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Julie Jurgan – Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Looking back after all these years of training, learning, studying and working as a medium and healer I know that I found my purpose. This is what I came here to do and even from an early age I was aware of my gifts but not sure how to use them. Born and raised in Germany, my mother a homeopath and my dad a business manager I found myself torn between my occupation and my calling. I already used my first tarot cards when I was 12 years and did “fun” readings for my friends but never thought that I was really gifted in that way. As much as my parents tried to give me a solid foundation in life and asked me to learn a proper job I soon found out that being a visual merchandiser wouldn’t make me happy at all.

I had to follow my own path and find out what my purpose here on earth was. When I was 18 I started travelling the world and meeting people I wouldn’t have met if I would have stayed where I grew up. It took me nearly seven years of searching, travelling and doubting my path till I reached the Arthur Findlay College. It was there where I started my medium & healing education on a serious level when I turned 27 which was in 2011.

Since 2014 I live permanently in the UK.

Medium Education:

Since then I learnt as much as I could possible gain from many different teachers at the Arthur Findlay College, many of them very well-known and acknowledged mediums and healers. I learnt from people like Paul Jacobs, John Johnson, Andy Byng, Stella Upton, Kitty Wood, Jacky Wright, Biaggio Tropeano, Lynn Parker.

In 2015 I finished my Mentorship program with certified “Medium of Excellence” from Tony Stockwell.

I studied Spiritualism with the Spiritualist National Union from 2012 – 2015 to give me a good foundation and knowledge about the origins and phenomena of Spiritualism.

Healing Education:

Original Bachflower Remedies

by balanceartsstudio.com

2014 Healing with Bachflower Remedies with Medium & Healer Susanne Munley.

I learnt how to apply the power of the Bachflower Remedies to assist in mental, emotional and physical healing.


Attunement to Tachyon Energy

pic by google.com

2014 Initiation into working with Tachyon Energy with Shamanic Healer Jade Cane.

I learnt how to charge objects with cleansing and clearing energy.


Astroshamanic Dance

by google.com

2014 Initiation into Astroshamanic Trance Dance with Healer & Holistic Therapist George Hollis.

I learnt how to use my physical energy to access the power of the zodiac.


Spiritual Healing

pic by google.com

2015 Introduction into Spiritual Healing at the AFC College, Essex.

I learnt how to use spirit energy to heal myself and others.


Trance Healing

by google.com

2015 Introduction into Trance Healing with Medium & Healer Natalie Walker.

A natural evolution from my spiritual healing to use different trance states and spirit guides for deeper healing.


Angelique Reiki

by google.com

2016 Attunement to Angelique Reiki with Healer & Hypnotherapist Sukirat Kaur Bahra.

Attunement to Angel Healing Rays and its use to enhance my healing abilities.


Dragon Reiki 1 &2, Dragon Ki Reiki & Dragon Empowerment

by google.com

2016 Initiation into Dragon Reiki 1 & 2, Dragon Ki Reiki & Dragon Empowerment with Shaman Peter Aziz.

Powerful attunements for enhancing healing abilities and empowerment.


Shamanic Trauma Release Technique

2016 Initiation into Trauma Release with Shamanic Practitioner Trevor Cowan.

Specialized technique to release trauma from body, mind and spirit.


Power of Manifestation

pic by google.com

2016 Manifestation & Multidimensional Shamanic Journeying with Astroshaman Franco Santoro.

Powerful empowerment on how to manifest in multidimensional worlds.


Healing Relationship on Multidimensional Level

2017 Multidimensional Relationship Healing with Astroshaman Franco Santoro.

Working & studying of the astroshamanic zodiac its healing properties and how to access them.


Healing Addiction

In 2018 I took part in an Online Healing Addiction Summit with Gabor Mate. During that time I learnt the complexity about addiction and how to deal with it on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level. I integrate this understanding in my healing work.


Philosophy Education:


Creative Writing

by google.com

2004 – 2007 Diploma in Creative Writing & Non-Fiction.

I studied creative writing and the writing of non-fiction in Germany.



