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Beyond our Sight – Can we survive physical death? Documentary (video)

Can we survive death ? What is the nature of our consciousness ?
“Beyond Our Sight” is an independant documentary that talks
about near-death experiences, human consciousness,
and the possibility of communication with other dimensions.

A documentary by Anthony Chene

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Can we see death coming? An attempt written by Julie Jurgan

I am inspired to write this article because just recently I lost two friends who passed very unexpected. At least it was unexpected for me and these events triggered something within me that I haven’t thought about for a while. Beside the pain and the emptiness a loss of a loved-one brings with it, there is something else coming to the surface. Questions about the meaning of life, values and what is really important are just some of them.

After a while of withdrawing from the world I found inspiration from within which I wanted to explore. A question that probably everyone on this planet will face sooner or later in their lives.

Do we know when we are going to die?

I don’t own the truth but at least I am able to share my own experiences as well as the result of my research to find something. Something that might can give a glimpse that might not every death is so unexpected as it seem to be.

What if we know that we are going to die? What if there are signs, signals, something deep within us that does let us know about a coming death? And we only too busy, to unconscious or distracted to hear that voice?

The fear of death is probably the biggest fear we all have in our lives. Death seems like something out of our control, something that takes away all we had, the undiscovered territory of the big unknown. But the more we spend time not only with the thought of dying but also with the process and the possibilities what happens next, the more comfortable we can step into that big unknown one day.

Since I walk the spiritual path my perception, my opinion and my relationship to death has changed dramatically. I don’t follow anything blindly, furthermore I need to explore, investigate and experience what it is all about. The same thing I want to recommend to anyone because this is the only way to discover the truth for yourself. Nothing more and nothing less I think about the subject of dying and death.

My experience with death

1. Change of Color in someone’s Aura who is going to die

I think I can say I have been really lucky with my experiences regards to death and dying. The first experience I made was, when I was 19 and my grandmother had to go to a care-home because of old age. She stayed there for a little while and seem to be quite healthy and happy till one day, she broke her leg when she tried to get up and had to go to the hospital. So I went so see her in the hospital for about 2 weeks and she was always happy to see me and recovered quickly. Till one day, I entered the room and I just knew that this would be the last time I would see her.

I wondered for a long while how could I have known that this was the last day I was going to see her? As she still smiled at me and nothing seemed to have changed in her behaviour. Today I know that I felt the change in her aura. When I was 19 I could not explain what the obvious changes were but since I learnt about the aura I was able to name it.
On this last day when I saw her, her aura appeared like a grey veil around her. Something I have never seen before, but it felt to me as if something would slowly leave her body. I sat next to her and still talked to her but in her eyes there was something missing. Even she still smiled I felt that her energetic field got weaker and weaker. Death was on its way.
So I called my parents and told them they should come to the hospital quickly as grandmother was going to die today. My parents did as I told them and I should be right, that evening my grandmother passed to the spirit world.

This was a very profound experience but also a very interesting one. I don’t think that this kind of energetic (color) change of the aura only appears in older people when they die but also in everyone who is close to his/her end.

One of my friends who just passed recently, had this similar occurrence in his aura and he wasn’t even in his 40. Before he died on a heart attack, he went to see his mother. They had a meal together and spoke for many hours about all sorts of things. His mother mentioned to a friend after his passing that when he left her house that day, something had changed in his face, in his body, in his aura. One hour later after he left his mother’s home he dropped down and died from a heart attack.

I wonder if he has known that he would die that day? As he was not often in contact with his mother, so why did he exactly go on that day to see her? Did he say goodbye to her on a subconscious level? Did his soul know that it would be the last time they would see each other?

2. Getting things in order

There is some kind of spiritual belief that the soul knows at least 9 month in advance that it is going to leave its body. Many of us probably wouldn’t even realize this on a conscious level, we are to busy going on with our lives. But what if there are certain things that let us know something will change? Something is going to happen and suddenly we see our friend, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, who don’t suffer from any illness, trying to get things in order?
Suddenly we hear people saying that they want to call or see a certain person and speak to them to clear the air? Suddenly people act if it’s really urgent that they get things in order, somehow for no particular reason.

