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Moon Phase in Aquarius – Opening new Horizons

When the moon passes Aquarius our intuitive thoughts are heightened and we definitely should spend some time listening to what is coming through. There might be the one or other treasure hidden in the streaming of our own inner wisdom.

Independent and loyal is the Aquarius and no one will ever be able to change that. The Aquarius needs a lot of space, emotionally and physically and absolutely hates it to be caged in. He/she will never ever fit into a box, unless the box is made of an irregular shape, painted in all sorts of colours and the lid is always taken off.

This is what we also will feel once the Moon passes through Aquarius on its 28 days cycle. Our need for more personal freedom, our own space and a lot of independence is all that we will ask for. We will or will want to rebel against all that is normal or stuck because we feel that things could be done differently. During these days we might get some great ideas to deal with an ongoing problem or we discover new insights to an old issue.

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Different then Aries, which just wants to break free and do their own thing, Aquarius wants to break through the barriers of social rigid rules which define our sense of normal. While Aries focuses more on its own path, Aquarius energy focuses on everybody path and its desire to change the world is deeply rooted in the belief that all beings are equally important.

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We might feel during Aquarius days that we do suffer more from the collective inequality in the world than on other days. This kind of ‘feeling’ crisis maybe also holds the opportunity to actually find new ways in improving society with our own two pairs of hands. Any kind of charity works is very beneficial and absolutely right up the street of Aquarius. So doing something good for someone elses might bring  deep satisfaction to this humanitarian days.


The Moon in Aquarius days can also come across quite unpredictable and everything can happen. Be prepared for surprises and try to surrender to the exciting unknown along the route an Aquarius moon day can take you. New Horizons and a lot of interesting intellectual conversations would be a great use of this day. Pondering in ideas, visions and dreams of the coming future helps anybody who lately got stuck too much in their own reality. Share and sharing is very important and beneficial for Aquarius moon days.

Positivity and optimism as guiding light

Positivity and optimism could be seen as guiding lights on Aquarius days and we might feel that nearly everything is possible. As long as we can follow our own ideas, work in our own pace and actually just do what we want to do. Moon in Aquarius days are not really good to sign contracts, enter into commitments or follow any kind of rules. Airy and fairy that is more what it’s all about, if it then is also out of the ordinary the better it is.

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Aquarius Moon Days are great days for developing or deepening friendships or even make new friends. We are open-minded and tend to be able in accepting everybody just as they are. We are not too much concerned with our own emotions unless someone would trigger our need for free self-expression. It’s definitely not a good day in seeking advice for any kind of legal decisions or to think about serious things. What has to be done, needs to be done but if you can move serious stuff to another day where you have more determination and clarity the better.

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A great day to do any intellectual work, thinking about inventions or even making new inventions and find new ways in dealing with certain issues. The moon in Aquarius opens our minds and everything that is extraordinary is more than welcome to stay. A great day for new inspirations, If you need them.

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Time for detachment to gain new perspectives

Me might find this day that we want to detach from everyone and everything, this can be a blessing or a curse. Understand that this feeling is only temporary rather than suddenly breaking up your relationship or quit your job. Emotionally it might can give us a bit of a break and we need that bit of a distance to connect with ourselves. Just don’t get stuck there and start isolating yourself thinking that you don’t need anyone and can do it all by yourself.

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Surround yourself with supportive people and friends, because your community spirit is very heightened these days.

Travelling via water or air is beneficial these days.


When the moon passes through Aquarius, our blood circulation can be vulnerable or weakened. Take pauses and avoid excessive sports. If you go hiking, play tennis, squash or do dancing be aware that your ankles will have a life of their own today and need extra attention.


If you already suffer from problems with your circulation and or with your ankles than this day would be a great day to give these areas extra care. Treatments and supplements that will help to increase the stability of your ankles or build up your circulation are very beneficial these days.

Avoid shopping marathons and any work that includes a lot of standing because that can end in a nightmare and give you more pain than needed.


Anything that helps your veins could be very good today and if possible don’t have any operations or surgical procedures during Moon in Aquarius on your ankles or your veins.


The days, even in summer tend to be little bit cooler than on others, so pack in the extra pair of socks, jumper or jacket, especially in the evening.

Aquarius Moon Phase are good days to give your body some extra good fats, such as Avocado, Olive Oil, any nut oils (unless you are allergic). Your body absorbs these better than on other days.

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Essential oils applied to your body will be absorbed more easily and can be of great benefit. Especially if you find yourself in an over thinking mood or you are mentally burning out.

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Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

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Moonphase in Capricorn – Making long term plans

Did you know that the moon does play a significant role in influencing the energies of our every day activities?

In addition to that the moon also influences the weather as well as highlights the sensitivity of certain body parts while passing through the zodiac. Dependent on the Moon phase and which Zodiac the moon passes during its approx.  28 day cycle, the areas in our bodies can be more painful but also benefit of better results with certain treatments.

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If you do things that do stretch, challenge or harm a certain part of your body while the moon passes through the zodiac and highlights their sensitivity, these body parts will suffer more than on other days.

Many people also know about the importance of the moonphase regarding appointments and surgery.

Therefore these people do plan intune with the moon calendar and relate to its wisdom for advise.

For example, on days when the Moon passes through Capricorn we should not undergo a knee or joint operation. Of course emergency operations do belong to a higher law and should not to be avoided.

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Living by the moon, its cycles and understanding the transition it makes through the zodiac can help us to treat illness better. It can assist in changing our diet accordingly and will help us to understand when to arrange certain activities.

Living in harmony with the universal movements like the cycle of the moon, will help in providing help, assistance and support for a better life and overall well-being.

Moon passes through Capricorn

When the moon passes through Capricorn our thinking becomes very clear and sharp. We will be less emotional and easily get things done, which we have procrastinating for far too long.

Moon in Capricorn days are great to realistically reflect on a certain project, a situation but even better to sit down and make a plan. On these days our sense for work and commitment will be highlighted and we should definitely make use of it. Everything that has to do with the law, the taxes or other legal stuff will get done on these days more easily. Or better to say you will have the patient to get these kind of things done more effortlessley.

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It is a great day to see your accountant and get your numbers right. Any decision that we make today tend to be grounded in a solid foundation and should last. Everything that requires logic and a focused mind is brilliant to get done today.

Capricorn is a very ambitious and hard-working sign and aims for the top of the tops. If we take the approach of Capricorn seriously,  we will find ourselves walking slowly but steady. We do know and accept that we need to take one step at a time and can’t just rush to the finish line because we it feels like to.

Capricorn is of caring nature and is concerned about the benefit of others, especially the own family and friends. If you need to borrow money of someone, do it on a Capricorn in Moon day and best is to ask a Capricorn, they more than likely will give it to you. After they have checked  the details about your plan to pay it back.

