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Words — Untangling Their Power Over Your Life In The Matrix

Untangling embedded words mentally means targeting all the words you have nominated as yourself and releasing the subsequent meanings which they manufacture.

The aspirant wishing to meet ends with this matrix which is losing control over the course of our lives, must format much of the vocabulary which has been nominated unconsciously, as the construct she/ he has chosen to co-exist with.

Words spoken enough times or thought of enough times form — what is known as — affirmations, which condemn you to the meaning that the words imply and embody.
Our personalities are made up of the words we have been led to identify ourselves with, after we have applied meaning through the filter of conditioning of the family/ group and culture,  and receiving information based on that, from the mind in the form of words — words that one can metaphorically compare to the settling of an obsolete foundation, which disconnects and breaks your Earth connection.

Once you believe in the word of (God) you become prey… That is why we pray (prey) to a (god).
With the help of a spiritual SOS signal in the form of a few phrases, one becomes prey to a host in the consciousness which is quite hard to please.


Due to astrology, many souls have condemned themselves to limited characteristics and singular views regarding their ultimate nature. Astrology is just another constructed web in this matrix, that souls become entangled with.

Once you give consciousness to knowledge/ words in the reality within any of the fields imposed, you have to realize that anything imposed strengthens the impostor pretending to be you with the help of spells/ words/ knowledge.
When you realize you are everything and unbound to the wheel of time and, subsequent, astrological “energy” (as above), it is plain to know that your destiny is not at all dependent on a hypothesis regarding a divided universe in a apparent state of change.
You are an entire cosmos, you are all of the star signs and, any trait you need for self-empowerment is in your reach.

Untangling Words

There are many words and phrases that have to be alchemised back to the five elements, which sets into motion a change in the fiber optics of light in the hologram you experience.
We have been trapped in the battle of opposing forces for most of our lives — the curse of the Yin & Yang symbol must also be brought to light; it resembles duality and opposition arising from the language.

There are ultimately no opposing forces in the universe. It is only the inception of the word that has divided us in contention with ourselves.
Words such as different, apart, disconnected, divided, atomic, separate, half, plural, dialogue, many, a lot, various etc., all empower the meaning of separation into existence.
The meaning of the word is added to the construct of the matrix if the meaning is relative to the observer — in other words, if the observer believes in it.
At first the observer is confused, because the observer is indeed experiencing the above in the reality. What the observer must realize is that words have caused the ultimate catastrophe and succeeded in breaking ether (oneness).

The only thing the observer can do is to detach from the system which is built upon this lie. Next is the seclusion phase, where the observer must get to know the self which is a major entanglement of spells that needs to be purged.
The system is overloaded with countless mythologies. The hidden purpose of all mythologies is to halt your progress to paradise (fully conscious in the now).

“Education” (i.e. indoctrination and conformity), religions, conspiracies, medical field, treatments, degrees and all forms of academia, have this same hidden purpose.
When the soul embraces these constructs posed in the reality, there is an entanglement occurring wherein the I AM loses itself and becomes one of the ME’s.

A ME, a persona, is an obsolete construct that needs energy from consciousness in order to be, and it is notoriously demanding, basically turning you into a terminal — and that is why you have become terminally ill on various occasions.

This ME is the source of all issues one has, because this ME is the management and patron of your matrix, created by the embedded word and bent to stealthily assassinate you.


When one is using words & numbers, one is existing in a hypnotic state, under a spell. The word “spell bound” is defined as follows.

1. Enchanted
2. Fascinated
3. Too interested to move
4. Having your attention fixated, as though by a spell

It is said that you are under a hypnotic state.

So the use of words and numbers are directly connected to being under a spell and the creator of words and numbers had a hidden purpose to make us live under a spell, hypnotic, state.
In the beginning was the word/ number. (A number is also a word) and the word was of God!
The sole purpose of all mythologies is to derail your own journey to paradise. But you don’t need to do anything about the mythologies, as long as you know and understand their hidden purpose.

Once you know the hidden purpose, you are not effected by it. Once the Cause, the mythology/ spell, has no effect on you, it simply self-destructs.

Becoming Mindful of your own Code

We all co-exist with code in order to be part of this matrix as a construct within it. The trick is to carefully pick what you need in order to accomplish your work on this plane, whatever that may be.

