My name is Julie Jurgan, I am a Psychic Medium,  Healer and Soulactivist.  I have been working in this field for many years and always aim for a high standard in my work.

I come from a long line of healers and it is important to me to keep this tradition alive. I also have been educated and trained by some very good and powerful healers who taught and still teach me a lot about the art of healing and its hidden secrets.

Life Reading 

It is very important to me that my clients feel comfortable in my sessions and do understand what has been said. A Life Reading is a very personal experience and can be transforming and empowering. I don’t make future predictions but I might point out some potential. I do believe in “Free Will” and that everybody is the master of their own destiny.

Healing Sessions

I use my knowledge that I acquired from my teachers as well as from ancient mystery schools and astrology in my healing sessions.

This helps me to offer deeper meaning and understanding in my work but also to help people living a life in harmony with the cosmos and universal forces.

In my healing and medium practice it is very important to me to tailor my sessions towards my clients my clients individual needs.

Spiritual Coaching

There are limited spaces for Spiritual Coaching available for those who are committed enough to take their life to the next level. These session take place via Skype and are on request only.

If you would like to request more information regarding spiritual coaching please do so here…

Psychic Ability Training

There are also limited places only for those who wish to receive proper training in developing their own psychic abilities. Only consistent and good training will lead to a good understanding of someones own potential and goals.

I offer this only on request and the sessions will be tailored around the individuals needs and requirements.  If you interested in a 1-2-1 training with me please request more information here..

Meditation Sessions

I do run monthly Group Meditation Sessions in different areas. Please check out my Facebook page for upcoming events here…

These Sessions can be a mixture of Mindfulness and Relaxation, Healing , Empowerment or Journeying.  I do cover different aspects in my Group Sessions and experience is not necessary.

There are limited spaces for 1-2-1 Sessions available for those wanting to go deeper into Meditation or those who would like to learn meditation with more personal support. If you would like to get more information on this please contact me here…

These are my 1-2-1 Sessions I do offer in person or via distance:


Life Reading – 45min.

 (in person or via Skype/Phone/FB Messenger/Email)


This One-to-One Session aims at people who:

  • Look for some spiritual guidance
  • Want to gain more clarity on their path
  • Not sure about their souls purpose or their spiritual path
  • Struggle with a certain problem or situation
  • Need assistance for moving forward

A Life Reading will always be empowering and motivating.

You have the chance to ask questions at any time.

Book your Individual Life Reading here…

“Restoring the Balance” – Healing Session 60min

This is a great Session for all those who lost  balance of body, mind and spirit.

It aims at people who are:

  • struggle with stressful situation
  • dealing with insomnia
  • had an operation and need some after care
  • suffer from burn out or anxiety
  • feeling low and tired all the time
  • need assistance in activating their self-healing properties

Together we will work towards establishing the harmony and the alignment of your body as a whole. 

You will feel more relaxed, calm and at ease after this treatment.

This Healing Session is also available via Distance.

Book your “Restoring the Balance” Healing Session here..

“Deep Healing Session” – 60min.

 A powerful in depth Healing Session is for people who:

  • experienced a shock or trauma
  • unable to let go or deal with the past
  • suffered a loss in any form and find it hard to get back on track
  • dealing with depression
  • struggling with addiction
  • suffered from power loss
  • dealing with psychic attacks
  • have experienced abuse in any form
  • suffer from low self-esteem, unworthiness

It is possible to receive this session in person or via distance.

You can book your Individual Deep Healing Session here..

I do offer a FREE 10min. Consultation Session via Phone or Skype

for those who:

  • briefly want to inform me about their circumstances (healht etc.)
  • want to clarify what happens in a Healing Session
  • want to share their expectations of a Healing Session with me
  • want to find out if I am the right Healer for them

I will get back to you and schedule a time that suits us both.

To book this FREE 10min. Consultation Session we will ask you to please fill out this form.

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