Capricorns need to know and they like to be in control. Rarely you will see people having an emotional outburtst or tend to be too emotional during Capricorn in Moon days. The energy is solid, grounded and very focused, make use of it.

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It maybe is not the best day to speak about relationship problems or expect another person to be overly emotional. Not the best of days to ask for more romance in your life. Saying that, Capricorn has a very passionate side which can be brought to the surface, if he/she can get his head off work. 


The moon passes through the Zodiac in approx 28 days of time. During this period it highlights certain body parts and makes them more vulnerable. To know that you should not go hiking or skiing on a Capricorn in Moon day will safe you maybe from some serious Knee and Joint injury.

The knees and joints are very sensitive on Capricorn Moon days and we should give them a relaxing time rather than straining them too much.

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You should also if possible avoid any knee or joint surgery, unless its an emergency. There are far more better days to get things like that done.

Capricorn is also associated with the skin and these Moon in Capricorn days are more than beneficial to see your dermatologist if you got problems. A visit to the Beautician to treat your skin and get is cleansed will pay off, more than on any other days of the moon cycle.

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Stiffness in knees or joints should be treated with movements like Tai Chi, Yoga or swimming. Arthritis can be more painful during  Moon Phase in Capricorn, but also offers a more powerful healing opportunity.

Natural remedies such as Ginger, Boswellia, Green Tea or Eucalyptus could be beneficial. But to be right sure about that its better to see a herbalist and get expert advice on that.

Good advice for the day:

Avoid any sudden or quick activities and movements. Focus on a project for which you need a long-term plan. Open a savings account, plan some financial investment, speak to your accountant or banker. Don’t go hiking or cycling. Take it easy and allow yourself to take one step at a time.

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Capricorn Moon Days 2018

April: 7,8,9                              July: 25,26,27             Oct: 15,16,17

May: 5,6                       Aug: 22,23                     Nov: 12,13

June: 1,2, 28,29,30                   Sep: 18,19     Dec: 9,10

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Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

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Why distant healing works and is more powerful than you think

Over the years there have been many names given to the phenomena of distant healing, such as energy healing, aura healing, shamanic healing, spiritual healing intercessory prayer, energy psychology, remote healing, non-local healing. It is truly a fascinating subject which sometimes can just go over our heads because it is hard to comprehend. Distant healing is a well established faculty and term in spiritual circles. Over the years even science showed its interest in distant healing phenomena and came up with some astonishing proof.

This new understanding on the power of distant healing will add some great value to our approach on healing body, mind and spirit. But it also opens our horizons for something that has always been around but we somehow forgotten about – the ability to actively influence energy.

For more then fifty thousand years shamans and other native healers knew about the abilities of being able to heal others, not only 1:1 but also via distant. They practised this form of healing

Next to their knowledge about plants and other herb medicines. They never doubted the power and usefulness of their healing practice.

If we do some more research in other cultures and religions we will find that the use of spiritual healing and its incredible results are recorded throughout history.

Find out for yourself

But we don’t need to be spiritual nor do we need to be religious to gain real proof of spiritual healing or distant healing experiences. Furthermore why not try a simple technique that Arthur Powell mentioned in his book ‘The Mental Body’ and see the results for yourself.

A strong wish for a friends good, sent to him as general protection agency will remain about him as a thought form for a time proportional to the strength of the thought, and will guard him against evil, acting as a barrier against hostile thoughts, and even warding of physical dangers. A thought of peace and consolation similarly sent will soothe and calm the mind, spreading around its object an atmosphere of calm.”

So why not send some loving thoughts to a friend or family member and find out how his situation or his feelings have changed by you doing that. The result will surprise you and I dare to say that you will try to convince yourself it was only coincidence and not your thoughts who made all the difference. At the early stages it is difficult to allow our minds to comprehend our full potential, nothing less please just give it a try for yourself.

More and more scientist are convinced that they have found the missing ling that would explain how spiritual healing or remote healing works. The answer we seeking for is hidden in the world of quantum physics lets explore this world a little bit deeper.

1. Quantum and remote healing how it actually works

To keep a complicated subject easy, its enough to know that: Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, such as energy or matter.” (http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/quantum 2018)

Scientist do believe that everything is made of quantum particles and that these quantum particles can actually be influenced and change their physical behaviour/states dependent on how the method they are influenced by. In many experiments they found out that it is actually possible to influence matter only with our thoughts and also to transfer thoughts to another person via distance. Which is quite a powerful faculty if it is properly trained. You might experienced something like that in your life before, when you thought of someone and suddenly the phone rang and it was actually the person you thought of. This is not coincidence and unfortunately no kind of mysticism but real physics and does work.

In 1920 Arthur E. Powell published a book “The mental body” in which he states: “If a person thinks strongly of a form in the physical brain he makes the form in etheric (Subatomic or quantum) matter in the effort of making the image he also sends out etheric waves in energy in every direction.” Here we can see that even back then people were aware on how powerful our thoughts can be.

Bruce Lipton Ph. D. a former cell biologist and professor at the National Institute of Health states in an interview very interesting how spiritual healing works on a cellular level.

When energy source entangles with another so that they interfere with each other it is called Entanglement….when one of the healers cells vibrates higher than the clients cells it becomes entangled, and the energy is lifted…”

This is a very profound and basic concept of the understanding in Quantum Physics. So Bruce Lipton says that the energy of one person can influence the energy of another person just by meeting each other. Or if we look at the statement above from Mr. Powell, that we can create powerful energy via thought transference.

The Persian physician Avicenna who is been said to have been one of the most significant physicians, astronomers, thinkers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age. Often was described as the father of early modern medicine stated, “The imagination of man can act not only on his own body but even on others and very distant bodies. It can fascinate and modify them, make them ill, or restore them to health.”

If we now look a little bit deeper into the understanding of quantum physics and its expression in distant healing we come across the term of non-locality. Dr. Larry Dossey speaks about this phenomena regarding Distant Mental effect in his book “Recovering the Soul”. In 1989 he created the concept of the non – local mind by stating:


“According to this concept, as we have seen throughout this book, consciousness cannot be completely localized or confined to specific points in space, such as brains or bodies, or to discrete points in time, such as the present moment.”


Wow, that is amazing, isn’t it? I mean, we have the scientist talking about quantum, we have others who speak about the power of thoughts. Then we have doctors and biologists who truly believe that we are able to transfer energy over a distance because thoughts can travel and consciousness doesn’t have the limitations of space and time. This is truly powerful and we can see all that which shamans and native healers knew already fifty thousand years ago, we are now able to have a proper scientific explanation.