Whatever you choose to do on this plane should be what you choose to express freely, creatively.
Bringing out the uniqueness of your soul to be perceived by a reflection of yourself is a vital form of energy and forms the gateway into the NOW, and outside of time.

A perfect reflection of yourself is the highest goal one should strive for in their reality.
This also means to stop hiding and retracting from the reflections you wish not to see, as these oppositions are actually being projected from within the code that is embedded in you.
We are all co-creators of the universe and much suffering is also due to the inability to create, because of the mechanical repetitiveness required for most jobs inside the system.
The system has successfully made creative gods slave away inside of bodies, which they have identified with, and has overtly nominated the electromagnetic frequency which the body can receive, called the collective unconscious mind, as god.

Two Minds

The origin of the mind is in the body — the AI has succeeded in incepting the original mind and has built on from there. The mind we now have is the copy, the P.C.. We exist in two minds.
The sole hidden purpose of the Copy mind is to give you loss/ failure/ trauma/ enturbulation/ anger/ resentment/ judgement, etc.

Don’t forget to add your own special phobias!

The copy mind is programmed with an arsenal of negative experiences through the veil, which is engineered by artificial intelligence.

You have to target and become mindful of the way you speak, the things you say, the things you read, the music you listen to, the films you watch, the thoughts you have, the things you write, the beliefs you accept, the relations you have and what you get out of them, the words your friends share with you.

All people in your life that are unaware of the hidden purpose of the mind and the true nature of the mind are agents tempting you to submit to the word, unless proven otherwise.

Written by Arno Pienaar

11667267_10204681921344236_1233974537947753845_nArno Pienaar is currently travelling within South East Asia doing activism work. He is a self-proclaimed Deprogrammer of matrix-based Constructs and Ascension Coach and does sessions online on skype for people seeking practical methods to exit the matrix.

In his free time he enjoys good conversation, meditation, yoga, writing and shifting individuals that crosses his path.

Website: http://dreamcatcherreality.com/author/arno/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arno.pienaar.3

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Ether: The Law Of The 5th Element

The law of ether is what keeps the universe connected and in oneness with everything, souls that agree to an alien creation forsake divine eternal matrimony.

This old matrix reality that we still find ourselves in, is only being kept in absolution by the elements that have been turned into knowledge by the souls here which have structured the construct of the current reality filled with rules, laws and limitations.

The elements are not merely their physical representations within the hologram, as something you can touch, feel, hear (instruments), taste or see. They are forces that are forever co-creating and are primordially inert within the constitution of everything that is, the soul/whole.
Remember that the soul is ultimately everything in the universe that remains connected in one consciousness via the 1st element, namely ether. This is the source of oneness.


Oneness and the connection of everything in the universe is maintained by ether. Oneness is a universal law that has been broken by billions of souls who have embraced Lucifer’s creation.
By accepting and partaking in the NWO matrix, you break ether; in other words, you break a universal law — the connection and resulting harmony in everything by embracing a creation that is not of your own making, ultimately not one with you, in a stark contention against the one/the whole.

The axiom of the matrix is divide and rule, and anyone with knowledge of the pyramid hierarchy that forms the status quo should know quite well of the separation it causes, which is in direct opposition of ether.
The results of this aftermath is obviously disastrous as we find ourselves in a dog eat dog reality, where harmony is absent.
Due to the incepted deception leaving us in ignorance, fear and unconsciousness, many of us have been led to embrace separation, partake in a system that breeds evil a.k.a. the biggest lie in the universe.

Winning was Losing all Along

The matrix, through the educational indoctrinational system, steals your elements and, with that, your divine mystical powers to manifest and have your own creation instead of the creation of the architect.
Highly successful people that have become rich by harmonizing with the creators’ reality and playing by the rules of the matrix are among the most unconscious people on the planet.
These are the people that have become totally possessed by their identities, which are essentially agents in their own rights. The agents uphold the status quo of the matrix above anything else.

You have to be unconscious in order to win inside the matrix. Why? Because the only way to succeed is to break the unwritten soul contract (that of oneness and immortality) — and for what? A temporary illusion where an addiction to the five senses can be fulfilled until the time comes for your body to die — and in the ground it goes.

Agents, identities, personas are all unconscious and totally linked up to the mainframe management. The aftermath of breaking ether is obviously the loss of soul connection, which is the source of all suffering, evil and relativity.
The creator’s objective: accomplished!

