Past Life Regression

Past-Life Regression
compass A Past Life Regression is a powerful tool to uncover hidden aspects of ourselves and memories we carry within us. It is a deep process to experience, feel and see what our lives have been before we enter this world in our current bodies.

It can help you to understand and release issues such as blockages or phobias in the now that you struggle with. A Past Life Regression is a very individual process and every client will seek different answers an have different experiences.
But in any case it will help you to move forward along your current path and to live a more free and fullfilled life.
Our Past-Life Regressionist Sukirat will assist you on your journey into the depth of your past life.

Pricing: Past life Regression :- £60/hour (Skype Service available)

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  1. Hello Julie,

    As a past life therapist, I believe as well that past life therapy is an amazing tool to help us fix unhealthy repetitive patterns in our lives. From personal development to relationships, past life therapy can assist us healing emotional blockages that we carry from past lives and they manifest in this lifetime. A successful past life regression can help the individual to find their lost confidence and get out of entangled situations so as them to finally find happiness in their lives.

    It was a pleasure connecting with you today! Wishing you all the best!


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