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Julie Jurgan – Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Looking back after all these years of training, learning, studying and working as a medium and healer I know that I found my purpose. This is what I came here to do and even from an early age I was aware of my gifts but not sure how to use them. Born and raised in Germany, my mother a homeopath and my dad a business manager I found myself torn between my occupation and my calling. I already used my first tarot cards when I was 12 years and did “fun” readings for my friends but never thought that I was really gifted in that way. As much as my parents tried to give me a solid foundation in life and asked me to learn a proper job I soon found out that being a visual merchandiser wouldn’t make me happy at all.

I had to follow my own path and find out what my purpose here on earth was. When I was 18 I started travelling the world and meeting people I wouldn’t have met if I would have stayed where I grew up. It took me nearly seven years of searching, travelling and doubting my path till I reached the Arthur Findlay College. It was there where I started my medium & healing education on a serious level when I turned 27 which was in 2011.

Since 2014 I live permanently in the UK.

Medium Education:

Since then I learnt as much as I could possible gain from many different teachers at the Arthur Findlay College, many of them very well-known and acknowledged mediums and healers. I learnt from people like Paul Jacobs, John Johnson, Andy Byng, Stella Upton, Kitty Wood, Jacky Wright, Biaggio Tropeano, Lynn Parker.

In 2015 I finished my Mentorship program with certified “Medium of Excellence” from Tony Stockwell.

I studied Spiritualism with the Spiritualist National Union from 2012 – 2015 to give me a good foundation and knowledge about the origins and phenomena of Spiritualism.

Healing Education:

Original Bachflower Remedies


2014 Healing with Bachflower Remedies with Medium & Healer Susanne Munley.

I learnt how to apply the power of the Bachflower Remedies to assist in mental, emotional and physical healing.


Attunement to Tachyon Energy

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2014 Initiation into working with Tachyon Energy with Shamanic Healer Jade Cane.

I learnt how to charge objects with cleansing and clearing energy.


Astroshamanic Dance


2014 Initiation into Astroshamanic Trance Dance with Healer & Holistic Therapist George Hollis.

I learnt how to use my physical energy to access the power of the zodiac.


Spiritual Healing

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2015 Introduction into Spiritual Healing at the AFC College, Essex.

I learnt how to use spirit energy to heal myself and others.


Trance Healing


2015 Introduction into Trance Healing with Medium & Healer Natalie Walker.

A natural evolution from my spiritual healing to use different trance states and spirit guides for deeper healing.


Angelique Reiki


2016 Attunement to Angelique Reiki with Healer & Hypnotherapist Sukirat Kaur Bahra.

Attunement to Angel Healing Rays and its use to enhance my healing abilities.


Dragon Reiki 1 &2, Dragon Ki Reiki & Dragon Empowerment


2016 Initiation into Dragon Reiki 1 & 2, Dragon Ki Reiki & Dragon Empowerment with Shaman Peter Aziz.

Powerful attunements for enhancing healing abilities and empowerment.


Shamanic Trauma Release Technique

2016 Initiation into Trauma Release with Shamanic Practitioner Trevor Cowan.

Specialized technique to release trauma from body, mind and spirit.


Power of Manifestation

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2016 Manifestation & Multidimensional Shamanic Journeying with Astroshaman Franco Santoro.

Powerful empowerment on how to manifest in multidimensional worlds.


Healing Relationship on Multidimensional Level

2017 Multidimensional Relationship Healing with Astroshaman Franco Santoro.

Working & studying of the astroshamanic zodiac its healing properties and how to access them.


Healing Addiction

In 2018 I took part in an Online Healing Addiction Summit with Gabor Mate. During that time I learnt the complexity about addiction and how to deal with it on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level. I integrate this understanding in my healing work.


Philosophy Education:


Creative Writing


2004 – 2007 Diploma in Creative Writing & Non-Fiction.

I studied creative writing and the writing of non-fiction in Germany.



Diploma in Chinese Metaphysics 

I studied  Chinese Metaphysics for three years including the Philosophy of Daoism, Geomancy and Chinese Astrology.

I hold a Diploma in Feng Shui as well as Chinese Astrology. I offer personal consultations only on request.

 Initiation into Korean Buddhism

I lived in South Korea in 2007 and during that period I was initiated into “The Art of Being” @ Guinsa Temple.

It was my first real contact with Korean Buddhism & its monks. The healing power of Buddhism never left me since and I still do offer Buddhist Blessings for Healing.

Study of Spiritualism

2012 – 2015 Study of Spiritualism its History, Philosophy and Phenomena with Spiritualist National Union.

I build a solid foundation about the knowledge of Spiritualism, its pioneers, expressions, phenomena and origins.

Diploma in Universal laws

In 2015 – 2016 I studied the 50 universal laws of Stuart Wilde. Based on his understanding of the universal laws I did a video blog and worked myself through the expression of each of the 50 universal laws. A powerful and transformational experience.

Diploma in Theosophy

In 2017 I received the Diploma in Theosophy with the Theosophical Society of England.

A natural evolution of my ongoing studies into spirituality, esoteric and its manifestations.


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Julie Jurgan

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No one is born Self Confident

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

No on is born Self-Confident even some people tend to believe that. As if self-confidence is a gift that was given to a few by birth and others have to work hard for it, some of us even a life time. This believe is a myth and has created a lot of confusion and misunderstanding within our personal expression of ourselves.

After years of self-development and also walking and exploring the spiritual path, I honestly can say: No one was born Self-Confident furthermore that the growth of self -confidence has different stages we go through. There are internal and external factors that do play a very important role in building self-confidence by understanding this we gain a lot of insights and can change accordingly.

There are many studies and even more opinions about the subject of self-confidence and many of them teach us a totally wrong picture what it actually is.

