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Soulevolution and the course of time

I am working as a medium for a while now and I would like to say that I learnt from some very good teachers. These teachers were important along my way of understanding myself, my own potential and what it means to develop my psychic abilities.

As a natural process over the time I grew out of my teachers and looked for my own answers to a subject I lived all my life and never understood.

The teaching and training years are very important to build a solid foundation for your psychic development. But also the years of personal practice and experience will lead you into a new direction of understanding and questioning. Not everyone who starts out to explore their own psychic abilities is going to be a medium. Or even should not start with only this intention in mind. Furthermore let it be a journey to discover yourself and your unlimited potential as human and spiritual being. May the truth set you free!

If we look back in time, people with psychic abilities or supernatural powers can be found during the history of mankind. In ancient traditions we can find the shamans, the healers and seers, the spiritual leaders of a tribe. In those times people reached out to those shamans for advise, help, assistance and healing. People believed that spiritual guidance was important for their well-being and the survival of the whole tribe. The shamans words were accepted and their wisdom respected as it came from the highest realms of spirit. Not everyone was allowed or destined to be a shaman only a few were chosen by spirit to take on that enormous responsibility.

Many shamans went through a long period of initiation, spend time alone in caves and forests to strengthen their connection with the spirit world. They learnt about plants and their use, tuned into the wisdom of the universe and created rituals to celebrate their connection.

The more time went by the more the human consciousness developed and went through different stages of self-understanding and expression. But also our lifestyle and our understanding of the world has changed and been shaped over the centuries rapidly. We as human race have gone through periods of abundance and poverty, of huge wars and peaceful times. Passed through logical and rational thinking and exploration as well as times of religious fanaticism and blind belief. Till we reached our modern times with all its technology and a new way of scientific understanding of the world.

Birth of Spiritualism till the modern times

If we take a look at the 1850 where the phenomena of the “Hydesville Rappings”(read whole article about the Hydesville Rappings here) appeared in America as one of the first official recorded psychic/physical phenomena to a wider audience all around the world.

A family in America received strange rappings in their house and found out that it was a murdered pedlar who was buried in the basement of the house.

Spiritualism found its beginnings and spread like fire in the newspapers in the USA and swapped over to Europe within a few years. Suddenly everywhere so-called physical phenomena appeared and more and more people opened up to another kind of reality. All over the country, especially in America and the UK people started to go and visit seances where there was contact made with the spirit world. Tables started to turn, furniture were lifted by ghost hands and mediums demonstrated their abilities to give messages from beyond. The western world seemed curious to explore what else was there that the eyes could not see and the mind too limited to comprehend.

When World War I and II hit, the bereaved longed for validation for a life after death. Mediumship was there to help, assist and prove what so many were looking for. People found comfort in the messages they received from their loved ones from the other side during a sitting with a medium. Especially in England mediums had a famous status and where well-known in the public. More and more scientist also showed interest in the exploration of the so-called spirit world and gathered together to explore the subject on a deeper level.

The outbreaks and suffering of two great world wars left the world with deep shock, sadness and desperation. Especially in those times, mediumship rose to another level in which the need of hearing from loved ones who passed over was desperately needed.

A lot of comfort, understanding and compassion was spread with the work of spiritualist mediums and their continuous efforts bringing messages from beyond.

Sadly even during those times, ignorance joined the table and many mediums suddenly were said to be fraud. Therefore many mediums were jailed or put on the Society Stack. The masses pulled away and believed more in what has been written by people who claimed to prove mediumship non-existence. Rather than following the path of self-exploration and experience. Luckily the Spiritual National Union achieved to release the The Witchcraft Act of 1735 remained in force in Britain well into the 20th century, until its eventual repeal with the enactment of the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951.

The Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 was repealed on 26 May 2008 by new Consumer Protection Regulations following an EU directive targeting unfair sales and marketing practices.

It allowed to give mediumship a legal status as a religious belief and classified the demonstration of mediumship in public for entertaining purposes only.

Even today the SNU (Spiritual National Union) offers quality training and a standard for mediumship with the focus on religious point of view more than self-empowerment or the exploration of the soul as individual.

The 60’s – Another consciousness revolution

Another big impact for the raise of consciousness or Soulevolution took place when the american invasion in Vietnam escalated in 1961. Many students, peace activists and leftist intellectuals protested all around the globe together. Slowly but steady the Hippie Revolution, New Age Movement or the Anti-war Revolution started. The first time after so many years that no longer the people would accept cruelty, disempowerment and the torture that another war could bring with it.

