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Moon Report May 2019

The Moon Report for the month of May 2019. A lot of things happening in the heavens even more important that we stay grounded and focus what lies directly in front of us.

The new Moon will appear on 5th of May in the sign of Taurus and align our deepest self with the power of this very special sign.
We will feel a shift and it is up to us to make the bes to of it.

Topics aroud money, abundance, body image, gratitude, pleasure and also its restrictions will be much what will concern our inner and outer space the next 28.5 days.

Important to know is also that Jupiter has gone Retrograde in Sagittarius and will stay there till August 11th. A time for soul searching rather than active expansion…to make the best of this month I tried to put the most important influences together for you in this video.

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Moon Report 5. November – 11. November 2018

This weeks Moon Report deals with the last days of Reflection in the Dark Phase of the moon. Before we are entering a powerful New Moon in Scorpio and our energy levels will rise and we are ready for the new.

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