The concept of self-confidence is commonly used as self-assurance in one’s personal judgement, ability, power, etc. One increases self-confidence from experiences of having mastered particular activities. It is a positive belief that in the future one can generally accomplish what one wishes to do. Self-confidence is not the same as self-esteem, which is an evaluation of one’s own worth, whereas self-confidence is more specifically trust in one’s ability to achieve some goal…” – Wikipedia 2018

I wonder how many people do truly know what self-confidence is, how many of us do still believe the media’s opinion that confidence can only increase if we buy this or that. Only if we possess certain things or follow a certain method we will finally gain self-confidence and can achieve anything we want in life.

Internal and external factors that shape Self-confidence

There are many different factors which play an important role in building self-confidence early in our lives. Most important probably will be our parents and how much they encouraged, supported and loved us. This relationship is the foundation for the rest of our lives and determines very much on how we see ourselves. The more we grow up the more we come in touch with other external factors such as teachers and other children at school. The teachers opinion about our performance in school has a huge impact on our self-confidence and can break us. In that period of time we also confronted with media’s idea about our self-image and especially as a teenager we are so vulnerable to the opinions of others. These early external factors play an important role in our person development of self-confidence and can have an impact we will feel a life time. Unless we become conscious and aware enough or shall I say brave enough to heal and break through childhood or early teenage trauma.

The role of our parents towards Self-confidence

While we are children, we are totally dependent on our parents and what they make us belief about ourselves. Some people say that children have developed a sense of self-esteem by the age of 5. Dependent on our parents and how much they supported us during the early ages we will grow rich or poor in self-confidence. If rejection, abuse or the inability to express love towards children has taken place, the child will suffer a lot more than other children. In addition to that its not only what our parents do think about us but also what the parents do think about themselves. How can a parent give a good idea of self-confidence if its not present within themselves? The parents inability to love themselves or being proud of their own achievements will also be reflected towards the child. Especially that happens if the child in its innocent nature strives to be better and learn new things. If the parents then hold on to their own lack of self-confidence it doesn’t allow the child to make new experiences that help him/her grow. This is often how problems and belief systems are passed down from one generation to the other, to the point where one family member finally breaks free by seeking actively help regarding these problems.

Performance and the fail of the education system to offer true support

Performance is everything, parents are still believing that only if a child performs good in school it will make it in life. Teachers thinking the same, but for them it is more important if the child does perform good in a certain subject. Because for the teacher it is a sign that he/she is doing the right job. I wonder how many teacher actually do ask themselves if what they teach is actually needed in life? In addition to that I want to raise the question how many children nearly break under the expectations of parents and teachers to perform rather than be themselves? We still do believe only if we achieve something with the highest scores it would build up our self-confidence, this is only half true.

Yes, achievement has something to do with building self-confidence but it can be an achievement in anything. Something we do like, something we do have a passion for, something we set our minds to and we achieved it with our own two hands or with support of others.

In schools and education the achievement mostly includes to repeat what has been said or to achieve the highest mark so we are able to get a better job in the future. As statistics have shown how many world class students are still out of work. On the other hand side how many famous or successful people are truly depressed?

It is a myth and we still go for the idea that happiness is found on the outside, based on this believe we run around a life time, continuously asking ourselves when it will finally come. The day we achieved to be content and at ease with ourselves?

motessory academy

Real Self-Confidence comes from within

Let me say again, self-confidence is not something we are born with but something that we gain throughout life. It is very important to understand the difference, furthermore it will help to build a solid foundation on which self-confidence finally can grow.

From a spiritual perspective the problem arises already with our birth. The moment when the spirit incarnates into a physical body and sets itself the challenge to experience the world through the eyes of its own. From the moment we are born we are totally dependant on our parents, or at least on our mothers. We need to be fed, looked after and told how to do things. Dependant on our parents this can be a tricky path and very much is up to them what they think is really important to us. But also what they think about themselves. Then we are forced into an education system that makes us believe that our performance on how to repeat what is told will get us what we need in life. Unable to understand ourselves, the world around us we do suffer from an early age from an alienation what life is really about.

Its not about how good you perform in life but what you gain from life. How good you learn to express yourself in many different ways in this life time. How brave you are to truly explore and be who you are. Furthermore how capable you are to deal with life difficulties without losing the belief in yourself. This often is not taught to us by our parents or in school. Media and news do as well fail in building a strong foundation for people to understand life of what it truly is.

In the last instance many people turn to spirituality around the age of mid 40’s. When we have lived through some difficulties in life, we might gone through childbirth, marriage, divorce, experienced loss, and death in one way or the other, we made it in a job or even lost it once. We suddenly realize that all this somehow made us stronger and more experienced at the same time we do feel more vulnerable. Feeling that life can hit you very unexpected and nothing much you can do about it. One day we are self-confident and we think we can achieve anything the next moment this conviction is gone with the wind. All that is left is the question what is next? And how we are going do deal with it?

Self-confidence is a process from self-exploration and experiences, how we deal with them and how open we are to change? Some people are maybe born with a stronger will to live, some people got a thicker skin than others. A few people know that they asking for assistance or help to deal with certain circumstances is not a crime but very necessary to outgrow old belief systems about the self. Others might turned bitter and given up on life. In all of us there is the potential for greatness and it is up to us what we are going to make of it.

How much can we accept that life is full of unexpected changes? How far can we push ourselves to strive to new heights? Can we forgive ourselves and others for making mistakes? When do we realize that self-confidence is not something that we are born with but something that needs to be trained, brought back into life once it was lost and maybe restored when it has been broken. Understanding what role our parents, teachers, others, the media and society played in shaping the belief in ourselves. It is a slowly process of getting to know yourself better, day by day. Sorting out what you want and what you don’t want, allowing your limitations and dreams to guide you. Realizing a setback is not the end and every day we got the chance to start all over again.

