again and the stock market offered once again new possibilities for money investments.

New technology especially the first mass market computer in 1964 once again should change the live of so many and as we know today – the world itself. The hunger for more new technology possibilities grew with every step and was based to bring a new understanding for the outside world.

But on the other hand side Spiritual teachers and gurus had a high demand in the early 1980s which came from the revolutionary area of the 60s. Love and Peace seemed to be the only answer to the way of moving humanity forward into a new generation of compassion and understanding for each other. The 80s finally started to bring this understanding for a new fruition. Yoga, Aloe Vera, Meditation, Alternative Therapies and a holistic approach slowly sneaked into the consciousness of a wider audience as a result of the desire for a better understanding of the world and the self.

The 21rst Century – The urge to return to the roots

Coming now into the 21rst Century I feel our urge to return to our spiritual roots. We are very much a society that is fed by the ideas of what screens have to offer. Our food is processed, the people we call heroes are celebrities and nature is something we might now and again experience if we make it away from the comfort of our couch. Reality is something we mostly perceive through the media and its negative news broadcasting. Therefor we feel the world is a place we should be fearful of and which we try to avoid as much as possible.

The world around us might have changed but deep within us we still are the same. Apart from that looking after our bodies in regards of enough sleep and food to keep them alive our soul slowly is dying from the disconnection we created with our environment.

We experience more mental health issues than ever before. Suicide rates are rising daily and the number burn outs can’t be counted anymore. We got everything on the material level and still suffer, how is that possible?

A new understanding – the power within

The answer to that might lay in the understanding that we are more than our bodies and our brains. That there is something within us that doesn’t care about material possessions because it is aware that they are this is an illusion and wont last forever. This something is called your soul. It is that eternal part of yourself that part of your consciousness which survives physical death. The soul longs for true connection with the world, nature and others. That something within you telling you that even if you achieved all you ever dreamt of you might not be happy or healthy.

That something that reminds you that you are not your body, you are not what you have and how many people will praise you. But that silent voice within you saying: “What is it that you truly love? What is it that you are living for? What is it that really counts?”

Humanity might be at a turning point these days once again. Realizing that we can’t go on living like this. We can’t destroy nature and pretending we are not a part of it. We can’t start wars and then turn our back when people are affected by it do ask for help. We can’t deny our personal and global responsibility. On a more personal level this new age will not allow us to get stuck in the wrong relationship, job or life. No longer we can deny our own psychic abilities which are there to guide us on the right path.

No longer we should deny our personal power – the power from within.

Showing us that there is so much more than meets the eye.

Reminding us that we are here to evolve, that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Our psychic abilities that do tell us that there is no limitations. Nor space or time. We are able to heal ourselves and others and raise above the detachment of only a physical and material existence.

The healthy integration of these insights could lead to a new Revolution – The Revolution of the Soul.

May the exploration of our personal psychic abilities be the gateway to a new understanding of the self and its limitless potential. I truly wish that more people will discover their unlimited potential and break free from centuries of brainwash and torture, self-denial and giving away their power.

May the exploration and development our own psychic abilities help us to find the truth.

To understand our limitless potential and followed by the understanding that we came here for a reason. To live, explore, expand our very own consciousness and share it with the world.

Julie Jurgan



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Salt Water Treatment – Spiritual Healing (video)

Are you aware of the subtle energies around you and how they affect your well-being? Do you know what an impact negative vibrations can have on you life? How to deal with them and come back into balance again?
You want to understand why you are tired and drained? A must watch…
Salt water treatment is a simple but effective remedy to remove subtle black energy from one’s body. Learn why it is useful and how to perform it.

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Loving Kindness Meditation

The Metta Meditation is a beautiful buddhist practice to bring more compassion, love and kindness into our lives but also into the live of others. Gently we dive deeper into the depth of our very own heart to explore its gifts and share them with the world.

May you be happy

May you be well

May you be comfortable and at peace …

So much love xxx


The practice of Metta meditation is a beautiful support to other awareness practices. One recites specific words and phrases evoking a “boundless warm-hearted feeling.” The strength of this feeling is not limited to or by family, religion, or social class. We begin with our self and gradually extend the wish for well-being happiness to all beings.

There are different descriptions of the practice. The following is a basic set of instructions from the book “The Issue at Hand” by Gil Fronsdal written as a gift to the community. It is freely given.

Brief Instructions for Loving-Kindness Meditation

To practice loving-kindness meditation, sit in a comfortable and relaxed manner. Take two or three deep breaths with slow, long and complete exhalations. Let go of any concerns or preoccupations. For a few minutes, feel or imagine the breath moving through the center of your chest – in the area of your heart.

Metta is first practiced toward oneself, since we often have difficulty loving others without first loving ourselves. Sitting quietly, mentally repeat, slowly and steadily, the following or similar phrases:

May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at ease.

