Julie – 8th Universal law – The law of free will

This is time its all about free will and how to claim your power. If you want to reach out for some spiritual guidance, healing or support please have a look at our services. We are here to help you! Much love – Julie

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming.

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Establishing Boundaries

Having strong boundaries is a skill that, I never learned as I was growing up. But, through my healing journey, I realized that boundaries are crucial in all aspects of life. Establishing boundaries has made me feel much more powerful and grounded.

Not only did this raise my self-confidence level, but also self-respect, and sense of self-worth. I am no longer persuaded by others’ views and opinions; instead, I feel empowered by establishing my own boundaries. I have learned that boundaries play a huge role in our lives.

There are personal boundaries that every individual needs to embody. If these personal boundaries are not respected one can feel powerless in life. Not having boundaries can wreak physical and mental havoc. Anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome and hormonal issues are just a few of the illnesses that can manifest. Boundaries can cause drama and unhealthy relationships which leave us feeling exhausted and powerless.
Boundaries show everyone we come in contact with; how we want to be treated and respected. Boundaries need to come from a place of love rather than from the ego self. At first establishing these boundaries can be challenging, but if you are consistent the rewards are endless.

Boundary setting is never easy whether it’s a personal or professional situation. Clear boundary setting is important for both parties in a relationship or it can cause a havoc both mentally and physically. Some simple steps to establishing boundaries:


1. Make the other party aware that a problem exists.
2. Be assertive and firm, but at the same time come from a place of non-judgement and heart energy. Don’t let fear and guilt hold you back from speaking your truth.
3. Discuss how the situation is affecting you on an emotional level.
4. Get clear on moving forward with your new established boundaries.
5. If all fails and you feel that your boundaries are not being respected, at this point you can decide on your next course of action.
Again, it’s up to you to decide what that will be. Sometimes we have to completely cut ties with relationships that don’t honour our highest good.

The people who are meant to stay in your life regardless of your boundaries are the ones that you should consider keeping in the long-term. Others will slowly fade away and that’s a good sign that you are upholding your boundaries and not changing or making adjustments out of fear of being judged or disliked.
Once we have set our boundaries it’s best to be consistent at all times regardless of any situation, or other changes that are happening in our life. From time to time I have been tempted to make adjustments to my boundaries by certain people. This causes me to reflect on my boundaries, and usually results in my becoming even more grounded with the boundary that I originally put in place.

Let’s send a clear message that we will no longer tolerate any sort of behaviour that is not acceptable. Let’s be courageous and establish clear boundaries that not only raise our vibration but also create love and compassion. Boundaries once established can be a powerful way of living life to the fullest. To live an empowered life one must establish boundaries that keep us centered and grounded in any circumstance.

written by Nina Bains (www.betherealyou.ca)

The Magical Power Of Tears

Do not be afraid to cry as crying is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign that you are strong enough to face what is eating you up inside and to release that. It is a sign that you are not running away from the things that should be confronted but to allow yourself to experience all that is there without any restrictions. Cry and let your tears heal you.

” .. Tears have to be given a new meaning, a new poetry and a totally new dimension – which they have lost because humanity has suppressed its connection to their very own feelings. Secondly, because we have been dominated by male principles which expresses itself in ego and pride that he will not cry or show his feelings openly. This kind of thinking created the impression that it is feminine to cry, it is womanish to have tears. But that is not true. Moreover it is an unnatural and untrue, because man’s eyes have as many tear glands as women’s eyes have. Nature has not made any difference in tear glands. Only we created this understanding in our very own minds and now it is the time to over think what we were told by society and cultural programming.

All these years of denial we have lost something very important. We have created a big wall behind we hide to appear strong and not being true to ourselves. A cocoon of self-denial and isolation. We take more on board that we can carry, we want to do things on our own rather than asking for help and this leads to feelings of burn-out and depression.