Medium – Healer – Soulactivist

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

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Soulevolution and the course of time

I am working as a medium for a while now and I would like to say that I learnt from some very good teachers. These teachers were important along my way of understanding myself, my own potential and what it means to develop my psychic abilities.

As a natural process over the time I grew out of my teachers and looked for my own answers to a subject I lived all my life and never understood.

The teaching and training years are very important to build a solid foundation for your psychic development. But also the years of personal practice and experience will lead you into a new direction of understanding and questioning. Not everyone who starts out to explore their own psychic abilities is going to be a medium. Or even should not start with only this intention in mind. Furthermore let it be a journey to discover yourself and your unlimited potential as human and spiritual being. May the truth set you free!

If we look back in time, people with psychic abilities or supernatural powers can be found during the history of mankind. In ancient traditions we can find the shamans, the healers and seers, the spiritual leaders of a tribe. In those times people reached out to those shamans for advise, help, assistance and healing. People believed that spiritual guidance was important for their well-being and the survival of the whole tribe. The shamans words were accepted and their wisdom respected as it came from the highest realms of spirit. Not everyone was allowed or destined to be a shaman only a few were chosen by spirit to take on that enormous responsibility.

Many shamans went through a long period of initiation, spend time alone in caves and forests to strengthen their connection with the spirit world. They learnt about plants and their use, tuned into the wisdom of the universe and created rituals to celebrate their connection.

The more time went by the more the human consciousness developed and went through different stages of self-understanding and expression. But also our lifestyle and our understanding of the world has changed and been shaped over the centuries rapidly. We as human race have gone through periods of abundance and poverty, of huge wars and peaceful times. Passed through logical and rational thinking and exploration as well as times of religious fanaticism and blind belief. Till we reached our modern times with all its technology and a new way of scientific understanding of the world.

Birth of Spiritualism till the modern times

If we take a look at the 1850 where the phenomena of the “Hydesville Rappings”(read whole article about the Hydesville Rappings here) appeared in America as one of the first official recorded psychic/physical phenomena to a wider audience all around the world.

A family in America received strange rappings in their house and found out that it was a murdered pedlar who was buried in the basement of the house.

Spiritualism found its beginnings and spread like fire in the newspapers in the USA and swapped over to Europe within a few years. Suddenly everywhere so-called physical phenomena appeared and more and more people opened up to another kind of reality. All over the country, especially in America and the UK people started to go and visit seances where there was contact made with the spirit world. Tables started to turn, furniture were lifted by ghost hands and mediums demonstrated their abilities to give messages from beyond. The western world seemed curious to explore what else was there that the eyes could not see and the mind too limited to comprehend.

When World War I and II hit, the bereaved longed for validation for a life after death. Mediumship was there to help, assist and prove what so many were looking for. People found comfort in the messages they received from their loved ones from the other side during a sitting with a medium. Especially in England mediums had a famous status and where well-known in the public. More and more scientist also showed interest in the exploration of the so-called spirit world and gathered together to explore the subject on a deeper level.

The outbreaks and suffering of two great world wars left the world with deep shock, sadness and desperation. Especially in those times, mediumship rose to another level in which the need of hearing from loved ones who passed over was desperately needed.

A lot of comfort, understanding and compassion was spread with the work of spiritualist mediums and their continuous efforts bringing messages from beyond.

Sadly even during those times, ignorance joined the table and many mediums suddenly were said to be fraud. Therefore many mediums were jailed or put on the Society Stack. The masses pulled away and believed more in what has been written by people who claimed to prove mediumship non-existence. Rather than following the path of self-exploration and experience. Luckily the Spiritual National Union achieved to release the The Witchcraft Act of 1735 remained in force in Britain well into the 20th century, until its eventual repeal with the enactment of the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951.

The Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 was repealed on 26 May 2008 by new Consumer Protection Regulations following an EU directive targeting unfair sales and marketing practices.

It allowed to give mediumship a legal status as a religious belief and classified the demonstration of mediumship in public for entertaining purposes only.

Even today the SNU (Spiritual National Union) offers quality training and a standard for mediumship with the focus on religious point of view more than self-empowerment or the exploration of the soul as individual.

The 60’s – Another consciousness revolution

Another big impact for the raise of consciousness or Soulevolution took place when the american invasion in Vietnam escalated in 1961. Many students, peace activists and leftist intellectuals protested all around the globe together. Slowly but steady the Hippie Revolution, New Age Movement or the Anti-war Revolution started. The first time after so many years that no longer the people would accept cruelty, disempowerment and the torture that another war could bring with it.

Spirituality reached a new expression and as a natural evolution 20 years after the second world war spirituality and religion were finally disconnected. No longer spirituality was tied to a visit of churches and following dogmatic point of views. Furthermore it reached out to masses, to join together and experience spirituality on a totally new level. A powerful movement that led people into self-exploration, inspired new thoughts about humanity combined with mystical and esoteric traditions.

During those times many new ways of exploring own consciousness with psychoactive drugs, music but also spiritual techniques such as yoga and meditation found a place into society.

 Unity, Humanity and equality were the new values this movement asked for and would do everything to make itself heard.

Social Ignorance, Materialism, Egoistic behaviour no longer should be the driving force for a society that was too blind to see. A social system that was build up on the trauma of two world wars and the idea that material safety and security would be the only answer for a cruel world.

During those times people of these movements were not afraid to experience themselves in other realities, to step over social restrictions, rebellion and finally the idea of another way of living together as one human race was born.


While the 50’s still focused on new technologies and the comfort of material possessions as an expression of success in life. The 60’s blew this attitude in the wind. Sharing and caring was the new way of life to bring down the concept of separation and inequality.