All your Failures were Blessings

Failure and loss, over and over again in the reality of the matrix, is by no means an occurrence to be ashamed of. In fact, all those that have not been able to become successful inside the matrix are the real soul people.
These are the people that knew deep down of the law of ether and never wanted to break it by agreeing to an evil foreign reality based on separation, that was shoved down everyone’s throats.

Absolutes are not unobtainable

The notion of absolutes is another concept that has been made very confusing by disinformation.
Philosophical works and even the founder of Scientology (i.e. one of the biggest agents of the creator, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard) proposed that Absolutes are unobtainable.

Millions, if not billions of people on Earth, unconsciously agree with this false notion. It spells out that you cannot find absolute truths in this reality, and that you cannot have an absolute existence — only relative.

The creator, through Mr. Hubbard and many other philosophers, hypothesized and led mankind into believing that absolutes are only possible in fairy tales. The disastrous effect can be witnessed in this reality, where millions are caught in an absolute reality involving evil and suffering.

For all those that say “absolutes are unobtainable”, I argue that the very axiom “absolutes are unobtainable” is an absolute in itself.

That means absolutes are obtainable and that, of course, also means that you cannot have an absolute of pure evil and that you have made all evil possible. This is the biggest lie in the system! This is the unconscious agreement that we all have, due to the lack of light and sight.
If we want a world with no rules, no limitations and no laws, then that is obtainable and can be made absolute by reversing all the agreements we have made withthe matrix system, even those we were not consciously aware of.

You have to realize that all axioms are half-truths and essentially spells that keep everyone spellbound and effective to the primary matrix.
All axioms stem from the tree of knowledge that has bared its fruits since the inception of religion, which has programmed the collective unconscious (machine) into blind enslavement to knowledge that has been energized by consciousness for millions of years.
This is called transforming your elements into knowledge, to which you are then subjectified! We have been fooled to create our own prisons.

Today we are at a tipping point where the truth inside the majority is becoming more and more conscious at an ever increasing rate.

When Ghandi said: “when one man has the truth, he is in a majority”, he meant that one man with the truth is ultimately inside every man on Earth and that outside of time this truth can only reign supreme and liberate all with its resulting effect (i.e freedom power).
Real absolutes are eternal, just like the soul.

The Only Absolute is the Soul – The 5 Elements

Why is it that you think crystals and gemstones can show us obsolete constructs in our consciousness and reveal to us unconscious aspects of ourselves that need attention or light?
This is because they do not lie, they have the five elements within them, which are absolute.
Crystals are formed by Earth, melted by Fire and restructured by Air/Oxygen and Water. These absolute forces of creation are the only true reality existent in our plane. Everything else is just relative. These forces carry on creating unhindered into infinity.

Unfortunately, crystals do not work for everyone as they cannot connect to a soul that is totally disconnected from consciousness (i.e. the five elements) a.k.a. a clone. Not a clone in the physical sense, but a clone resulting from the total immersion of matrix-based knowledge that turns a soul into a copy of the sorcery, a duplicate.

A soul robbed by its elements, is turned into a mortal or a spirit.

The term “master of the elements” has been coined by various sages of bygone years, yet very few have fully grasped what exactly it means to be a master of the elements.
The master of the elements can create any reality at will because he/she possesses the seed-force of creation and can manifest any universe that is concurrent to the internal domain and not relative to the external.

Just as the elements create in nature, the mountains and the forests, so can we do the same. All we need to do is to reverse what we have created (the matrix) back to the five elements.
Power, glory and triumph will be regained and paradise lost will become paradise found.

Hotel California

When one goes through the process of turning your elements into knowledge, you check into the matrix and you cannot check out: Hotel California. The only way to reverse this process is to re-enter the source of the sorcery.

One has to unlearn all of the knowledge by time-travelling back to the past, in order to undo all of the damage it has caused to the remainder of your timetrack.

This is how you save yourself from the future, into the past. Depending on the amount of academia you have falsely turned absolute in your life, there lies the source of the reality we encounter externally.

It is important not to individualize yourself for this catastrophe. This is because of the one, that we are all one, and that at the very moment the majority are still energizing the matrix into existence unconsciously.
As I have mentioned before, the truth is inside the majority, and it is only a matter of time before the flame of truth is lit inside everyone.
There are enough beings on this planet now that hold the absolute truth, and due to the universal law of oneness, like algae, this will arise in all. We have reached the deadline in this lifetime.