Diploma in Chinese Metaphysics 

I studied  Chinese Metaphysics for three years including the Philosophy of Daoism, Geomancy and Chinese Astrology.

I hold a Diploma in Feng Shui as well as Chinese Astrology. I offer personal consultations only on request.

 Initiation into Korean Buddhism

I lived in South Korea in 2007 and during that period I was initiated into “The Art of Being” @ Guinsa Temple.

It was my first real contact with Korean Buddhism & its monks. The healing power of Buddhism never left me since and I still do offer Buddhist Blessings for Healing.

Study of Spiritualism

2012 – 2015 Study of Spiritualism its History, Philosophy and Phenomena with Spiritualist National Union.

I build a solid foundation about the knowledge of Spiritualism, its pioneers, expressions, phenomena and origins.

Diploma in Universal laws

In 2015 – 2016 I studied the 50 universal laws of Stuart Wilde. Based on his understanding of the universal laws I did a video blog and worked myself through the expression of each of the 50 universal laws. A powerful and transformational experience.

Diploma in Theosophy

In 2017 I received the Diploma in Theosophy with the Theosophical Society of England.

A natural evolution of my ongoing studies into spirituality, esoteric and its manifestations.


My monthly Newsletter

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Julie Jurgan

– Medium -Healer- Soulactivist –

Life Readings & Healing Sessions available.

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Why distant healing works and is more powerful than you think

Over the years there have been many names given to the phenomena of distant healing, such as energy healing, aura healing, shamanic healing, spiritual healing intercessory prayer, energy psychology, remote healing, non-local healing. It is truly a fascinating subject which sometimes can just go over our heads because it is hard to comprehend. Distant healing is a well established faculty and term in spiritual circles. Over the years even science showed its interest in distant healing phenomena and came up with some astonishing proof.

This new understanding on the power of distant healing will add some great value to our approach on healing body, mind and spirit. But it also opens our horizons for something that has always been around but we somehow forgotten about – the ability to actively influence energy.

For more then fifty thousand years shamans and other native healers knew about the abilities of being able to heal others, not only 1:1 but also via distant. They practised this form of healing

Next to their knowledge about plants and other herb medicines. They never doubted the power and usefulness of their healing practice.

If we do some more research in other cultures and religions we will find that the use of spiritual healing and its incredible results are recorded throughout history.

Find out for yourself

But we don’t need to be spiritual nor do we need to be religious to gain real proof of spiritual healing or distant healing experiences. Furthermore why not try a simple technique that Arthur Powell mentioned in his book ‘The Mental Body’ and see the results for yourself.

A strong wish for a friends good, sent to him as general protection agency will remain about him as a thought form for a time proportional to the strength of the thought, and will guard him against evil, acting as a barrier against hostile thoughts, and even warding of physical dangers. A thought of peace and consolation similarly sent will soothe and calm the mind, spreading around its object an atmosphere of calm.”

So why not send some loving thoughts to a friend or family member and find out how his situation or his feelings have changed by you doing that. The result will surprise you and I dare to say that you will try to convince yourself it was only coincidence and not your thoughts who made all the difference. At the early stages it is difficult to allow our minds to comprehend our full potential, nothing less please just give it a try for yourself.

More and more scientist are convinced that they have found the missing ling that would explain how spiritual healing or remote healing works. The answer we seeking for is hidden in the world of quantum physics lets explore this world a little bit deeper.

1. Quantum and remote healing how it actually works

To keep a complicated subject easy, its enough to know that: Quantum is the Latin word for amount and, in modern understanding, means the smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, such as energy or matter.” (http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/quantum 2018)

Scientist do believe that everything is made of quantum particles and that these quantum particles can actually be influenced and change their physical behaviour/states dependent on how the method they are influenced by. In many experiments they found out that it is actually possible to influence matter only with our thoughts and also to transfer thoughts to another person via distance. Which is quite a powerful faculty if it is properly trained. You might experienced something like that in your life before, when you thought of someone and suddenly the phone rang and it was actually the person you thought of. This is not coincidence and unfortunately no kind of mysticism but real physics and does work.

