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Moon Report May 2019

The Moon Report for the month of May 2019. A lot of things happening in the heavens even more important that we stay grounded and focus what lies directly in front of us.

The new Moon will appear on 5th of May in the sign of Taurus and align our deepest self with the power of this very special sign.
We will feel a shift and it is up to us to make the bes to of it.

Topics aroud money, abundance, body image, gratitude, pleasure and also its restrictions will be much what will concern our inner and outer space the next 28.5 days.

Important to know is also that Jupiter has gone Retrograde in Sagittarius and will stay there till August 11th. A time for soul searching rather than active expansion…to make the best of this month I tried to put the most important influences together for you in this video.

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Moonphase in Virgo – Let’s get this right

The moon takes around 27.3 days to circle around the earth, but because earth and moon are spinning together at different speeds around the sun, it actually takes the moon 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 28 seconds to complete one orbit of the earth, from new moon to new moon.


During this cycle the moon passes through each sign of the zodiac, normally the moon stays in one sign for about 2 days sometimes its 3. It is been said that the moon rules our emotions as well as the everyday activities, it influences the weather and brings good and bad fortune to the gardener. By following and knowing about the moon cycles we gain a lot of insights and understanding about ourselves but also access the unlimited potential of the moon.

If we harmonize ourselves with the moon cycle and its passing through the zodiac we are able to gain a lot of information. These information can be used to make plans and to find out when to do what. It can assist us in understanding which daily influence is good for our actions, but also why we might feel the way we feel.

by moonearthsky.org

When the moon passes through Virgo our perfectionism is most definitely highlighted which can be good for some and bad for others. Dependent on how perfectionism is present in your life these days as it can be a challenge to suddenly be aware of all that needs to be fixed or improved. Furthermore we will very much likely focus on things that seem to be not in the right place, our senses for health are very much heightened. There is not much space for emotional understanding and everything will be analysed till the perfect solution is finally found.

by invigoratedsolutions.wordpress.com

This can be of good influence if there are areas in our life that do need improvement or a tidy up, the moon in Virgo will help you with that. On the other side these days can also lead to a lot of criticism and judgements so it is important for us to be gentle with ourselves. The Virgo wants it perfect and neat, tidy and properly done no messing about and no excuses.

Virgo is a very analytical sign and it easily get caught up in over thinking, problems appear bigger than they are and it is not very useful today to tell other people about your opinion. On moon in Virgo days it is definitely better to keep our mouth shut and try to control our thoughts with meditation. If our mind is to be left alone it might end up in over discriminating and exacting things.

by urbanhealthgroup.ca

These days are really not good for anything that includes any pleasure unless it is combined with a health aspect.


During the moon phase in Virgo days we might can feel some stomach issues. Avoiding too much sugar, too spicy and fatty foods is the best thing to do. Fasting can be very beneficial these days in combination of a good rest or a long nap.

by netdoctor.com

Virgo Moon Days are good days to eat any type of root vegetable and anything that comes from the earth. Nettle tea can be very good for cleansing the inner organs. Why not try some fennel tea if you have an upset tummy.

by google.com

A bath in magnesium or sea salt can help you to release toxins from your body. A good day to finally try that mud face mask out or go for a shiatsu massage to unwind the belly.

by castlebaths.com

If you want to be productive on this day that we would recommend that you take some time to clean your house, get rid of the clutter that has been accumulating. Arrange important health appointments which you have been putting off. Go for a walk in nature and connect with the earth can bring your system back into balance.

by ehealth.eletsonline.com

Do what you have to do this could be the right attitude for today. We won’t be able to do it all today and that is totally fine. We don’t always need to be in high performance to achieve a goal, sometimes it is just the slow and the steady pace that let us reach our goals. Get your paperwork in order, read through contracts and find the details you overlooked the other day and get your finances right.

by public domain

Calculating and analyzing is the best way forward. Intellectually and mentally we are really strong today and should use this for our advantages. As long as we are not asked to think and work creatively because that is not what the energy provides for us today.

Everything has its order and its place, we will be very conscious about this these days. A longing for security, control and safety is very present these days and can make us a bit weary. These are not good days for taking risks or to explore the unknown.


If you need to get a realistic valuation done for any of your health issues or even your property, than Virgo days are really good for that.

Stay away from the need to solve any kind of relationship issues. You more than likely end up in more conflict and not having much sympathy for anybody you doesn’t have the same thoughts as you. Rather than pointing out again and again what is wrong with the other person today we been asked to take a step back and watch the drama from a distance.

by caringminds.co.in

Today – take it easy. Make a list with stuff that needs improvement or fixing. Make that phone call with your dentist or doctor. Sign that contract with the gym or make yourself a more healthy routine including nourishing yourself with healthy food and regular exercise and stick to it.

by fitness19.com

Do your duty and what you have to do – the rest of the day spend time in clearing out or plant new seeds for your garden. This is the time to think about new projects and get all the bullet points and plan of action together but not actually starting the new.

Virgo Moon Days 2018

March: 2/3/29/30 June: 19/20 Sept: 9/10 Dec: 1/27/28

April: 25/26/27 July: 16/17 Oct: 6/7/8

May: 23/24 Aug: 13/14 Nov: 3/ 4/ 30

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