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About loving yourself

Do you like yourself the way you are?

Knowing that you are not perfect?
What kind of thoughts are in your mind by looking in the mirror?

Are you blaming yourself?
Comparing with others seems to be a kind of human nature.

Maybe you got a big nose, small ears or your belly feels too fat.
So what?

There will be always people looking or doing better than you.
Are they more worthy than you?

Who says that?

Remember yourself being a child. Did you ever spend a thought about your look?
Kleines Mädchen gießt Blumen

You were exploring the world and its secrets. What has changed since then?

Perfectionism is not something new. There have always been human cultures based on an ideal of beauty. But in modern times it has changed from a natural ideal to a technical one, which means the computer technology creates superficial reality.

It is impossible to reach a computer manipulated fake ideal.
Uncertainty, deficiency and the missing self-esteem are affecting our social behavior.

The TV and Computer has changed our lives forever. Striving for Show-Perfection seems to be the new life-goal. Show must go on.

Have you ever been in a forest and observed the trees? Have you noticed that no tree looks like the other?
They grow from here to there, just because their aim is to grow, to live.
Have you ever thought about finding the perfect tree? Or wished they should look all the same?

No? Why not?

Isn´t their individuality their beauty?

Why is it so hard to be like these trees? We are losing the connection to our natural roots.

Running around 24/7 just for reaching goals, which are not ours. Living in a self-made world which leads us to depression and fear. Unable to get out of the cage called perfectionism.

Take a look in the mirror. What makes you special? What is your individuality?

Go out in the forest and feel the connection with nature. Experience your own individuality as a part of divine creation.

Existence loves you.

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How to become a butterfly?

Butterflies are one of the most precious beings here on this planet, their beauty, elegance and their vulnerability have inspired many poets, writers, musicians and artists over the centuries. The butterfly is a symbol for transformation, lightness and freedom. And even today we find the symbol of butterflies on many occasions such as duvet, clothing and all sorts of decorations for our homes. As butterflies are associated with joy, happiness and the season of spring. Timeless beauty combined with colorful expression seem not to have lost its uplifting power.

How often we heard the story about the magical transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Some of us might even witnessed this amazing process how a butterfly works itself out of its cocoon and spread its wings to fly high up into the sky. As a child I was always astonished by these wonderful beings, they were so hard to catch and even harder to keep. That is why we watch them from a distance and enjoy their dances with the wind.

When I got older I experienced freedom as a very important part of my life. I realized that I would not be able to fit into a system that was created by others nor do anything that would not match with my inner feelings. I learnt the lesson of compromising and adaption and the more I walked that road the more I felt myself building my own cocoon. A cocoon that would protect me from the outside world which was not interested in what is going on inside.
Building a cocoon can be a silent protest to protect yourself from the hardship of the world around you. Necessary to keep that precious, vulnerable heart alive that so much wanted just to be itself.

I believe that all of us created, silently and slowly this cocoon around our hearts and souls. With each painful experience we put another layer around our heart, telling ourselves that this or that will never ever happen again. Over the time we become hard and resistant, we call it survival and many of us turn into self-destructive behaviour or accept life as a burden. Unable to see clearly, we close our hearts to the endless life-force. We would rather feel kind of save where we are, than taking the risk of breaking through the cocoon to see if there is something else.

But somehow we do feel that there is something, something is calling us to come out of the cocoon.

There are many spiritual teachers who say you need to live in the Now, the present moment. And they probably right but is that not just another cocoon they created? An illusion to say there is no past, there is no future. But deep inside we do feel our story, our history and all that has shaped us. We can’t just wash it away or act if it has never happened. It is there and it wants to be recognised.

How can we become a butterfly if we deny to be a caterpillar in the first place?

I do believe that is time for us to release layer after layer rather than breaking through the cocoon. It needs time as the cocoon wasn’t build in a day, so it will take time to take it away. Taking away your cocoon has its own pace and it will require a lot of strength but this is the process of being transformed and re-born. Just being hidden in a cocoon doesn’t mean you gave it all up. Nor does it mean you don’t care, it only means that you will need time to work yourself through it.

