Workshops and Courses

The world is full of amazing opportunities to grow, expand our horizons and learn something new.

We truly believe that only if we take advantage of the abundance life has to offer we are able to live and explore our full potential.

For this reason we thought it would be amazing to create a list of absolutely inspiring and interesting people.  Just to let you know when these people offering their skills and knowledge to the world to bring transformation, healing and empowerment into your life.

This list will be updated during the year, so come back and check it out – the world is waiting for you!

If you are offering workshops, courses, retreats, events why not get in touch with us and we add you to our list?

Shadows of the Night – A Paranormal Investigation Workshop 

With  Medium Julie Jurgan & a local Paranormal Investigator



Sounding Stars – A fun vocal workshop for Children

with Vocal Coach Suzi Joy Lever


Karma Yoga






Franco Santoro

Astroshamanism, Shamanic Dance & Theater, Astrology & Spiritual Healing

Conscious and authentic living