Spirituality reached a new expression and as a natural evolution 20 years after the second world war spirituality and religion were finally disconnected. No longer spirituality was tied to a visit of churches and following dogmatic point of views. Furthermore it reached out to masses, to join together and experience spirituality on a totally new level. A powerful movement that led people into self-exploration, inspired new thoughts about humanity combined with mystical and esoteric traditions.

During those times many new ways of exploring own consciousness with psychoactive drugs, music but also spiritual techniques such as yoga and meditation found a place into society.

 Unity, Humanity and equality were the new values this movement asked for and would do everything to make itself heard.

Social Ignorance, Materialism, Egoistic behaviour no longer should be the driving force for a society that was too blind to see. A social system that was build up on the trauma of two world wars and the idea that material safety and security would be the only answer for a cruel world.

During those times people of these movements were not afraid to experience themselves in other realities, to step over social restrictions, rebellion and finally the idea of another way of living together as one human race was born.


While the 50’s still focused on new technologies and the comfort of material possessions as an expression of success in life. The 60’s blew this attitude in the wind. Sharing and caring was the new way of life to bring down the concept of separation and inequality.

After the Vietnam war ended in 1975 much was gained such as the Civil Rights Movement in America which allowed black people the same rights as white ones. But also the American Feminist Movement found a new voice and shouted over traditional boundaries. The world had changed and new ideas still moved at the surface of this new society. Unfortunately slowly the hippie movement was soon replaced by the new hunger for oil and its material potential. People slowly turned their faces towards material security again and the stock market offered once again new possibilities for money investments.

New technology especially the first mass market computer in 1964 once again should change the live of so many and as we know today – the world itself. The hunger for more new technology possibilities grew with every step and was based to bring a new understanding for the outside world.

But on the other hand side Spiritual teachers and gurus had a high demand in the early 1980s which came from the revolutionary area of the 60s. Love and Peace seemed to be the only answer to the way of moving humanity forward into a new generation of compassion and understanding for each other. The 80s finally started to bring this understanding for a new fruition. Yoga, Aloe Vera, Meditation, Alternative Therapies and a holistic approach slowly sneaked into the consciousness of a wider audience as a result of the desire for a better understanding of the world and the self.

The 21rst Century – The urge to return to the roots

Coming now into the 21rst Century I feel our urge to return to our spiritual roots. We are very much a society that is fed by the ideas of what screens have to offer. Our food is processed, the people we call heroes are celebrities and nature is something we might now and again experience if we make it away from the comfort of our couch. Reality is something we mostly perceive through the media and its negative news broadcasting. Therefor we feel the world is a place we should be fearful of and which we try to avoid as much as possible.

The world around us might have changed but deep within us we still are the same. Apart from that looking after our bodies in regards of enough sleep and food to keep them alive our soul slowly is dying from the disconnection we created with our environment.

We experience more mental health issues than ever before. Suicide rates are rising daily and the number burn outs can’t be counted anymore. We got everything on the material level and still suffer, how is that possible?

A new understanding – the power within

The answer to that might lay in the understanding that we are more than our bodies and our brains. That there is something within us that doesn’t care about material possessions because it is aware that they are this is an illusion and wont last forever. This something is called your soul. It is that eternal part of yourself that part of your consciousness which survives physical death. The soul longs for true connection with the world, nature and others. That something within you telling you that even if you achieved all you ever dreamt of you might not be happy or healthy.

That something that reminds you that you are not your body, you are not what you have and how many people will praise you. But that silent voice within you saying: “What is it that you truly love? What is it that you are living for? What is it that really counts?”

Humanity might be at a turning point these days once again. Realizing that we can’t go on living like this. We can’t destroy nature and pretending we are not a part of it. We can’t start wars and then turn our back when people are affected by it do ask for help. We can’t deny our personal and global responsibility. On a more personal level this new age will not allow us to get stuck in the wrong relationship, job or life. No longer we can deny our own psychic abilities which are there to guide us on the right path.

No longer we should deny our personal power – the power from within.

Showing us that there is so much more than meets the eye.

Reminding us that we are here to evolve, that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Our psychic abilities that do tell us that there is no limitations. Nor space or time. We are able to heal ourselves and others and raise above the detachment of only a physical and material existence.

The healthy integration of these insights could lead to a new Revolution – The Revolution of the Soul.

May the exploration of our personal psychic abilities be the gateway to a new understanding of the self and its limitless potential. I truly wish that more people will discover their unlimited potential and break free from centuries of brainwash and torture, self-denial and giving away their power.

May the exploration and development our own psychic abilities help us to find the truth.

To understand our limitless potential and followed by the understanding that we came here for a reason. To live, explore, expand our very own consciousness and share it with the world.

