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Why the moon is so important for your life

The moon has been around nearly forever at least since the moment she was deprived from earth through a major impact.

Most of us not even aware of the power of the moon and its forces.  Especially  in our modern society we are nearly blind to the natural rhythms of life and the effect this ignorance has.

More and more people are dealing with serious health issues and chronic disease. Every year more and more people get diagnosed with depression or other forms of mental health issues. Stepping back into the power of nature and its natural rhythms can help us to rebalance our lives and heal from  deep within.

This is no NEW AGE or Spiritual Belief furthermore it is well researched science, that human who do fall out of natural rhythms will suffer much more than those you are in alignment with the natural forces. No longer we can ignore the power of magnetism of the moon and gravity as a source of understand how the world but also how we do work. Humans are not machines, we are natural organic beings and we need to consider this if we want to turn our lives around for the better.

Understanding the moon and its natural cycles can assist in reconnecting to what is really important to us.

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In this video I try to explain why the moon is so important for our lives and also how we can use the energies of the moon to improve our lives.


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