Philosophy of Energy Healing

Universal life energy is the vital life force and living energy that all living things need to survive. To keep the flow of this energy free is of paramount importance to our health and well-being at all levels of our mind, body and spirit.

This life force flows freely through our energetic system until it is affected by our social conditioning from our families and carers, emotional trauma from events that happen to us and physical injuries, all which affect the quality of the energy channels within our body.

Over the centuries there have been many cultures created different techniques and methods to clean the energetic blocks within our bodies. Julie offers different kind of energetic healing to help you getting back into balance so that the life force can move through your body freely.

There  are 2 different types of  Healing Sessions available especially tailored to your personal needs and requirements. 

Both of them are available in person as well as via distance.

“Restoring the Balance” – Session 60min

This is a great Session for all those who lost  balance of body, mind and spirit.

It aims at people who are:

  • struggle with stressful situation
  • dealing with insomnia
  • had an operation and need some after care
  • suffer from burn out or anxiety
  • feeling low and tired all the time
  • need assistance in activating their self-healing properties

Together we will work towards establishing the harmony and the alignment of your body as a whole. 

You will feel more relaxed, calm and at ease after this treatment.

This Healing Session is also available via Distance.

Book your “Restoring the Balance” Healing Session here..

“Deep Healing Session” – 60min.

 A powerful in depth Healing Session is for people who:

  • experienced a shock or trauma
  • unable to let go or deal with the past
  • suffered a loss in any form and find it hard to get back on track
  • dealing with depression
  • struggling with addiction
  • suffered from power loss
  • dealing with psychic attacks
  • have experienced abuse in any form
  • suffer from low self-esteem, unworthiness

It is possible to receive this session in person or via distance.

You can book your Individual Deep Healing Session here..




 If you are uncertain if a Healing Session is right for you or you have additional questions –

I do offer a FREE 10min. Consultation Session via Phone or Skype

for those who:

  • briefly want to inform me about their circumstances (health etc.)
  • want to clarify what happens in a Healing Session
  • want to share their expectations of a Healing Session with me
  • want to find out if I am the right Healer for them

I will get back to you and schedule a time that suits us both.

To book this FREE 10min. Consultation Session we will ask you to please fill out this form.


A glimpse what others experienced in their Healing Sessions

“Had a trauma release session with Julie.. very interesting.. a little nervous beforehand but Julie eased my worries and told me what was going to happen and what may happen in the coming days ..felt calm and relaxed afterwards .. shall wait and see what is to come ..Very well done and will be going back again if/when needed.. thank you Julie xx” – R. R.

“Julie has given me 2 (maybe more) sessions of distant healing. I felt so uplifted afterwards (I suffer with terrible anxiety) and she gave me a really thorough reading after both sessions with helpful advice included. I always feel so much better after healing with Julie.
She has also given me many in-person readings which I found accurate and extremely interesting. Julie is professional and friendly. Would recommend to anyone seeking help or just interested in all things holistic.” – Louise T.

“I had a trauma release session today with Julie and I was in awe of how well she knew my story (without me communicating it). How comfortable she made me feel and how supportive both during and after the session she has been. I cannot recommend her highly enough to everyone!!! A phenomenal lady with a beautiful soul who is amazing at what she does!!!” Adele H.

“This was the first time I had any healing. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but safe to say I ended up coming away with a lot more insight that I was expecting and ready for. Julie was able to pinpoint areas in which I hadn’t addressed myself and I am now able to understand things that I wasn’t before. Would definitely recommend Julie! I’m looking forward to doing it again soon!” – Sherry J.

“I live in Sweden and received a session of distance healing two days ago. At first I felt relaxed and energised and now, two days later, I am experiencing a calmness within and an enhanced awareness. I Can definitely recommend distance healing with Julie. She is fantastic!” Yvonne W.

“Had a trauma release healing session with Julie and I have to say I was kind of blown away by it all.
I feel like the negative energy surrounding me has dissipated and my life is now heading in the direction it’s meant to be.
Thank you Julie”  xxx Sarah M.



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