After the Vietnam war ended in 1975 much was gained such as the Civil Rights Movement in America which allowed black people the same rights as white ones. But also the American Feminist Movement found a new voice and shouted over traditional boundaries. The world had changed and new ideas still moved at the surface of this new society. Unfortunately slowly the hippie movement was soon replaced by the new hunger for oil and its material potential. People slowly turned their faces towards material security again and the stock market offered once again new possibilities for money investments.

New technology especially the first mass market computer in 1964 once again should change the live of so many and as we know today – the world itself. The hunger for more new technology possibilities grew with every step and was based to bring a new understanding for the outside world.

But on the other hand side Spiritual teachers and gurus had a high demand in the early 1980s which came from the revolutionary area of the 60s. Love and Peace seemed to be the only answer to the way of moving humanity forward into a new generation of compassion and understanding for each other. The 80s finally started to bring this understanding for a new fruition. Yoga, Aloe Vera, Meditation, Alternative Therapies and a holistic approach slowly sneaked into the consciousness of a wider audience as a result of the desire for a better understanding of the world and the self.

The 21rst Century – The urge to return to the roots

Coming now into the 21rst Century I feel our urge to return to our spiritual roots. We are very much a society that is fed by the ideas of what screens have to offer. Our food is processed, the people we call heroes are celebrities and nature is something we might now and again experience if we make it away from the comfort of our couch. Reality is something we mostly perceive through the media and its negative news broadcasting. Therefor we feel the world is a place we should be fearful of and which we try to avoid as much as possible.

The world around us might have changed but deep within us we still are the same. Apart from that looking after our bodies in regards of enough sleep and food to keep them alive our soul slowly is dying from the disconnection we created with our environment.

We experience more mental health issues than ever before. Suicide rates are rising daily and the number burn outs can’t be counted anymore. We got everything on the material level and still suffer, how is that possible?

A new understanding – the power within

The answer to that might lay in the understanding that we are more than our bodies and our brains. That there is something within us that doesn’t care about material possessions because it is aware that they are this is an illusion and wont last forever. This something is called your soul. It is that eternal part of yourself that part of your consciousness which survives physical death. The soul longs for true connection with the world, nature and others. That something within you telling you that even if you achieved all you ever dreamt of you might not be happy or healthy.

That something that reminds you that you are not your body, you are not what you have and how many people will praise you. But that silent voice within you saying: “What is it that you truly love? What is it that you are living for? What is it that really counts?”

Humanity might be at a turning point these days once again. Realizing that we can’t go on living like this. We can’t destroy nature and pretending we are not a part of it. We can’t start wars and then turn our back when people are affected by it do ask for help. We can’t deny our personal and global responsibility. On a more personal level this new age will not allow us to get stuck in the wrong relationship, job or life. No longer we can deny our own psychic abilities which are there to guide us on the right path.

No longer we should deny our personal power – the power from within.

Showing us that there is so much more than meets the eye.

Reminding us that we are here to evolve, that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Our psychic abilities that do tell us that there is no limitations. Nor space or time. We are able to heal ourselves and others and raise above the detachment of only a physical and material existence.

The healthy integration of these insights could lead to a new Revolution – The Revolution of the Soul.

May the exploration of our personal psychic abilities be the gateway to a new understanding of the self and its limitless potential. I truly wish that more people will discover their unlimited potential and break free from centuries of brainwash and torture, self-denial and giving away their power.

May the exploration and development our own psychic abilities help us to find the truth.

To understand our limitless potential and followed by the understanding that we came here for a reason. To live, explore, expand our very own consciousness and share it with the world.

Julie Jurgan



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Matthias Güldenstein – Modern Pioneer in Science of Mediumship

Have you ever thought, that science and spirituality can´t go together? Or did you always had the feeling, that they are definitely going hand in hand and if you open up yourself, you will explore a world behind the scenes?

matthias-gc3bcldenstein1Matthias Güldenstein is one of these truth seekers, an endless hunger for answers lead him all over the world. For me, he is one of the modern pioneers that create a new understanding of science and spirituality. Naming the unknown, touching the invisible, trying to get as close as possible to take a look behind the veil. He found the Psi-Verein Basel in 1967 and is still its honorary president. Now the Psi-Verein Basel is run by Lucius Werthmüller. In 984 Matthias and Eva Güldenstein than founded the Psi Zentrum Basel where they created a place for like-minded people to learn, connect, inspire and share.

Matthais Güldenstein is a lovely man, with a big beard that gains all the wisdom in it 😉 Curious eyes and a sharp mind he looks where others don’t want to and explores new territority. A man full of knowledge and life experiences and still carrying an open heart for new adventures and for different opinions and world views. His ability to think outside the box is stunning as well his radiation of deep calmness. When I met him, it felt as my mind could take a rest and I just wanted to learn more, more about all that is there to see.

It wasn´t always easy to be different from others, asking questions that others might don’t want to think of. But only by doing so, you will find the deeper meaning for all that is.
His impressions and experiences are put together in a wonderful book: “Botschafter für die geistige Welt” ( german language)

Matthias Felix Güldenstein – Botschafter der geistigen Welt

By reading this book, the seekers will once again step into new terrain and gain a wider understanding of the metaphysical. Lucky enough, the book is in german, because there are not many of that books in german about mediumship, psychic and the Movement of Spiritualism.

Matthias is one of those people, whose put all their energy into one thing, they really believe in. His and the engagement of his wife Eva Güldenstein seems to be endless. Not only in PSi Zentrum Basel ( as they also went to India and Bali, where they met mediums, shamans and other spiritual workers and learnt a lot from them about spirituality and working techniques. Matthias really feels like home in Bali and is very interested in Bali-Hinduism and its Spirituality. In addition to that Matthias is a part of the International Spiriutalist Federation (ISF) and is committed to spread the word of Spiritualism.

