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Moon in Taurus – Time to enjoy the good things in life

Living by the Moon Series Part 2:

“The only thing constant in life is change” and the moon makes another turn and changes from Aries into the Sign of Taurus.

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If we do believe it or not the Moon cycles do influence our everyday lives more than we even aware of it. The moon not only rules our innermost emotions it also influences part of our physical bodies, the growth of plants, trees, herbs, the change of weather and the movement of the oceans . For a very long time ancient tribes did well know about the moon’s influence and its very own seasons. People back in those days realized the close relationship between the moon and an abundant harvest, so they came to the conclusion that there is the right time for everything. Not everyday is a good day to complete projects, have important conversations, lay back and relax or start something new. The moon cycles in the Zodiacs do offer us ancient wisdom so that we can align ourselves with the endless cycles of life and redirect the life force within us.

This ancient knowledge is based on the full lunar cycle which is 29.5 days long and the effect when the moon is accompanied or running through one of the 12 zodiac signs. These power impulses do have different energetic qualities and were far of greater importance for the daily living than the position of the sun.

But furthermore the Moon reminds us that we are part of a bigger picture and it comes down to us to step into the knowledge of the universe and its movements.

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Today we are entering into the Moon in Taurus and we might feel it already or we will feel that our actions and thoughts will slow down tremendously. Different than the last few days when we dwelled in the energy of Aries and we impatiently wanted to start something new or break free from everything that holds us back.

Moon in Taurus invites us to reflect realistically and honestly. No rush, no stress lets take one step at a time. During these days our main focus will enhance our feelings for comfort, security and stability. We might find ourselves to prefer laying on the sofa and watching a movie even if we have seen it hundred times before. We just like the idea to know what is going to happen rather than stumble over surprises.

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During the days when Moon passes through Taurus we might feel the desire to let ourselves go and indulge in the good life. Everything that is good in life is mostly welcome to enter through the main entrance. Good food, good drinks, good company but also any sensual pleasure we do very welcome in our lives.

Taurus is an Earth Sign and the Moon in this sign will influence everything that is grown directly in the earth. We benefit from nourishing food that has an earthly quality as such. Its a good time to ground body, mind and spirit with a conscious walk in nature where we embrace everything that comes out of the ground. Working with earth or some tasks in the garden can also  help in grounding the self and are very beneficial.

Why not take some time off, withdraw from the world and just soak into a Hot Bath. Best would be if you then put some Magnesium Flakes or Dead Sea Salt Minerals right into it. Don’t forget that also your smell is heightened during these days, make the most of it and surround yourself with quality incense, aromatherapy oils or light some aromatic candles.

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Make sure they are organic and free of toxins and artificial perfumes. Taurus wants the best of the best and this is something to consider these days. Everything that boosts your physical senses in a comfortable way will bring you right into heaven on earth.

It is definitely not a good day to start anything new but to hold on. We might even feel that want to give our close loved ones some extra care. A nice dinner, a massage or even just some more cuddle along the way.

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We should stay away from any public speaking or public presentation on these days if we are not really trained to do so. The Taurus in Moon loves its comfort and anything that makes us nervous should be avoided today. During those days we are very sensitive towards any kind of criticism and as much as we don’t like it – lets keep in mind that other people do feel the same too.

When the moon goes into Taurus it will affect our throat, neck, teeth, thyroid, ears and our Voice because these body parts are related to Taurus. Any treatments in these areas are very beneficial if they are nature based. That means herbal teas, herbal remedies or holistic therapies. We might also feel that we have heightened sensitivity in these areas and should stay away from a visit at the dentist, singing or public speaking, cold winds and damp weather. If we have the idea of driving a cabriolet during the colder days with Moon in Taurus we should watch not to suffer from a stiff neck afterwards.

Massages around the Neck are most welcoming also treatments with St. Johns Worth for infected ears are going to be very successful.

If there is anything that should be done today than it should be things that are familiar or take some determination because this is what the moon influence offers these days. We might need more than one attempt to get off the couch and get going but once we are in the mood it should be done quickly. That is only so we have more time to treat ourselves with all the sweet promises we made before we even started.

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The Taurus loves company but more that of close friends and family therefore it is not a good day to meet strangers or make new friends. Furthermore if we feel like company we should think about a dinner party at home or other ways how we can pamper our loved ones.


Moon in Taurus days are perfect to treat ourselves with pleasures of the material or the physical but let us not forget to keep the balance. A too much of “comfort” food is more than likely during those days and we should be aware of that.

During those days our thoughts around our physical bodies as well as material matters are heightened too. Thoughts like…

– Oh this is not perfect!

– I am too fat!

– Look at me…is that really me in the mirror?

– I don’t have any money.

– I need want more of this and that….

– No one loves me because of my “imperfect body”…

– I wish I would own this or that….

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These physical and material wounds are more than likely to pop up during the Moon in Taurus days and also here…it means –




Moon in Taurus Days in 2018:
February: 21/22/23                    July: 8,9                                      Dec: 19, 20

March: 21/22                         Aug: 4,5,6

April: 17,18                           Sept: 1,2

May: 14, 15                            Oct: 25,26

June: 11,12,                              Nov: 21,22,23

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