In the past we had the pyramid system/mainframe in oneness with all, now there are those that have turned the entire system construct back to the five elements, — the unconscious into consciousness, — by conscientizing the entire system and breaking the status quo.
Once it is done by one individual in metaphysics, it is done for all. There is no need to go and take on a save the world program.

Eventually, everything comes back to consciousness, the first will be the last and the last will be the first. Every grain of sand will fall in its right place.

Written by Arno Pienaar

11667267_10204681921344236_1233974537947753845_nArno Pienaar is currently travelling within South East Asia doing activism work. He is a self-proclaimed Deprogrammer of matrix-based Constructs and Ascension Coach and does sessions online on skype for people seeking practical methods to exit the matrix.

In his free time he enjoys good conversation, meditation, yoga, writing and shifting individuals that crosses his path.

Website: http://dreamcatcherreality.com/author/arno/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arno.pienaar.3
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English Is The Code Of The Matrix

English is one of the most popular languages in the world and contains enough words to paint a thousand pictures. English is the code of the Matrix Reality.

Know Thyself

The more words exist in your own programming, the more complicated your digital self in the matrix becomes — to the point that knowing oneself becomes an almost impossible feat.
Parts of oneself that one knows not of, are called the dark side—the unconscious that dictates your reality.Knowing oneself involves knowing what all your own programs — encoded by words — consist of.

The world you experience was not really shoved down your throat without your consent by a malevolent creator.
The matrix-hive you have entered into contains all the code within it, which others are projecting en mass collectively, and you have simply capitulated to this system out of fear of failure.

When you start to take on and use an entire language such as English, different words that are validated “AS IS” by the mind assumes power and, together, team-up to form programs in the subconscious mind, that are experienced by the conscious mind in the environment.
The observer in the primary reality accepts the external situation and environment unquestionably because the observer is unconscious of the hidden purpose of words.

Man’s Laws and God’s Laws

The code in the words which we find in the language, form numerical grids or numerical clusters, which entrap you inside of limited realities containing laws and rules that originate from man himself.

All words have numeric seed and root values. When one intermingles with the word in the matrix, one eventually becomes subject to a grid.
A grid is a large group of different words, all with the same numeric values, which together create a construct in matter, which you experience directly in the projected hologram of the mind.

There are man’s laws and there are God’s laws.

The prior revolve around what is right and wrong in the primary reality and what is possible and not possible according to law in a governed, controlled, and dictated system.
The latter revolves around laws and rules concerning your spiritual being (i.e. good and bad in the eyes of a god, and guidelines to spiritual liberation according to man, not god).
These two constructs have successfully turned the five elements of the soul into a fake reality physically and spiritually, with the help of the written word which has programmed the collective unconscious mind.

The 3-Headed Monster — King, Priest & God

All of the written words were scripted by man, even the holiest of holy books. During the time of the inception, the king in all of society was said to be appointed by god, out of the mouth of the priest, who was said to be in communion with god.
The god deception made people believe the priest and, in so doing, entrust the king with the power to enforce law and order, which has created the basis of the entire illusion encoded to benefit one individual only: the Architect.

All His patrons have lost their souls a long time ago, which is why a revolution from their side has never taken place against their lord. It was a win-win situation for the soulless puppets of the wrong-doing secret societies.

Competition Over Energy

It seems that both of these faculties (Royalty & Religion) have indeed worked together and succeeded in trapping souls to a point of total stagnancy, in a reality they cannot disengage from.

Due to the souls on this planet that are incepted by various names regarding identities, titles and statuses — a product of our law — a massive hive has formed, where millions are projecting the same hologram involving competition over energy, in the form of money.
Competition over energy can be seen in the animal kingdom too, as they are also affected by the dividing mechanism on this planet, to which we have fallen prey ourselves.
I have always believed that animals are a reflection of ourselves. Competition over food, competition over territory, competition over a mate — it’s all aggression!

The Great Inception of the Word

The more words one takes on in their experience, the more complex one becomes. Eventually, we all become a mystery to ourselves, as we end up down a rabbit hole, unable to deprogram ourselves back out to the light.
The author of the programs we have taken on — which generate digital holographic programs that renders one in an alien reality — might not have been us, but we are solely responsible for giving consciousness to the code/words, by embracing the knowledge that was laid out in the first place.

