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The Healing Power of Women (read)


In the heart of every woman beats the longing to sit with her sisters, to crack open, connect deeply and share her vulnerability, her joys, fears and her dreams. In ancient times the unfettered magic of the sacred feminine flowed freely. Her abundant fertility and creative power was in harmony with the principles of nature and flourished.

For over 2000 years, the dominant paradigm in our world has been the masculine impetus. This has caused suppression and wounding of the feminine force in both women and men. With all the advances of today, women are still secondary, in decision making, in influence and in terms of their access to power. Yet, women shape the generations to come, women have tremendous creative power to generate new life, to heal communities, create peace and so much more.

While sisterhood is rising and becoming a powerful healing force, many women are still healing their own wounds. Like most women, I have had my share of feminine wounding. I come from an ancestral heritage of splintered and wounded femininity. Adopted at birth, I have a dual lineage of birth parents and adoptive parents and in both of these families there is the tremendous loss and alienation from giving up children for adoption and the rupture of the primal bond between mother and child, which is so core to wholeness and the feminine mystery.

The primal bond between mother and child is core to wholeness and the feminine mystery.The primal bond between mother and child is core to wholeness and the feminine mystery.

My own journey with sisterhood has been interesting and not always easy. But so much of my healing has been through sisters and learning to receive feminine nurturing and be present to my own femininity and power. Being adopted left me with feelings of abandonment, low self worth and trust issues. I’ve spent years restoring the dislocated feminine in myself, healing my heart and my ability to love myself and others and learning to create strong bonds and relationships. Much of this journey has been through the passage of motherhood. I have four young children, three of them daughters and with each pregnancy and birth I healed more of my own pain and disconnection from myself. I feel a sacred responsibility to initiate my daughters into sistership and to give them a legacy of whole female relationships and feminine power. Healing the female line and freeing my ancestors has been an important initiation in my life and women have been vital in supporting this journey. The more I’ve sat in circle with women over the years, shared my vulnerability and opened my heart in trust, a kind of entrainment has helped heal the wounds of abandonment.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. –  Helen Keller

Women are created to be together, to collaborate, to support each other, and to be a sacred community. These special moments lift the spirit and melt the heart. And science has shown that sisterhood also has wonderful benefits for women’s health.

Women are created to be together, to collaborate, to support each other, and to be a sacred community. Women are created to be together, to collaborate, to support each other, and to be a sacred community.

Ancient Sisterhood Traditions

The magic of sisterhood fills the longing for authenticity, deep connection and the expression of our wildness that was expressed so freely in ancient times. In some indigenous cultures, this tradition is still alive and increasingly it is being revived by women across the world. Traditions like the Red Tent, honouring rites of passage, healing circles, fertility rituals, and other indigenous women’s business nourished women and kept the whole tribe strong.

The Red Tent provided a place for women to recalibrate, incubate, dream, slow down and reconnect, during their moon time. This monthly cycle is far more than just a physical cycle, it is a cycle of transmutation, offering the potential for rebirth each month. It is a time of renewal and letting go.

Spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle has long said that the pain body is more active just before a woman menstruates. According to him your pain body is a kind of reservoir of accumulated pain, a field of negative energy. It can be both personal and collective and is made up of all the energetic residues of your pain from childhood. The pain body can either be dormant or active. When it is active it can take you over and feed on pain, which could explain the blues during or just before your period. If you approach this time with awareness you can stay present to emotions that intensify and see it as a healing opportunity to dissolve the pain body and heal past traumas.

At this moon time women would retreat together, as their cycles would be synchronised and they would sit in the tent together, being nurtured and cared for by the other women as they went through the healing process of shedding their womb. A woman is more psychic and the veil is thin between the worlds for her when she is bleeding. Taking the time to be still she can easily open to higher inspiration and dreaming at this time.

The Red Tent provided a place for women to recalibrate, incubate, dream, slow down and reconnect, during their moon time. The Red Tent provided a place for women to recalibrate, incubate, dream, slow down and reconnect, during their moon time.

