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The difference between ghosts and spirits (video)

The unknown has always called for our attention and we happily followed that call and explored a lot of new territory. Exploring what lies behind our normal senses, in other realms or even in the dark is an adventure many of us a curious about.
More and more Ghost hunters, paranormal investigators but also a lot of horror movies found their ways into the media and therefore in our living rooms.

We see people talking to the dead, listen to Poltergeist phenomena, follow investigators to haunted places. We know that we are save over there on our sofa and not quite sure about what to make of all that?

Unfortunately or luckily people tend to believe what they see and often that is only half of the story. Yes, there is a life after physical death, yes spirit communication is possible and yes poltergeist phenomena can appear but….

Who is who and what does that mean?

In this video I try to give an explanation of the difference between ghosts and spirits.


Being trained by Spiritualists I came across a lot of things that I couldn’t explain in the first place. Experiences that blew my mind and did open up my mind to a new kind of reality.

I also learnt that there is a difference between intelligent spirit communication and the phenomena of ghosts.
Ghosts are energetic memory left overs which are still left in a property or in an area. These energies or better say energetic blueprints are not alive they are only shadows from the past. Silent reminders of what once happened in a certain place. It is possible to step into these kind of energetic memories even without our knowing and when we are very sensitive our mind and body will respond to these energetic left overs. We might feel, see or even hear things with our clairsenses. That means that no one else apart from us does see, hear or feel these things.

That can even be very uncomfortable feelings especially if someone died a tragic death, been tortured or abused. Stepping into the energy field of the property these memories will become alive again through our heightened senses.Therefore Ghosts are not alive.



While spirits instead are very much alive in another dimension, on another frequency which is still invisible for our physical eyes. But we can sense their energy when they are around. And yes they also can produce physical phenomena to make themselves heard.

A spirit is an intelligent being and can respond to questions. The way of the response can vary of the spirits own conscious evolution on the other side.
As much we need to heightened our senses and tune into another frequency the spirits need to lower their vibration too, so that communication can take place. Often that happens through a spiritual medium.

It is very important to keep in mind that we are dealing with intelligent beings and treat the with respect.  Unfortunately through the media we got the impression that any spirits are bad, angry or just there to haunt people. But that is not true. Many spirits trying to make themselves heard because they want to bring a message across to someone. This message can include words of healing, comfort or some unfinished business with someone here on earth. Somehow it feels sometimes that both sides do have the desire to understand and make peace with each other so the spirit can finally move on.
Sometimes in cases of tragic events we can experience spirits that are confused, restless or angry. Some of them still trapped between the world or for some reason earthbound. I want to believe that even spirits need to take time to realize what happened to their physical appearance and they need time to adjust to the new surroundings.

Some mediums are specialized in helping spirits to find their way into the light and some people say that is nonsense.
I think that everyone needs to find their own meaning about that whatever resonates with you.

But most important let us not forget the difference between a intelligent spirit and a silent witness of tragic events – a ghost. So we might come a bit closer to the truth that we so long for.

Further Research

For people who are interested in some more research I can recommend the SNU (Spiritual National Union) in England.
It definitely has their own view on things but in general it is a very much down to earth approach to promote Spiritualism as a science, philosophy and religion ( Evidence for life after death).
Some of the best mediums are trained with the SNU and this was also how I started my training years ago. Many very famous people have been part of the SNU movement and contributed to spreading of the truth all around the world.

One of the most well-known promoters and members probably has been Arthur Conan Doyle who wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories. Here is a great video in which he talks about Spiritualism here..

The beginning of modern Spiritualism was about 1848 with the incident called the Hydesville Rappings. If you want to read the full story have a look here

If you have any further questions, you would like to book a One-to-One Reading with me or a Training Session for the exploration of your own psychic abilities please send an email to: julie@blossomofthesoul.org

Julie Jurgan the Founder of Blossom of the Soul, she is an inspirational writer, medium and healer. She offers her spiritual guidance to everyone in need. Julie helps people to explore and develop their own psychic potential. If you would like to book a session with Julie..please have a look here…

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Shadows of the Night – A Paranormal Investigation Workshop

Do you believe in Ghosts and Spirits? You always wanted to go on a paranormal investigation and see what is all about?

Come and join us for this fascinating workshop.

There have been so many movies and books about the paranormal that people blindly do believe what they see on TV or read in a book. But the greatest evidence for any paranormal activity is your very own experience.

Not everything we might hear or see does belong to the other side, but how can we find out the difference?

In this workshop you will work a long a Medium Julie Jurgan and a Paranormal Investigator who will teach you how to gain evidence for ghost phenomena or paranormal activity.

You will learn how to use your own psychic abilities to see, hear and feel what paranormal activity is all about. So you will gain more confidence within yourself but also in the understanding of spirit communication and your findings.

In the second part of the workshop we will learn all about Paranormal Investigation, how to do it, what tools you will need and you will get the chance to use the equipment that is available on the night to explore the property for yourself.

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This is going to be a great and fun night, please dress up warm as the nights might be cold while we do our investigation.

The cost is £30 for the whole workshop including drinks & snacks.
The location will remain secret till the day before to the people who will take place.

We recommend that people dont do too much research on the location once known to them as it could spoil their experience. Most important is an open mind to see what will happen.

We guarantee a safe and friendly environment in which you have the opportunity to ask questions to a Medium and a Paranormal Investigator. Come along and join us for this great night of adventure and exploration.

Cost: £30
Time: 10pm till 4am
Location: Secret Location in/around Saltburn

Amount need to be paid in full to secure your place. If the event is canceled for any reason – you will get your paid money back.

If you would like to book your place or you have further questions please contact Julie at julie@blossomofthesoul.org

– Spaces are limited –

Julie Jurgan has been a medium for many years.  During her training and work experience she explored the field of personal psychic development as well as mediumship and healing. All these years it was and still is very important for Julie that people make up their own minds up about psychic phenomena or paranormal activity. Not everything we hear, feel and see has to do with the other side. But only if we dive deeper into the understanding of the very own self and stay open for out of normal experiences we will find the truth that is hidden behind the veil of ignorance. Paired up with a paranormal investigator she also offers workshops in which she teaches people the difference about psychic abilities, mediumship and paranormal encounters.

Julie is available for One-to-One Readings  in person, via skype, email or phone. She also offers Healing Sessions in person and also distant healing. If you have further questions please get in touch with Julie via julie@blossomofthesoul.org

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What people say about Julie:

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I have had three readings with Julie Jurgan and they have all been exceptional and not just highlighted things relevant to my life but also provides pointers which have helped me get to the next step and achieve my ambitions. Julie manages to tune into exactly what is going on around you energetically and bring this to your awareness. It is amazing to have this kind of affirmation as so many of us feel unseen or are subtly brainwashed to avoid these important parts of our soul. Julies readings have helped erase anxiety about where I am going next in my life and to encourage me to develop my stronger self and believe in myself. “ Sarah T., York

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