We might prepare on a subconscious level for the upcoming change.
I found an interesting example in the book from Joyce Collin-Smith – “Call no man master” in which she talks about something like this happening to a friend of hers, when they went on a holiday together.

“Before leaving home, Rodney had spent a considerable time putting his affairs into order. In answer to Janet’s enquiries about this excessive preoccupation with details of his papers and his personal affairs, he had said: Something new is about to happen, but I don’t know what it is. We have to be prepared.”
(p. 81)

Joyce friend Rodney has been of very spiritual nature so he might was more aware that something was going to happen. In general he was a happy fella and worked with other people together on several projects. He loved life and nothing was to worry about him or his will to die but only a few days later.

“Rodney fell or jumped forward, head up, his arms stretched wide. He apparently turned over in the air, his face coming uppermost. He hit the ground feet first, and was killed instantaneously.” (p. 85)

This happening wasn’t a planned suicide nor could it be described as a sudden accident. Even more confusing was, that Joyce had a vision, before she left on holiday with her friends Rodney, Janet and Mema: “Among the many pre-cognitive dreams, apparent memories and half known things from childhood, was the complete conviction that I should die in Peru. I have in fact never been to that country and it now seems improbable that it will be the land of my own death. But “I shall die”, came to mind at once, and was then translated as “he will die”. I sat rigidly immobile, filled with terror and a sense of inevitability and helplessness. I did not know what to exactly to expect. But I knew it was the end.” (p 81.)

How are such things possible? Where did this vision come from?

3. Loved-ones appear in dreams to say goodbye

Many of us do underestimate the power of our visions we have in dreams. We often say that dreams are dreams and have nothing to do with reality. I was told the same and believed this for a long time as well. Since I explored the world of mediumship and my own psychic abilities. The more I opened up to my gifts the more I was able to explore a world that is unseen and also to see its meaning in visions I had.

I started reading a lot of books and realized that there are a lot of people who had similar experiences and it was nothing paranormal. This can happen within a dream like a vision, but also it can appear real when we just get out of the dream state.
People describe different phenomena in which they were sleeping and suddenly something woke them up, when they opened their eyes they saw someone standing in their room. Sometimes it was a loved one who might suffered from an illness and sometimes it could be someone else who already passed over just to tell them that another person was going to die.

This phenomena more often appeared before there was phone or internet. Times in which people often had to write letters to each other to let each other know how they were doing. But also in times when our senses were less distracted with modern technology.
A great example was Eileen J. Garrett (Irish medium March 17, 1893 – September 15, 1970 ) who mentioned in one of her books an interesting experience. She described her first vision in one of her books – My life – As a search for the meaning of Mediumship.

“I was sitting lazily on the porch at home, turning over the leaves of my school-book when, looking up, suddenly, I saw my favourite Aunt Leon approach me. I had only seen her a few times in my life because she lived with her family some twenty miles away. I knew that the aunt lived with cared for her sister, Leon, very much and had been worried of late about her health. Often I had heard mentioned in the household that aunt Leon had not been as well as usual. I pleased when I saw that she had come to see us like this. I noticed, as I got up to greet her how very tired she looked and fearing that she was really ill, I reached out to take her hand and help her walk indoors. I shall always be sure that she said to me: I must go away now and take the baby with me.”

When little Eileen went into the house to fetch her other aunt to help Leon, she looked astonished at her. Went out the house and couldn’t see anyone. Eileen was blamed for lying and been cruel to make such a practical joke. She was doubted and no one believed her till next day her aunt got a message that Aunt Leon died while giving birth to her baby. ( Chapter VII – p. 23)

I have to admit that occurrences like Eileens vision in a totally awake state are very rare. The most common phenomena of the appearance of a Loved-One who was going to die, often happen when people are sleeping or dwell in a dreamy kind of state. But I do believe that we could have visions such as Eileen if we would train ourselves and our psychic abilities to a certain stage.