“Sister, open your heart, fling your hopes high and set your dreams aloft. I am here to hold your hand.” – Maya Angelou

In the old spiritual traditions women were the keepers of the ancient wisdom. They maintained harmony and balance in the natural world and their communities. Due to their emotional openness and connection to their instinctual nature, their vision and ability to tap into higher wisdom was revered and used for the advantage of the whole community. Women’s bodies were seen as sacred alchemical vessels of creation and transformation. And in many traditions, women were the personification of the Goddess on earth, channels who could bridge the worlds with sacred rituals.

Traditional ways women kept their bonds strong were through honouring the rites of passage in a woman’s life, which were linked to her sexuality and fertility. In the Native American Tradition and many others, the onset of menstruation in a young girl was celebrated with a ceremony of huge significance that welcomed her into womanhood. These rites of passage were a major event and  to celebrate a young girl becoming a woman, or when a woman entered motherhood, as well as the passage of a woman into her crone wisdom at menopause, were shared with their sisters.

In the old spiritual traditions women were the keepers of the ancient wisdom.In the old spiritual traditions women were the keepers of the ancient wisdom.

In Indigenous cultures many of the activities of daily life were shared. Women gathered the food and cooked together, while singing and sharing. Women, like the ancient Maya, created textiles, clothes, spinning and weaving together, and were also responsible for tending to the spiritual aspects of day to day life. Australian Indigenous women cared for each other’s children, as if they were their own and the children often didn’t know which woman was their birth mother as these bonds were so close. In today’s fragmented society, some women feel alienated and alone, longing for this connection with other women that was such a natural part of everyday life.

Women also gathered in circles on the Full and New Moon for ceremony and rituals to heal and support one another. Many feminine traditions included the honouring of the earth and the Goddess. In Europe before Biblical times and the suppression of women, these traditions celebrated fertility and the power of the Divine Feminine.

In the temples of India, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Sumeria, and ancient Europe, women were taught to develop their powers of perception, intuition, and how to refine the powerful energy of emotion. They learnt how to awaken nurture and enhance their feminine gifts. Today, women are reclaiming their spiritual power and innate wisdom, creating community and taking up leadership.

Women gathered in circles on the Full and New Moon for ceremony and rituals to heal and support one another.Women gathered in circles on the Full and New Moon to heal and support one another.

So what is sisterhood?

Sisterhood is not an exclusive group, or an anti-men symposium. It is a way of being. It is a celebration of all that is gloriously and potently feminine. It is foremost a choice to be alive and luscious in your female mystery, and it is a path of the heart. There is sisterhood between friends, between a mother and a daughter, a grandmother and her grandchild, a teacher and her student. Sisterhood is a movement of kindness. It encompasses all women, no matter what their shape, nationality or beliefs. It is an energy that encompasses men too and is healing for the planet.

Help one another, is part of the religion of sisterhood.” Louisa May Alcott

The archetypes of the priestess, the crone, and the goddess runs deep in women, but is buried below the crushing responsibilities and daily demands women put on themselves along with the taut dictates of society: to be the perfect mother, or model wife, amazing lover, and career woman. When women come together, this falls away and they create magic, an atmosphere that is potent and transformative, and a field that is magnetic.

Sisterhood is a movement of kindness.Sisterhood is a movement of kindness.

Sacred aspects of True Sistership


The circle of life and the circle of sisters represents the innate value of each being. There is no elite, no division, but a warm acceptance of all the colours, shapes and sizes of our sisters. Sisters are different flowers from the same garden. Each is unique and important to the whole. As we appreciate and support each other in our individuality, in beauty, body shape, dreams, life choices, or parenting choices, we create incredible freedom in ourselves and others.


Sisterhood supports the expression of our full power as women. It is a supportive journey of mastery over our deep instinctual nature, our thoughts and our physicality. As we mould our inner world, we discover the power to manifest our dreams in the world around us.

The circle of life and the circle of sisters represents the innate value of each being.The circle of life and the circle of sisters represents the innate value of each being.


The feminine principle is receptive. In stillness we open to inspiration, we connect deeply with ourselves, so that we are able to hold space more deeply for our families, children, and communities.


Sisterhood is a path of honouring our sensuality, and our beauty as women, of self acceptance of whatever that form of beauty takes, and of loving the unique divine expression of our bodies and faces. We have a responsibility to care for and love ourselves. When we honour ourselves in this way, we can honour our sisters and families in a deeper way. The true nurturing potential and power of love is free to flow to everyone when it comes from a well of potent and integral love for yourself.