In 1920 Arthur E. Powell published a book “The mental body” in which he states: “If a person thinks strongly of a form in the physical brain he makes the form in etheric (Subatomic or quantum) matter in the effort of making the image he also sends out etheric waves in energy in every direction.” Here we can see that even back then people were aware on how powerful our thoughts can be.

Bruce Lipton Ph. D. a former cell biologist and professor at the National Institute of Health states in an interview very interesting how spiritual healing works on a cellular level.

When energy source entangles with another so that they interfere with each other it is called Entanglement….when one of the healers cells vibrates higher than the clients cells it becomes entangled, and the energy is lifted…”

This is a very profound and basic concept of the understanding in Quantum Physics. So Bruce Lipton says that the energy of one person can influence the energy of another person just by meeting each other. Or if we look at the statement above from Mr. Powell, that we can create powerful energy via thought transference.

The Persian physician Avicenna who is been said to have been one of the most significant physicians, astronomers, thinkers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age. Often was described as the father of early modern medicine stated, “The imagination of man can act not only on his own body but even on others and very distant bodies. It can fascinate and modify them, make them ill, or restore them to health.”

If we now look a little bit deeper into the understanding of quantum physics and its expression in distant healing we come across the term of non-locality. Dr. Larry Dossey speaks about this phenomena regarding Distant Mental effect in his book “Recovering the Soul”. In 1989 he created the concept of the non – local mind by stating:


“According to this concept, as we have seen throughout this book, consciousness cannot be completely localized or confined to specific points in space, such as brains or bodies, or to discrete points in time, such as the present moment.”


Wow, that is amazing, isn’t it? I mean, we have the scientist talking about quantum, we have others who speak about the power of thoughts. Then we have doctors and biologists who truly believe that we are able to transfer energy over a distance because thoughts can travel and consciousness doesn’t have the limitations of space and time. This is truly powerful and we can see all that which shamans and native healers knew already fifty thousand years ago, we are now able to have a proper scientific explanation.

How my distant healing & healing practice works

Even this new knowledge is absolutely fascinating I still have to say that the faculty of distant healing or remote healing needs to be trained properly. This is not only to make it more powerful and work properly but also that we understand the responsibilities and limitations that do come with it. It is very important to receive good and valuable training from a teacher to explore the possibilities of any healing but also to cultivate the faculty of distance healing.

Over the years I really had some amazing experiences in my healing practice that left myself stunned and surprised as well. Even I do know that spiritual healing, shamanic healing, energy healing and distance healing works, its power still amazes me. Furthermore the results and the healing progress of my clients make my work as a medium and healer so valuable.

On the other hand I also have seen quite the opposite when people start out being a medium and healer without even clearly knowing what they do. This can cause problems and more harm than good. I have created my own system in my healing practice which I follow with every client that contacts me to make sure that the healing can go ahead.

1. I speak to my clients before I arrange a healing session

It is very important to me to speak to any of my clients before I arrange a healing appointment with them. Only in this case I can find out if the energy of the client and my energy as a healer are in tune with each other. It also offers the opportunity to explain how I work and what to expect from a healing.

2. I don’t do any healing if the client is not committed

The healing progress can only take place if the clients is really committed to healing if that is not the case it is a waste of energy and time on both sides. This commitment can express itself in different situations such as sticking to the arranged appointment, paying on time for the session and following the advice that might be given after the session. A healing session/distant healing session takes a lot of preparation for the healer, the client should be aware of this too.

3. Distant Healing or other Healing Session don’t replace  seeing a doctor

Even distant healing or shamanic energy healing is very powerful and can really change your life, it is only complimentary. That means that you will still need to see a doctor if your health problems do require that. But a healing session will assist you to find deeper understanding of your issues as well as it will help you to activate your self-healing abilities.

