Moon Report “Healing” 28th May – 3rd June 2018

The moon is a powerful planet that does influence life on earth very strongly. Many people not even aware of its influence and do not know how to access the moons power.

In my Moon Reports I do focus on the weekly influence of the moon while it passes on its cycle through the zodiac. The 3rd Quarter of the cycle is very beneficial in treating any health issues or disease. Considering doing the right things at the right time the weekly Moon Report can assist you to come back into balance but also to gain understanding how this influences your life on a every day level.

I also do have Healing Sessions in person and via distance available in which I do let my knowledge about the planets help me to assist in the process.  A healing Session is 60min and can focus on Releasing Trauma or to Balance your nervous system.

Clients from all over the world do confirm and agree that when it comes to healing, there is no space and time. Distance Healing is as powerful as in person Healing.

In addition to that I do send out a monthly FREE NEW MOON Letter with a lot of interesting stuff. Please make sure you signed up for this and receive your inspirational monthly guidance that will help you back on track.

Here it is the weekly Moon Report, enjoy xxx


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