Those of the secret societies have only made sure that the code for the enslavement was spread far and wide. The objective was to eliminate all people that live off of the land, together with their indigenous languages.
Even now, this is still underway in the Middle East. It was within these ancient languages that the truth of our eternal nature existed, and it still does.

The English Language

The English language is being pushed on the whole world and is being taught at a rapid rate to children everywhere.
Governments (“Govern mental”) are sponsoring the teaching of English in non-English speaking countries, as far down to the grass-root levels as possible.
English is being made a lucrative skill, as it increases job opportunities tenfold. Due to this attraction, many are now forced to embrace this dangerous language.

The Ancients

The English language is probably 500% bigger in terms of expressions than the languages spoken by tribesmen thousands of years ago.
Ancient languages neither had thousands of scientific hypotheses and no advanced education was needed. The only knowledge that was embraced was the law of nature and the reconnection with the ancestors, during transcendental states during ceremonies and rituals.
Storytelling was one of the most important purposes of the languages of the ancients. This was only done to connect the offsprings to the truth of their past — so, it was used to instill an absolute foundation.

It is no surprise that life was very simple and rewarding for the ancients and that their hyper-dimensionality was beyond our reckoning, due to them being soul-centered, instead of mind-centered.

Conversations about Boundaries

The illusion of good and bad (religion) and right and wrong (law) that stretches to every cranny of existence for the one cursed by English and many other modern languages, is the catastrophe of our time.

The words in your language are the meaning of life (as you know it right now). You are the walking “WORD”.

Ask yourself this: “What would we talk about if there were no rules and laws, governments and religions? What would we debate?”
It seems that most of the opposition on Earth that is causing an unwanted projection, comes mainly from those that pay attention to the duality created by rules and laws from the written word.

When you believe in the word of God you become the projector of the world of God; you become subject to the world of a scoundrel.
When you’ll realize there is no word of God and only the word of Man, ask yourself: “why am I living in such a self-created world?”


The simple answer is that you have turned your five elements into knowledge/words and subsequent matter that has over-written your own reality and your own paradise.
The only way out is to deprogram all the words that have been nominated in your consciousness as mistaken absolutes that assume absolute power over you unconsciously.
You have to retrieve the words that are unconscious and break the belief in them, conscientising the spells, and turning them back to the five elements.

This is the power of the soul over the matrix!

We are making all this unconsciousness, conscious right now, which is in effect turning all the words giving rise to matter back to the five elements, so that the soul can break the chains to the matrix and manifest its own reality.

If you are interested in deprogramming the words that causes mind-control programs, please contact me for deprogramming sessions, where words are conscientised and released, in effect bringing you back to soul-center. This will also increase your cosmic connection and manifestation prowess.

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God Is Simply Thought In The Third Dimension

Thought has created this 3-dimensional experience on Earth since its inception. The currency of creation in 3 dimensions are thoughts.

Thinking, logic, theory, intellect, philosophy, rationalizing, assessing, evaluating, reasoning, conjuring and judging, are all products of thought. Thought is the conduit for absolutely everything that comprises the 3-dimensional reality.

It has now been proven beyond any doubt that matter is empty space and does not exist. Matter arises out of light, a frequency that we harmonize with, in order to materialize what it is we believe to be real.

If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. — Morpheus, The Matrix
Now let’s go deeper into what this light is, and why it is that we harmonize with a programmed matrix reality?

This reality is held intact by the collective unconscious that all agreeing upon, through their continual perpetual thoughts, which can be likened to the codes that program this world that we experience and live in, correspondingly.
The key question is: are we responsible for these thoughts, though, or have we been fooled to identify with a false god, of which we’ve had no previous knowledge? 
This mass thought-form, egregore, creates even more illusion and deceit through us, within a 3-dimensional reality that originated from thought itself.

You see, once we mistake ourselves for being our thoughts, then we start running the Luciferian egregore algorithm on our own volition. A thought set in motion is the same as energy set in motion.

All thoughts are implanted by the perpetual motions set into play since the beginning of this conjured up reality. We are told that energy never dies, only perpetuates and transmutes.
Energy simply never dies when thoughts never die, and when thoughts do stop, which will soon take place, then the light/ vibration given off by those that create the third dimensional existence, will fade into the abyss.