4. You can’t be healed against your will and I will not heal anyone who doesn’t request it

This is very important to understand, because I frequently get emails and messages from people asking if I could do healing for this or that person. As much as I do understand that we do want to help someone in need, I will not and can’t interfere in someone else karma. People need to be open for healing if not, it goes against the morals and ethics I work with in my practice. I like to quote a statment from Arthur E. Powell from his book ‘The mental body’:

“Care must be taken not to control the patients will in any way. It is entirely wrong in principle for a man to try impose his will on another, even in order to make him do right. True growth is not helped by external coercion; the intelligence must be convinced, the emotions aroused and purified, before gain is made.”

Why not book your distant healing session  now and see how things will change?

My work as medium and healer is always based on the highest- good intentions for my clients. I am very committed to the standard of my work a follow a strict concept of morals and ethics.

Please check out my offers on in person and Distant Healing Sessions here.

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming.

Julie offers a FREE 10min. Consultation Session via Phone or Skype

for those who:

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Moon Report 5. November – 11. November 2018

This weeks Moon Report deals with the last days of Reflection in the Dark Phase of the moon. Before we are entering a powerful New Moon in Scorpio and our energy levels will rise and we are ready for the new.

If you would like more personal information you can get this via a invididual Life Reading. 1. Life Reading I do offer 1-2-1 Life Readings in person, or via skype/FB Messenger/phone/email.

In these individual #psychicreadings I do focus on your personal energy. I will give insights on a situation that does bother you the most and in which you have problems in moving forward. I will point out past cirumstances that have led to the current situation and future potential.

I do not predict the future and it is your personal responsibility and your free will to make necessary changes in your life. I might suggest further #treatments or other things that will help you to change your energy regarding that situation. You have the chance to ask questions at any time. My #psychicreadings are insightful, supportive and will leave you definetly with a positive outlook on your current situation. You might explore a situation from a totally new angle and a far deeper understanding.

2. Learn about the power of Manifestation . There is also the opportunity to book a 1-2-1 Session with me to discover your personal power and understanding with the law of #manifestation. If you would like to learn more about the power of manifestation or how it actually works, why not book a Manifestation Session (45min) with me? I will then assist you in understanding the manifestation powers, your own energy and their right use.

Email to: julie@blossomofthesoul.org

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Moon Report “Diet” 18th June – 24th June 2018

Did you know that the moon does influence our bodies on a very large scale? Have you ever wondered why you are more sensitive to certain substances or food on specific days than on others?

The moon might provide the answer if we look at it from different angles. A moon cycle takes about 28.5 days to orbit fully around the earth. On this journey she also passes through the signs of the zodiac and this has an effect on our bodies. Not only that certain areas are more affected than others but also our diet and how our body absorbs nutritiens is affected by the moon.

There are even certain days on which you can eat more than on others without even putting weight on.  And there are the other days on which you just need to stare at a cake and you already put weight on.

The magnetic influence of the moon does very profoundly affect our body and its function, the body is made of more than 60% of water.

My studies of the universal law and the moons influence have lead me to great insights which can help us to live a more happy and healthy life.

Every week I do provide a Moon Report in which I will speak about areas which can be used to improve our lives if we follow the moons guidance. This week it is all about diets and getting healthy inside and out.

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Watch this video and have a look on how you can change your diet accordingly to the moon.

Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

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Moon Report “Attraction & Manifestation” 11. June – 17. June 2018

The law of Attraction or the power of Manifestation are known to mankind of for many hundreds of years. Often it was regarded as magic and still some people do think that you have to be very spiritual to make use of these powers. As time has moved on and we no longer “hopefully” burn witches on a stake we can also slowly let go of the thought that these laws or powers have anything to do with magic as we know it. Furthermore we slowly can opening up to the idea that there are laws maybe even physical laws out there that do have a certain cause and effect. This is not religious or spiritual talk furthermore we are speaking science.

The power of the moon with is magnetic force and influence on the earth and human as well as the weather and animals are known for thousands of years. We can even say that back in the day the moon was and still is responsible for our survival. It rules the weather, it influences our body, mind and spirit, if we do believe that or not.

By understanding the universal laws, learning about the power of gravity and magnetism we slowly enter into a knowledge that wasn’t accesible to us in this way before.

