Moon Report “Reflection” 4th June – 10th June 2018

The moon takes approx. 28.5 days to cycle around the earth. On this journey she also passes through each sign of the zodiac and this combination has a tangible influence on our personal lives.

Dependent on which quarter we are passing, it is beneficial to focus on one area in our lives to make necessary changes. In combination with the zodiac the energies can be very helpful to gain insights, attract certain things into our lives but also to reflect on certain subject that might require change.

Every week I deliver you a FREE Moon Report in which you get a lot of information on what you can actually do to improve and change your life for the better. This week it is all about reflection to make the best use of the most challenging phase of the moon, the Dark Phase.

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For all those looking for more in-depth and personal guidance I do offer two types of Readings to you.  Each Reading lasts for 30min and you have the chance to ask questions at any time.Readings are available in person, via Skype, email, phone or Facebook messenger.

1. Life Reading – In this Reading the focus is on you and what is going on in your life. I will not use any tools other than my own psychic faculties to read your energetic field and guide you along your path. I will mention blockages that might cause current problems in your life and hold you back in moving forward.

2. Astrology Cards Reading – In this Reading I will use the Black Moon Tarot Cards to gain insights on a problem situation or area in your life that is causes you some issues. Guided by the cards I might bring in some insights from past lives, karmic connections, planetary influence and insights from Higher Universal laws. So you have the chance to understand yourself and the situation/problem better and deal with it more efficiently.

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