While you say these phrases, allow yourself to sink into the intentions they express. Loving-kindness meditation consists primarily of connecting to the intention of wishing ourselves or others happiness. However, if feelings of warmth, friendliness, or love arise in the body or mind, connect to them, allowing them to grow as you repeat the phrases. As an aid to the meditation, you might hold an image of yourself in your mind’s eye. This helps reinforce the intentions expressed in the phrases.

After a period of directing loving-kindness toward yourself, bring to mind a friend or someone in your life who has deeply cared for you. Then slowly repeat phrases of loving-kindness toward them:

May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be peaceful and at ease.

As you say these phrases, again sink into their intention or heartfelt meaning. And, if any feelings of loving-kindness arise, connect the feelings with the phrases so that the feelings may become stronger as you repeat the words.

As you continue the meditation, you can bring to mind other friends, neighbors, acquaintances, strangers, animals, and finally people with whom you have difficulty. You can either use the same phrases, repeating them again and again, or make up phrases that better represent the loving-kindness you feel toward these beings. In addition to simple and perhaps personal and creative forms of metta practice, there is a classic and systematic approach to metta as an intensive meditation practice. Because the classic meditation is fairly elaborate, it is usually undertaken during periods of intensive metta practice on retreat.

Sometimes during loving-kindness meditation, seemingly opposite feelings such as anger, grief, or sadness may arise. Take these to be signs that your heart is softening, revealing what is held there. You can either shift to mindfulness practice or you can—with whatever patience, acceptance, and kindness you can muster for such feelings—direct loving-kindness toward them. Above all, remember that there is no need to judge yourself for having these feelings.

Excerpts gratefully reprinted from the book The Issue at Hand by Gil Fronsdal, guiding teacher of Insight Meditation Center. Click here to view full text or download a PDF format.

( source – mettainstitute.org)

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Julie – About the Ego

Along the spiritual path I found myself confronted with totally new worlds, opinions, perspectives and many more things I wondered about. Now following my path for quite some time now, I realize that my perspective about myself, other and the world has totally changed. I ask different questions now and the old points of view don´t make sense anymore.

Right at the beginning, when I started to follow my Soulspath (Spiritual Path) I came across the saying: „Letting go of your Ego“ as its been said it would hinder the progress of real growth. Only through spiritual practice and inner work I got a clue what that meant, I suddenly understood what all the spiritual teachers said over centuries to their students.

Your personal Ego, the content you think of yourself as a person, might stands in totally opposition to the inner truth you explore when you walk the spiritual path.

Are you ready for this new truth?

As long as you hold on to your fixed ideas about you, your life and the way how things should be. Obstacles will occur and remind you.

That is why you come from one lesson to the next, only to learn how to let go and be free.
Let go of old patterns, belief systems and ideas about yourself.

Let your soul show you the way.


Before my spiritual journey, to me the Ego was a quite negative afflicted word. In my personal thinking it has always been related to something religious or spiritual. The second thought I had, was that everyone got an Ego, but no one liked it. I was curious what this Ego thing was all about, what does it mean, where does it come from and how would it block my progress? Furthermore where could I find it?

What is that Ego? And who says that?

For this reason I started a research with different sources and this is what I found:

Spiritual Perspective:

From a spiritual perspective, ego means considering oneself to be distinct from others and God due to identification with the physical body and impressions in various centres of the subtle body. In short ego is leading our life as per the thinking that our existence is limited to our 5 senses, mind, and intellect and identifying with them to various degrees. –Spiritual Science Research Foundation ( 2014)

Will say, that the identification with our bodies leads to separation from others and God. I do understand that, but on the other hand side, I think it´s important to experience the own physical, mental and emotional senses, as they are the doorway to the manifestations of God.
For me, it´s important to be aware of my body, because it´s my souls temporary home. My soul gains its experiences through the energy exchange with the surroundings. We do experience the world with our five senses. What we see, hear, smell, taste and touch is real to us. Our Ego defines itself through the experience with the five senses and its logical interpretation.

In Psychological Perspective

„In layman’s terms one can define ego as pride about oneself. Thoughts such as my body and mind, my intellect, my life, my wealth, my wife and children, I should acquire happiness, etc. arise from ego alone. Ego, awareness of the self, pride, conceit and ‘i’ness are words related to the word ‘ego or aham’ but on a psychological plane“ Spiritual Science Research Foundation ( 2014)



From Psychological Perspective, the ego defines itself of its possession and its need to survive on a material level. Within this perspective, the person is not aware of an eternal or spiritual being that will overcome bodily death. In this state the ego is created for protection of fear.

Eckart Tolle got a nice Quote:

„Fear seems to have many causes. Fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of being hurt, and so on, but ultimately all fear is the ego´s fear of death, of annihilation. To the ego, death is always just around the corner. In this mind-identified state, of death affects every aspect of your life.“

This can be described as a limited state of consciousness, which is full of fears and the need to control things. The Human Spirit is not aware of its immortality as the Ego stands in the way.
Personal Transformation means letting go of the Ego (the fixed ideas we have, the judgments, opinions, point of views, possessions). Even just for a moment, open your mind, deep down to your heart and your soul to feel what is really important.