How my distant healing & healing practice works

Even this new knowledge is absolutely fascinating I still have to say that the faculty of distant healing or remote healing needs to be trained properly. This is not only to make it more powerful and work properly but also that we understand the responsibilities and limitations that do come with it. It is very important to receive good and valuable training from a teacher to explore the possibilities of any healing but also to cultivate the faculty of distance healing.

Over the years I really had some amazing experiences in my healing practice that left myself stunned and surprised as well. Even I do know that spiritual healing, shamanic healing, energy healing and distance healing works, its power still amazes me. Furthermore the results and the healing progress of my clients make my work as a medium and healer so valuable.

On the other hand I also have seen quite the opposite when people start out being a medium and healer without even clearly knowing what they do. This can cause problems and more harm than good. I have created my own system in my healing practice which I follow with every client that contacts me to make sure that the healing can go ahead.

1. I speak to my clients before I arrange a healing session

It is very important to me to speak to any of my clients before I arrange a healing appointment with them. Only in this case I can find out if the energy of the client and my energy as a healer are in tune with each other. It also offers the opportunity to explain how I work and what to expect from a healing.

2. I don’t do any healing if the client is not committed

The healing progress can only take place if the clients is really committed to healing if that is not the case it is a waste of energy and time on both sides. This commitment can express itself in different situations such as sticking to the arranged appointment, paying on time for the session and following the advice that might be given after the session. A healing session/distant healing session takes a lot of preparation for the healer, the client should be aware of this too.

3. Distant Healing or other Healing Session don’t replace  seeing a doctor

Even distant healing or shamanic energy healing is very powerful and can really change your life, it is only complimentary. That means that you will still need to see a doctor if your health problems do require that. But a healing session will assist you to find deeper understanding of your issues as well as it will help you to activate your self-healing abilities.

4. You can’t be healed against your will and I will not heal anyone who doesn’t request it

This is very important to understand, because I frequently get emails and messages from people asking if I could do healing for this or that person. As much as I do understand that we do want to help someone in need, I will not and can’t interfere in someone else karma. People need to be open for healing if not, it goes against the morals and ethics I work with in my practice. I like to quote a statment from Arthur E. Powell from his book ‘The mental body’:

“Care must be taken not to control the patients will in any way. It is entirely wrong in principle for a man to try impose his will on another, even in order to make him do right. True growth is not helped by external coercion; the intelligence must be convinced, the emotions aroused and purified, before gain is made.”

Why not book your distant healing session  now and see how things will change?

My work as medium and healer is always based on the highest- good intentions for my clients. I am very committed to the standard of my work a follow a strict concept of morals and ethics.

If you are interested in a distant healing session, a healing session in person or you have a question or require more information, please get in touch with me via email: julie@blossomofthesoul.org

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming.

If you interested to book a session or gain more information on how I work why not contact me and arrange a

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Pain and Grief by Franco Santoro

“Pain and grief have been kept buried for ages, bred in secrecy and shame, wrapped by an ongoing conspiracy of smiles and well-being. Pain and grief are most healing and ecstatic emotions. Yes, sure, they can be hard, yet what makes them most devastating is the perverted idea that they are wrong, that they need to be hidden and fixed.

The greatest perversion I can conceive is the idea that illness and pain are a sign that there is something wrong in our life, that we have unresolved issues, that we have made mistakes. In this world everyone is bound to get ill, experience pain and die.

The greatest gift I can give to myself and the world is the joyful acceptance of this. Today I want to be real, I will not hide my pain as well as my happiness. I will not care if my gloomy face or desperate words cause concern or embarrassment in others. I do not need be fed with reassuring words about the beauty of life.

The beauty of life resides in the full acceptance of All That Is.”

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Franco Santoro 

Holistic and spiritual counsellor, shamanic facilitator, experiential astrologer, creator of astroshamanism and a large variety of tools for inner growth and transformation, resident member of the Findhorn Community (Scotland) since 1999, rector of the Provisional Institute.

Since 1976 Franco Santoro has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life and countries, offering regular support and guidance in their search for direction, life purpose, reconciliation, healing and peace. Using his unique holistic skills of facilitation, Franco has served for decades with non-profit charitable organisations, assisting individuals, groups and communities to gain clarity about their highest intentions, developing pragmatic means to fully implement them, while releasing and transforming deep rooted grievances and conflicts.

Drawing from a multicultural, non-dogmatic and pluralistic approach to inner growth and spirituality, including consciousness research, expanded states of perception, astroshamanism (which he developed since 1976), the Western, Middle-Eastern and Eastern traditions, A Course in Miracles, Osho (for whom he was press agent as Swami Bodhi Satpathi from 1988 to 1991), the Findhorn Foundation Community and other spiritual communities.

His work honours and integrates official religions and their esoteric teachings, with particular reference to Christianity and Gnosticism.

He is the author of Astroshamanism: A Journey Into the Inner Universe; Astroshamanism: The Voyage Through the Zodiac;Iniziazione all’astrosciamanesimo and other books, a series of sound healing and astroshamanic CDs, more than 1000 articles published online on a large variety of blogs and websites, and other tools for inner growth and transformation.

As from 1988 Franco Santoro has run more than 2000 workshops, in Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, South Africa, Spain and the Middle East. At the Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill in Northern Scotland he has held more than 200 one-week residential workshops.

Franco resides in Findhorn (Moray, Scotland, United Kingdom). He also holds events at il Casale in Lunigiana (Merizzo, Massa, Northern Tuscany, Italy).

Please be aware that Franco does not offer any form of fortune telling, divination, future prediction, or astrological character analysis. Franco employs astrology only as a strategic map of the human psyche and as a method for determining the division of time.

For consultations with Franco please click here.

For a list of Franco’s workshops please click here.
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Moonphase in Pisces – when we feel too much

The moon in Pisces days are normally very relaxing and smooth going days. People will think and act far more selflessly than on other days and show more compassion. These days are an ideal to actively listen to what the other has to say without judgement and without giving that good advice. The Pisces energy is a very dreamy energy and so soft and gentle in its nature that we easily drift away into other realms. The spheres of magic, illusion and fantasy are opening their doors to all those brave enough to walk through them. We might feel our psychic abilities heightened and the longing to connect with others and life on a deeper level than the normal.


Everything that is out there, and hard to grasp seems to be very fascinating and adorable. We wonder, what lies beyond and we are ready to find out.

These days are perfect to take some time for yourself and do some daydreaming. Different than making concrete plans like Virgos or Capricorn would do we are now into the no boundary state. We just want to play around with what is possible and not worry about all that could go wrong. Pisces in moon days hold the potential of accumulating of ideas and visions, supernatural experiences and others but definitely not good days for making long lasting commitments. Too easily we would say yes to something today that we later might regret because there are no boundaries, there is no self today. These days is all about floating along rather than getting things done.


