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Psychic and Mediumship Readings – what is the difference? (video)

A spiritual Reading can be a life transforming experience not only it opens up our minds to a totally new reality but also can be the light we so desperately seeking for in troubled times.
By light I would like to refer to the idea that we all at some points in our live are confused, uncertain or unsure about certain situations in our live.
We are might stuck in a situation, experienced a life changing event or just looking for some answers to do with a specific happening in our lives. During these times the meeting with a medium can be very helpful. A spiritual reading can empower us, it can add clarity to a confused situation or even give some comfort or healing.
There are different types of readings that is dependent on the clients needs and the mediums specificiation. But basically there is a psychic form of readings but also a mediumship one.
There are  mediums who offer different kind of spiritual guidance, give it different names but it will be at least one of the above kind of readings or a mix of both.


Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is the process of receiving information through/from  the clients/sitters energetic body – the aura.

Everything we ever experienced, thought, felt or seen will have an energetic imprint, will be stored in our aura. A medium is able to pick up on these information and can use it as a foundation for some spiritual guidance. Psychic Mediums also sometimes can use tools such as Tarot Cards, Flowers, Psychometry ( things the client has worn such as jewellery etc.) Palm of Hands, Tea leafs, crystal ball,  colours ….to receive inspiration and information about the client.

Mediumship Reading
When someone seeks to hear from a loved one who already passed over it is good to see a medium who does mediumship readings. In a mediumship reading the working medium connects with the spiritual realms, to be an energetic transmitter between these two worlds. Often people who suffer from a traumatic loss, grieving or just find themselves with a lot of unanswered questions about life after death, seek out a medium for that kind of reading.
During a mediumship reading the working medium will give evidence about the person who passed over so the sitter/client can be sure that her/his loved one is around. But furthermore important it is a proof that our consciousness does exist after physical death.

Both reading types are equally important and can help the client/sitter to clarify questions, find some guidance, comfort or healing. Depending on the clients enquiry the working medium should focus on the strongest need of the client and then choose between a mediumship or psychic reading. Or ask the client/sitter what type or reading he/she prefers.

In addition to that during a mediumship reading there also could be some delivery of philosophy or spiritual wisdom take place. These often come from other guides in the spiritual realm to offer the sitter/client comfort or a broader point of view on things.

There is also another form of reading which I have discovered during my Mentorship program with the great medium Tony Stockwell. We came to the conclusion that there is even another possible “Reading Style” and this is called “Soul Reading”. A Soul reading focuses on the clients/sitters Soul purpose and why he/she has reincarnated into this world at this time. Everyone has a soul mission, a purpose, a desire to fully explore itself and express itself freely. This kind of subjects, questions are represented in a Soul Reading when the working medium connects with the clients/sitters soul.

In general there is no specification on what kind of readings a medium should do. Some people feel more drawn to certain kind of readings than others for different reasons. At the end it comes down to the working medium what kind of style it follows and how he/she can offer the best advice to their sitter/clients.

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Julie Jurgan the Founder of Blossom of the Soul, she is an inspirational writer, medium and healer. She offers her spiritual guidance to everyone in need. Julie helps people to explore and develop their own psychic potential. If you would like to book a session with Julie..please have a look here…

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Psychic development – the different stages to learn and grow (video)

Every new skill we learn follows certain stages of development and growth. The more we practice, read, study and experience the more we come in touch with all that we thought we weren’t able to do. This principle also applies for our own psychic development.

Yes there are different stages and yes we have to go through all of them to become a master of our skills. This video wants to add some more understanding on these different stages and what they made of. Slowly but steady we will understand where we are with our psychic development and where we could go from here.

If you have any further questions, you would like to book a One-to-One Reading with me or a Training Session for the exploration of your own psychic abilities please send an email to: julie@blossomofthesoul.org


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Julie Jurgan the Founder of Blossom of the Soul, she is an inspirational writer, medium and healer. She offers her spiritual guidance to everyone in need. Julie helps people to explore and develop their own psychic potential. If you would like to book a session with Julie..please have a look here…

or send an email directly to julie@blossomofthesoul.org



Julie – The law of Psychometry Influence ( 34. Universal law)

The law of psychometry influence is the law that indicates that mind can influence matter but also that we are influenced by matter. Psychic mediums are able to use an object to gain information about their sitters/clients. So called psychic detectives can use objects to assist the police with information about someone who has gone missing.