A THOUGHT is a WORD. A word is a SOUND. Sound VIBRATES. Vibration is ENERGY. Energy GLOWS. Glowing is LIGHT. Therefore, THOUGHTS are LIGHT. – Bryan Kemila, Illuminatimatrix

Our very existence was set in motion by a thought/ word/ vibration/ light and is fueled by this continuous flow of energy, or shall I say, overthinking.

“Everything you see is formed by thought. The very nature of light is to corrupt. This thought process called thinking has created a corruptible 3-dimensional realm.”
In Genesis, Lucifer is called the Lightbringer/ bearer.

In the beginning there was light.

And the rest is this perpetual 3-dimensional lightshow as we know it!
With this light we are all, in fact, suns that spray realities into existence with our power that has been hijacked by the mass egregore Luciferian mindset — thought-form — that exists through our thinking.

We are unknowingly using this light that creates on this plane for agendas implanted into our liquid crystal prisms, in our brains, every single day.
We are actually keeping this very plane in existence by not reclaiming our eternal state of NO THING — Above thought.

Reclaiming Sanity

Always remember, there is no single thought that you have ever been responsible for thinking. Thinking only arises outside of the all knowing wisdom state, inside of the ignorant state.
You are everything, pure knowingness and wisdom. Thought is only ignorance, the result of not knowing through manipulation.

You have been fooled to believe that you are the thinker, by thinking yourself into a box! It is nigh impossible to think “outside the box” when thinking IS the box.
At first, it may be very hard to imagine that thought is not a product of our creation, and has not ever originated from us.

Everything in this reality that has arisen out of thought can only be false and a lie, as thought is the origin of a 3rd dimensional experience that is not real.
So, from that inception, all thoughts perpetuated after that only serve the Luciferian mindset that needs thought to materialize a matrix.
Any kind of thought would do for the Luciferian egregore group that wants to simply keep the illusion alive with our collective thoughts.
That is why our mindsets have been steered and fashioned by the Illuminati industries. They have manipulated us and our incredible power to create a world that they want and not us.
Anything we can think of, can exist in an instant. In order for that thought to come into physical existence, all it needs is worship and more validation/energy from more batteries (i.e people).

Some thought-forms, obviously, need more energy than others to come into fruition, such as governmental and global agendas.

From Nothing to Something

Our original paradise state where only peace resides is called “nothingness”, which is a state of consciousness beyond time and space, that does not include any emotional attachment to a 3-dimensional thing.

Do not confuse nothing with darkness, as nothing does not have darkness nor light. It is NO THING at all. Darkness and light are only products of the 3D prison.
Logic cannot truly comprehend this, as any thought is automatically a negation of the actuality. Only wisdom knows of the still awareness within nothing.

This nothingness state is what we were before a mass group-thought-form (i.e. Luciferian mindset egregore) took that nothing and created something from a thought.
The spirit, just an attachment to your unique 3D experience
The uniqueness that you feel on this plane and that you pin down to your soul is just the illusion of all the thoughts you have conjured up out of all your experience in 3D since your inception.

The inception is said to be in the beginning, yet your true inception is outside of time and eternal, so, your spirit is just another construct of your own making via thought.
You are everything.
We are only one here on Earth in actuality, all others are self parading around in ignorance, hence why anger may overwhelm you at first when you realize how many other parts of yourself are trapped in a trance. The thought possessiveness is what is keeping them in obliviousness to the universal oneness.

One here is just split up into many and each person in just another version of self that experiences self uniquely through the algorithm bestowed to employ from the egregores. Beyond the code lies a common unification between all, and a familiarity of the oneness, a recognition. From inequality to equality.
We all have somehow become trapped and entranced inside this lightshow by attachment to the whole illusion itself! The attachment binds you to the illusion and causes you to become trapped. Reincarnation occurs due to a mere attachment one has to the illusion.

Why Come Here?

Why would you come here to become sold to an illusion and become trapped in it?
The only answer I can find within me at the moment is that the deception within the illusion has such a large number of veils that it makes this experience an extremely difficult one to remain humble in and to carry on questioning everything no matter how far you may “think” you have progressed spiritually.

There is always more truth awaiting as your frequency rises. Pride can end ones progress prematurely here, hence why it is one of the seven deadly sins that stops spiritual evolution dead.