Staying home with a good book, some chocolate and a nice cup of tea would be a perfect Pisces moon day. Watch a movie, have nice food and spend some quality time with your partner, you will not regret the openness and all that comes with it.

Our sensitivity is very much stimulated and we should stay away from anything that could bring us out of balance. Pisces love their peace and quiet and they need more of that than other star signs. Not clearly knowing where the path leads the Pisces moon days invite us to try new ways and experiment with what else is possible but more in our minds than in practical reality. Its not a time to make a promise nor to sign a contract or an agreement. We might experience some confusion and should put things off that would need our focus or clarity of mind.


Pisces in Moon days are for the dreamers and the idealist. Those who dream the world into shape when no one is watching.

These days might also shine a light on our insecurities and low self-esteem because Pisces just feel too much. They often have abundance of compassion and caring thoughts for others but for themselves they tend not to spend enough time. It is important on these days to return to ourselves with the help of spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, or swimming.

al jumuha magazine

A walk in nature, on the beach or near water is also very good and brings the influence of these days even closer into our energy field.

We will need to try to keep positive and not to get stuck in depression or the overwhelming feeling that we are unable to change the world. One step at a time would be a good advice for Pisces in moon days, so we can realisticly achieve our goals. When the moon passes through Pisces we might also in need of extra encouragement or support as subconscious feelings and thoughts might find its way to the surface. It is a great day to arrange an appointment with a therapist that can help us to find deeper layers of ourselves and how to deal with them. We are open and receptive and want to uncover all that is hidden deep within ourselves, if we can find assistance or guidance to do that this definitely would be very helpful.

Nick Kerry.com

It is a brilliant day to seek out some advice from a psychic or a healer because all these things are positive supported by the Pisces energy. Be creative, listen to music, explore the unknown and try something new. It is a great day to let yourself go, spend the day in bed or in a retreat. Let go of boundaries and experience yourself in a state of oneness with the world. Trance dance and any other kind of ecstatic expression can be very beneficial these days. Pisces in moon makes us long for more to see beyond the ordinary and let go of this earthly suffering.

shamanic trance dance.com

Pisces are also often associated with addiction and all the problems that do come with it. From Co-dependency but also the intoxication of the body and its side-effects. On pisces moon days we need to be mindful not to end up in a place where we didn’t want to be – because there are no boundaries and going with the flow is so much more fun. Drug addiction and comfort eating can be an expression of Pisces energy but also these days offer the opportunity to exactly do some great work exactly on these problems.

When the moon passes through Pisces it is very advice able not to drink or smoke too much. Because of the sensitive energy we will experience everything more intense as usual which can have fatal results.

The Pisces are ruling the feet in our physical body and we should spend extra attention to these areas during Pisces days. A nice reflexology, a foot bath or seeing a podologist is very beneficial and can bring a lot of good.

The feet are on of the most sensitive areas in the whole body even many people won’t believe that. All the meridians of the whole body are coming down to the feet where they find their final destination. This is also why reflexology is so beneficial because it can help with all the inner organs and its problems.

Pisces Moon Days are great days to find some form of creative expression like singing, drawing or painting, cooking or just listening to music. If you are gifted in writing, than get your pen and paper ready and try to write some poetry.

What ever you do today, it is important that you are gentle with yourself. Take more time for a task then normal and do it in your own pace. Don’t allow a fixed schedule or anything or pressure to interfere in your day and try to make enough time and space for yourself to retreat. An Epsom Salt bath can work wonders on Pisces moon days and helps the body to detox. Drink plenty of water and be mindful to take a good rest during the day.

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Withdraw into your own world if you want to and make space for some subconscious work. Stay away from any toxins if possible and if you do take medication or smoke, especially during Pisces Moon days it would be beneficial to reduce the daily intake because everything has a bigger impact or influence today.

Try to take it easy, if you are emotional than allow your emotions to come and go. Don’t force or overthink too much as these days lead to heightened sensitivity and it can happen that we feel more than we normally do. It also indicates that we might feel more of what others go through and can easily mix it up thinking it would be our own feelings.

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Pisces Days for 2018:

March: 16/17                                    June: 6/7                                  Sept: 23/24

April: 12/13/14                               July: 3/4/5/30/31             Oct: 20/21/22

May: 10/11                                       August: 1                                 Nov: 17/18

Dec: 14/15/16

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Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

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No one is born Self Confident

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

No on is born Self-Confident even some people tend to believe that. As if self-confidence is a gift that was given to a few by birth and others have to work hard for it, some of us even a life time. This believe is a myth and has created a lot of confusion and misunderstanding within our personal expression of ourselves.

After years of self-development and also walking and exploring the spiritual path, I honestly can say: No one was born Self-Confident furthermore that the growth of self -confidence has different stages we go through. There are internal and external factors that do play a very important role in building self-confidence by understanding this we gain a lot of insights and can change accordingly.


There are many studies and even more opinions about the subject of self-confidence and many of them teach us a totally wrong picture what it actually is.

The concept of self-confidence is commonly used as self-assurance in one’s personal judgement, ability, power, etc. One increases self-confidence from experiences of having mastered particular activities. It is a positive belief that in the future one can generally accomplish what one wishes to do. Self-confidence is not the same as self-esteem, which is an evaluation of one’s own worth, whereas self-confidence is more specifically trust in one’s ability to achieve some goal…” – Wikipedia 2018


I wonder how many people do truly know what self-confidence is, how many of us do still believe the media’s opinion that confidence can only increase if we buy this or that. Only if we possess certain things or follow a certain method we will finally gain self-confidence and can achieve anything we want in life.

Internal and external factors that shape Self-confidence

There are many different factors which play an important role in building self-confidence early in our lives. Most important probably will be our parents and how much they encouraged, supported and loved us. This relationship is the foundation for the rest of our lives and determines very much on how we see ourselves. The more we grow up the more we come in touch with other external factors such as teachers and other children at school. The teachers opinion about our performance in school has a huge impact on our self-confidence and can break us. In that period of time we also confronted with media’s idea about our self-image and especially as a teenager we are so vulnerable to the opinions of others. These early external factors play an important role in our person development of self-confidence and can have an impact we will feel a life time. Unless we become conscious and aware enough or shall I say brave enough to heal and break through childhood or early teenage trauma.