Once you accept yourself and the cocoon of the past around you, you might get scared. Scared of opening up again, scared that nothing good ever will happen to you. Your mind will start to tell you that you will never ever be a beautiful butterfly, that you can’t fly and dreams are only for people to escape from reality.

Even when you made it through the cocoon, released all that held you back you will experience something I call: “A broken wing”-feeling. This describes a situation, circumstances you will be confronted with in which you think that you are not capable of doing things. You worked yourself all through the cocoon, did all your energetic work, cleansed, cleared, healed and suddenly you realize that you can’t fly. You feel that all this work was for nothing and you not sure where to go from there.
This is a normal process and probably all of us will come to that point, especially just in the moment before the final stage. Your first flight. Bouncing back into a feeling that all this hard work on yourself was for nothing, you don’t feel confident enough, fear is creeping in again and all is too much.

Spread your wings and fly

The butterfly doesn’t question itself, nor its ability to fly. The butterflies purpose is to become a butterfly after being a caterpillar and gone through the process of cocooning. The same is with you, following your inner calling, your purpose requires work from your side and when you nearly there, just jump and let the wind carry you the last bit.
This is the story of the butterfly, this is the story of all of us. We all got the same opportunities but it is your choice if you want to become a butterfly and use your wings to fly!

About Transition

written by Julie

“In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.”

– Jeanette Winterson

I want to dedicate these thoughts, especially to three people who reached out and shared their personal story of transition with me. (- You know who you are! R, M, R)

I would like to thank you for your trust and the inspiration I found in your stories, so I might be able to hand my thoughts out to everyone who is in the same situation at the moment. That someone who is in need of some comfort, understanding and guidance during this very special phase in life. Keep going, you are nearly there!

Transition describes a passage or a state of being, maybe circumstances that could be seen as in between. The space between worlds, the stillness between the old and the new. A very special place, where there is no wind, or rain, no sun or blue sky. It is just as it is and holds within all that has ever been and all that is yet to come. A part of nothingness with the potential of all possibilities at the same time. I meet you there.

Through our lives we pass through different stages. From one position to the next, from one place to another, from one state of being into the next. This is a natural law and it does affect everyone and everything. We more than often been asked to progress even if we don´t want to, but life is calling us. Into another direction, another purpose or to change our concept. We are asked to give up the old, that we can grow into the new. Sometimes it is our decision to do so, sometimes it just happens and even somehow we always knew it, but we ignored it. Suddenly we are there, to be asked to let go. Leave it all behind and step into the unknown. During those times we often feel very vulnerable, we walk in little baby steps as somehow we not sure where we going to. We often not sure if we progress at all, as it doesn ´t feel like so.

Depending on your personal circumstances the state of transition can be experienced differently and more than often is followed by one or more of these emotions: fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, blame, self-doubts, but also joy, release and excitement. It is a shift of energies and happens all the time, everyday, but so subtle that we hardly aware of it.

If you go through the stage of transition at the moment, I would like to invite you to experience this very special state of being in nature. As on a very profound basis, transition takes place everyday when the sunrises and the sunsets, When the yin energy changes into the yang to become the yin again. Night is followed by day is followed by night and so on. It is a natural rhythm, such as the sun rises in the morning, reaches its peak and then slowly sets down over the afternoon till it disappears in the evening. So transition and change takes place everyday all the time and it is not a fixed term. Furthermore it is a movement. When was the last time you have taken some time to watch a sunrise, or sunset? When was the last time you spend some time at the sea and saw the ebb and flow playing their endless game of coming and going? Becoming and letting go?