Eva Güldenstein

eva-gc3bcldensteinHis wife Eva is the Regional Representative of the ISF for Germany and Switzerland. When there are more of those people who are putting their heart and soul into something they really believe in and have a passion for, it will be possible to create a wider understanding and a different perception of what life is all about.

The era of a new consciousness has arrived and there are places to go, for all those, who do have questions. There is space to make spiritual experiences with your own truth and there are people who are willing to support and help you. Matthias and Eva Güldenstein are two of them, the offer a 2 year education course in Mediumship in Switzerland. I appreciated to work with them at the Arthur Findlay College with House of Spirit.

Thank you for your lovely company!

Matthias and Eva Güldenstein are living in Switzerland, they work as mediums, teachers, Spirit Art Mediums and organizers of the Psi Zentrum Basel.

The common ground of addiction – Dr. Dan L. Edmunds

Some have endured trauma, others have not. Some have been poor and oppressed, others were born into privilege and had a high level of freedom. Some struggled with learning, some were highly educated.

But addiction arose regardless.

And what was it that they shared in common?

Other than being human, it was discontent, lack of meaning and purpose, and an overwhelming angst leading to that desire to control the uncontrollable.

And for those who overcome, what did they have in common?

An enlightenment of the mind, a reframing of thought, gratitude for each moment, a heart of service, an endurance in struggle, hope with realism, a communion with the other, a willingness to ride the waves of life rather than fight them, using angst as a motivator for what can be changed rather than being overwhelmed and bewildered in thought.

pic by

Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D, CAADC


Dr. Dan L. Edmunds is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Psychotherapist. Dr. Edmunds completed undergraduate studies at the University of Florida and received a Master of Arts from the University of Scranton. Dr. Edmunds completed post graduate coursework in Dispute Resolution at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Edmunds earned a Doctorate of Education in Pastoral Community Counseling from Argosy University of Sarasota. He is a Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association and a member of the American Psychological Association and Episcopal Recovery Ministries.

Dr. Edmunds work has focused on autistic empowerment, relational approaches to extreme states of mind and addiction recovery. His work has been featured at Psychology Today online, Autism File, Autism Radio, CCHR Inernational,  Autism Parenting Magazine, Recovery Radio (Rhode Island), Talk Recovery (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Autism World, Chronogram Magazine, Psychology Tomorrow, InRecovery Magazine, Pioneer Magazine, CNN Philadelphia and radio programs in Des Moines, Iowa; Hartford, CT; Providence, RI; Phoenix, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; Daytona Beach, FL; Tampa, FL; Melbourne, FL; Oakland University.

Dr. Edmunds has spoken at various professional conferences including being an invited speaker at the 2013 Society for Humanistic Psychology Conference at Pacifica Graduate Conference.


Dr. Edmunds is an ordained clergyman in an Anglican jurisdiction.

1975- Born in Tampa, Florida, USA on March 11 at 11:59pm

1981- begins elementary school at North Shore Elementary, St. Petersburg, FL

1982- tested in the gifted range at North Shore Elementary, St. Petersburg, FL

1983- relocates to Fort Collins, Colorado

1991- serves as youngest legislative aide in the State of Colorado

1992- serves on staff of a Congressional campaign, transports Martin Luther King III to an event at Bethune Cookman College

1993- invited to the swearing in ceremony for Congressional Black Caucus, baptized at St. Brendan’s parish in Ormond Beach, FL

1994- begins undergraduate study at the University of Florida

1996- ordination to the diaconate

1997- ordained to as a presbyter, graduates with a Bachelor of Arts with major in Religion, minor in Sociology from the University of Florida, begins Master of Arts program in Theology at the University of Scranton

1999- involved in internship with victims of trauma, receives Master of Arts in Theology from the University of Scranton

2000- begins work as a psychotherapist for children and adolescents, completes graduate coursework in Dispute Resolution at Nova Southeastern University

2003- delivers first lecture on mental health alternatives in New Port Richey, Florida

2005- presents lecture “Thinking Outside the Bio-Psychiatric Paradigm” at the International Center for the Study of Psychology and Psychiatry conference, Flushing, New York

2006- earns Doctorate of Education in Pastoral Community Counseling from the University of Sarasota. Establishes the International Center for Human Psychiatry, delivers keynote speech at Niagara Falls, begins lecture tour, published “Comprehensive Approach to ADHD”, begins private consultation with focus on autism, trauma, and extreme states of mind

2009- begins therapeutic community project for those with serious psychiatric labels focusing on respect and autonomy

2010- publishes MEETING OF TWO PERSONS: WHAT THERAPY SHOULD be, speaker at ICSPP conference, Syracuse, NY

2011- speaker at Occupy Wall Street events, MEETING OF TWO PERSONS lecture tour, receives Diplomate status from the American Psychotherapy Association

2012- travels to UK and Ireland

2013- published SACRED SPACE AND VOICES IN THE WILDERNESS, METANOIA, and COSMIC DANCE, invited speaker at Society for Humanistic Psychology conference, Pacifica Graduate Institute

2017- qualifies as Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, publishes MEANING AND THE ART OF RECOVERY

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A new beginning – Speech on the 21st century

A powerful speech on the needs and challenges of the 21st Century. Manly P. Hall was a philosopher, sage, writer, author and public speaker. His thoughts are meaningful and thoughtful they offer time to reflect and think what kind of world we want to live in. What is the responsibility we leave to the next generations and what challenges are there to be met? Is it possible to live a happy and free life in the 21st century? Or has humanking gone to far already and nothing can be turned around anymore. Have a listen and let us know what you feel about it. Is there a new beginning?

Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author and mystic. He is perhaps most famous for his work The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, which is widely regarded as his magnum opus, and which he published at the age of 25 (or 27, 1928)

He has been widely recognized as a leading scholar in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult.