The role of our parents towards Self-confidence

While we are children, we are totally dependent on our parents and what they make us belief about ourselves. Some people say that children have developed a sense of self-esteem by the age of 5. Dependent on our parents and how much they supported us during the early ages we will grow rich or poor in self-confidence. If rejection, abuse or the inability to express love towards children has taken place, the child will suffer a lot more than other children. In addition to that its not only what our parents do think about us but also what the parents do think about themselves. How can a parent give a good idea of self-confidence if its not present within themselves? The parents inability to love themselves or being proud of their own achievements will also be reflected towards the child. Especially that happens if the child in its innocent nature strives to be better and learn new things. If the parents then hold on to their own lack of self-confidence it doesn’t allow the child to make new experiences that help him/her grow. This is often how problems and belief systems are passed down from one generation to the other, to the point where one family member finally breaks free by seeking actively help regarding these problems.


Performance and the fail of the education system to offer true support

Performance is everything, parents are still believing that only if a child performs good in school it will make it in life. Teachers thinking the same, but for them it is more important if the child does perform good in a certain subject. Because for the teacher it is a sign that he/she is doing the right job. I wonder how many teacher actually do ask themselves if what they teach is actually needed in life? In addition to that I want to raise the question how many children nearly break under the expectations of parents and teachers to perform rather than be themselves? We still do believe only if we achieve something with the highest scores it would build up our self-confidence, this is only half true.


Yes, achievement has something to do with building self-confidence but it can be an achievement in anything. Something we do like, something we do have a passion for, something we set our minds to and we achieved it with our own two hands or with support of others.

In schools and education the achievement mostly includes to repeat what has been said or to achieve the highest mark so we are able to get a better job in the future. As statistics have shown how many world class students are still out of work. On the other hand side how many famous or successful people are truly depressed?

It is a myth and we still go for the idea that happiness is found on the outside, based on this believe we run around a life time, continuously asking ourselves when it will finally come. The day we achieved to be content and at ease with ourselves?

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Real Self-Confidence comes from within

Let me say again, self-confidence is not something we are born with but something that we gain throughout life. It is very important to understand the difference, furthermore it will help to build a solid foundation on which self-confidence finally can grow.

From a spiritual perspective the problem arises already with our birth. The moment when the spirit incarnates into a physical body and sets itself the challenge to experience the world through the eyes of its own. From the moment we are born we are totally dependant on our parents, or at least on our mothers. We need to be fed, looked after and told how to do things. Dependant on our parents this can be a tricky path and very much is up to them what they think is really important to us. But also what they think about themselves. Then we are forced into an education system that makes us believe that our performance on how to repeat what is told will get us what we need in life. Unable to understand ourselves, the world around us we do suffer from an early age from an alienation what life is really about.


Its not about how good you perform in life but what you gain from life. How good you learn to express yourself in many different ways in this life time. How brave you are to truly explore and be who you are. Furthermore how capable you are to deal with life difficulties without losing the belief in yourself. This often is not taught to us by our parents or in school. Media and news do as well fail in building a strong foundation for people to understand life of what it truly is.

In the last instance many people turn to spirituality around the age of mid 40’s. When we have lived through some difficulties in life, we might gone through childbirth, marriage, divorce, experienced loss, and death in one way or the other, we made it in a job or even lost it once. We suddenly realize that all this somehow made us stronger and more experienced at the same time we do feel more vulnerable. Feeling that life can hit you very unexpected and nothing much you can do about it. One day we are self-confident and we think we can achieve anything the next moment this conviction is gone with the wind. All that is left is the question what is next? And how we are going do deal with it?

Self-confidence is a process from self-exploration and experiences, how we deal with them and how open we are to change? Some people are maybe born with a stronger will to live, some people got a thicker skin than others. A few people know that they asking for assistance or help to deal with certain circumstances is not a crime but very necessary to outgrow old belief systems about the self. Others might turned bitter and given up on life. In all of us there is the potential for greatness and it is up to us what we are going to make of it.

How much can we accept that life is full of unexpected changes? How far can we push ourselves to strive to new heights? Can we forgive ourselves and others for making mistakes? When do we realize that self-confidence is not something that we are born with but something that needs to be trained, brought back into life once it was lost and maybe restored when it has been broken. Understanding what role our parents, teachers, others, the media and society played in shaping the belief in ourselves. It is a slowly process of getting to know yourself better, day by day. Sorting out what you want and what you don’t want, allowing your limitations and dreams to guide you. Realizing a setback is not the end and every day we got the chance to start all over again.

Healing Meditation for Self-Confidence

I am holding a guided Healing Meditation on the 19th of March at the Yoga, Meditation and Therapy Space in Saltburn by the sea. (Earthbeat Centre, Marske Road)

In this meditation session I will assist you to heal and restore the parts within you that hold you back to experience true self-confidence. I will create a safe and welcoming space in which you can allow yourself to relax and wind down while the healing energy enters your body, mind and spirit.

Spaces are limited to 8 people and pre-booking is essential.

Bring comfy and warm clothes. The session is from 7pm – 8pm.

If you would like to come and join us for this meditation session, please contact me on: julie@blossomofthesoul.org

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Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

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Moonphase in Virgo – Let’s get this right

The moon takes around 27.3 days to circle around the earth, but because earth and moon are spinning together at different speeds around the sun, it actually takes the moon 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 28 seconds to complete one orbit of the earth, from new moon to new moon.


During this cycle the moon passes through each sign of the zodiac, normally the moon stays in one sign for about 2 days sometimes its 3. It is been said that the moon rules our emotions as well as the everyday activities, it influences the weather and brings good and bad fortune to the gardener. By following and knowing about the moon cycles we gain a lot of insights and understanding about ourselves but also access the unlimited potential of the moon.

If we harmonize ourselves with the moon cycle and its passing through the zodiac we are able to gain a lot of information. These information can be used to make plans and to find out when to do what. It can assist us in understanding which daily influence is good for our actions, but also why we might feel the way we feel.

by moonearthsky.org

When the moon passes through Virgo our perfectionism is most definitely highlighted which can be good for some and bad for others. Dependent on how perfectionism is present in your life these days as it can be a challenge to suddenly be aware of all that needs to be fixed or improved. Furthermore we will very much likely focus on things that seem to be not in the right place, our senses for health are very much heightened. There is not much space for emotional understanding and everything will be analysed till the perfect solution is finally found.

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This can be of good influence if there are areas in our life that do need improvement or a tidy up, the moon in Virgo will help you with that. On the other side these days can also lead to a lot of criticism and judgements so it is important for us to be gentle with ourselves. The Virgo wants it perfect and neat, tidy and properly done no messing about and no excuses.

Virgo is a very analytical sign and it easily get caught up in over thinking, problems appear bigger than they are and it is not very useful today to tell other people about your opinion. On moon in Virgo days it is definitely better to keep our mouth shut and try to control our thoughts with meditation. If our mind is to be left alone it might end up in over discriminating and exacting things.