In our personal lives, transition can be experienced in days, weeks or even years. A slow process of growing out of the old into the new you. Its seems as suddenly we need more space, or less, more inspiration, energy or less. It does not matter if you expand or reduce, it is always a change of the old into the new.
You might decided to quit your job, because you don´t like it, you want more free time, but you have not found a new one yet. This time can be really scary. As our minds or ego longs for security, safety, for the so-called known.
You might just stopped an addictive behaviour and you still feel that wanting to be high and numb. You are frustrated as you are not totally free yet. Or you feel so scared as suddenly all the emotions that have been suppressed for such a long time are coming to the surface.
You might split up with your partner and thought you have gone through it all. Suddenly something makes you feel frightened, that you might never be able to find love again.
You might have gone through financial struggles, now you back on track, but you still got racing thoughts about, what if this happens again?
Our disconnected minds are desperately projecting the future, judging the past and not able to rest in the now. But our soul knows better, our soul is connected to the natural rhythms of nature.

Breath! Stop for a moment! Transition takes time. Digesting the experienced, stepping slowly into the new you is a process. Even if you chose to be happy from now on, it doesn´t work from one day to the other. Be patient with yourself!

Growing passes through critical moments, the moment when you slightly fall back into old belief systems, patterns and behaviours. When you struggle, stumble, you nearly fall and in the last moment you don´t. Because history does not always repeat itself, especially if we decided not to do so. Growth holds within the opportunity of change, the change for the better. If you decide to take it on. You need to be the change, you need to make it happen, but in between, find some rest in the state of transition.
The transition state is there for a reason: To reflect, observe, not to judge. Let it be there, just as it is. You don´t need to wish it any different, the past won´t change. Embrace it in all the pain, the despair, the hopelessness and negativity. It was there for a reason, you might don´t see it yet. Stop asking, don´t look for logical answers. Furthermore accept it. Let it go. Step into the emptiness of the unknown.
Call it void, blankness, emptiness or bareness. Allow it to empty you. And then allow it to fill you. Be silent. Be still. Feel. Experience. Stop for a moment, breath, hold on and then let it go.
In this state, there are no plans to be made. No decisions to take. No options to choose from. It is the state of nothingness. The silence between the old and the new you. The space between one world and another. Allow yourself to float around, to be carried by the promise that there is a new dawn, just waiting for you. But for now, its time to heal. Let existence heal you.

Just be.


Julie Jurgan – About Prayer

A prayer is a really powerful, spiritual practice. Unfortunately more and more people are stepping back from that kind of connection with the Universal Life Force as it is so close associated with religion.

“A religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Many religions have narratives, symbols, and sacred histories that aim to explain the meaning of life, the origin of life, or the Universe.”

– Wikipedia 2015

Over the centuries the missuse of religious practice has caused deep wounds in our own belief systems, hearts and souls. But the denial of the longing for a deep connection with the universe does not bring us any further. Its time to heal the wounds by stepping into a new form of connection. Walking away from blind belief systems but exploring what is all about by paving our own path. Our very personal connection with all that is. You don´t need to belief in any religion to practice spirituality or prayer. Furthermore finding your own words, truth and expression is the most powerful gift you can give to yourself and the world. As your soul is the unique expression of the Life force.

Somehow I have the feeling that we are just at the turning point to step into the next ignorance if we turn our back against spiritual practice no matter if its religiously based or personally. By saying that I mean, that we closing ourselves up to any kind of connection with the universe and its expressions. But I do think its even the very most time to step into the power that lies within and without as these can´t be seperated. It is time to realize how powerful we really are, if we allow life to work through us.
There is a deep longing inside all of us, the longing to connect with all that is. The Whole, the One, the Source. Prayer can be a way to step into that power of the soul to remind us that we are always connected and have always been. Seperation is an illusion.
I am just in the process myself to open up to a new form of thinking and practicing prayers to allow them being part of my daily spiritual practice. From my own experience I can say, that miracles do happen..to those you do allow them to happen. To those who allow to be moved by life, God, the source, universal mind..whatever you call it.