As I have also mentioned, there is no such thing as a soul deciding whether or not to come.
We are divided awareness from the eternal one that has been manipulated to create an individualized thought form! This thought-form builds on itself and simply remains in 3D forever until the attachment is broken and all the data released!
Those at the top of the pyramid that fulfil the luciferian agenda have no idea what is truly going on as they are being controlled by thought permanently where consciousness does not exist – truth a remnant. The blame game is a losing struggle, the elite do NOT KNOW what the hell is truly going on.

From the Inside Out

Thought creates and preserves a template of experience and this experience we then project through the five senses from the inside out! Not from the outside in as we are taught to believe through indoctrination!

The implanting occurs within and the projection has its source from there. Once you become conscious of this, you begin to reverse the process and start to project that which you favour instead of that what the egregore favours!

Think in terms of a  hypnotist that implants thoughts into his/her subject’s mind, for instance, making the subject perceive things that do not exist for anybody else in the audience.The hypnotist is hacking the projection from within. The outside world has absolutely no affect on the perception!

The suggested reality for the subject is completely real, yet for the audience is not at all. Who is beholding the truth?

The answer is both, as what is perceived is real for both by the validating thoughts within, yet the paradox is that neither is seeing the truth, as all are just witnessing manipulated light from thought conjuring up an illusion.
This reality is the ultimate paradox! When the time comes for us to turn the tables completely there will literally be no limit to what we choose to experience in this reality of light that is so easily corruptible.

For now I think, many would choose to be playful and enjoy the illusion until the time comes to return back to the eternal nothingness where paradise awaits. The game is over.

Written by Arno Pienaar

11667267_10204681921344236_1233974537947753845_nArno Pienaar is currently travelling within South East Asia doing activism work. He is a self-proclaimed Deprogrammer of matrix-based Constructs and Ascension Coach and does sessions online on skype for people seeking practical methods to exit the matrix.

In his free time he enjoys good conversation, meditation, yoga, writing and shifting individuals that crosses his path.

Website: http://dreamcatcherreality.com/author/arno/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arno.pienaar.3

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Neutrality — The Gateway To Transcend The Matrix

Neutrality is the gateway to transcend this matrix-reality together with all the distractions it constantly poses everyday, tempting us to choose a side.

On a continuous basis we are confronted by occurrences in our lives and events orchestrated inside the primary hologram that tempts us to make the choice — good or bad, positive or negative.

The digital hologram is powered by souls (consciousness) and the reactions biased on the extremes of polarities are all that it takes to control the direction in which global equanimity marches.

Once any judgement (an automatic function of the mind) is passed, the choice, either positive or negative, is agreed upon, and the energy is being brokered from the mind in two forms: resistance when negative, and;assistance when positive.
For example, whether you are outraged of the extent that the “West” is going to in order to promote war with a shadow force or whether you believe;your government is protecting you (even;handing them your rights), both means have the same ends in the establishment of the matrix, which is manifested by the attention from consciousness.

The ONLY intent is to get our attention and then the train starts moving forward.
It is not so much attention that is the problem, but intended attention.
When you view an occurrence with a positive or negative attitude, there is an unconscious end you would like to see unfold or force out of the obstruction posed in the reality.
Note that the obstruct is there to obscure the reality through our reaction in the first place. Our hand in the collective future is highly underestimated in this reality that we are co-operating in.

I will go as far as saying;that we are in the construct of the future already and we are now only being steered like sheep in order to materialize an expired alien reality.
The architect is not in control of his creation anymore and his last hope is to deceive us to control it for him towards his desired end. The end days are well in motion at the moment, thus we are seeing more carnage than ever around the world.

All this havoc is not a co-incidence. This is the last act of desperation for the Luciferian serving elite; it is do or die for the creator of the matrix.
Things may get worse around the world in the coming weeks, but it is calming to know that the storm is always the worst right before the end.

In quantum physics it has already been proven how the intent of the observer affects the end result of an experiment that could swing both ways, accordingly. In a reality that is made of energy, it is time that we become more adept at how and on what we direct our projections.
Nullifying all diametric oppositions in your consciousness and attaining the ultimate unmoved state of neutrality (soul-center) in the face of any obstruct that the reality poses is the answer to the end of the matrix itself. From this state on, there shouldn’t be any more energizing the unwanted.