Carl Jung, when writing Psychology and Alchemy, borrowed material from Hall’s private collection.

In 1934, Hall founded the Philosophical Research Society (PRS) in Los Angeles, California, dedicating it to an idealistic approach to the solution of human problems. The PRS claims to be non-sectarian and entirely free from educational, political, or ecclesiastical control, and the Society’s programs stress the need for the integration of philosophy, religion, and science into one system of instruction. The PRS Library, a public facility devoted to source materials in obscure fields, has many rare and scarce items now impossible to obtain elsewhere.

In 1973 (47 years after writing The Secret Teachings of All Ages), Hall was recognized as a 33º Mason (the highest honor conferred by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite), at a ceremony held at PRS on December 8th, despite never being initiated into the physical craft.

In his over 70-year career, Hall delivered approximately 8,000 lectures in the United States and abroad, authored over 150 books and essays, and wrote countless magazine articles.

( source –


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Astroshamanic Dance in Saltburn – A Review

Blossom of the Soul organized the Astroshamanic dance with Franco Santoro at the Earthbeat Centre in Saltburn by the sea.

I’ve been connected with Franco via the Internet and through my beautiful friend George Hollis for many moons now, longing to meet in person and experience what he does for what seems like forever.

Always something popped up, maybe not right timing which is always how it works for me, plan something to not receive, more of ‘ the moment will arrive just be’.

Then Julie Jurgan from Blossom of the Soul sent me an invitation, through Julie and patience we were able to meet. Wow. Even the journey to the centre felt guided ,nugent get lost and arrived early!

Greeting at the door was lovely Julie, such warm embrace, and all that came, who I hadnt met so warm so friendly and welcoming.

Then Franco came to welcome us, very pure sacred soul, his embrace felt formless so light. I have done Astroshamanic dance for a while now, yet this was different, it’s quite difficult for me to put into words the experience of the evening, like a higher guidance through sound, deep.

I instantly went into the body which normally I leave it in dance, it felt powerful, every fibre of my being penetrated by the sounds (music) presence. At one point I experienced such a cleansed feeling, empowered in spirit, Francos shamanic toned voice in the ether no gaps. So what was unconscious resided in the body and became light. Then as always left the body and danced with light. When we were coming to completion the ending music touched again so deeply.

Such blessed moments all sat sharing the blessed evening, the love and gratitude felt was so beautiful, like all hearts one beat. The gentle smiles I took away with me. So I’d really like to thank Julie and Franco for making this happen and for such a beautiful meaningful and therapeutic experience and evening in a lovely place by the sea.

As always om mani peme hung….

If you would like to be updated with our events and stuff we do….send an email to

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My friend John 1967 – 2017

Last year I decided to go to India and John kindly offered to put me up whilst I planned the trip, as I had recently moved out of my home in Billericay. It took about three weeks to organise the visa, tickets, vaccinations, etc and it was during this time that I met John’s sister, Teresa, and her grown up children, Daniel and Matilda.

Teresa had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was back in the UK, from her home in Sweden, to sort out some of her affairs. A difficult time for everyone, but John put on a brave face and tried to be bright and bubbly, however the underlying stress was apparent. As I spent time with John he shared more of his worries and concerns that were depriving him of sleep. Not only his sister’s illness but work and relationship troubles. He had left his job at the family farm and was trying to take stock of his life and find new direction. He even applied for a builders merchant manager’s job, for which he was way overqualified, but was unsuccessful. He had split with his partner, Sue, some time ago but still regularly saw his two girls, Isabella and Ayesha.

John’s house had three rooms that were devoted to the girls, adorned with pop band posters, cuddly toys and the like. Wardrobes and drawers were crammed with their clothes, as they stayed over two, three or more nights a week. In the three weeks staying with John I got to know his daughters a little and saw how he absolutely doted upon them. They wanted for nothing. Both the girls, although quite different in character, came across as intelligent, well mannered and considerate. They could even take themselves off to bed without a fuss.

As young teenagers (almost), that was impressive. At the end of November 2016, with a six month visa and no real plan in mind, I left for India. Some healthy food and exercise, walking and yoga, were as far as my intention went. I swapped whatsapp messages with John and sent the odd photo of my travels but then, in early January 2017, he sent a message saying he had been diagnosed with cancer. The shock I felt must have been nothing compared to that felt by John and his family. From then on I was in regular contact with both John and another close friend, Kevin, who kept me abreast of the situation. Speaking with John on the phone, I was surprised to hear how upbeat he was but understandably that didn’t last. As his situation worsened he became more accepting and reflective.

During one of the many email exchanges we had, John replied with the below after I had written about some of my spiritual thoughts and beliefs: “Hi Trev, That was a very thoughtful message. Believe it or not I don’t think what you have suggested is something I don’t believe in. As I said to you, my body has been out of alignment with its natural state for years. Essentially I realised that I m not a hard-nosed businessman in pursuit of untold riches. I pursued a life that never suited my personality. I m not a greedy and selfish person deep down. I now believe following this path has led to my illness. The stress this has brought has caused me untold damage. I think you knew I wasn’t well when you were here. I was quite sure there was something wrong hence my visits to doctors. It was a virus that triggered the cancer off over Christmas. It was almost like it was waiting to be kick started. If you remember I told you I couldn’t breath in the pool in Sweden while at my sister. Stupidly I didn’t push the doctors for a simple X-ray and just listened to them saying there was nothing wrong. I guess now I’m facing the daunting task of operations, chemo and radiation treatments. Basically, a sledge-hammer to open a walnut. I do now need a deep healing within my body to withstand this onslaught. I’m looking at ways to meditate and find peace with myself. As you can imagine, I have just told my children the news and the devastation I feel inside is a pain I cannot explain. My head at night is in turmoil. Sleep, as you well know, is now a precious commodity.