At the moment I do read a very intersting book by Ernest Holmes – therefor I would like to share a prayer with you, I have been practicing today. It might inspires you…it might resonates with you…it might not. You can meditate on prayer, read them, speak them out loud. Let them become a daily practice to remind yourself how powerful and beautiful you really are. Because you are all that is and all that is is You!
The prayer for today from Ernest Holmes is called: I keep the promise

“I shall keep the promise that I have made to myself.
I shall never again tell myself that I am poor, sick, weak nor unhappy.
I shall not lie to myself any more, but shall daily speak the truth to my inner Soul, telling It that It is wonderful and marvelous; that It is One with the Great Cause of all Life; Truth, Power and Action.
I shall whisper these things into my Soul until it breaks forth into songs of joy with the realization of Its Limitless possibilites.
I shall assure my Soul”

(Main Pic Source: namelessintaipei.com)

All about a Psychic Medium

Do you think, that the work of a medium is contacting and talking to the dead?
You are right, it is an important part of a medium’s work, to prove the continous existence of the human soul. To give evidence of the survival of your Loved-Ones as well as to give messages from the spirit world. But not only your Loved-Ones can bring words of comfort but also other spirits (Spirit Guides) can deliver words of wisdom, give healing, guidance and support to you. A medium can beautifully connect the two worlds and help people recover from the trauma of missing their dear ones post their demise. In addition to that can a connection with the othe realm a very healing and profound experience as there is so much more than we can see with our naked eyes

This other aspect of the work that a medium can do, is, to offer spiritual guidance through a psychic reading. In this case, the medium connects with your soul, rather than with the spiritual realms. The session with a medium should be like, a look in the mirror and just reflect yourself as pure as you are. Considering the free will of everyone, the right to make choices and the understanding, that personal responsibility can never be given to anyone other then their own selves.
There are many different mediums, with individual abilities, aspects and tools they use for their work. There are two levels on which a (developed) medium could work:

Mediumistic Level – ( Connecting with the spiritual world)

On this level the medium connects with the spiritual world, it is important to have a reason, the right purpose before doing that, as well as good Intentions. These depends on the mediums personal development and Clients requirements as well as environmental factors:

Atmosphere is very important for any kind of energetic work

These reason or purpose to connect with the spiritual realms could be:

Evidence of Survival – Contacting with loved Ones
Channeling words of wisdom – Philosophy- Guidance – Inspiration
Healing energies – Healers/ Trance Healing
Phenomena – Physical Mediumship

While the medium connects with the spiritual realms,a download of wisdom, energies from another sphere happens. ( A lot of this depends on the mediums education, training and personal development stage).
The contact with Loved ones from the spiritual world is possible, but it is up to every medium, if they can provide evidence of the continuous existence of the human soul. This evidence could include: gender, relationship to client, age, name, how the loved passed over, personality, shared memories, hobbies, jobs. If this happens correctly the client is able to identify the Loved-One and also builds trust on the medium.
Environment has a huge impact on the quality of the session. A bond of mutual trust and acceptance between client and medium is most desirable. A good medium is a channel, through which the spiritual world is working. Hence a lot of session clarity depends on the mediums abilities and their stage of development.

Psychic Level – ( Soul to Soul Connection)

On the Psychic Level the medium connects with the clients soul. It is well-known as the Auric field, the energy body that surrounds our physical body also know as the Aura. The medium is able to read emotions, memories and happenings of client’s life by scanning his/her auric field. Emotions, thoughts, actions and memories are stored in this energetic body. I believe, that soul is on an eternal journey, therefore the auric field is continuously changing, with every new experience and thought we have.
A spiritual guidance adds more clarity of a situation or problem and offers different aspects how to deal with it. It also encourages client to follow their soul’s path, which we all know, but sometimes just need to be reminded.

The psychic reading can be for:

Finding your true potential
Becoming aware of obstacles and blockages
Raising personal awareness
How to unfold your spiritual potential
Reflecting yourself as pure as you are

The mediums work is never a future prediction in any way. The medium may just guide us with possible outcomes, however it is up to you to make the necessary changes in their lives. It is all about our personal responsibility and we can´t give this to any one else.

During a session both of the above mentioned techniques can be used to help the client. The client can make a preference of what kind of a session they would want.

If you are interested in gettting a reading with a medium you can do this via our website. Julie is great medium and uses her different aspects of her psychic abilities to assist people on their path.

Article written by: Julie Jurgan

(featured image: http://alchemipedia.blogspot.co.uk/2009/11/clairvoyant-definition-paranormal.html)