In my weekly Moon Reports I do try to bring this ancient and same time modern knowledge into the world and sharing my wisdom with everyone who wants to hear it. I am not claiming that I know everything but I confidently say that I have studied the movements of the planets and its influence on the earth and can say: “Yes, it does work. And yes it is powerful”.

In this video, I share my insights for the 1. Quarter of the Moon which starts with a New Moon each month. This month we have a NEW Moon in Gemini on the 13th of June 2018.

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Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

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Moon Report “Healing” 28th May – 3rd June 2018

The moon is a powerful planet that does influence life on earth very strongly. Many people not even aware of its influence and do not know how to access the moons power.

In my Moon Reports I do focus on the weekly influence of the moon while it passes on its cycle through the zodiac. The 3rd Quarter of the cycle is very beneficial in treating any health issues or disease. Considering doing the right things at the right time the weekly Moon Report can assist you to come back into balance but also to gain understanding how this influences your life on a every day level.

I also do have Healing Sessions in person and via distance available in which I do let my knowledge about the planets help me to assist in the process.  A healing Session is 60min and can focus on Releasing Trauma or to Balance your nervous system.

Clients from all over the world do confirm and agree that when it comes to healing, there is no space and time. Distance Healing is as powerful as in person Healing.

In addition to that I do send out a monthly FREE NEW MOON Letter with a lot of interesting stuff. Please make sure you signed up for this and receive your inspirational monthly guidance that will help you back on track.

Here it is the weekly Moon Report, enjoy xxx


Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

If you interested to book a session or gain more information on how I work why not contact me and arrange a

 10min FREE Consultation Session 

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Moonphase in Virgo – Let’s get this right

The moon takes around 27.3 days to circle around the earth, but because earth and moon are spinning together at different speeds around the sun, it actually takes the moon 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 28 seconds to complete one orbit of the earth, from new moon to new moon.


During this cycle the moon passes through each sign of the zodiac, normally the moon stays in one sign for about 2 days sometimes its 3. It is been said that the moon rules our emotions as well as the everyday activities, it influences the weather and brings good and bad fortune to the gardener. By following and knowing about the moon cycles we gain a lot of insights and understanding about ourselves but also access the unlimited potential of the moon.

If we harmonize ourselves with the moon cycle and its passing through the zodiac we are able to gain a lot of information. These information can be used to make plans and to find out when to do what. It can assist us in understanding which daily influence is good for our actions, but also why we might feel the way we feel.

by moonearthsky.org

When the moon passes through Virgo our perfectionism is most definitely highlighted which can be good for some and bad for others. Dependent on how perfectionism is present in your life these days as it can be a challenge to suddenly be aware of all that needs to be fixed or improved. Furthermore we will very much likely focus on things that seem to be not in the right place, our senses for health are very much heightened. There is not much space for emotional understanding and everything will be analysed till the perfect solution is finally found.

by invigoratedsolutions.wordpress.com

This can be of good influence if there are areas in our life that do need improvement or a tidy up, the moon in Virgo will help you with that. On the other side these days can also lead to a lot of criticism and judgements so it is important for us to be gentle with ourselves. The Virgo wants it perfect and neat, tidy and properly done no messing about and no excuses.

Virgo is a very analytical sign and it easily get caught up in over thinking, problems appear bigger than they are and it is not very useful today to tell other people about your opinion. On moon in Virgo days it is definitely better to keep our mouth shut and try to control our thoughts with meditation. If our mind is to be left alone it might end up in over discriminating and exacting things.

by urbanhealthgroup.ca

These days are really not good for anything that includes any pleasure unless it is combined with a health aspect.