There is a reason, why more men go mad than women. As the male principle is all about controlling and holding on to fixed ideas and illusions. While the female principle is about moving with the natural cycles, about opening up and giving, cooperation and being. When a women feels overwhelmed she will have a moment when the repression becomes too much and there is a breakdown. A woman expresses her feeling more easily and knows about the releasing power of crying, therefore when she feels like crying, she cries. She is more natural than man. That has given her a few more experiences that man has missed. Being more in tune with her own intuition and feelings makes the woman healthier; and live longer, five years more than man. Female energy is more calm and quiet than male energy. And both of these energetic qualities are important and should be in right balance to live a healthy and happy life.

Tears are self cleanse for body, mind and spirit

We have been told that tears are a symptom of weakness – but they are not. Tears can cleanse not only your eyes, but your heart too. They soften you, it is a biological strategy to keep you clean, to keep you unburdened. It is now a well-known fact that less women go mad than men because they express their feelings more easily. And the reason has been found to be that women can cry and weep more easily than men. But the programming of our minds and hearts did went on over centuries and shaped our picture of reality.

Sentences like “Be a man, don’t cry like a woman!” are even told to small children. This false programming and the separation from our very own feelings does start already in early childhood and most of us do carry this belief system around till the end of our lives and miss the opportunity to connect to the innermost truth.

A new understanding

The time has come to embrace our very own being and express our feelings honestly and openly. It is time to appreciate all aspects of our emotions and not to hold back with our vulnerability and openness. Being human means being one with the cosmos and it’s always changing cycles of growing and becoming. The change between holding on and releasing. Gaining and letting go.

If you look at the physiology of your body, you have the same glands full of tears whether you are man or woman. It has been found that less women commit suicide than men. And of course, no woman in history has been the cause of founding violent religions, wars, massacres. If the whole world can learn to cry and weep again it will be a tremendous transformation. As it is time to heal the wounds of the past and return to our true nature as human being. Compassion, empathy, forgiveness are qualities that everyone can cultivate within their very own being. The best way to do so is to release what is suppressed and let the tears wash away what no longer serves us.

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.

– Washington Irving

written by Joseph Olusegun Daramola

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Julie – 7th Universal law – The law of vibrational alignment

The 7th video of the Universal law series. Today it’s all about vibrational alignment. For me that represents living your own truth and follow the truth of your very own heart. Enjoy!!!

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming.

If you would like to get in touch with Julie about her Readings or Healing work or you have any other questions please send an email to julie@blossomofthesoul.org

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Our Nature – Poem by Jay Kumar

Trudging through the once grand palace of concrete, vines Sprouting this way and that Cracks in the aged stone hiding the so-called magnificence of this once great land This civilization bit the dust Thinking of a time where we lived only on the land, Greenery surrounding us, Only can we read in books. For it is no more We tried to shut it out And now it behind to overtake Like the vines cracking through the concrete ruins. Let us embrace this! Not shut it out It is who we are.. Let us be at peace, like the monk, one with his surroundings All the technology in the world means nothing… If we sell ourselves out to attain it Slowly the wilderness takes back over.. Until the ruins of concrete are no more, Than sand and dust which crack and crumble beneath our feet Waterfalls gush into ponds and lakes As fish swim excitedly Animals and humans living together In our home, that is the wilderness We are at peace again… We are one..

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Dr. Gabor Mate – Who are we when we are not addicted: The possible human

A powerful exploration what it means to be your authentic self.
If you want to reach out for some help to overcome addictive behaviour please get in touch with Trevor Cowan (our shaman) or one of our healers Sukirat Kaur Bahra and Lesley Readman. We are here to help you.

The secret power of rituals (1)

Rituals run in our societies as deep as blood runs in our veins. Rituals can be defines as a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. Rituals are very personal expression of the human soul. The extension of ritual is spiritual meaning that through the unique expression of rituals we are able to connect to our inner self which helps us realize our self as well as understand the entire expanse of the cosmic force. Through ritualistic meditation Buddha could achieve self-realization and ultimately Nirvana.

