Moon Report 19. November – 26. November 2018

This weeks Moon Report will still focus on our healthy diet before we are entering the Full Moon in Taurus that will highlight areas around our physical body, possessions and money. Time to rest and relax and put your feet up. A Full Moon Ritual might be helpful to make the best of the powerful Full Moon and leads us to the Healing power of the moon.

I do offer 1-2-1 Healing Sessions in person and via distant. There are 2 different form of healing sessions are available and each of them has their own purpose.

1. Restoring the Balance Healing Session

In this session we are restoring the balance in your body, mind and spirit. A deep relaxing, calming session which will leave you energized and uplifted. For all those suffering from ongoing stress, fatigue, insomnia or nervous tension and overload of their nervous system.

2. Trauma Release Healing Session

This session mainly focuses on releasing old past trauma/experiences from your system. Often we even carry a lot of emotional and energetic stuff with us and wonder why we are ending up in the same situation again and again. Sometimes trauma can hold us back to live our full potential by putting fears, anxiety, depression and desperation on us. Together we are working to letting this go, so you can finally move forward into a new direction.

My clients all over the world will confirm that my healing sessions are powerful in person as well as via distant. So if you live far away, you can still access my sessions via distant. You will feel the difference!

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