Moon Report November 2019 – New Moon in Scorpio

The new moon comes to us in Scorpio this month and it sets the tone not only for the next 28 days – but this time for the next 4 month. We will also experience Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, the Sun is already in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio and Uranus with Scorpio too.

There is a lot about to happen over the next four months and the motto is – Ready or Not – changes will appear quick and unexpectedly and for some it means transformation through loss and others transformation through gain.

Hold on tight this is going to be a big time and we have been preparing for this last shed of the skin for a few years now. Now we can not hide anymore but we are asked to look our fears, insecurities and worries deeply into the eyes and say : Try me!

To make this transition the best way possible I do have the following services available for body, mind and spirit.

Nutritional Advise (in person/Skype/phone): Initial Consultation Session 60min. – Including Health/Diet Questionnaire + Full 1 week meal plan and shopping list based on your individual goals and needs)

Additional After Care Sessions 45min. – after 3 – 4 weeks you received your meal plan.

Support and Check in Sessions 45min. – monthly Sessions based on your needs or requests (optional) For all those seeking a more support and assistance to promote good health, changing their diet or boosting their system with the right nutritions.

Specially this Scorpio season the focus is mainly around the sexual organs but also the bladder and the digestive system.

Life Readings & Astrology Tarot Card Readings (in person/Skype/phone):

Life Reading – 45min. Personal Session in which I will tune into your souls energy, to become aware of circumstances that hold you back of living your full potential or a situation you struggle with at the moment. Insightful, gentle guidance towards change. You can ask questions any time.

Astrology Card Reading – 45min.

In this Session I do use my Astrology Tarot Cards for your personal Reading. I will explain what is going in your life and how certain astrology aspects are affecting the situations at the moment. This Reading offers deep insights and a wider understanding into hidden aspects of the cosmos and the connection with your personal life.

Healing Session – 60min. (In person or via distant)

A very individual Healing Session and tailored around your needs. I do work with the help of my spirit guide and you will receive what you mostly need in this moment in time. This could be the restoration of your energy field, the release of wounding and patterns of the past, or the peaceful and calm effects if you suffer from anxiety, insomnia and too much worrying.

To book any of these sessions or to request more information please contact me directly via the below contact form:

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