When we honour ourselves in this way, we can honour our sisters and families in a deeper way.When we honour ourselves in this way, we can honour our sisters and families in a deeper way.


In each womb, there lies the creative potential of the universe. While we have the ability to birth new life, women also have the capacity to bring their dreams to life out in the world. We have a sacred responsibility to express this creativity, be it through creating a family, a connected community, harmony, works of art, dance, music or anything of beauty. When we create we keep our feminine energy balanced and the unfettered flow of creative expression stems the tide of competition, jealousy and comparison with others. It ensures our relationships with our sisters are alive and happy and our creative urges are fulfilled.

Now more than ever these sacred principles are needed if women are to shine and impact the world around us.

Our own family trees are filled with teaching situations and with tragic examples that may have blinded our own Ancestors to the values of truth as it is found in love. Now, the destiny of wholeness of the human race falls to the Sisterhood because all things are born of woman.

When women are no longer lost, asking others to tell them what they should do or how they should live, there will be great changes in our world. This is not to say that the friendships and bonds of women are not to be used; on the contrary, the support of other women who have walked the same path is paramount. – Jami Sams, The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers

For our world to heal, each woman needs to rediscover herself, find her light and shine it out into the world. We need to guide each other home and now is the time.

By Azriel ReShel

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An Indigenous Approach to Healing with Water

For the Desana people, singing to the Water is a key to healing


The science of cymatics literally shows us that sound influences the structure of water, but there are many who believe in the scientifically controversial idea that water can hold a ‘memory’ from the influence of light, sound and even human intention. In recent years many people have been captivated by the work of Masaru Emoto, with his images showing the world precise details of how intention may be affecting water on a structural level. For the first time we were able to clearly visualise what a particular intention, such as gratitude, may look like in the form a single snowflake-like structure, photographed under a microscope.

The list of different photographs that could be taken using Masaru Emoto’s technique is as long as as the list of different emotions and all the different sources of water on planet earth combined. In fact people have believed in our ability to influence water since the days of antiquity, with the Christian tradition being the obvious example, with the ongoing performing of rituals they claim turns regular water into holy water. Vibrational essences and the water from flower baths are just a few other examples of people believing in the capacity for water to be affected intentionally for healing purposes.

Alt text hereDr. Emoto’s water blessed by gratitude (left) and Holy Water (right)

Indigenous Healing With Water

We shouldn’t be surprised to learn that there have been cultures who have held this understanding since long before microscopes and cameras existed to show them that their prayers or intentions were having some kind of tangible effect.  Verification instead came to them in the form of efficacy in healing.  Water was charged with healing intention, and then given to someone who was sick, and when their health was restored, the practice was deemed useful and it’s use was continued. In this way, this practice has been carried through to the present day from ancient times.  One such culture which has found this practice effective is the Desana tribe who continue to reside in the Amazon on both sides of the Colombian/Brazilian border.

The practice of charging liquids, particularly herbal medicines with intention is widely practiced throughout the Amazon basin among many different language groups, most often done with whistling or song, and/or the blowing of tobacco smoke over the liquid.

Members of the Desana TribeMembers of the Desana Tribe

Imbuing Water With Healing Intention

One term used in spanish is curar, to cure – used in much the same way we use this word when referring to clay tiles curing in the sun, or salted meat being cured, inferring that the intention is perhaps preserved in the structure of the water molecules. It has a double meaning in that one cures the liquid etc. in the preserving intention sense, in order to cure the patient in the healing sense. This is likely part of why a healer in the amazon is most commonly known as a curendera or curandero: one who cures. Another term for this practice in the Amazon is icarar.

The verb icarar means to sing or whistle an icaro [medicine song] over a person, object or preparation to give it power; water over which an icaro has been sung or whistled and tobacco has been blown, for example is called agua icarada

Anthropologist Luis Eduardo Luna tells of how [mestizo shaman] Don Williams Vasquez deals with difficult childbirth, singing icaros [medicine songs] of slimy fish, demulcent and mucilaginous trees, the slippery boa, and the ray, which can give birth in any position. He sings these songs over a glass of water, which is given for the woman to drink. – Steve Beyer, Singing To The Plants

Alt text hereBlessing water with sacred tobacco

The Desana Tribe Of The Vuapes River Region

The Desana stand as a particularly good example of this practice because in their culture exists a field of specialisation in this exact art. The Desana are unique in that they have three distinct types of shamans and the ones that work with incantations, usually over liquids, are known to be capable of healing with water and intention alone. This person is referred to as a kubu or kumu.