During the moon phase in Virgo days we might can feel some stomach issues. Avoiding too much sugar, too spicy and fatty foods is the best thing to do. Fasting can be very beneficial these days in combination of a good rest or a long nap.

by netdoctor.com

Virgo Moon Days are good days to eat any type of root vegetable and anything that comes from the earth. Nettle tea can be very good for cleansing the inner organs. Why not try some fennel tea if you have an upset tummy.

by google.com

A bath in magnesium or sea salt can help you to release toxins from your body. A good day to finally try that mud face mask out or go for a shiatsu massage to unwind the belly.

by castlebaths.com

If you want to be productive on this day that we would recommend that you take some time to clean your house, get rid of the clutter that has been accumulating. Arrange important health appointments which you have been putting off. Go for a walk in nature and connect with the earth can bring your system back into balance.

by ehealth.eletsonline.com

Do what you have to do this could be the right attitude for today. We won’t be able to do it all today and that is totally fine. We don’t always need to be in high performance to achieve a goal, sometimes it is just the slow and the steady pace that let us reach our goals. Get your paperwork in order, read through contracts and find the details you overlooked the other day and get your finances right.

by public domain

Calculating and analyzing is the best way forward. Intellectually and mentally we are really strong today and should use this for our advantages. As long as we are not asked to think and work creatively because that is not what the energy provides for us today.

Everything has its order and its place, we will be very conscious about this these days. A longing for security, control and safety is very present these days and can make us a bit weary. These are not good days for taking risks or to explore the unknown.


If you need to get a realistic valuation done for any of your health issues or even your property, than Virgo days are really good for that.

Stay away from the need to solve any kind of relationship issues. You more than likely end up in more conflict and not having much sympathy for anybody you doesn’t have the same thoughts as you. Rather than pointing out again and again what is wrong with the other person today we been asked to take a step back and watch the drama from a distance.

by caringminds.co.in

Today – take it easy. Make a list with stuff that needs improvement or fixing. Make that phone call with your dentist or doctor. Sign that contract with the gym or make yourself a more healthy routine including nourishing yourself with healthy food and regular exercise and stick to it.

by fitness19.com

Do your duty and what you have to do – the rest of the day spend time in clearing out or plant new seeds for your garden. This is the time to think about new projects and get all the bullet points and plan of action together but not actually starting the new.

Virgo Moon Days 2018

March: 2/3/29/30 June: 19/20 Sept: 9/10 Dec: 1/27/28

April: 25/26/27 July: 16/17 Oct: 6/7/8

May: 23/24 Aug: 13/14 Nov: 3/ 4/ 30

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written by Julie Jurgan

Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

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Why being honest is so important

You know I like honesty and it is really important for me. For a long time I thought that all people do live by these kind of principles as they are common sense. Furthermore there are many world religions or other spiritual teachings that highlight the importance of honesty as a main principle for our every day life and still we fail massively in our practice of honesty.


Buddhism for example includes in its spiritual practices that we should not steal from others and also speak no words that harm. I am not sure if they realised that being honest sometimes can piss people off even if we didn’t intent to do so. Sometimes telling the truth can feel more like a slap into the face rather than receiving a bunch of beautiful flowers.

Being honest is not about pleasing everybody but its also not about hurting anyone by purpose either. It is about the right to be yourself and about bringing clarity into your life. I do believe that being honest is something that I do want to claim for myself.

I have the right to be honest and so have you.


I do offer honesty to my friends and I expect honesty in return. This is how it works for me without all these unspoken words.

I am not scared or afraid if the truth does hurt me because I am able to deal with it. If not, well I will learn to incorporate that into my life as well.

How often do we swallow what we actually want to say to someone?

How often do we hold back just to keep the harmony while there is a war inside of us?

How often has dishonesty lead to more problems than being honest in the first place?

Let’s just keep in mind that there are different ways of being honest and different reasons too.


To tell someone that they might hurt you or you don’t feel like hanging out with someone or spend time with them is not a crime. It is your right to set honest boundaries that work for you. It is your right to say – you hurt me. It is your right to say – I don’t like hanging out with you because…

Honesty doesn’t make you a lot of friends but it will keep you the right ones. Honesty will take you to places of more clarity and understanding of yourself but also of others.

We live in a fake smile society where everything is been left unsaid, wrapped up in something to hide it or we get shouted at. If we would have learnt to express honestly what we feel in the first place it would not have come to the point where we need to shout at each other to get heard.