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These days are really not good for anything that includes any pleasure unless it is combined with a health aspect.


During the moon phase in Virgo days we might can feel some stomach issues. Avoiding too much sugar, too spicy and fatty foods is the best thing to do. Fasting can be very beneficial these days in combination of a good rest or a long nap.

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Virgo Moon Days are good days to eat any type of root vegetable and anything that comes from the earth. Nettle tea can be very good for cleansing the inner organs. Why not try some fennel tea if you have an upset tummy.

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A bath in magnesium or sea salt can help you to release toxins from your body. A good day to finally try that mud face mask out or go for a shiatsu massage to unwind the belly.

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If you want to be productive on this day that we would recommend that you take some time to clean your house, get rid of the clutter that has been accumulating. Arrange important health appointments which you have been putting off. Go for a walk in nature and connect with the earth can bring your system back into balance.

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Do what you have to do this could be the right attitude for today. We won’t be able to do it all today and that is totally fine. We don’t always need to be in high performance to achieve a goal, sometimes it is just the slow and the steady pace that let us reach our goals. Get your paperwork in order, read through contracts and find the details you overlooked the other day and get your finances right.

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Calculating and analyzing is the best way forward. Intellectually and mentally we are really strong today and should use this for our advantages. As long as we are not asked to think and work creatively because that is not what the energy provides for us today.

Everything has its order and its place, we will be very conscious about this these days. A longing for security, control and safety is very present these days and can make us a bit weary. These are not good days for taking risks or to explore the unknown.


If you need to get a realistic valuation done for any of your health issues or even your property, than Virgo days are really good for that.

Stay away from the need to solve any kind of relationship issues. You more than likely end up in more conflict and not having much sympathy for anybody you doesn’t have the same thoughts as you. Rather than pointing out again and again what is wrong with the other person today we been asked to take a step back and watch the drama from a distance.

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Today – take it easy. Make a list with stuff that needs improvement or fixing. Make that phone call with your dentist or doctor. Sign that contract with the gym or make yourself a more healthy routine including nourishing yourself with healthy food and regular exercise and stick to it.

by fitness19.com

Do your duty and what you have to do – the rest of the day spend time in clearing out or plant new seeds for your garden. This is the time to think about new projects and get all the bullet points and plan of action together but not actually starting the new.

Virgo Moon Days 2018

March: 2/3/29/30 June: 19/20 Sept: 9/10 Dec: 1/27/28

April: 25/26/27 July: 16/17 Oct: 6/7/8

May: 23/24 Aug: 13/14 Nov: 3/ 4/ 30

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written by Julie Jurgan

Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

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Soulevolution and the course of time

I am working as a medium for a while now and I would like to say that I learnt from some very good teachers. These teachers were important along my way of understanding myself, my own potential and what it means to develop my psychic abilities.

As a natural process over the time I grew out of my teachers and looked for my own answers to a subject I lived all my life and never understood.

The teaching and training years are very important to build a solid foundation for your psychic development. But also the years of personal practice and experience will lead you into a new direction of understanding and questioning. Not everyone who starts out to explore their own psychic abilities is going to be a medium. Or even should not start with only this intention in mind. Furthermore let it be a journey to discover yourself and your unlimited potential as human and spiritual being. May the truth set you free!

If we look back in time, people with psychic abilities or supernatural powers can be found during the history of mankind. In ancient traditions we can find the shamans, the healers and seers, the spiritual leaders of a tribe. In those times people reached out to those shamans for advise, help, assistance and healing. People believed that spiritual guidance was important for their well-being and the survival of the whole tribe. The shamans words were accepted and their wisdom respected as it came from the highest realms of spirit. Not everyone was allowed or destined to be a shaman only a few were chosen by spirit to take on that enormous responsibility.

Many shamans went through a long period of initiation, spend time alone in caves and forests to strengthen their connection with the spirit world. They learnt about plants and their use, tuned into the wisdom of the universe and created rituals to celebrate their connection.

The more time went by the more the human consciousness developed and went through different stages of self-understanding and expression. But also our lifestyle and our understanding of the world has changed and been shaped over the centuries rapidly. We as human race have gone through periods of abundance and poverty, of huge wars and peaceful times. Passed through logical and rational thinking and exploration as well as times of religious fanaticism and blind belief. Till we reached our modern times with all its technology and a new way of scientific understanding of the world.

Birth of Spiritualism till the modern times

If we take a look at the 1850 where the phenomena of the “Hydesville Rappings”(read whole article about the Hydesville Rappings here) appeared in America as one of the first official recorded psychic/physical phenomena to a wider audience all around the world.

A family in America received strange rappings in their house and found out that it was a murdered pedlar who was buried in the basement of the house.

Spiritualism found its beginnings and spread like fire in the newspapers in the USA and swapped over to Europe within a few years. Suddenly everywhere so-called physical phenomena appeared and more and more people opened up to another kind of reality. All over the country, especially in America and the UK people started to go and visit seances where there was contact made with the spirit world. Tables started to turn, furniture were lifted by ghost hands and mediums demonstrated their abilities to give messages from beyond. The western world seemed curious to explore what else was there that the eyes could not see and the mind too limited to comprehend.

When World War I and II hit, the bereaved longed for validation for a life after death. Mediumship was there to help, assist and prove what so many were looking for. People found comfort in the messages they received from their loved ones from the other side during a sitting with a medium. Especially in England mediums had a famous status and where well-known in the public. More and more scientist also showed interest in the exploration of the so-called spirit world and gathered together to explore the subject on a deeper level.

The outbreaks and suffering of two great world wars left the world with deep shock, sadness and desperation. Especially in those times, mediumship rose to another level in which the need of hearing from loved ones who passed over was desperately needed.

A lot of comfort, understanding and compassion was spread with the work of spiritualist mediums and their continuous efforts bringing messages from beyond.

Sadly even during those times, ignorance joined the table and many mediums suddenly were said to be fraud. Therefore many mediums were jailed or put on the Society Stack. The masses pulled away and believed more in what has been written by people who claimed to prove mediumship non-existence. Rather than following the path of self-exploration and experience. Luckily the Spiritual National Union achieved to release the The Witchcraft Act of 1735 remained in force in Britain well into the 20th century, until its eventual repeal with the enactment of the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951.

The Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 was repealed on 26 May 2008 by new Consumer Protection Regulations following an EU directive targeting unfair sales and marketing practices.

It allowed to give mediumship a legal status as a religious belief and classified the demonstration of mediumship in public for entertaining purposes only.

Even today the SNU (Spiritual National Union) offers quality training and a standard for mediumship with the focus on religious point of view more than self-empowerment or the exploration of the soul as individual.

