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Julie Jurgan – Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Looking back after all these years of training, learning, studying and working as a medium and healer I know that I found my purpose. This is what I came here to do and even from an early age I was aware of my gifts but not sure how to use them. Born and raised in Germany, my mother a homeopath and my dad a business manager I found myself torn between my occupation and my calling. I already used my first tarot cards when I was 12 years and did “fun” readings for my friends but never thought that I was really gifted in that way. As much as my parents tried to give me a solid foundation in life and asked me to learn a proper job I soon found out that being a visual merchandiser wouldn’t make me happy at all.

I had to follow my own path and find out what my purpose here on earth was. When I was 18 I started travelling the world and meeting people I wouldn’t have met if I would have stayed where I grew up. It took me nearly seven years of searching, travelling and doubting my path till I reached the Arthur Findlay College. It was there where I started my medium & healing education on a serious level when I turned 27 which was in 2011.

Since 2014 I live permanently in the UK.

Medium Education:

Since then I learnt as much as I could possible gain from many different teachers at the Arthur Findlay College, many of them very well-known and acknowledged mediums and healers. I learnt from people like Paul Jacobs, John Johnson, Andy Byng, Stella Upton, Kitty Wood, Jacky Wright, Biaggio Tropeano, Lynn Parker.

In 2015 I finished my Mentorship program with certified “Medium of Excellence” from Tony Stockwell.

I studied Spiritualism with the Spiritualist National Union from 2012 – 2015 to give me a good foundation and knowledge about the origins and phenomena of Spiritualism.

Healing Education:

Original Bachflower Remedies


2014 Healing with Bachflower Remedies with Medium & Healer Susanne Munley.

I learnt how to apply the power of the Bachflower Remedies to assist in mental, emotional and physical healing.


Attunement to Tachyon Energy

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2014 Initiation into working with Tachyon Energy with Shamanic Healer Jade Cane.

I learnt how to charge objects with cleansing and clearing energy.


Astroshamanic Dance


2014 Initiation into Astroshamanic Trance Dance with Healer & Holistic Therapist George Hollis.

I learnt how to use my physical energy to access the power of the zodiac.


Spiritual Healing

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2015 Introduction into Spiritual Healing at the AFC College, Essex.

I learnt how to use spirit energy to heal myself and others.


Trance Healing


2015 Introduction into Trance Healing with Medium & Healer Natalie Walker.

A natural evolution from my spiritual healing to use different trance states and spirit guides for deeper healing.


Angelique Reiki


2016 Attunement to Angelique Reiki with Healer & Hypnotherapist Sukirat Kaur Bahra.

Attunement to Angel Healing Rays and its use to enhance my healing abilities.


Dragon Reiki 1 &2, Dragon Ki Reiki & Dragon Empowerment


2016 Initiation into Dragon Reiki 1 & 2, Dragon Ki Reiki & Dragon Empowerment with Shaman Peter Aziz.

Powerful attunements for enhancing healing abilities and empowerment.


Shamanic Trauma Release Technique

2016 Initiation into Trauma Release with Shamanic Practitioner Trevor Cowan.

Specialized technique to release trauma from body, mind and spirit.


Power of Manifestation

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2016 Manifestation & Multidimensional Shamanic Journeying with Astroshaman Franco Santoro.

Powerful empowerment on how to manifest in multidimensional worlds.


Healing Relationship on Multidimensional Level

2017 Multidimensional Relationship Healing with Astroshaman Franco Santoro.

Working & studying of the astroshamanic zodiac its healing properties and how to access them.


Healing Addiction

In 2018 I took part in an Online Healing Addiction Summit with Gabor Mate. During that time I learnt the complexity about addiction and how to deal with it on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level. I integrate this understanding in my healing work.


Philosophy Education:


Creative Writing


2004 – 2007 Diploma in Creative Writing & Non-Fiction.

I studied creative writing and the writing of non-fiction in Germany.



Diploma in Chinese Metaphysics 

I studied  Chinese Metaphysics for three years including the Philosophy of Daoism, Geomancy and Chinese Astrology.

I hold a Diploma in Feng Shui as well as Chinese Astrology. I offer personal consultations only on request.

 Initiation into Korean Buddhism

I lived in South Korea in 2007 and during that period I was initiated into “The Art of Being” @ Guinsa Temple.

It was my first real contact with Korean Buddhism & its monks. The healing power of Buddhism never left me since and I still do offer Buddhist Blessings for Healing.