This law is all about the possibility that our own energy can leave an energetic blueprint on objects we wear but it also says that the out environment does influence our personal well-being. This science or art is very well-known in the china and is called Feng Shui.

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming.

If you would like to get in touch with Julie about her Readings or Healing work or you have any other questions please send an email to julie@blossomofthesoul.org

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All about a Psychic Medium

Do you think, that the work of a medium is contacting and talking to the dead?
You are right, it is an important part of a medium’s work, to prove the continous existence of the human soul. To give evidence of the survival of your Loved-Ones as well as to give messages from the spirit world. But not only your Loved-Ones can bring words of comfort but also other spirits (Spirit Guides) can deliver words of wisdom, give healing, guidance and support to you. A medium can beautifully connect the two worlds and help people recover from the trauma of missing their dear ones post their demise. In addition to that can a connection with the othe realm a very healing and profound experience as there is so much more than we can see with our naked eyes

This other aspect of the work that a medium can do, is, to offer spiritual guidance through a psychic reading. In this case, the medium connects with your soul, rather than with the spiritual realms. The session with a medium should be like, a look in the mirror and just reflect yourself as pure as you are. Considering the free will of everyone, the right to make choices and the understanding, that personal responsibility can never be given to anyone other then their own selves.
There are many different mediums, with individual abilities, aspects and tools they use for their work. There are two levels on which a (developed) medium could work:

Mediumistic Level – ( Connecting with the spiritual world)

On this level the medium connects with the spiritual world, it is important to have a reason, the right purpose before doing that, as well as good Intentions. These depends on the mediums personal development and Clients requirements as well as environmental factors:

Atmosphere is very important for any kind of energetic work

These reason or purpose to connect with the spiritual realms could be:

Evidence of Survival – Contacting with loved Ones
Channeling words of wisdom – Philosophy- Guidance – Inspiration
Healing energies – Healers/ Trance Healing
Phenomena – Physical Mediumship

While the medium connects with the spiritual realms,a download of wisdom, energies from another sphere happens. ( A lot of this depends on the mediums education, training and personal development stage).
The contact with Loved ones from the spiritual world is possible, but it is up to every medium, if they can provide evidence of the continuous existence of the human soul. This evidence could include: gender, relationship to client, age, name, how the loved passed over, personality, shared memories, hobbies, jobs. If this happens correctly the client is able to identify the Loved-One and also builds trust on the medium.
Environment has a huge impact on the quality of the session. A bond of mutual trust and acceptance between client and medium is most desirable. A good medium is a channel, through which the spiritual world is working. Hence a lot of session clarity depends on the mediums abilities and their stage of development.

Psychic Level – ( Soul to Soul Connection)

On the Psychic Level the medium connects with the clients soul. It is well-known as the Auric field, the energy body that surrounds our physical body also know as the Aura. The medium is able to read emotions, memories and happenings of client’s life by scanning his/her auric field. Emotions, thoughts, actions and memories are stored in this energetic body. I believe, that soul is on an eternal journey, therefore the auric field is continuously changing, with every new experience and thought we have.
A spiritual guidance adds more clarity of a situation or problem and offers different aspects how to deal with it. It also encourages client to follow their soul’s path, which we all know, but sometimes just need to be reminded.

The psychic reading can be for:

Finding your true potential
Becoming aware of obstacles and blockages
Raising personal awareness
How to unfold your spiritual potential
Reflecting yourself as pure as you are

The mediums work is never a future prediction in any way. The medium may just guide us with possible outcomes, however it is up to you to make the necessary changes in their lives. It is all about our personal responsibility and we can´t give this to any one else.

During a session both of the above mentioned techniques can be used to help the client. The client can make a preference of what kind of a session they would want.

If you are interested in gettting a reading with a medium you can do this via our website. Julie is great medium and uses her different aspects of her psychic abilities to assist people on their path.

Article written by: Julie Jurgan

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