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Moon Report 12. November – 18. November 2018

This weeks Moon Report has its main focus on diet and healthy eating. Let us not forget how important the right nutrition are for our body but also overall well-being. To eat the right thing at the right time can help the body to absorb what is given more easily. In addition to that we get an overview on what type of exercise is the best for us these days and find a balance between resting and moving around.

This weeks Moon Report we will have our emphasis on #healthyeating. The Moons energetic qualities very much has an influence on our body and how our body absorbs certain nutrition.

So it can happen than on certain days we have less problems digesting certain foods while on others we might seem have some issues. This insights can not only help in choosing the right diet for us but also to find food that is nourishing for body, mind and soul.

If we eat the right thing at the right time, we allow our body to come into its best form. If we coming around a #FullMoon we can also practice some fasting to boost our immune system and give our bodies the chance to detox.

At the moment I am working on the #MoonCalendar for 2019 in which I will give nutritional advice based on the moons phases and the zodiac. I will help you to get you back into a natural and healthy rhythm of eating as well as deliver good insights on when to do what.
Every day is different and the body has different needs, it is up to us to start listen to what it has to say.

If you would like to pre-order my healthy moon calendar, in printable version, you can show your interest by sending me an email to julie@blossomofthesoul.org