The 60’s – Another consciousness revolution

Another big impact for the raise of consciousness or Soulevolution took place when the american invasion in Vietnam escalated in 1961. Many students, peace activists and leftist intellectuals protested all around the globe together. Slowly but steady the Hippie Revolution, New Age Movement or the Anti-war Revolution started. The first time after so many years that no longer the people would accept cruelty, disempowerment and the torture that another war could bring with it.

Spirituality reached a new expression and as a natural evolution 20 years after the second world war spirituality and religion were finally disconnected. No longer spirituality was tied to a visit of churches and following dogmatic point of views. Furthermore it reached out to masses, to join together and experience spirituality on a totally new level. A powerful movement that led people into self-exploration, inspired new thoughts about humanity combined with mystical and esoteric traditions.

During those times many new ways of exploring own consciousness with psychoactive drugs, music but also spiritual techniques such as yoga and meditation found a place into society.

 Unity, Humanity and equality were the new values this movement asked for and would do everything to make itself heard.

Social Ignorance, Materialism, Egoistic behaviour no longer should be the driving force for a society that was too blind to see. A social system that was build up on the trauma of two world wars and the idea that material safety and security would be the only answer for a cruel world.

During those times people of these movements were not afraid to experience themselves in other realities, to step over social restrictions, rebellion and finally the idea of another way of living together as one human race was born.


While the 50’s still focused on new technologies and the comfort of material possessions as an expression of success in life. The 60’s blew this attitude in the wind. Sharing and caring was the new way of life to bring down the concept of separation and inequality.

After the Vietnam war ended in 1975 much was gained such as the Civil Rights Movement in America which allowed black people the same rights as white ones. But also the American Feminist Movement found a new voice and shouted over traditional boundaries. The world had changed and new ideas still moved at the surface of this new society. Unfortunately slowly the hippie movement was soon replaced by the new hunger for oil and its material potential. People slowly turned their faces towards material security again and the stock market offered once again new possibilities for money investments.

New technology especially the first mass market computer in 1964 once again should change the live of so many and as we know today – the world itself. The hunger for more new technology possibilities grew with every step and was based to bring a new understanding for the outside world.

But on the other hand side Spiritual teachers and gurus had a high demand in the early 1980s which came from the revolutionary area of the 60s. Love and Peace seemed to be the only answer to the way of moving humanity forward into a new generation of compassion and understanding for each other. The 80s finally started to bring this understanding for a new fruition. Yoga, Aloe Vera, Meditation, Alternative Therapies and a holistic approach slowly sneaked into the consciousness of a wider audience as a result of the desire for a better understanding of the world and the self.

The 21rst Century – The urge to return to the roots

Coming now into the 21rst Century I feel our urge to return to our spiritual roots. We are very much a society that is fed by the ideas of what screens have to offer. Our food is processed, the people we call heroes are celebrities and nature is something we might now and again experience if we make it away from the comfort of our couch. Reality is something we mostly perceive through the media and its negative news broadcasting. Therefor we feel the world is a place we should be fearful of and which we try to avoid as much as possible.

The world around us might have changed but deep within us we still are the same. Apart from that looking after our bodies in regards of enough sleep and food to keep them alive our soul slowly is dying from the disconnection we created with our environment.

We experience more mental health issues than ever before. Suicide rates are rising daily and the number burn outs can’t be counted anymore. We got everything on the material level and still suffer, how is that possible?

A new understanding – the power within

The answer to that might lay in the understanding that we are more than our bodies and our brains. That there is something within us that doesn’t care about material possessions because it is aware that they are this is an illusion and wont last forever. This something is called your soul. It is that eternal part of yourself that part of your consciousness which survives physical death. The soul longs for true connection with the world, nature and others. That something within you telling you that even if you achieved all you ever dreamt of you might not be happy or healthy.

That something that reminds you that you are not your body, you are not what you have and how many people will praise you. But that silent voice within you saying: “What is it that you truly love? What is it that you are living for? What is it that really counts?”

Humanity might be at a turning point these days once again. Realizing that we can’t go on living like this. We can’t destroy nature and pretending we are not a part of it. We can’t start wars and then turn our back when people are affected by it do ask for help. We can’t deny our personal and global responsibility. On a more personal level this new age will not allow us to get stuck in the wrong relationship, job or life. No longer we can deny our own psychic abilities which are there to guide us on the right path.

No longer we should deny our personal power – the power from within.

Showing us that there is so much more than meets the eye.

Reminding us that we are here to evolve, that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Our psychic abilities that do tell us that there is no limitations. Nor space or time. We are able to heal ourselves and others and raise above the detachment of only a physical and material existence.

The healthy integration of these insights could lead to a new Revolution – The Revolution of the Soul.

May the exploration of our personal psychic abilities be the gateway to a new understanding of the self and its limitless potential. I truly wish that more people will discover their unlimited potential and break free from centuries of brainwash and torture, self-denial and giving away their power.

May the exploration and development our own psychic abilities help us to find the truth.

To understand our limitless potential and followed by the understanding that we came here for a reason. To live, explore, expand our very own consciousness and share it with the world.

Julie Jurgan



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Moon phase in Gemini – let’s talk about absolutely everything

You will definitely feel when the moon passes through Gemini, it is a good day for all sorts of communication. On Gemini Moon Days we have a desire to share our ideas and thoughts with others and these others might have exactly the same desire to share their part of the story.

Communication is everything for a Gemini and he/she just can’t get enough of it. No matter if it is local gossip or some profound ideas as long as it is exciting and it is new.

Gemini Moon Days are perfect to meet new people and make new friends, at least we are open and receptive for the new. On these days it will be easy to write letters or do some sort of blogging that involves thinking and writing. These days are perfect to try new foods, travel to new places or indulge ourselves in a new book. Just don’t expect people to be too serious around these days and stay away from deep profound conversations as well as pouring your heart out.

by artofmanliness.com

Gemini is an air sign, it is always busy thinking and super quick in rushing from one idea to the next. This can often lead to the impressions that Geminis are superficial and lack a feeling for serious emotional expression.

Gemini Moon invites us to have fun and see life from another perspective. Letting go of old thought forms or how things supposed to be like we have in Moon phase in Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus. Its about exchanging ideas, sharing the same level of interest or just meet up with some old friends for a nice cup of tea and a bit of chatter.

by gigglepedia.com

These days are perfect for some joyful play and experiences when seriousness has caught us up in our lives. All Gemini wants is fun and as less responsibility as possible. So better not to sign any important contracts today and staying away from asking your partner to get married. That is too much for moon in Gemini when the mind is just out there.