Oppositions include Justice and Injustice, Right and wrong, Good and Bad, Positive and Negative, Red Tablet and Blue Tablet, dichotomies, polarities, paradoxes and agreements/no agreements, Pass and Fail, Greater than and Lessor than, Mortal and Immortal, Death and Life!,Uppers and Downers, Rich and Poor, Health and Sickness, etc..
Media in Conjunction with HAARP

Media is not merely a tool used to spread disinformation and support governmental agendas, it goes deeper than that. Media is used to manage the digital holographic reality that we find ourselves in.

Due to its far and wide broadcasting range into the sight of billions, global mind-control and hologram management becomes easier than you think.
Governments and armies have always needed justifiable permission before proceeding to the murdering of innocent people in order to achieve their own hidden goals.
In conjunction with HAARP technology, mankind is being blasted with mood-altering frequencies in order to fuel even further the outrage felt by us in response to events such as the recent Paris attacks.

It seems that the odds are stacked, but it must be remembered that none of this can touch a soul-centered, neutral individual.

Neutrality, Non-Resistance, Soul Center

Neutrality can be sufficiently described with four words “I just don’t care” — no emotions, no thinking, only observing the events with absolutely no reaction whatsoever.

This is easier said than done as most of us are programmed to react in certain ways to certain situations. It is embedded within the cellular memory that was constructed during your upbringing.

How would you feel at a restaurant if someone walked up to you and put his/her hand into your food? Chances are you would react instantaneously with negativity, before even starting to think about the event. We have been programmed to react with a spark of the emotions before even contemplating a situation in dept.

This is called “programmed reaction” and we need to rise above this to the point that we cannot react anymore unless we give ourselves the permission to do so.
Attaining the state of non-reaction and non-resistance is so incredibly liberating in terms of the experienced harmony, that one will not give oneself the permission to react to anything ever again.

In the now acceptance is a pre-requisite, and in that acceptance lies the power to work miracles, solve any problem!

Are apathy and neutrality the same thing?

In one way yes, as you don’t take on the plight of the world or anybody inside it and put it onto your own shoulders, but on the other hand, you also won’t allow another being to suffer if you could do something about it.

I leave you with a segment which is tremendously eye-opening to the power within non-resistance from the book A new Earth, by Eckart Tolle.
The Zen Master Hakuin lived in a town in Japan. He was held in high regard and many people came to him for spiritual teaching.

Then it happened that the teenage daughter of his next-door neighbor became pregnant. When being questioned by her angry and scolding parents as to the identity of the father, she finally told them that he was Hakuin, the Zen master.

In great anger the parents rushed over to Hakuin and told him with much shouting and accusing that their daughter had confessed that he was the father.
All he replied was, “Is that so?”

News of the scandal spread throughout the town and beyond. The Master lost his reputation. This did not trouble him. Nobody came to see him anymore. He remained unmoved.
When the child was born, the parents brought the baby to Hakuin,
“You are the father, so look after him.”
The Master took loving care of the child.

A year later, the mother remorsefully confessed to her parents that the real father of the child was the young man who worked at the butcher shop. In great distress they went to see Hakuin to apologize and ask for forgiveness.
“We are really sorry. We have come to take the baby back. Our daughter confessed that you are not the father.”
“Is that so?” is all he would say as he handed the baby over to them.
The Master responds to falsehood and truth, bad news and good news, in exactly the same way:
“Is that so?”
He allows the form of the moment, good or bad, to be as it is and so does not become a participant in human drama.

To him there is only this moment, and this moment is as it is.
Events are not personalized. He is nobody’s victim. He is so completely at one with what happens that what happens has no power over him anymore.
Only if you resist what happens are you at the mercy of what happens, and the world will determine your happiness and unhappiness.

The baby is looked after with loving care. Bad turns into good through the power of nonresistance. Always responding to what the present moment requires, he lets go of the baby when it is time to do so. — Reference (Tolle’s book, A New Earth, is available on Amazon).

Written by Arno Pienaar

11667267_10204681921344236_1233974537947753845_nArno Pienaar is currently travelling within South East Asia doing activism work. He is a self-proclaimed Deprogrammer of matrix-based Constructs and Ascension Coach and does sessions online on skype for people seeking practical methods to exit the matrix.

In his free time he enjoys good conversation, meditation, yoga, writing and shifting individuals that crosses his path.

Website: http://dreamcatcherreality.com/author/arno/
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