Julie Jurgan



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The stages of Awakening – Julie Jurgan

Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfilment. The eternal makes you urgent. You are loath to let compromise or the threat of danger hold you back from striving toward the summit of fulfilment.”
John O’Donohue

It seems as unstoppable some people say – the awakening is near. More and more people get a glimpse of what is wrong with or in the world and they no longer able to turn a blind eye. But they have to look closer – closer into that which is just about to happen in front of them. The truth slowly but steady finds its way in the last and darkest corner to shine a light on what has been hidden for so long.

Yes – the awakening is near. And once you are awake there is no turning back.

Awakening doesn’t happen overnight more or less it happens in different stages dependent on your environment, your own openness and furthermore your personal desire to discover the truth.

The first stage is the Lifting of the Veil

In this stage you start feeling that something is not quiet right in the world. You not only scared of what the media tells you but you finally experience the desire to do some more research. Somehow you feel that you would like to know more, more about all that which is calling you. So it happens that you set out on your personal journey to go looking for the truth.

The second state is the Fight with the shadow

You started on your journey by looking for answers and more information and finally you reach  a state in which your whole world view seems to fall apart. Many things you will discover that you thought were true will turn out to be – only a comforting lie. You will be confronted with a lot of new information of how the world is ruled not only in a political sense but also in a personal sense. You finally realize how the people in power try to take over the world – including you. In a more personal sense you finally become aware to the strings you have yourself attached to. Your relationship, your job, your friends, suddenly everything that has been hidden appears to be in the spotlight of uncomfortable truth. Dare them who can’t stand the truth. Questions such as:

Is that really what I want? Is that the life I was supposed to live? Do I might have a choice?

In this phase an overwhelming feeling of shock and doubts can arise. Suddenly nothing is there to hold on to any more. Who is right, who is wrong? Can that truly be? What if? Is there truly more than the eye can see?

Be aware that…..

Your mind will try to bring you back into what you have believed before. No matter if that has to do with your personal spiritual belief, your view about the world, or you surroundings. You will find yourself fighting with whatever you found – because you are on the edge of waking up and you will be scared to jump.

The third stage is Lost in the Dark

This is the stage in which you will find yourself after you have exhausted yourself mentally or emotionally. You tried to fight the shadows and you have lost. No matter how you turn it. The world is not what it used to be before. You can’t turn away from the pain that is caused by seeing finally with open eyes. The pain is real and it hurts. Yes, it hurts to know all about the things that are not right in the world. It hurts to see people suffer, hungry and dying, feeling that there is nothing you can do about it. Slowly and steady you lose yourself in the dark night of the soul

I truly believe that we again and again come through these stages on our spiritual soul evolution. We again and again wander, swirl, drown and get lost in the dark. Our very own darkness. The feeling that we only can do so much but there is so much that needs to be done. Thoughts like – “Who am I that I can truly make a difference? No matter what I do, I will never be able to stop that or this.”

You suffer from your own inability to understand the course of time. We suffer on our own insecurities and self-doubt. We are lost – there is no way to turn.

Every person who wakes up has the desire to make a difference in the world and will have these feelings once in a while. Because the Awaken do see everything that is broken and need to be fixed, everything that is sick and needs to be healed. Everything that needs improvement will find its way into the life of the visionary, the dreamer, the revolutionary, the healer and the man with an open heart.

This is the price we pay when we awaken – we see, feel, hear, think more than before. This is when we do wander restless through the darkness in search of (our own) light.

The fourth state is Running back to sleep

Once we wandered long enough in the darkness we finally come to a point in which we get fed up. Asking ourselves why we ever set out on this journey? Why we have chosen this path, asked these questions or ever answered the call within our soul to seek the truth.

We don’t understand why this life should be worth living for if there is nothing we can do about it. We are angry with everyone around us, everyone that still believes the lies and is unable to see. Everyone who just seems not to care. But also we often find ourselves in a spiritual crisis. Wondering why we opened our heart and now all the pain comes in. It’s not even our pain but maybe the pain of others who suffer. Now we feel as much as they feel and there is nothing we can do about it. How much we wished we could just go back to sleep. Press Reset and pretend we haven’t explored, read, seen and experienced all that we did.

Thinking if we only would close our eyes and hearts again we could forget but we can’t and still try to run desperately back to sleep.

The fifth stage Befriending the pain

As much as we tried to go back to sleep it won’t work. Once we are awaken we are awake and there is no turning back.

This realization will hurt. As it is so absolute – so real.

It might hurt so much because we finally are confronted with our own helplessness. With the huge emotions of “The world is in a terrible state” and “Who am I to do anything about it?”

You are not alone. It really doesn’t matter if you are already awake or you still in your little cocoon of self comfort, that is ready to be cracked open. So the reality finally can come an and show you the next step. The next step that is necessary to come into your own, onto the next level of your soul evolution. To realize that you are not alone and furthermore you don’t need to change the world all by yourself.