The kumu cures by the inaudible recitation of highly formalised therapeutic spells over a liquid the patient then drinks.’ – Steve Beyer, Singing To The Plants

A term that isn’t loaded with quite the same negative connotations as ‘spells’ is the Desana word bayi, which speaks of curing in both the healing sense as well as the encoding of intention into a liquid.  Bayi also brings with it the same kind of reverence and sacredness as the word ‘pray’.

For the Desana, this object [often water], which gives the incantation a material support, functions as a “medium”; it transfers the incantation to the patient. – Domonique Buchillet, Portals Of Power

Alt text hereThe Desana Tribe of the Amazon

Why Not Simply Sing Or Speak The Incantation Over The Sick Person?

According to the kubu shamans of the Desana, their incantations when used without some kind of physical carrier like water have more precision and are able to target the exact cause of the illness with more accuracy, but work more slowly. Perhaps the effect is slower to arrive, or slower to manifest into some kind of physical change, or both.

When reciting their incantation over a physical agent like a liquid for drinking or a plant for rubbing on the person, the Desana claim that the cure is faster acting, more penetrating, has more materiality and permanence, though it not as precise.

Cultivating The Ability To Encode Water With Healing Intention

If Dr. Masaru Emoto is right then we are very likely accidentally affecting the environment around us with our thoughts and feelings every where we go, every single day – and water seems to be particularly conductive and sensitive to the emanations of our consciousness. If we wish to more actively affect the quality of the water around us the following lessons can be learned from the kubu of the Desana tribe.

The apprentice kubu, kudu pegi, is literally ‘the one who listens’. – Domonique Buchillet, Portals Of Power

Alt text hereLearning the practice of deep listening

Deep Listening

For the Desana, much of the listening required is the listening to the incantations being passed down in a lineage, so I’m sorry to say that those reading this article are unlikely to gain the powers claimed by a kubu. What we can do however is examine the qualities that they are trying to cultivate while they are learning the incantations of their ancestral line. There is a depth to the type of listening that they are trying to cultivate. The Desana speak of learning to be able to sit still on a bench that in their tradition is ‘intimately tied to thought and reflection’. Their term for intelligence is partly derived from a word that means: to listen, to hear, to comprehend, to understand, to know.

Indigenous Australians, Kalahari Bushmen in Africa, Apache Indians, Indigenous Hawaiians and many more traditional cultures place a profound level of focus on deep listening to nature. For example the Lipan Apache philosophy as taught by Stalking Wolf / Tom Brown / Jon Young, is that as we listen deeply we develop threads of connection to the living world. This could explain why deep listening allows for more powerful incantations as the person is able to call on the aspects of nature he has formed strong threads or even ropes of connection with.

Alt text hereIndigenous Australians have a deep connection to nature through listening

Purification and Fasting

Another aspect of gaining knowledge and the ability to focus and transfer intention powerfully and accurately is the practice of purification and fasting. Purification through emetic plant purges apparently removes blockages preventing knowledge from coming in.

One of the fundamental methods of shamanic training in the Amazon is the practice of self imposing strict limitations on diet and spending time in isolation in the forest, listening for the songs of the plants that one is trying to establish relationships with. Perhaps it is the mental and physical discipline gained from fasting that hones the ability to focus intention in a powerful way, however the deepest lessons come from actually doing the practice yourself and receiving knowledge and experience directly. If you choose to explore fasting, please do extensive research and proceed with care. Getting a checkup and speaking to your physician is advised before exploring this path.

A modern day Tambo for isolation diets and fasting


How Is This Helpful In My Daily Life?

Whether you believe fully in the possibilities outlined in this article or whether you are a more sceptical, it can be helpful to remember that in recent studies science has found that even when a person knows they are receiving a placebo it is still effective in a statistically significant way.

