Life Reading

I do offer 1-2-1 Sessions to my clients from all over the world. My Life Readings are very popular and can bring great insights into current situations.  I normally don’t use any tools during my Life Readings but sometimes I feel drawn to use the tarot cards (Astrology Tarot Cards) for extra guidance, inspirations or insights that depends on each individual session.


Life Reading – 45min.

 (in person or via Skype/Phone/FB Messenger/Email)

This One-to-One Session aims at people who:

  • Look for some spiritual guidance
  • Want to gain more clarity on their path
  • Not sure about their souls purpose or their spiritual path
  • Struggle with a certain problem or situation
  • Need assistance for moving forward

A Life Reading will always be empowering and motivating.

You have the chance to ask questions at any time.

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If you not quite sure if a Life Reading is for you, here is a glimpse of what others experienced so far:

“When I asked for a reading from Julie there were many changes occurring in my life. I sat with Julie and straight away my fears and anxieties were put to rest as she calmly and concisely put into words the path my life was taking. She discussed elements of my life which I had not discussed with anyone and reassured me that the worries I have were normal. The chat was very personal to me as she was able to talk about the deeper parts of my personality. I was quite skeptical so did not feed Julie any information, however when she described myself so clearly it was very difficult to ignore the truth.

As time has gone on elements raised in our discussion have come to light and the future although still firmly in my hands is taking the path she depicted. I am thankful for her words and reassurance. I would definitely recommend this none invasive inexpensive consultation to support anyone who is feeling they need that reassurance to know the path they’re on is one that’s right for them. Thank you Julie.” – Sez C.

“Julie has read for me three times in three years and always provides the insight and clarity I have needed about making a decision or finding my way when I was feeling lost or conflicted. She also has a deep knack to be able to ‘see’ what is going on at soul level and brings to light hidden parts of your personality that aren’t seen by your friends or get ‘shoved aside’ by the demands of life in a material society. Julie doesn’t tell you want you want t hear or flatter your ego, but reveals in a compassionate way which helps you steer your life the way is best for you x” – Sarah T.

“I have just had an amazing reading from Julie, she was absolutely spot on! She told me something about everything I wanted/needed to hear about and was very sympathetic and kind!! I will definitely be coming to Julie for a reading again! Lovely lovely lady xxx – Elizabeth E.

I had a reading from Julie and it blew me away. It was like she was inside my head. Lovely lady, with a lovely vibe, who really knows her stuff. Highly recommend xxx – Adelaide W.

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