Study of Spiritualism

2012 – 2015 Study of Spiritualism its History, Philosophy and Phenomena with Spiritualist National Union.

I build a solid foundation about the knowledge of Spiritualism, its pioneers, expressions, phenomena and origins.

Diploma in Universal laws

In 2015 – 2016 I studied the 50 universal laws of Stuart Wilde. Based on his understanding of the universal laws I did a video blog and worked myself through the expression of each of the 50 universal laws. A powerful and transformational experience.

Diploma in Theosophy

In 2017 I received the Diploma in Theosophy with the Theosophical Society of England.

A natural evolution of my ongoing studies into spirituality, esoteric and its manifestations.


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Julie Jurgan

– Medium -Healer- Soulactivist –

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Moon Report – 14th May to 20th May 2018

The weekly Moon Report with Medium and Healer Julie Jurgan
This Moon Report covers the 14th of May 2018 to 20th of May. This week we will focus on how and what to manifest and attract into our lives. We take the moon and its passing through the zodiac to access powerful energies and help us to manifest what we desire/need.
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Individual Life Readings are available too. A Reading is 30min and focuses on your personal circumstances at this moment in time. Spiritual guidance and gentle assistance towards change. You have the chance to ask questions at any time.
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Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

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Moon Report – Dark Moon Phase – 7th of May to 13th of May

The weekly Moon Report with Medium and Healer Julie Jurgan
This Moon Report covers the 7th of May 2018 to 13th of May. This week we will focus on the Dark Phase of the Moon qualities which means that we focus on Reflection. We take the moon and its passing through the zodiac to access energies that help us to reflect certain subjects in our lives and areas that might need more attention.  This is not a good time for action but for contemplation and to gain useful insights.
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Individual Life Readings are available too. A Reading is 30min and focuses on your personal circumstances at this moment in time. Spiritual guidance and gentle assistance towards change. You have the chance to ask questions at any time.
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Life Readings are available via Skype, Phone, FB Messenger, Email and in person.

Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

If you interested to book a session or gain more information on how I work why not contact me and arrange a

 10min FREE Consultation Session 

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Soulevolution and the course of time

I am working as a medium for a while now and I would like to say that I learnt from some very good teachers. These teachers were important along my way of understanding myself, my own potential and what it means to develop my psychic abilities.

As a natural process over the time I grew out of my teachers and looked for my own answers to a subject I lived all my life and never understood.

The teaching and training years are very important to build a solid foundation for your psychic development. But also the years of personal practice and experience will lead you into a new direction of understanding and questioning. Not everyone who starts out to explore their own psychic abilities is going to be a medium. Or even should not start with only this intention in mind. Furthermore let it be a journey to discover yourself and your unlimited potential as human and spiritual being. May the truth set you free!

If we look back in time, people with psychic abilities or supernatural powers can be found during the history of mankind. In ancient traditions we can find the shamans, the healers and seers, the spiritual leaders of a tribe. In those times people reached out to those shamans for advise, help, assistance and healing. People believed that spiritual guidance was important for their well-being and the survival of the whole tribe. The shamans words were accepted and their wisdom respected as it came from the highest realms of spirit. Not everyone was allowed or destined to be a shaman only a few were chosen by spirit to take on that enormous responsibility.

Many shamans went through a long period of initiation, spend time alone in caves and forests to strengthen their connection with the spirit world. They learnt about plants and their use, tuned into the wisdom of the universe and created rituals to celebrate their connection.

The more time went by the more the human consciousness developed and went through different stages of self-understanding and expression. But also our lifestyle and our understanding of the world has changed and been shaped over the centuries rapidly. We as human race have gone through periods of abundance and poverty, of huge wars and peaceful times. Passed through logical and rational thinking and exploration as well as times of religious fanaticism and blind belief. Till we reached our modern times with all its technology and a new way of scientific understanding of the world.

Birth of Spiritualism till the modern times

If we take a look at the 1850 where the phenomena of the “Hydesville Rappings”(read whole article about the Hydesville Rappings here) appeared in America as one of the first official recorded psychic/physical phenomena to a wider audience all around the world.

A family in America received strange rappings in their house and found out that it was a murdered pedlar who was buried in the basement of the house.

Spiritualism found its beginnings and spread like fire in the newspapers in the USA and swapped over to Europe within a few years. Suddenly everywhere so-called physical phenomena appeared and more and more people opened up to another kind of reality. All over the country, especially in America and the UK people started to go and visit seances where there was contact made with the spirit world. Tables started to turn, furniture were lifted by ghost hands and mediums demonstrated their abilities to give messages from beyond. The western world seemed curious to explore what else was there that the eyes could not see and the mind too limited to comprehend.