Because the awakening happens to all of us. On some days we feel it more and on other days it seems to be less. But it is happening and the only thing we can do is to befriend ourselves with the pain. Furthermore to reach out and hold each other in that pain – is the only way to heal.

A crisis is a chance for change. 

I want to believe that the awakening only happens to break down the barriers we have created in the mindset of the “Me”. The illusion that we are alone and everything that we do is not significant in the world. I truly want to believe that only if we experience our own insignificance we come to realize out true potential. Our true power and even more we will come to understand that what we say, do and think does matter and will have a major impact on the world. Because we are all connected and once we see that – we step out of the helplessness into the connectedness we all so desperately long for. May we come to realize to wish for others what we wish for ourselves. And day by day we change the world a bit because we do wish that for ourselves.

May you be blessed.

May you be loved.

May you be happy.

May you be safe.

– Buddhist Blessing

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Julie – Setting Sails for the Spiritual Journey

I wrote this article as the introduction article about the different stages of change (5 more will follow).
Inspired by my personal spiritual journey who took me to many different places within and out of me. Lets set the sails and explore the ocean of new possibilities just ahead of us.

Someone said to me the other day while we were talking about spiritual growth:

„I don ´t know but when I think of a spiritual journey
it feels like setting out in a boat into the open sea and you might never return!“

I liked that metaphor and somehow it describes exactly the feeling you have when you start out on your spiritual journey.

But the more you drift out and away the less you feel the need to return to the place where you once started. Moreover I do believe that the main goal of setting out on a spiritual journey is, or was for me, not to return. I wanted to experience something different, something that helps me to explore myself more fully and deeper than ever before. I wanted to leave that me behind, that I was trained and shaped to be for so many years by my parents, teachers, society and the media.

For me it was time to break free from old conditioning and things that didn’t match with my inner truth.

My journey took me all over the world and every time I returned from my travels, I was even more aware that I did not want to return to the place where I once started. The longer I spend time away from so-called „home“ the more I grew into the real me. I wanted to live in another place, another country to have another life.

A spiritual journey is for everyone different, we do have different starting points, different reasons for setting off and different initiations for the wake-up call (I want to name it). No journey will ever be the same but every journey will change you forever, no matter where you go, or how much time you spend away.

You will never return as the person who has once started out.

I have been really lucky with my parents, even if they not agreed with everything I was up to, always supported and encouraged me to travel. They did understand the longing to explore new places also they hoped I would settle at one point, but that is another story 😉

When I talk about spiritual journey it doesn ´t always mean that you do need to do a physical journey. Some people do read a book, have a certain experience or live through a crisis and suddenly somehow everything appears different. Can mean that you explored a new point of view, something that changed your perception or it triggers that something deep inside of you.
This change of perception does not always happen suddenly, very often it is very slow process that sneaks into your soul deeper and deeper. Often this happens without our personal knowing but once it has made all is way deep down into your soul it will also try to bring this new insights to the surface. Once it raises into your consciousness that seems of a sudden event even the process was already going on for a while. But suddenly there it is and the new truth reveals itself.

This turning point I would like to call the Soulawakening but not as if your soul has been asleep. The soul never is asleep but you haven ´t been aware of your soul that much. Therefore it will come a point in your life when the urge to explore more than you know gets so strong that you can ´t deny it any more. This stage can come with different feelings and it mostly follows the same stages for everyone.
Only through my personal spiritual journey and the experiences I made along the way I became aware of the pattern that is related to the different levels of change we need to go through once we woke up.

Once you hear the wake up call there is no turning back, the more you try to suppress that inner urge for change the more you will suffer from it consequences. Change is life itself, it’s a natural cycle we go through on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. Change is the foundation for growth and should not be denied even it can be painful sometimes. The more we hold on to old things, belief systems, fixed ideas, how things should or supposed to be the more change will tell us differently.

The process of change may be a difficult one but the outcome is always positive. The more the energies within us are stagnate the more we find it hard to let the new truth in. The more we have gone through big changes and gained our wisdom from it, to connect even more with the natural laws of the universe the more we experience change as a possibility to become the best version of ourselves.

Change is healing. Change is revealing. Change brings out the best in you.

I wrote this series of articles to assist and guide you through your Soulawakening, your personal transformation and the process of change that comes with it. I hope you find yourself in it and can relate to it when I say that we are all going through it.

With much love,


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Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening – Phil Borges ( Video)

Phil Borges, filmmaker and photographer, has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures for over 25 years. His work is exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and his award winning books have been published in four languages. Phil’s recent project, Inner Worlds, explores cultural differences with respect to consciousness and mental illness.

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