My personal experience with such phenomena

Even I had one of this visions once and it was really scary as at this point I didn’t know what it was all about. A stranger one day suddenly appeared in the living room when I was on holiday. After a long day that I felt a pressure inside my chest I knew that somehow spirit wanted to show me something as I had that before. But no one was around I could have talked to, so I sat down and wrote a letter. I thought maybe later I gained some clarity and could give it to someone who this spirit wanted to talk to. The letter was really sad and sounded like a goodbye letter for someone. I even signed the letter with the name John. The pressured eased from my chest after I finished the letter and I thought that’s it.
This evening I sat in front of the open fire alone in the living room of my guesthouse when suddenly a man appeared in the door. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. His appearance was a normal human height but he looked shady, kind of grey/white mist. He just stood there and didn’t say anything. I asked him what he wanted and he just stared at me. I asked him to leave as I felt uncomfortable and was not able to help him but he stood there for another 10 min. till he disappeared as sudden as he showed up.

When I got back home on my computer just three days later I logged in to check my Facebook account and couldn’t believe my eyes. The first picture I saw was the guy I just had seen in the living room of my guesthouse. I was really shocked when I discovered that his name was John.
I have never met him before but one of my friends must have known him. The picture on Facebook said that he went missing just 3 days ago. Exactly the day I saw him. The next day I found another post on Facebook that he has been found and he committed suicide exactly that night when he appeared to me.

I don’t know why he appeared to me that night as we had no connection to each other. The letter was a very personal one and I thought of giving it to his wife as she and his son were left behind. But at this stage I was uncertain about what they might think of me so I just left it.

For me it proved that it is possible to experience such phenomena and that we can develop a sense for the world unseen as well as the possibility maybe to sense when our time has come. It also proves to me that there is so much more than we do believe and physical death is not the final end. There is so much more to understand, explore and experience if we just open up for that possibility.

4. Life Review

Another phenomena that might indicate a nearing death could be a life review. This experience might be quite normal for older people but it also appeared to younger people before they suddenly died.

Life Review is an important part to gain wisdom, understanding and acceptance for our soul evolution. We suddenly talk about things we have done, what we do regret or what we wanted to do. Even if there are no physical reasons to start that kind of thought like a terminal-illness. I do believe that the soul just knows when its going to pass and there are small signs or signals that show something is coming along soon.

People who reflect on their lives and start taking certain steps into the direction of asking for forgiveness, putting things in order with other people or trying to reach out to someone they haven’t done for a long time can be a sign of a close end. But I also would like to admit that it doesn’t always need to be. More spiritual awake people will do such things several times in their lives as they know about the energetic strings that are attached to unspoken words, unfinished business and the holding on to anger or grudge.

If we look deeper into the meaning of Life Review as such we can find it with Near Death Experiences. A life changing experience for people who returned from the death-bed.

I found an interesting description for that in the book from Raymond A. Moody, JR, M.D. – The Light Beyond – Explorations into the Near Death Experiences.

“When the Life Review occurs, there are no more physical surroundings. In their place is full of color, three-dimensional, panoramic review of every single thing the Near Death Experiences have done in their lives.

IN this situation, you not only see every action that you have ever done, but you also perceive immediately the effects of every single one of your actions upon the people in your life.

All of the people who go through this come away believing that most important thing in their life is love.
For most of them, the second most important thing in life is knowledge. As they see life scenes in which they learning things, the Being points out that one of the things can take them at death knowledge. The other is love.
When people come back they have a thirst for knowledge. Frequently, NDEers become avid readers, even if they weren’t very fond of books before, or they enroll in school to study a different field than he one they are in.” ( p. 12)

Did you have similar experiences and want to share them? You have any questions? Why not use the comment section below to let me know what it is that you felt, saw or experienced?

IMG_20151120_114729[1]written by Julie Jurgan (Medium, Healer, Writer, Founder of Blossom of the Soul)
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