When World War I and II hit, the bereaved longed for validation for a life after death. Mediumship was there to help, assist and prove what so many were looking for. People found comfort in the messages they received from their loved ones from the other side during a sitting with a medium. Especially in England mediums had a famous status and where well-known in the public. More and more scientist also showed interest in the exploration of the so-called spirit world and gathered together to explore the subject on a deeper level.

The outbreaks and suffering of two great world wars left the world with deep shock, sadness and desperation. Especially in those times, mediumship rose to another level in which the need of hearing from loved ones who passed over was desperately needed.

A lot of comfort, understanding and compassion was spread with the work of spiritualist mediums and their continuous efforts bringing messages from beyond.

Sadly even during those times, ignorance joined the table and many mediums suddenly were said to be fraud. Therefore many mediums were jailed or put on the Society Stack. The masses pulled away and believed more in what has been written by people who claimed to prove mediumship non-existence. Rather than following the path of self-exploration and experience. Luckily the Spiritual National Union achieved to release the The Witchcraft Act of 1735 remained in force in Britain well into the 20th century, until its eventual repeal with the enactment of the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951.

The Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 was repealed on 26 May 2008 by new Consumer Protection Regulations following an EU directive targeting unfair sales and marketing practices.

It allowed to give mediumship a legal status as a religious belief and classified the demonstration of mediumship in public for entertaining purposes only.

Even today the SNU (Spiritual National Union) offers quality training and a standard for mediumship with the focus on religious point of view more than self-empowerment or the exploration of the soul as individual.

The 60’s – Another consciousness revolution

Another big impact for the raise of consciousness or Soulevolution took place when the american invasion in Vietnam escalated in 1961. Many students, peace activists and leftist intellectuals protested all around the globe together. Slowly but steady the Hippie Revolution, New Age Movement or the Anti-war Revolution started. The first time after so many years that no longer the people would accept cruelty, disempowerment and the torture that another war could bring with it.

Spirituality reached a new expression and as a natural evolution 20 years after the second world war spirituality and religion were finally disconnected. No longer spirituality was tied to a visit of churches and following dogmatic point of views. Furthermore it reached out to masses, to join together and experience spirituality on a totally new level. A powerful movement that led people into self-exploration, inspired new thoughts about humanity combined with mystical and esoteric traditions.

During those times many new ways of exploring own consciousness with psychoactive drugs, music but also spiritual techniques such as yoga and meditation found a place into society.

 Unity, Humanity and equality were the new values this movement asked for and would do everything to make itself heard.

Social Ignorance, Materialism, Egoistic behaviour no longer should be the driving force for a society that was too blind to see. A social system that was build up on the trauma of two world wars and the idea that material safety and security would be the only answer for a cruel world.

During those times people of these movements were not afraid to experience themselves in other realities, to step over social restrictions, rebellion and finally the idea of another way of living together as one human race was born.


While the 50’s still focused on new technologies and the comfort of material possessions as an expression of success in life. The 60’s blew this attitude in the wind. Sharing and caring was the new way of life to bring down the concept of separation and inequality.

After the Vietnam war ended in 1975 much was gained such as the Civil Rights Movement in America which allowed black people the same rights as white ones. But also the American Feminist Movement found a new voice and shouted over traditional boundaries. The world had changed and new ideas still moved at the surface of this new society. Unfortunately slowly the hippie movement was soon replaced by the new hunger for oil and its material potential. People slowly turned their faces towards material security again and the stock market offered once again new possibilities for money investments.

New technology especially the first mass market computer in 1964 once again should change the live of so many and as we know today – the world itself. The hunger for more new technology possibilities grew with every step and was based to bring a new understanding for the outside world.

But on the other hand side Spiritual teachers and gurus had a high demand in the early 1980s which came from the revolutionary area of the 60s. Love and Peace seemed to be the only answer to the way of moving humanity forward into a new generation of compassion and understanding for each other. The 80s finally started to bring this understanding for a new fruition. Yoga, Aloe Vera, Meditation, Alternative Therapies and a holistic approach slowly sneaked into the consciousness of a wider audience as a result of the desire for a better understanding of the world and the self.