The world behind the Ego – Your Intuition

When you start to walk the spiritual path it gets more complex, because you start to explore a world behind the so-called reality. The first sense you gonna develop or give more attention to, is feeling. Your own Intuition. This is suddenly a different point of view, because it means you totally rely on a feeling and not everyone will go conform with that. Your intuition is your new guide and correspondents with the outta world and its impressions. This can give a new meaning to all that is. A meaning that could be described in:

What if logic would be out-of-order and you only decide with your heart?

Oh this sounds so fantastic, airy-fairy like, pink bubbles everywhere and only love and peace. Yes, that would be great. I will tell you what, it is hard work. Very hard work. Because we were taught different. The wrong education, belief systems and surroundings have shaped us into mind-orientied people who are more and more separated from our hearts and nature. We calculate, analyze, measure to get the best out of everything. We are selling our lifetime and our energy in exchange for money. We are afraid to have less, because we are not connected.
Instead of living our own truth. Creating our own reality.
We are slaves of our own, man-made belief systems. To afraid to step out of it and carry the responsibility that comes with freedom.
Stepping behind the world of logical thinking, analyzing and mind-orientation we find a world full of fantastic expressions and phenomena. A world that is dynamic, always changing, flowing and follows different laws that we were told. This world communicates very close with our own soul. Our own Intuition is the language of the Soul.
If we are corresponding with the world through Intuition, we connect with the Laws of Eternal Wisdom and Eternal Goodness.
Intuition is communication on a higher frequency, often with the world unseen. It does follow its own rhythm and often is not logical to the mind. It is the next dimension from the so-called reality.

Many spiritual teachings are blaming the Ego for standing in the way and not allowing the Intuition to take over. The Ego is the something that can be manipulated by the outside, that strives for attention, applause, money, and all the other material things. Only if we let go of your Ego we will be free!

How to let go of the Ego

There are different techniques, tricks and methods how to learn letting go of the Ego. I did try different ones and came to the conviction, that you definitely need to do it for different levels. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a bit like Clearing out the clutter on all levels. Wash yourself clean from old patterns, belief systems, fixed ideas and the need to control everything or let everything control you. It is a process that takes a lot of attention, consciously stepping further and no one knows how long it will take. The spiritual path is a unique path and full of up and downs. The more you keep going, the deeper it gets and the less you are afraid of it.

Methods and Techniques:

Yoga, Sports, Dancing, Gardening, Food, Service for others, meditation, Reading, Walking, Writing, Music, Trance Healing, Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Rolfing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Sounding Joy Therapy, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Family Constellations ..there are plenty more, do whatever feels right to you. Don´t forget that everyone has its own rhythm and you can´t force the process of becoming.

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.”

~B.K.S. Iyengar

I have not always thought like that and many years I treated my body everything than nice. I smoked a lot, never had time for relaxation, surrounded myself with the wrong people and worked in an environment I disliked. For years, I was not in tune with my body and felt as my body would be something separated from me.
Today, the awareness of my five senses is very important to me and I experience them as my door to the world. Consciously Smelling, Seeing, Hearing, Feeling and Tasting brings many new experiences in my life. Since I am really aware of my five senses, I can enjoy life on a material level more intense than before. I do listen to my body and my intuition, because these two always right.

Stepping behind the Ego

If you walk the Spiritual Path, you will be asked to leave the save and secure state of rational analyzing and thinking, as this understanding is limited. The Spiritual Path needs to be experienced not only with your five senses but with you heart and your soul. Step a bit closer to life and let it touch you.
Bring yourself into the wonderful state of letting go and trusting into the process of becoming. Let yourself be carried by Universal Love.

„We must go beyond the constant clamor of ego, beyond the tools of logic and reason, to the still, calm place within us: the realm of the soul.“

Deepak Chopra

Death of the Ego and Nature

Nature could be our best example, the coming fall season, the trees will let go of their leaves. The energy will draw back and the focus goes within again. This is not the end, the energy is transforming. When the Human Spirit is disconnected from the Source, through the Ego, it tries to hold on. Death seems to be something fearful and should be avoided in all cases as includes the need to let go. Death is seen as the end of all things, rather than a description for a transition state. Transformation of being. The Ego is based on this limited awareness, so we totally forget that things need to go, that they can change and become better. The Natural law of Progress can only be created through the process of transformation. In winter everything seems to stand still, but it is still growing but not visible. Everything goes slowly till spring comes again and the energies expand more powerful than before. May the Ego follow the natural flows of the seasons to be transformed into the Human Spirit.

„Each Warrior wants to leave the mark of his will, his signature, on important acts he touches. This is not the voice of ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute to the solution of the hardest problems, no matter how vexing!“

Pat Riley

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