Moon Phase in Sagittarius -The Fire of Enthusiasm

When the moon orbits around the earth on its 28.5 days journey it passes through all of the Zodiac signs. Each of them represents energetic qualities and come more into our awareness by the moons passing. Each sign has its specific energetic qualities and indicates certain weather conditions and  the rise of ebb and flow. These natural cycles have been there since the moon once got loose and separated from the earth, most scientist thinks that this happened through a major impact. Since then, the moon takes it rounds around the earth and influences life on this little planet with its gravitational and magnetic forces. Without the moon there would be no life here on earth as we know it.

While the moon travels along the earth on its “monthly” cycle we also do undergo certain changes in our lives. Mood Swings, emotional up and downs but also our physical body makes it self heard. Because we are and our daily lives are affected by the energetic changes of the moons cycle. Scientists say that our bodies are made of up to 60% water, this would explain why the moons activity does influence our emotions and physical bodies so much. On some days we do feel this influence more than on others, this depends on which zodiac sign is highlighted by the  moon.

When the moon is accompanied by Sagittarius we often experience quite positive outlooks on life. We are more concerned about the future than about the past or the present moment.  During these days there is a lot of exciting energy available which could lead to a “Let’s do this” attitude. That can lead you very much forward or into a “Lets over do this”. These days are great to finally get new projects going and it will be more easy to find someone who will join us in our excitement for new adventures.

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Our curiosity is heightened and more likely don’t waste time with boring details. A practical step a step approach seems to be quite challenging when you just aim at the goal.

We will be very much concerned about what else we can achieve and how should our future actually look like? It is not like a Capricorn day on which we might be ambitious and work very hard towards our goals while we do one step at a time. Furthermore Sagittarius who is already in the race when others seems to be just get ready yet. A really good day therefore to introduce new ideas to people. And if you need a bit of a boost to make necessary changes in your working environment, Sagittarius Moon Days do give you the pioneering spirit.

When the Moon passes through Sagittarius some of us feel the heavens quite near. And really if we are able to concentrate our intentions just for a moment, and think of the higher good, we will come into the limelight of heavenly blessings. Somehow from somewhere, it might be fate or destiny things tend to bring us to the right places and together with the right people. Brilliant ideas of intuition and  insight as well as the ambition to work towards a higher ideal than ourselves are very prominent. It is about striving and thriving, nothing more and nothing less.

The only way is forward and we can feel that very much when the Moon passes through Sagittarius. Unfortunately during those days it can happen that we lose track of all those people who are not as quick as we are. The fire of Enthusiasm is burning but doesn’t enlighten everybody at the same time or in the same pace.

Patience is definitely not something Sagittarius energy is blessed with. So very often Sagittarius energy can push us forward – but maybe we need to learn to walk a part of the path alone, till the others catch up.


We can feel a stronger desire to travel to exotic places when moon passes through Sagittarius this is also because our sense for adventure is very much highlighted. We should be mindful, not to make too quick decisions that could overload our budget. The energy of anticipation is most definitely the Sagittarius driving force and he/she knows exactly that this is what gets you going in life. But at the end of the month – what is all the fire if it finally burnt you out or your house down? Therefore make wise decisions.

Setting positive intentions for the future, finding ideas and goals that are worth working, this is what Moon in Sagittarius hast to offer. And if you ask for god – he will answer you.

It is not such a good day to actually sign important contracts that to do with a lot of money or the law. Better to double-check these documents so we don’t miss out on important details. We should try to get a cool head if the fire of enthusiasm does burn too fast or too hot. Taking time to recharge our batteries in nature can work wonders.

We could get slightly obsessed about certain ideas and to others we can appear like a missionary. This is a bit of a downfall of Sagittarius days, we tend to mostly see ourselves and all the great ideas we got in mind. It is hard to be patient with all those who think differently and we definitely got no time whatsoever to spend it with negative people.

There are no boundaries for Moon in Sagittarius days, and if there are any, we will overcome them with pure excitement. Often Moon in Sagittarius days can lead to restlessness or nervous tension due over excitement and too much stimulation. It is important to focus ourselves again, take a deep breath and know that the fire of anticipation is great but won’t last forever. So we will need find ways to keep our personal days interesting and adventurous if we make the best of Moon in Sagittarius days.


The Veins and thighs are more sensitive during this moon phase and should be considered when thinking about going to the gym. Sagittarius in Moon Days are not good days for a hiking trip especially the untrained hiker will feel it very much tho.


Problems with the sciatic nerve, the hips or intestine might show up and should be treated with gentle and care.

Why not go  and see a reflexologist, a chiropractor, a Rolfer or other sport medicine people to give you a massage in these areas that are affected and work on them.

Keeping in mind that moon phases do highlight body parts and they  can become more painful if there is an actual problem. But also the healing benefits and abilities are great under certain moon phases and can lead to exceptional results in treating pain, illness and disease.

If you want to de-stress, go for a swim in the sea, lake, river or swimming pool.

If you suffer from varicose veins it is very beneficial that you apply certain cremes during these days and absolutely stay away from any operation in this area.

For you inner health it is a great day to eat fruits and protein and watch you sugar intake, your body will thank you for that.

Moon in Sagittarius Days in 2018:

June: 26/27                               Sept:   16/17                              Dec: 7/8

July:  23/24                               Oct:  13/14

August:  19/20/21                Nov:   9/10/11

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