The 21rst Century – The urge to return to the roots

Coming now into the 21rst Century I feel our urge to return to our spiritual roots. We are very much a society that is fed by the ideas of what screens have to offer. Our food is processed, the people we call heroes are celebrities and nature is something we might now and again experience if we make it away from the comfort of our couch. Reality is something we mostly perceive through the media and its negative news broadcasting. Therefor we feel the world is a place we should be fearful of and which we try to avoid as much as possible.

The world around us might have changed but deep within us we still are the same. Apart from that looking after our bodies in regards of enough sleep and food to keep them alive our soul slowly is dying from the disconnection we created with our environment.

We experience more mental health issues than ever before. Suicide rates are rising daily and the number burn outs can’t be counted anymore. We got everything on the material level and still suffer, how is that possible?

A new understanding – the power within

The answer to that might lay in the understanding that we are more than our bodies and our brains. That there is something within us that doesn’t care about material possessions because it is aware that they are this is an illusion and wont last forever. This something is called your soul. It is that eternal part of yourself that part of your consciousness which survives physical death. The soul longs for true connection with the world, nature and others. That something within you telling you that even if you achieved all you ever dreamt of you might not be happy or healthy.

That something that reminds you that you are not your body, you are not what you have and how many people will praise you. But that silent voice within you saying: “What is it that you truly love? What is it that you are living for? What is it that really counts?”

Humanity might be at a turning point these days once again. Realizing that we can’t go on living like this. We can’t destroy nature and pretending we are not a part of it. We can’t start wars and then turn our back when people are affected by it do ask for help. We can’t deny our personal and global responsibility. On a more personal level this new age will not allow us to get stuck in the wrong relationship, job or life. No longer we can deny our own psychic abilities which are there to guide us on the right path.

No longer we should deny our personal power – the power from within.

Showing us that there is so much more than meets the eye.

Reminding us that we are here to evolve, that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Our psychic abilities that do tell us that there is no limitations. Nor space or time. We are able to heal ourselves and others and raise above the detachment of only a physical and material existence.

The healthy integration of these insights could lead to a new Revolution – The Revolution of the Soul.

May the exploration of our personal psychic abilities be the gateway to a new understanding of the self and its limitless potential. I truly wish that more people will discover their unlimited potential and break free from centuries of brainwash and torture, self-denial and giving away their power.

May the exploration and development our own psychic abilities help us to find the truth.

To understand our limitless potential and followed by the understanding that we came here for a reason. To live, explore, expand our very own consciousness and share it with the world.

Julie Jurgan



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Grosmont House – Retreat in the North Yorkshire Moors, UK


“In matters of healing the body or the mind, vacation is a true genius!”

– Mehmet Murat Ildan

There is a place where being “home” from home is not only a word but a real expression of the soul.

A place where the time seems to stand still and we are able to breathe again. Breathing in the fresh air of untouched landscapes and merge with the heart of deep devotion for inner peace and tranquility. The North Yorkshire National Park not only offers peace, space and quiet but also something we might have forgotten about in our rat race against the time.

The everlasting moment of true beauty and belonging can be found in the hills of the North Yorkshire Moors.

This might has been the reason why Selma and Chris decided to buy Grosmont House a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors. Only within a few months Selma and Chris formed the existing B&B into an inviting, warm-hearted and welcoming space of “Home” from home.


Filled with light and love the Grosmont house sparkles together with its owners and invites the guests for an unforgettable stay in the North Yorkshire Moors. Just next to the famous Grosmont train station from which the guests can go on a Steam train journey around the Moors. The Grosmont Steam train experience is something totally unique and special that booking in advance is very much recommended.

But not only Steam train fans but also hiker, walker and people who are looking for a break from the busy everyday life will enjoy a stay in Grosmont.




Grosmont House offers six rooms (2 double, 2 kingsize, 1 single, 1 twin) that have been beautifully renovated. In addition to that there are 2 self-catering cottages with two bedrooms each from which you are able to see the Steam train.

Selma has been a cook/caterer for many years and is very ambitious about providing not only a delicious but also a sustainable breakfast for their guests. Only locally sourced and produced products will find their way onto the breakfast table in Grosmont House.

There is a nice variety from the traditional fully English to the vegetarian and more healthy option. Everyone will find what they have been looking for.


Within yourself there is a stillness, a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time by yourself.”

Herman Hesse

For many years Selma has been catered/cooked but also organized all different kind of retreats. Knowing about the importance of a healthy lifestyle in combination with uplifting and empowering yourself in a group, Selma and Chris welcome people who are looking for that kind of experience. The Grosmont House is a great venue to run/host Weekend-Retreats, or  week-long stays. The inviting entry hall can be easily set up for your special needs and wishes.