Rituals are boundary less and do not follow any definite rule. Although a lot of helpful and inspiring information on various rituals and practices can be found in books or internet, I personally believe that the most powerful ritual is the one, you create yourself. In your own style, in your own words with your personal intentions.

Rituals do exist since humankind and they always have been a very important part in humans culture and society. They were created and shared to help man connect to his higher self, his soul and eventually to God. through rituals a possibility was created to connect to the world unseen to naked eyes…the spirit world. Ritual allow the human soul to connects, expresses and embody what is within, and offers it to the world.

The reason for a ritual

IMG_2249Rituals have always been used for various reasons like giving thanks, ask for healing, support or guidance, and also to fulfill our longing for insights and spiritual guidance. And also the desire of the human soul to make itself seen. Rituals are very powerful and helpful as they carry spiritual energies, which can have a huge bearing on our personal lives.

The most important tool to create a ritual is your own mind. Your intentions should always be good and also go along with your unique soul’s desire. There are some sayings about rituals and magic and I do agree that they are manifestations of the law of cause and effect. “Whatever you send out will come back to you!” „Respect the free will of other people!“ „Like attracts like!“ If you keep these in your mind while performing a ritual, then you can be rest assured that you are heading in the right and positive direction and that no harm can befall on your or others by your practice.

Thanksgiving Ritual

Probably the oldest and most profound is the ritual of “Thanks Giving” which our ancestors celebrated a lot specially during the harvest time in autumn. As food was not always available like today, therefore people were even more grateful if they had enough. I think that we could always give thanks as we do harvest everyday the fruits from yesterday.

The more we step into the power of gratitude, the more we attract exactly what we are so thankful for. This is not magic, more over the natural law of attraction. Raising our vibration by giving thanks and showing gratitude towards abundance, we will automatically attract even more of that. This can also be done by writing thoughts of thanks and saying words of thanks. But even more powerful is the creation of a ritual in which we embody our gratefulness into the material world. The more effort and desire we put into the ritual (that does not depend on the size of the ritual, but on the energy) the more it will create a change in our lives. Doing a ritual takes time but especially in our fast changing and busy lives this can be a real chance to take some time off. Focusing on your intentions, preparing for your ritual, doing the ritual and finally experiencing the energy shift is absolutely great. It also helps with your own well-being as you give your soul the time to connect with the source. I did say before that there are no rules how to do a ritual, it is totally up to you and your own spirit.

Over the years I have been a part of many ceremonies and rituals with people from different cultures, religions and spiritual convictions, and everyone had their own preference, routine, intentions, reasons and order. Some of them were really touching and others were more mechanical, that often depends on the vibe of the person who leads the ritual, but also on your personal attraction. You might feel drawn to Pagans or Buddhists rather than to South American Shamans.

It is totally up to you, don’t limit yourself by your personal cultural, spiritual or religious background. I experienced a real openness from every other culture and spiritual practitioners when I asked to take part in a ritual. As long as you come along with respect and an open mind you will attract the same in return. So why not go out and look for some inspiration in other cultures or spiritual belief systems? Your soul doesn’t have any rigid point of view about spirituality. Whatever feels right for you do that.

by: Julie Jurgan

Julie – 6th Universal law – The Law of Bodhisattva

This video is all about the 6th universal law, the law of Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva is Sanskrit and describes a person who has overcome the desire to reincarnate for earthly experience. But comes back to earth to assist and helps to free the soul of others. I personally believe that we can enter the state of Bodhisattva when we step into the power of being of service for others, the animal or plant kingdom. This is the moment when the ego disappears and we find ourselves fulfilled in the moment when we experience oneness in our actions.

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming.

If you would like to get in touch with Julie about her Readings or Healing work or you have any other questions please send an email to julie@blossomofthesoul.org

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