Moon Phase in Cancer – Good Days for Self-Care

The moon is not only an absolutely fascinating planet, in addition to that she is responsible for a lot of movement here on earth. She doesn’t only is responsible for the tides in the ocean but also plays a major role when it comes down to the every changing weather. In addition to that our moods can very much change with the cycle of the moon.

In astrology its been said that the moon rules over our subconsciousness as well as our emotions, we can see that really clearly if we would spend a bit more attention to this.

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We often feel that we are going through emotional states and phases, sometimes even throughout the day, but most moods only  last a few days. On certain days we will feel more motivated and sure of ourselves, we are outgoing and extroverted and on other days we do feel the opposite.

Sensitive people, especially women are naturally much more connected to the universal forces than men are. Women do have their menstrual cycle of approx. 28.5 days this is about the same length as the moon takes it orbit around the earth.


There are many other cycles and natural rhythms that can be found in nature which do affect us consciously and subconsciously. We don’t need to follow a certain faith or religion, neither do we need to worship the moon or have knowledge about astrology. All we need to do is to keep an open mind and find out for ourselves. There might be more to the influence into our every day lives than we were actually aware of. Or we were just to busy with our lives that we didn’t spend a lot of attention what actually is going on.

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On its journey around the earth, the moon passes through the whole of the zodiac which gives each day a different energetic quality. She stays in every sign for about two and sometimes three days. If we consciously just observe happenings, events, weather as well as our personal thoughts and feelings we soon will find out that it is true. The moon’s gravity and magnetic forces does influence life here on earth if we believe in it or not. We can definitely see and feel it.

When the moon passes through cancer we will definitely feel much more emotional than on other days. The sign of cancer is originally (in western astrology) even ruled by the moon, so this influence will be much more direct and tangible in the realms of our deepest feelings and subconscious mind. This means that the realms of unspoken words and emotions are very much important. During these days we will perceive the outside far more subjective and will make assumptions and decisions based on our very own “How we feel about it”.

This is definitely a great day to connect with your inner-self and do some work with or for your intuition. You might explore hidden aspects of yourself that you have not taken into consideration before. The energetic qualities on days when moon passes through cancer is all about nurturing and caring. If we do give to ourselves or to others, it doesn’t matter as long as it is expressed somewhere.

Our emotions might quickly change and we realize how vulnerable we are towards our environment. When the moon passes through cancer we also can feel that we would like to withdraw for a while and just stay at home and read a book. Unless the family is around or close friends are popping by than a good home-made meal can lead to best expression on this day. Family is very much important to cancer and he/she would do anything to be there for them. Sometimes this can lead to too much care and family members might feel over nurtured and ask for some space.

Moon in cancer days a perfect for a romantic dinner for two or read that book you so long wanted to read and never got time. Make yourself a cup of tea, put some incense and music on and there you go this is what the Moon in Cancer days are made for.

It is definitely good days to see a counsellor or to be one to someone. We are more compassionate than on other days and we do know how to put others first. Also a good reminder that we might in need for some extra care and why not tell our partner or family what we need to be happy and content?

It’s a great day to re-decorate your home or do anything that has to do to improve your homely feelings. On Moon in cancer days we want to feel heard, protected, looked after and most of all comfortable.

Don’t expect people to act logical during these days, because emotions are always changing so there is nothing really to hold on to, rather than the every changing cycles. Its important during Moon in Cancer days that we make space to feel things rather than to think about them. Everything seems to be tangible with our sensitivity and the slightest disharmony needs to be put right.

Allow yourself to move through your moods and explore with curiosity what is happening. The moon has its very own cycle, like every other planet but its more tangible for us than the others maybe.

If you are planning on a trip out that infidelity go somewhere where there is water, it doesn’t matter if it is the sea, lake or a river as long as it represents the water element. You might also feel that you want to do some drawing or painting or indulge yourself in something else that speaks to your senses.

While the moon travels to the Zodiac it also highlights certain body parts that are more sensitive than on other days. By knowing this we can also offer specific treatments to our bodies on certain days and will achieve better results in healing them. Yes, the moon makes it possible.

Health on Moon in Cancer Days

During the time when the moon passes through cancer our chest and lung areas are heightened and more sensitive. This means if you are a smoker it would be good to smoke less during these days to allow your body to cope better.

Breathing exercises are very beneficial as well as people who do suffer from Asthma could really benefit from holistic treatments during these days. Also areas that have to do with grief are very beneficial to work on these days, as in the lung area is associated with grief. Holding on to grief or not dealing with it can lead to problems with breathing and the lungs.


We also might become aware that we suffer from emotional overeating and it would be great day to work with this subject. You might want to see a healer or a therapist to help you to work on this problem

If you have any unsolved mother issues ( emotionally or mentally), or you yourself have problems being a mother than these days are definitely good to take a closer look and get to the root of the problem.

On these days we are more sensitive than on others and that can be overwhelming. Therefore it is also a good day to apply some self-protective rites or methods or to make the best of these days and there energies.

It’s a great day to go swimming or just relax near the water, any time spend in nature is well spend.

If you are a bit more advanced in working on yourself the Moon in Cancer Days are brilliant days to work with or on your inner child or children (psychological term for working on suppressed feelings and trauma mostly cause in childhood). See “The inner child Workbook” by Cathryn Taylor, for example.

They will definitely thank you for that and will have a really good time in getting more attention from you.

On Moon in Cancer days you should eat less carbs because you will more easily put weight on. Therefore we would recommend to eat Soup, Seafood or Salads during those days and you will see how magically your will start losing weight.

Moon in Cancer Days 2018

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