All my dreams, hopes and plans are distant memories. We talked about riding across America on a Harley, finishing my flying course etc. Now I face the fear and emptiness of this long dark road. Time suddenly feels like it has stood still while I watch everyone move forward past me. It’s almost like you have stepped into God’s waiting room. To make things worse I had to break news to my sister who is dying that I cannot give her stem cells to fight her disease. We both get cancer within months of each other. I was already suffering her burden in my mind and now she is staying looking after me! If you believe in fate then I left work 5 months ago and maybe something has given me this time to reflect before I face this trial. I just hope I can face this with dignity and not let my daughters suffer watching me waste away. I hope you find that peace and end the pain of the Tinnitus. I can assure you my sister and I knew you were going through hell with it. Again unless you live it for a day you cannot understand the torment. I want you to have a good life and find a woman to share life with.

At times like these you realise only love, friendship and happiness really matter. Enjoy your trip and hopefully I’ll still be around when you come back. The girls are here and they said hello as does Teresa.”

I held a couple of shamanic ceremonies for him on the beach and upon a cliff top, where I was staying in India. They seemed to make sense to me and I got confirmation back from the universe that I was on the right track in the form of acknowledgment sounds and sights. A local man asking for a photo with me just as i finished the small ceremony on the beach (I had been discreet and he had not seen me conduct it), a bell being rung when I completed the cliff top work with a multitude of eagles.

During this period I spent a week in the city of Trivandrum in Kerala, southern India where, as serendipity would have it , Amma “The Hugging Mother” was holding an event. I went along and took a sacred stone that I was using in the work I was doing with and for John, said prayers for him, and left it in the temple. Again this felt right. However after a few weeks working shamanically it felt as though I could do no more where I was and, as I had been thinking about flying back to the UK to be with my friend, I booked a ticket back. I returned early February and stayed at John’s house. Teresa was nursing him as best she could and many other family members and friends came to help and offer their support.

But John had deteriorated rapidly. I worked with John using my teachings and was there to help out as necessary, even if it that only meant making cups of tea for the many visitors. My ideal, of course, was to be able to help him battle the disease and cure himself, but that seemed out of the question now as destiny had other plans. The decision was made to move John to a hospice and I agreed to spend the first night with him, so that he was not alone in a strange place, and Teresa could try to get some rest, as she had been in constant attendance since coming over from Sweden. As night fell the hospice became quiet and all I could hear was the sound of the oxygen machine, rhythmically pumping out life to a slow morbid beat. I lay awake on the bed in John’s room as he drifted in and out of a medicated consciousness in the chair just round the corner.

I may have grabbed some sleep but mainly I lay and meditated and prayed. I did some more work with John, again hoping in some way it will help him, at least to try to overcome any fear of death but there was little, if any, energy left in him. Around noon the next day Teresa returned with her dad and brother, so I left, saying my heartfelt goodbyes to John, in case I didn’t see him again and returned to his empty house in Southend.

I did more shamanic work that night and realised I needed to do some anger releasing work with him when I returned to the hospice the following day. I have a piece of broken mirrored haematite in my mesa, or medicine bundle, that represents anger which I use with clients. This healing was confirmed when I noticed another smaller piece of haematite stone under John’s empty massage chair, a stone given to him by another friend, who had offered his spiritual support. The next day I packed my mesa and shamanic “tools” into my backpack and made my way to the hospice.

But John had passed earlier in the morning. When I arrived I tried to support the family in their grief as best I could without being intrusive. Whilst sitting talking with his Teresa, I offered to conduct a shamanic style soul release ceremony for John, to send his spirit off to wherever it goes next, even though I had never done one before, I’d only ever been taught it. I told his sister this but she asked me to do it anyway. So I did. His whole family came into the room where John was laid out and I carried out the ceremony. Teresa and other family members thanked me afterwards and said how beautiful it was. Sometime later I walked along the beach near the hospice and had the small piece of mirror like haematite in my hand.

I knew I had to release it into the sea and was drawn to a monument, an obelisk about thirty metres out from the shore, but reachable due to the low tide. I think it is a World War II monument but I’m not entirely sure, however I knew the stone had to be placed there, for the tide to come in and wash away. It was also within sight of the hospice so the connection was strong. As I walked out on this wonderfully becalmed day, I looked down to see a small toy mirrored heart lying there on the stoney foreshore. I knew that this was to come with the stone and I placed both of them on the side of the obelix, said goodbye to John in spirit again and left feeling somewhat lighter amidst such a tragedy. Farewell my friend. Safe travels wherever you are.

Note: It didn’t go unnoticed to me that the place where I received most of my shamanic training was almost directly opposite the hospice in Westcliff and my dad’s wife, Margaret, also volunteers at the same hospice. Yet more synchronicity confirming to me a connection to something bigger.

With Johns sisters blessings I published this article!


My name is Trevor Cowan and I am a Shamanic Practitioner. Following university and a few years travelling, I have spent the majority of my twenty five year career in engineering working for a number of years in Mexico, Brazil and Hong Kong. However, like most on a spiritual path I knew there was something more I needed to be doing, especially as my health began to suffer as I developed digestive problems coupled with acute tinnitus which in the end forced me out of my job, and let’s say, encouraged me to find my own healing path, as the mainstream medical profession could not help me. So for the past fifteen years I have been working consciously on myself, beginning with yoga and meditation and leading on to the study of shamanism, completing a two year training course on the medicine wheel and qualifying as a Shamanic Practitioner.