So the next time you sit down to eat a meal, think of all the cultures that give gratitude for their meals and consider that almost every piece of food you are likely to eat contains water.  What would the image look like if Dr Emoto took a picture of the water in that food now charged with gratitude?  What would the image look like of the water in our body that had come into contact with this water from our gratitude charged food?

The next time you’re cooking soup for a loved one who isn’t feeling well, you could consider singing it a song that warms your heart.  When you run a bath for yourself at the end of a long stressful day, consider the affect the epsom salt crystals, the essential oils and music may be having on not only the water in the bath, but the water in your body that makes up approximately 70% of who you are.

Alt text hereCan we positively affect our water before we drink it?

Healing With Water On A Global Scale

If water is extremely conductive of electricity then this conductivity could also extend to more subtle levels of energy that science is now only at the edge of being able to measure.  Remember also that water has also been observed by eastern traditions as perhaps the best example of being able to adapt and change to any situation. Conductivity and adaptability.

We may not be masters of encoding water with intention like the Desana, or masters of focus like buddhist monk, but what we lack in depth of focus we may be able to make up for with sheer volume of people. What excites me is the idea that millions of people may be able to collectively use their intention to take advantage of the conductivity and adaptability of water, by coming into a space of deep listening and receptivity and then focusing our intention on sending their blessing to the waters of this planet. This may be to bring healing to the waters themselves, but like this practice of using the water as a carrier for healing individuals, a large enough and focused enough collective may be able to bring about healing or re-alignment in not just the water but all those who come into contact with it – and there is nothing this planet needs more than that.

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Julie – The secret power of rituals III (InsightsGuidance)

So we talked about healing rituals and gratitude, in addition to that rituals often are also being done/created because of the need to receive guidance, support or insights. There are many ancient cultures and spiritual belief systems which are mentioning the higher-self, angels, spiritual guides and teachers. All of them, its been said do carry around the ability to support humankind but also it is their duty or obligation to do so. In our daily life we often experience the limitations of our own mind as well as the material world. We are facing obstacles, problems or other kinds of human irritations.

At the same time we do have this feeling that there´s something inside of us, a knowing, a desire, an energy that is not bothered with these limitations. Something that does not know about space or time and is not interested in how things going to work out, as this something knows they´ll do. This something is called your soul. Originated as a part of the whole existence has it found its way into individualization through you, in your body merging with your spirit. The soul still knows its connection with the divine and always will. It´s our limited logical mind that does find itself wondering, worrying and asking. When the soul gets the chance to reconnect with the source it is able to gain enormous strength, wisdom and insights from that connection. Throughout human history there have always been rituals to connect with the higher-self, spiritual realms, to gain wisdom, insight, direction and support.

I do believe that especially in our modern times people are more and more confused than ever before. The acceleration of our lifestyle, increased use of technology has left many of us anxious and empty. We do feel disconnected from our government, our country, the neighbours and more and more from our own friends and family. Everything seems to change so quickly, people changing jobs, moving away, travelling for years, what is new today is old by tomorrow. Companies are succesful this year and broken the next one. We spend more time in front of a TV, at computers and smartphones than instead talking to each other. Overwhelmed with our own lifestyle, the worry about paying our bills, debt for our houses and cars, insecurity with our jobs has left us alone and frightened. Somehow it seems like there is no stability in anything and everything can change from one moment to the other. Of course, life is about changes and everything is in motion but in natural rhythmic speed. Not the one we are experiencing at the moment. Technology doesn´t know about space and time, nor does the soul.

So why can´t we cope with all this then, if its kind of so natural to us? Because the soul is part of us, it is our truest self. It comes from within. Technology is on the outside and nothing more than dead information. We are bombarded by emails, messages and phone calls. All of them need our attention and do ask us to take action. While the soul requires attention too but in this moment we draw inwards. The soul originates from the Great Source of all living. The soul unfold itself with the rhythm of nature. It is a part of the universal energy.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or drained by watching a sunset? Or by looking at a wonderful flower? No? Me neither. In these moments there is something in our soul that resonates with the sunset, with the flower, with the living creation. Something that responds to these events, something that remembers. Technology doesn´t have this, of course it is helpful but not alive. If we don´t use it, there is no reason for it to exist. But the sun shines and the flower blooms even if no one is watching. These things or happenings are moved by a greater power than we are. Our soul has the deep longing of returning to the source, where it once originated. This happens when we transcendence ourselves, letting go of the ego and let our true-self take over. These moments are filled with happiness, bliss, passion, desire to create, explore to be alive.

