Second Chance Hotel – Rough Sleepers Hotel Project-Campaign

Homelessness and rough sleeping is still a major problem in our society. Most people don’t even know how quick a life can change from one second to the next.
The fail of the so-called social system is an indicator that we do need more people who are sticking together and reach out to each other. Complaining about the system doesn’t help it is time to do something about it and be the change we want to see in the world.
With this project BOS would like to connect with volunteers and organisations in the area of Essex and London who do work in the field of homelessness and rough sleeping. We would like to connect to start something bigger to inspire and make an impact to society.

Together we can do more.

We also would like to reach out to more people to raise awareness for the issues of rough sleeping and to find people who can donate empty properties/or money that can be used to create Rough Sleeper Hotel.
In which homeless people find some space to have warm food, a place to rest, shower, people to meet and a place to sleep even if its only temporary. This hotel should be the beginning of a rehabilitation that offers rough sleepers the opportunity to find their way back into society.

The aim:

To help people who are homeless or rough sleeping. Provide shelter, food, a place to stay as well as a rehabilitation to be integrated back into society. Guide, assist as well as offer holistic support, heal from their past experiences. The aim is to create a place where they can recover and get support in gaining self-worth, dignity, self-respect and experience humanity again to become a full member of society again.

The idea:

To create a hotel for rough sleepers where they can have their own space, in exchange of taking part in working tasks of the hotel. We would like to see counselors coming in, also people who run courses so that rough sleepers can learn new things and might find a job in the future, alternative therapists who provide healing on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.

The hotel should be the start for rough sleepers to go back into a normal life. Therefor the hotel will offer a place to stay, the possibility to gain working experience ( as the living in the hotel should be in exchange for work) this gives a sense of taking own responsibility for their personal life.

No drugs – no alcohol policy.

The rough sleepers can work in:

Kitchen, Office, Laundry, Cafe, Hotel Duties

Cover the cost:

A cafe that is open to the public and is run by ex-homeless people could be included in the hotel. In addition to that the idea of a monthly payment of private donations in terms of “Adopt a Rough Sleeper” could cover the living cost, government funding and also the work of volunteers will also help the hotel to exist.

The hotel will also create new paid jobs and offers the possibility for younger people to do internships and might apprenticeships in long term.

Charity Shops can donate clothes and other stuff that can support these people.

We do believe that with the support of volunteers and other enthusiasts it should be possible to create this open space for homeless people to give them what they so urgently need. A place to withdraw from the world, a place to feel human, accepted and appreciated.

Let’s bring this change and make it happen!

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