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The Moonphase in Aries – what does that mean for your life?

Many people don’t know about the power of the moon and have long forgotten about the existence of any natural rhythms. We don’t work or live in harmony with the natural laws and this has resulted in a lot of problems. We don’t live a life accordingly to the seasons of nature instead we created an illusion of time we try to press ourselves into. When do we finally start respecting and accepting our very personal rhythms and energetic changes we go through during a day, a month, a year? We seem to have lost connection and this is the reason why so many of us do suffer. Living a balanced life does include the interaction with nature and the understanding of its natural rhythms. Denying the rhythms of life is denying an important part of ourselves and can lead to serious imbalance and health issues.

In addition to that, once we have understood how these natural rhythms work, we then can change our personal lives accordingly and gain more well-being, abundance and joy in life. To create a solid foundation for peace and harmony for body, mind and spirit.

Just imagine – you would do the right thing at the right time? How would that feel?

“The moon is responsible for many natural phenomena in nature, such as the movement of the Ebb and Flow, the change of weather but also Births and the women menstrual cycle is very close connected to the influence of the moon.”

[Johanna Paungger & Thomas Poppe from the Book “The right timing”]

photo by cdn.abclocal.go.com


Our ancestors knew about the interconnection of the Phases of the Moon and its effects in nature but also upon human itself. Decades of decades our ancestors observed the moon and noted any changes that appeared in any form regarding the weather conditions and the planting, growing and harvesting of food. Because back in those days our ancestors survival was based on this knowledge and couldn’t be taken lightly. Within this observation they also found significant behaviour of animals but also different physical, mental and emotional conditions in humans to do with the moon phases.

They came to the conclusion that certain tasks done on specific days tend to be more successful than others. Their observation also included the effect of certain medication, healing treatments and operations during different moon phases and passing through specific zodiac signs.

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Our ancestors knew that nothing happened by accident but everything happened for a reason. So they created what we call a Moon Calendar full of meaning, advice and recommendation for everyday life.

Their knowledge is based on the full lunar cycle which is 29.5 days long and the effect when the moon is accompanied or running through one of the 12 zodiac signs. These power impulses do have different energetic qualities and were far of greater importance for the daily living than the position of the sun.

I want to bring back this ancient wisdom into my personal life but also into the life of everyone who would like to live better. Therefore I started to create the series called “Living by the Moon” which is understandable for everyone and also full or practicable advice. I will focus on the Moon phases and their meanings, but also would like to give deeper insights into each Zodiac Sign when it is touched by the moon. So you might gain a better understanding what it means to live in harmony and do the right things at the right time – so they will prosper. As this is what this life is all about – growing and becoming. Furthermore it is all about the endless cycle of Change.

At the end of the article you will find a list for each month showing when the Zodiac Sign accompanies the Moon on specific days. This will help you to observe the energies on these days, maybe plan important events ahead but most important to align yourself with the energy that is offered to you on that day.

Living by the Moon – The Aries Days

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When the Moon enters into the Sign of Aries our emotions can run wild, literally. Impatience, strong-willed and acting before thinking is very much the theme of the day. Aries wants to get things done, but it’s not about thinking and planning any detail like a Virgo, or realistic one step after another like a Capricorn would do. The Aries wants things done the direct way – which is said to be the shortest and of course it needs to be done right now.
This is not a good day to get caught up in a debate or an argument as the head is running high and the temper will follow quickly. Aries has the tendency to forget that there are other people out there, it is just too hard for him or her to think outside of the self. Everything that requires patience or needs to be done under pressure is not to put on this day. Furthermore we should take this day not to seriously, especially when we feel very strong emotions arising.

On Aries days we can have that final breakthrough we so desperately needed. We might find the courage and power to speak up in a situation we haven’t done for a long while. The energetic quality of these days can be self-fish and considered to offer lack of empathy. On the other hand side some of us could use these days to finally do things for ourselves. Self care does include a bit of selfishness and in small portions can be very healthy.

Keep in mind that it’s definitely not a good day to ask for any diplomacy, compromising or fair play. If we feel very energetic and want to engage in certain exercise, we should infidelity keep away from anything that involves the head or the eyes as these areas are very sensitive during those days.

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Sports like Rugby or any other sports that could lead to head or brain injury should be avoided. Even cycling on a busy road can now lead to unexpected behaviour and we lack the energy for thinking carefully and focused. Furthermore we should try to find another way to release our inner tension/energy in a more focused and structured way such as Yoga, Martial Arts or Running.

Aries wants to break free and has problems to accept authority or any regulations and restrictions. Therefore definitely not a good day to sign any contracts or ask someone for long-term commitment. Aries is fast and can be furious by times, its hard to stay cool-headed on these days for some of us. Unpredictable changes might occur today, therefore don’t think the day has to follow your plan – because that will lead to disappointment and frustration very quickly.

Physically this can expresses itself in Migraine, headaches or tired eyes. Therefore drinking plenty of fresh water as well as eye compress are very beneficial on these days.

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Meditation will help to calm the busy mind but probably before that we need to release our tension physically first.

There should be no eyes, head or brain operations on Aries days as these tend to go not very successful and will have more side effects afterwards.

Massages around the head and healing treatments in this area are very beneficial during Aries Days.

The best is to stay away from Stress and Pressure or reduce it as much as possible during Aries days. Kids who have problems with their temper anyway my benefit from going to Karate Classes where they learn how to use their energy wisely.

On Aries days it is also very beneficial to avoid any kind of sugar, coffee and alcohol because this can lead to further headaches very quickly.

A good day to face new challenges, taking part in competitions or start a new venture.

Aries Days are Fruit Days – that means that fruit can be more easily digested but also for some of us it means that it is a day to avoid certain fruits because they to difficult to digest. This comes down to your personal body rhythm and only through trying you will definitely out if these days are good for eating fruits for you or not.

Healing Herbs – Burdock, Gotu Kola, Red Clover

The Moon in Aries in year 2018:

Feb: 19/20                                         May: 12/ 13                Aug: 2/3/29/30/31

March: 18/19/20,                         June: 8/ 9/10          Sept: 25/26

April: 15/16                                     July: 6/7                       Oct: 23/24

Nov: 19/20               Dec: 17/ 18

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