When we get lost in an activity like painting, drawing, gardening, singing, making music, writing, dancing whatever it is. You just feel that moment when you disappear and suddenly something works through you. Inspiration, insight, love or compassion. These are magical moments and our soul longs for them and always will. This transcendence can also take place when we do a ritual. We might need a solution for a problem, do face difficulties, want to start a project and don´t know how. We may seek for help, look for orientation, want to change our lives and might be afraid of it. Whatever it is, for some reason we are unable to find an answer in ourselves (often in our logical minds I would say).

We have the feeling that we want and need to reach out to something out of ourselves. Reaching out to the world unseen. Some people pray to invite those unseen guides, helpers, angels, masters to help them. Some people do create an altar, where they spend meditative time till the right answer arises. Others place objects and tools, flowers, candles, incense on the altar to create a sacred atmosphere. Whatever you want to do, you can do it. Just be patient, as we easily get uncertain if we don´t recieve immediate results, this is another habit we owe to the world of technology. Working with the spiritual law takes some time to manifest in the material world, we need to be positive and trust in the process. Sometimes when we ask for guidance or support it can happen that we get a certain feeling and we immediately know, there´s someone around us. And sometimes we don´t, but that doesn´t mean that our prayers or the reaching out is not noticed! Asking for support and guidance will always be heard and will always be answered. Be creative in form of your ritual, do as you feel, there is no right or wrong. Many people are not sure about their own abilities to ask for support, guidance or the quality of their prayer. Let me make this clear, if it comes from the heart it carries the most powerful energy with it and can´t go wrong. In addition to that there is the possibility to receive external help, that depends on your own belief system and cultural background.

If you are not very spiritual you might want to reach out to a counselor or psychologist. Sometimes even a close friend who listens is the best remedy we can get. Depending on your question or your desire to receive support or insights you could also see a medium. These people are very connected with the spirit realms and with their own souls (unfortunately there is no guarantee as such, best you go with a recommendation of someone or go with your own inner feeling/ a medium that you feel drawn to).

A medium can be of great help and might assist you to get the help you were looking for. Most important is that you feel relaxed in their company and they don ´t give you the feeling that you have to do something. Check with your own inner feeling if it feels right for you. But I want to say that sometimes a good medium with integrity will not tell you what you want to hear but what you needed to hear.

Keep in mind that you are the master of your own destiny and you were given free will therefore no one else can make decisions or necessary changes for you. Others might inspire or give you a different point of you, offer some advice, guidance or support but you need to take your own responsibility and take action. Do what feels right, this is the first and most powerful step to connect with your own soul and your inner guidance.

Julie – The secret power of rituals II (Healing)

In the former article I talked about the different reasons for a ritual. Giving Thanks is a very magical and powerful reason to connect your soul with the world seen and unseen. Today I want to focus more on healing rituals.

Many people often saying they are too busy for doing any rituals and that is fine. I know for myself how hard it is to stop even just a moment to get out of the rat-race, to still your own mind and let go of your daily thoughts and worries.

Other people think that rituals aren´t for them, they are uncertain about what rituals all about and often not sure on how to do a ritual. That is absolutely ok as well, because expressing your soul through a ritual is not something that we learnt in school. We´d rather solve problems with our logical minds, than working with our feelings or hands on solutions.

This definitely is part of the western cultural and educational system, especially in our modern society. But our soul doesn´t bother, our soul wants to express itself in many ways and doing a ritual can be part of it.

When people experience a crisis in their life, mainly if it has to do with their own health, suddenly they start opening up to other approaches. I experienced friends who have never been open to any spirituality or holistic healing until they faced the failing of pharmaceutical industry. After seeing a lot of different specialists receiving many drugs and treatments and all of them failed, these people suddenly opened up to a different point of view.

The more we open up, the more we realize how powerful different healing techniques can be for our own benefit.

For me personally I do strongly believe, that everything can be healed and I´ve seen people recovering from terminal illnesses and other diseases after seeing a shaman, or receive other holistic therapies but also following the healers advice on changing the lifestyle permanently.

