Moon Report “Healing” 25. June – 1. July 2018

This weeks Moon Report is all about Healing and Reflection. Up to Friday the 6th of July we are in the 3rd Quarter of the Moon which focuses the energy mostly on Healing. In this video I will give suggestions on how we can make use of this weeks influence and assist you in healing yourself.

Once we hit Friday the 6th of July we will slowly feel the Dark Phase of the Moon building up which will lead to more passive energy and often a lack of motivation. A temporary phase of resting and reflecting will help us to gain new energy for the new cycle ahead of us which will start with a New Moon on Friday the 13th of July 2018.

I also do offer 1-2-1 Healing Sessions in person as well as via distance. A healing session is 60min and can be very powerful.

People looking for assitance in releasing old patterns and Trauma I do offer “Trauma Release Sessions” in which we clear away the old so we can make space for the new. This session is great for people who are on the edge of change or people who are ready to change.

“Restoring the Balance” Healing Sessions to focus mainly on recharging the energy field of the body, mind and spirit. It is a calming and restoring session and you will feel much more energized and relaxed afterwards.
This session is perfect for people who do suffer from fatigue, ongoing stress and insomnia as these are signs the vital energy is already depleted and need to be restored.
But also for all those who do need a little bit of extra help and want to take care of themselves. We don’t need to do it all by ourselves.

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Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming. If you want to know what sessions Julie offers please have a look here…

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