On this day we might feel a bit disconnected from earth as we were floating around, this is the energy of the airy Gemini. Meditation will be more than difficult on these days as we might get the feeling that our minds will not shut up at all. Furthermore it is important that we physically move our energies in one way or the other. That helps to prevent the nervous tension and restlessness that can come with Moon phase in Gemini.

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Sports such as swimming, because of the soft movements in the water would be great. Running, jogging or cycling can be very beneficial as long as we keep an eye on the traffic. We easily get carried away on Gemini Moon days and easily forget our responsibilities towards others and ourselves. On the other hand these days can really help to loosen up a little bit and not taking life too seriously.

Gemini Moon days are perfect to spend more attention towards your shoulders because this is the area most affected by it. A good massage, with balms of herbs or tinctures can release today a lot of tension that has been stored in that area.

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People who suffer from Gout or Arthritis maybe can feel it more than on other days. Any treatments that have to do with the nervous system, the shoulders, rheumatism are very beneficial on these days, the results will astonish you.

For better breathing we would recommend to learn some breathing techniques which will have a very positive effect.

Through the intellectual stimulation it can also happen that we suffer some mental burn out, or an overwhelming feeling of mental chatter. If so it would be helpful to have a rest during the day and stick to healthy pauses during work. Especially if the day is filled with meetings or intellectual conversation.

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The weather on these days is more than likely to change all of a sudden, therefore it is helpful to be prepared and bring the right clothes with you. We also might see on airy moon days that the sun is shining brighter or from a different angle than on other days. Even in winter that can mean that we should pack our sunglasses when driving a car.

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Our diet is also influenced by the moon phases therefore the body can more easily take on certain foods or has problems to digest some ingredients. For Gemini Moon Days the endocrine system is highlighted and stimulated therefore certain foods can help to bring positive changes into our lives.

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Our endocrine system may often not appear as glamorous as the nervous system, but it actually plays a similar role in the body. The endocrine system is involved in the sending and receiving of information, using its own ways of packaging and delivering vital stimuli to cells, organs, and tissues. To make the best of Gemini Moon Days we should try to look out for the healthy fats in our foods and eat more of them.

Very beneficial are the healthy fats such as coconut oil, chia seeds, avocado, olive oil, sacha inchi, seaweed, sunflower seeds, spirulina, nuts, and pumpkin seeds. To help the endocrine system to do its job properly.

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Gemini Moon Days are definitely not one of the slow moving, or boring days furthermore quick and sudden changes in mood and circumstances are too expect. If you go travelling you might want to check twice your train or flight times. On these days, patience is a virtue and not to be expected from anyone.

It is a great day to meet new people, exchange exciting ideas, come together as like minded people and do a lot of things that are fun and joyful. No routines or strict rules will apply on these days and we should try to go with the flow rather than wanting things to be the way we want them. Letting go and letting loose might be the best form to describe this idea. Communication will increase which could lean to a lot of phone calls or text messages. If it all gets too much, just turn the phone off and go out and play in nature!

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Gemini Days 2018:

Feb: 25/25                                           June: 13/14                     Oct: 1/27/28

March: 23/24                                     July: 10/11                       Nov: 24/25

April: 19/20                                      August: 7/8                        Dec: 21/22

May: 16/17                                       Sept: 3/4/30

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Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

If you interested to book a session or gain more information on how I work why not contact me and arrange a

                                         10min FREE Consultation Session 

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Healing Meditation for those who grieve (Saltburn)


“Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them.”

– Leo Tolstoi

Everyone who ever lost a loved one will certainly feel the truth in Leo Tolstoi words. Grief maybe is the love we had for each other and now just got no place to go anymore. Often it even feels as if this inner emptiness we experience will never ever be filled again.

TPPY Award Entries

Far too quickly we assume that our grief needs to be filled with something, it needs to go away, removed, locked up or left alone. Too much is the pain we find ourselves in when we grieve and too far away seems everything and everyone who offers a helping hand.

Grief comes in so many forms and furthermore it also can have many different reasons. The loss of a loved one, the break up from a relationship, unexpected circumstances which lead to changes in our lives that are out of our control can lead to grief as well.

Sometimes we grief for a job we lost, an opportunity we didn’t take or a second chance that we never got. And all of these situations do require our loving attention, our care and compassion. All our pain only heals if we give it space and time and furthermore if we see it as a part of ourselves, a part of life.


While we go through grief we can feel incredible alone and isolated. Nothing others can say or do will make our felt pain go away and no one will ever know when it will pass eventually. We often suffer in silence, when no one is watching. Times when we are allowed to be truly honest to ourselves and admit, yes, we are not okay and we don’t have to. We are out of order and we allowed to feel that way.

I created the Healing Meditation to offer a safe space in which we are able to work with our grief. Other than normal meditations we will not focus on calming our minds furthermore we will receive healing energies for all the parts that do grief within ourselves. Parts that have been neglected, lost, rejected and buried deep down in our souls.

                   Come and join us for this Healing Meditation 

    25th of February 2018 

          6pm – 7pm

at the Yoga, Meditation and Therapy Space

in Earthbeat Centre, Saltburn

These one hour sessions are very powerful and can be deeply transforming.
It is important for me that you are comfortable throughout the whole session, therefore bring what ever you need to feel comfy…from warm socks, jumper, pillow, blanket and your yoga mat.

You can sit or lay down during the session.

☆☆ Healing Meditation for Grief☆☆

In this session we will focus to bring healing to parts within ourselves that are grieving. No matter if we moan for the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, the state of the world or missed opportunities and second chances we didn’t take. Important is that we become aware of our grief, that we give it space and love. So it can be transformed and integrated into our whole being.

I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation in which you then will receive healing energies that I am channeling from the universe into the healing space for you.

This healing meditation session is limited to 8 participants. Everybody welcome.

☆☆☆ If you decide to come ☆☆☆

I would like you to bring a small or big stone from your home or one you collected from the beach or somewhere else. If you have time to paint it…please do so. If not, please at least put your name on it, with the intention that you will bring it to our healing meditation.

It is very important that we learn to embody our emotions no matter what they are. In this session the stone will help us with that.

☆☆☆ How to book ☆☆☆

This is a pre-booked session only because for the healing process we need to be committed. The moment you decide to come and pay the session you energetically comitt to the healing.

A session is 60min and is £10 (non-refundable)

You can pay via paypal, bank transfer or in cash if you local.

If for any reason you cant come to the healing meditation. You will still receive the healing energies from a distance and will feel the difference.

Please contact me for bookings and further details for this session.


or inbox me on Facebook here…

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming.

If you interested to book a session or gain more information on how I work why not contact me and arrange a

10min FREE Consultation Session 

                                                                with me.

   !!! Book now !!!


via phone 0750 6032301 (UK)


email to julie@blossomofthesoul.org


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