As a mesa (medicine bundle) carrier following shamanic healing practices handed down by the Q’ero shamans of Peru interwoven with teachings from other shamanic traditions I offer sessions for personal development and growth, past life healing, soul loss, facing and overcoming fears, rekindling the magic and joy in life or providing a clearer vision of what life means. All manner of ailments and problems can be looked at and helped with, including childhood issues, parental relationships, sibling rivalry, sexual and intimacy issues, wounds and traumas, anger and resentment, loneliness, lack of direction, career changes, life blocks, financial and abundance issues, greed and guilt.

The one to one shamanic session normally involves the client laying on the therapy couch as I work. This work can include the gentle laying on of hands, utilising rattles, drums, voice or bells or allowing the background music to bring peace and calm to the healing. A variety of feelings, emotions or physical sensations can come up and I ask that the client be open to whatever happens and allow it to unfold knowing that he or she is in a safe, protected and loving space. This is a very loose outline and the details will always depend upon the client’s needs

At the moment I can only offer distant healing sessions because I am travelling. But these sessions are as powerful as One-to-One Sessions and can be very life transforming.

For more info or if you have any further questions send me an email to or have a look on my website here….

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Free QiGong Healing Event in Saltburn – A reflection

The Free Healing Event with QiGong Master Zhou Zhihao was very successful and our participants learnt a lot.

The event took place in the Woodland Centre in the Valley Gardens in Saltburn on a lovely Saturday morning. Luckily  we were able to do the first QiGong excercise outside and benefit from the natural Qi of the environment.

Zhou Zhiaho told us how important it is to practice QiGong on a regular basis to keep the meridians in the body clean and open so the Qi Energy can circulate freely. Any blockages or stagnation will automatically lead to physical or emotional as well as mental problems or illness. Everything is connected and QiGong and its practice teaches exactly that. Nothing happens separated from the other and we need to nourish our bodies with healthy food, keep them moving with exercise and do regular maintainance mentally.

We learnt on the importance of our emotions and what can happen when we get caught up in them. Therefore we should try to express but also balance them regularly before their imbalance can lead to serious health issues. The 6 relics were one of the healing wisdom teacher Zhou Zhihao had to share on this day. Each relic is a certain chant that helps to release blocked energy of the inner organs and releases what has been suppressed. Similar to chants we can find in Buddhism or Hinduism as well as other religious or spiritual practices.

Food in China is more than just something to fill the belly with. Furthermore in China the people know about the power that lies in certain ingredients, herbs but also vegetables and fruits. All of them carry a certain quality of Qi Energy and deliver a very important part to keep ourselves on track and in balance. Out of this understanding the 5 tastes/smells and energetic qualities were developed and play today a very important part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (more...).

In China people do believe that prevention of disease is more important than anything else, therefore people in China spend a lot of time and thought to prevent illness. This happens not only on a mental level with meditation but  on a physical by practicing Qi Gong, Tai Qi and other Martial Arts Techniques. Nothing happens by accident but everything is related to everything.

Zhou Zhihao taught us how to unblock meridians in our bodies and showed us several self-healing practices. For some of us that was most definitely a very strange and new experience but something we can do all by ourselves at home. Different than in our western culture in china a doctor gets only paid if his patients are healthy, which therefore means he will try everything to keep them healthy. Otherwise in our culture our doctors get paid even more when they offer us pharmaceutical drugs and other things that should cure our problems. Unfortunately side effects and other problems occur and  our western doctors don’t see the relationship of body, mind and spirit.

At the end of our day some of the participants received a free Moxa treatment which helps to clear the meridians. This technique has been known in china for thousands of years and is an important part of healing tradition in china. If you want to read more about a Moxa treatment please read here…

The traditional chinese medicine offers more than a few techniques to stay in balance furthermore it is a profound collection of outstanding healing and prevention techniques. All of them following the one goal – becoming immortal. If you would like to read more about Rainbow Tai Qi and how it can help to improve your life have a look here…

Qi Gong can also be used to heal others if you would like to learn more about this please look here…

A walking Qi Gong exercise can be seen here…

And here you can find an interesting documentary about Qi Gong…

The participant of the Blossom of the Soul Free Healing Event with Zhou Zhihao from China really enjoyed their day. This makes us happy as well…here is some of their feedback and some pictures too.

“Magic to see you n all too ⭐🌟⭐ Super day Thank you so much for helping organizing it and the invite. You still pinching and punching 😆😯😁xx” – Andrew

“Hi Julie, I enjoyed meeting Zhou, thought he was very humble and a real gentleman…” – Terry

“Hi Julie so disappointed that I wasn’t able to stay on Saturday, it sounded really interesting. Felt so much better once I got out in the fresh air…” – Ann

“Thank you Julie ♡♡♡♡ I had such a connecting time, a sweet venue, I felt safe and inspired. Xx” – Jackie

“What a great day…!! Thank you so much…!!” – David

Zhou Zhihao has been teaching Zhineng Qigong worldwide since 2014.


He runs Qigong workshops, retreats in the United Kingdom, China and Pakistan.

His students are coming from all parts of the world and appreciate his wisdom and compassion.

Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong literally means wisdom healing. It is a powerful system of healing that was developed by Dr Pang in the 1990s in China. The first level of Zhineng Qigong is lift qi up and pour qi down it teaches the student to heal, build energy and maintain/strengthen their own energy or Qi field.

Zhihao’s story

Zhou Zhihao was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in the brain at the age of 19. His family couldn’t afford an operation so Zhihao had to look for alternatives. He left his hometown unable to walk properly as he was in excruciating pain and made it to the Huxia centre in which he was introduced to QiGong. He practised solidly in the group qi field for 6-8 hours a day for three months. One day during practise he felt a snake slithering out of his head and a feeling of lightness. Tests revealed the tumour had gone.

We hope to welcome Zhou Zhihao again in Saltburn and maybe this time we will organize a 2-Day Workshop or a Residential Retreat. If you would like to stay updated then send us an email to and we send you our monthly newsletter.

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