If we had the balls to be honest and not lose our dignity nor make others lose theirs the world could be a better place. If we straight point out what the matter is and not hold back than the others know what is going on with us. This offers the opportunity to others to apologize if they did something wrong or to make an effort to change things that are not right.

Honesty offers space for improvement.

Instead we expect people to sense what we think or feel. And as an empath you feel a lot, sometimes more than you want to. This might also be part of the problem why I do like honesty so much. Then I don’t need to constantly ask myself what I have done wrong to others because the energy feels strange suddenly. And if you ask they say that everything is okay when it isn’t anyway. You know what, I am tired of that. Its a waste of time.



I feel drained by all this fake smiles and holding back of real feelings. Honesty brings clarity into your life and into the life of others. If you honesty say what the matter is or what you feel at least its out there and not inside of you. Where it slowly penetrates deeper and deeper into your subconsciousness and creates a life of its own. This is how negative shit comes about and eats you up.

You can be honest and kind at the same time. But to be honest requires a lot of training and skills and you will not always win the situation. We need to brave to be honest. Pointing out honestly what is wrong in our lives can be a very painful but eye opening process. To put the finger honestly where the wound is and acknowledging we might don’t know how to put it right. Yeah, that requires a lot of strength and often we not quite sure we have enough of it. Because we so easily pretend that we know how to fix everything or just like overseeing what is going wrong.

Sooner or later the truth will get you anyway. It will chase you like shadow even in the night. It will crawl into your dreams to remind you that something is not quite right. It doesn’t need to be that way, there are few things you can bring into your life and practice to be more honest to yourself and others.

1. Be honest about how you feel without feeling guilty.

Emotions are only temporary and also can be influenced by other people or our surrounding. The moment we are honest about how we feel it most likely will dissappear anyway. That might takes the edge of the drama already anyway.

2. Don’t stay quiet just to keep the harmony.

Nothing is more self-destructive than not speaking up when we really want to. Often we just don’t want to end up in an argument. We totally forget that sometimes releasing that amount of energy is important to break through to the next level – especially in relationships.

3. The truth doesn’t need to be delivered in a nasty way.

You can always be honest and be kind at the same time. It’s not your problem how other people receive your honesty but theirs. People don’t like to be told only to be praised but if you are honest that might not the case. Keep in mind that you want to be honest not mean – get that skill and keep your integrity and others too.

4. Being honest is a rare skill.

Yes being honest is a skill that requires a lot of training and might bring you into ackward moments but that is life. The less you fear to be who you really are and that includes living honestly the stronger you will get within yourself.

5. Honesty will open and close doors.

Stop living in the illusion that honesty gets you everywhere. It will take you to new places for sure, it will lead to different places and some of them you didn’t mean to end up. Be honest anyway. In long long term honesty will attract the right people and opportunities into your life.

6. Honesty brings clarity!

Yes it is true, if you honest about how you feel, what you want or what you think it will improve your life. Slowly but steady honesty will clarify what is important to you.


7. Explore when to speak up and when to keep quiet.

There is a fine line of being honest and keeping quiet and you will learn when to use what. Sometimes even if we are honest with others nothing will change, this is a good indication that we need to check with ourselves. It might be time to walk away from a situation or person that doesn’t listen, care or make the effort to change. At least then be honest to yourself.

8. Honesty destroys illusions.

Yes, that’s is what is going to happen. No more denial, no more pretending, just straight to the point. And finally we so easily can take it from there.

9. Be honest – make life of an empath better.

You know how many people really can sense when someone is lying? And how many empaths even do keep that to themselves and don’t point it out? Instead they suffer silently because they don’t even want to create more pain.

10. Being honest will release unnecessary cause of suffering in your life.

By being honest with others but also with yourself you erase a lot of worries and negative feelings from your life. Because you no longer pretend to be someone you are not. How freeing is that?


But most important maybe is that we also offer others the space to be honest. So others don’t feel intimidated by us but also grab the chance to be honest with us. Learning to calmly receive what others have to say without putting up our walls is another skill that we will need to learn in our honesty practice.

Let’s just keep it simple – and real, so the rest can fall into place.

So much love!!!!

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming.

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