Also a full catering service can be arranged if that is what you are looking for. Long walks in the North Yorkshire Moors or a train ride across the Esk Vally can add a very important note to your personal retreat experience.

Grosmont House can host up to 15 people at once. Please get in touch and let Selma and Chris know what kind of retreat you would like to hold and when.


The rooms come with:

– modern ensuite powerful shower
– comfortable bed & pocket sprung mattress
– Eqyptian cotton bed linen
– 100% cotton bath sheets
– Digital Flatscreen TV with DVD
– Free Wifi
– Hairdryer
– luxury toiletries
– Hot drink making facilities
– Access to free on site parking


Grosmont is an easy reach from Whitby by car, only 7 miles away and 30 miles from Middlesbrough via car.

There is a possibility to take the Esk Valley Train from Middlesbrough to Grosmont and experience one of the most scenic train rides in the whole country.



Local Attractions:

Yorkshire Moors , Robin Hoods Bay, Scarborough, Stephen Joseph Theater, York, Walking and Cycling, Steam Railway, Fishing and Angling, Local Pubs/Restaurants, Yorkshire Moors


For any enquiries please contact Selma and Chris on 01947 895699 and mention “Blossom of the Soul” as your booking reference.



Grosmont House
YO22 5PE

Inner Smile Retreat

There is a truly hidden gem which is not know by many yet. A place where sandy beaches are not overcrowded and space is more than just a word. Saltburn-by-the-sea is an old Victorian Seaside Resort and shines its beauty in every season. A place to relax, to recharge, to let go and furthermore to heal yourself from the huzzle and buzzle of the modern life. Once upon a time smugglers have lived here and hid their treasures, today it is a place to start out on a journey that will change your life.
Only 12 miles from Middlesbrough and a stone’s from the North Yorkshire Moors National Park is Saltburn-by-the-sea the perfect getaway for people who are looking for some peace and quiet.

In this wonderful seaside resort there is a place that invites you to rest and recharge yourself. The “Inner Smile” Retreat is a selfcatering-accomondation for the low and alternative budget traveller. Run by a Rainbow Tai-Chi Master who once came to Saltburn and never left, just like many of the others who live in Saltburn now. A beautiful house with a huge garden make the “Inner Smile” Retreat to a unique place in a very special town. Surrounded by small community of houses and just the opposite of a very quiet spot offers you a great place to stay. Only 15 min by foot from the town center in which you will find local shops, cafes and pubs(Butcher, Bakery, Sainsburys, Marine Pub, Italian Restaurant, Real Meals, Rapps…).
The beach is only 10 min away and will invite you with it over 5 mile long sandy beauty to do surfing, swimming, bodyboarding, horse riding, walking, hiking, spend time in cafe or have some fish and chips at the great Seaview Restaurant and take a walk on Saltburn Pier.
Saltburn-by-the-sea has not only its amazing beach to offer but also the Valley Gardens which will nourish you with wonderful scenery, woodland, glens and a small river. There is always something going on in Saltburn no matter if you look for theater, music, poetry or you want to express yourself in one of the art classes.

The “Inner Smile” Retreat offers you everything that you need during your stay in Saltburn-by-the-sea. From a warm welcome to the use of the Sauna that is located in the right corner in the garden.
David Baines is a Tai Chi Master and offers his services to his guests as well, that means you can ask for your personal One-to-One Tai Chi lessons or receive some Chi Healing (pricing on request).

The accomondation:

A self-contained ground floor private apartment (excluding toilet / shower, bathroom facilities – which you will find in the main building)Double bed, heating, cooking, hand washing facilities, use of private fruit & veg garden included in the cost of £17.50 per night each person or £30 for two.
Long term stays on request.

Additional facilities at cost are Private Sauna @ £5 per session and main clothes washer facility @ £2 each wash. As a cat lives on the premises no animals – sorry.

Local bus stop is 2 mins walk and Saltburn train station 15 mins walk. Ample road free car parking.

If you have further questions or want to book your stay, please contact David on:

Saltburn can easily be reached from London via train to Middlesbrough and then the local train to Saltburn. Megabus from London Victoria to Middlesbrough only (£15 return).

Via plane, the nearest airport is Newcastle with a direct train link from Saltburn to Newcastle about an 1,5 hours. Or Manchester with direct train link from Middlesbrough (Northern Rail) to Manchester airport 3,5 hours.