My mother who is a homeopathic and reflexologist for about 35 years now always used to say:

„Every illness has its origin in the human spirit.“

For many years I could not understand what she meant, but today I know what she was talking about. Never underestimate the power of your own thoughts and your own soul. Before anything embodies in the material world or in the physical it has to be in the non material/spiritual first.

For example, many people these days facing burn-outs from not only working too much, but also in a job they don´t like. Going or doing things you don´t like over years will of course create disharmony in your well-being. This starts mentally, emotionally and after a while will be expressed physically. This is a natural law.
If you plant a flower in the wrong spot, it won´t grow. The same with ourselves, stucking in a job, relationship, place or life we don´t like will make us depressive, tired, aggressive, empty, lonely, unhappy and sick at one point.

Healing Ritual

A healing ritual can be used to re-balance body, mind and soul. By making time and effort and creating the space for healing the first step towards well-being/recovering is done.
A healing ritual can also mean that we should go to see a healer, shaman, therapist, receiving a massage, visiting a sacred place in nature, or changing your thoughts.

Create positive affirmations and place them were you can see them daily to remind you.
Doing a healing ritual is of course a very personal process and we might want to be alone when facing our worries and fears. That is alright. But there lies a power within receiving healing and reaching out to others for help.

Facing your worries and sorrows is the first step in the direction of healing. Ask the world seen and unseen for healing and help in your recovery process, as your voice is always heard and will be answered in many different ways. That can be a helping hand, a sudden unexpected coincidence, a thought, an idea or inspiration that leads you into the right direction.

We often forget that especially a crisis offers a turning point for the better, even it doesn´t look like that from the beginning. Suddenly we got the courage, the drive, the will to do what we always wanted to do or dreamt of doing.

Struggling with health issues is nothing more than your soul telling you that something is not ok and it needs special attention to get sorted.

I had a friend who suffered from cancer and she went through all the chemotherapy and it was such a tough time. I remember her saying over many years that she was really fed up with her job and had struggle in her family life. But she never did anything to face those problems or solve them, rather tried to avoid them. So she got all these treatments and after a while the cancer dissappeared, she recoverd slowly and went back into her old life. Just a year later, the cancer returned and she needed to go to hospital again. It was quite a shock for all of us, especially for herself and this time she said to me that she would be ready to give up. She did not want to go through all these treatments again, she would rather die. So she arranged everything from her finances, to her family issues and got a place for a medically assisted suicide in Switzerland. I felt so helpless, I don´t wanted her to give up, but how could I help her?

Suddenly a thought popped into my mind, I knew a shaman who has worked with me a lot in England. So I contacted him and asked him for help. He agreed in helping my friend, but she needed to follow his advice, if not he could not help her and the healing would not take place. My friend agreed in everything the shaman said to her and he did a distant healing ritual. Before that he sent 10 pages of written text that my friend would understand her own state of being, the healing process and how she had to change her life. I was absolutely amazed, how shamans clasify cancer and I really looked forward to the healing process.

So she recieved the healing and after that a 3 day healing crisis took place. She couldn´t get out of bed, had to throw up, nightmares and cried for three days and nights. She said it was absolutely terrifying. But after these days she felt totally different than ever before in her life. She realized that she was holding on to a lot of anger and pain from the past. All these issues suddenly appeared and she faced them. When she went back into hospital two weeks later the doctors were certainly suprised that the cancer cells had dramatically decreased without any chemotherapy.

My friend found the courage to quit her job and moved into a smaller flat, as she always dreamt of living in Sri Lanka, but was too afraid to do it. Now she gained the strength, as she said she was ready to die and somehow she died through those three days. A very old part of herself died and she was reborn emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. I felt so released and happy, because I could feel her soul longing for that major change in her life and now she was able to do it. As she always found a reason before that to deny her soul desire.
Only through the „healing“ crisis she found the courage to live her dream, was able to free herself from guilt, shame and fear that held her back for such a long time.
Now, she just moved to Sri Lanka and I know that the cancer won´t return as her soul is now free to express itself, in a way she always dreamt of.

Doing a healing ritual sometimes only means to take some time off. Spend some time alone, conect with your own soul, reflect what is causing you problems, sorrow and unhappiness.
But also take some time and treat yourself to things you enjoy and which make you happy. If you do so, your soul will thank you with even more happiness. Your souls origin is pure love and happiness and wants to expand and be expressed in so many ways. If this is not possible, your spirit starts to suffer, the longer you supress your individual soul expression the more certain you will suffer from physical disease.

I would love to share a quote with you from a very awake lady who changed the lives of so many, including mine, through her dance teachings.

Gabrielle Roth the founder of the 5 Rhythm Dance:

„In many shamanic societies,

if you came to a medicine person complaining about being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask you one of four questions:

When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the territory of silence?“

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The secret power of rituals (1)

Rituals run in our societies as deep as blood runs in our veins. Rituals can be defines as a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. Rituals are very personal expression of the human soul. The extension of ritual is spiritual meaning that through the unique expression of rituals we are able to connect to our inner self which helps us realize our self as well as understand the entire expanse of the cosmic force. Through ritualistic meditation Buddha could achieve self-realization and ultimately Nirvana.

Rituals are boundary less and do not follow any definite rule. Although a lot of helpful and inspiring information on various rituals and practices can be found in books or internet, I personally believe that the most powerful ritual is the one, you create yourself. In your own style, in your own words with your personal intentions.

Rituals do exist since humankind and they always have been a very important part in humans culture and society. They were created and shared to help man connect to his higher self, his soul and eventually to God. through rituals a possibility was created to connect to the world unseen to naked eyes…the spirit world. Ritual allow the human soul to connects, expresses and embody what is within, and offers it to the world.

The reason for a ritual

IMG_2249Rituals have always been used for various reasons like giving thanks, ask for healing, support or guidance, and also to fulfill our longing for insights and spiritual guidance. And also the desire of the human soul to make itself seen. Rituals are very powerful and helpful as they carry spiritual energies, which can have a huge bearing on our personal lives.

The most important tool to create a ritual is your own mind. Your intentions should always be good and also go along with your unique soul’s desire. There are some sayings about rituals and magic and I do agree that they are manifestations of the law of cause and effect. “Whatever you send out will come back to you!” „Respect the free will of other people!“ „Like attracts like!“ If you keep these in your mind while performing a ritual, then you can be rest assured that you are heading in the right and positive direction and that no harm can befall on your or others by your practice.

Thanksgiving Ritual

Probably the oldest and most profound is the ritual of “Thanks Giving” which our ancestors celebrated a lot specially during the harvest time in autumn. As food was not always available like today, therefore people were even more grateful if they had enough. I think that we could always give thanks as we do harvest everyday the fruits from yesterday.

The more we step into the power of gratitude, the more we attract exactly what we are so thankful for. This is not magic, more over the natural law of attraction. Raising our vibration by giving thanks and showing gratitude towards abundance, we will automatically attract even more of that. This can also be done by writing thoughts of thanks and saying words of thanks. But even more powerful is the creation of a ritual in which we embody our gratefulness into the material world. The more effort and desire we put into the ritual (that does not depend on the size of the ritual, but on the energy) the more it will create a change in our lives. Doing a ritual takes time but especially in our fast changing and busy lives this can be a real chance to take some time off. Focusing on your intentions, preparing for your ritual, doing the ritual and finally experiencing the energy shift is absolutely great. It also helps with your own well-being as you give your soul the time to connect with the source. I did say before that there are no rules how to do a ritual, it is totally up to you and your own spirit.

Over the years I have been a part of many ceremonies and rituals with people from different cultures, religions and spiritual convictions, and everyone had their own preference, routine, intentions, reasons and order. Some of them were really touching and others were more mechanical, that often depends on the vibe of the person who leads the ritual, but also on your personal attraction. You might feel drawn to Pagans or Buddhists rather than to South American Shamans.

It is totally up to you, don’t limit yourself by your personal cultural, spiritual or religious background. I experienced a real openness from every other culture and spiritual practitioners when I asked to take part in a ritual. As long as you come along with respect and an open mind you will attract the same in return. So why not go out and look for some inspiration in other cultures or spiritual belief systems? Your soul doesn’t have any rigid point of view about spirituality. Whatever feels right for you do that.

by: Julie Jurgan