Moon Phase in Aquarius – Opening new Horizons

When the moon passes Aquarius our intuitive thoughts are heightened and we definitely should spend some time listening to what is coming through. There might be the one or other treasure hidden in the streaming of our own inner wisdom.

Independent and loyal is the Aquarius and no one will ever be able to change that. The Aquarius needs a lot of space, emotionally and physically and absolutely hates it to be caged in. He/she will never ever fit into a box, unless the box is made of an irregular shape, painted in all sorts of colours and the lid is always taken off.

This is what we also will feel once the Moon passes through Aquarius on its 28 days cycle. Our need for more personal freedom, our own space and a lot of independence is all that we will ask for. We will or will want to rebel against all that is normal or stuck because we feel that things could be done differently. During these days we might get some great ideas to deal with an ongoing problem or we discover new insights to an old issue.


Different then Aries, which just wants to break free and do their own thing, Aquarius wants to break through the barriers of social rigid rules which define our sense of normal. While Aries focuses more on its own path, Aquarius energy focuses on everybody path and its desire to change the world is deeply rooted in the belief that all beings are equally important.


We might feel during Aquarius days that we do suffer more from the collective inequality in the world than on other days. This kind of ‘feeling’ crisis maybe also holds the opportunity to actually find new ways in improving society with our own two pairs of hands. Any kind of charity works is very beneficial and absolutely right up the street of Aquarius. So doing something good for someone elses might bring  deep satisfaction to this humanitarian days.

The Moon in Aquarius days can also come across quite unpredictable and everything can happen. Be prepared for surprises and try to surrender to the exciting unknown along the route an Aquarius moon day can take you. New Horizons and a lot of interesting intellectual conversations would be a great use of this day. Pondering in ideas, visions and dreams of the coming future helps anybody who lately got stuck too much in their own reality. Share and sharing is very important and beneficial for Aquarius moon days.

Positivity and optimism as guiding light

Positivity and optimism could be seen as guiding lights on Aquarius days and we might feel that nearly everything is possible. As long as we can follow our own ideas, work in our own pace and actually just do what we want to do. Moon in Aquarius days are not really good to sign contracts, enter into commitments or follow any kind of rules. Airy and fairy that is more what it’s all about, if it then is also out of the ordinary the better it is.


Aquarius Moon Days are great days for developing or deepening friendships or even make new friends. We are open-minded and tend to be able in accepting everybody just as they are. We are not too much concerned with our own emotions unless someone would trigger our need for free self-expression. It’s definitely not a good day in seeking advice for any kind of legal decisions or to think about serious things. What has to be done, needs to be done but if you can move serious stuff to another day where you have more determination and clarity the better.


A great day to do any intellectual work, thinking about inventions or even making new inventions and find new ways in dealing with certain issues. The moon in Aquarius opens our minds and everything that is extraordinary is more than welcome to stay. A great day for new inspirations, If you need them.



Time for detachment to gain new perspectives

Me might find this day that we want to detach from everyone and everything, this can be a blessing or a curse. Understand that this feeling is only temporary rather than suddenly breaking up your relationship or quit your job. Emotionally it might can give us a bit of a break and we need that bit of a distance to connect with ourselves. Just don’t get stuck there and start isolating yourself thinking that you don’t need anyone and can do it all by yourself.


Surround yourself with supportive people and friends, because your community spirit is very heightened these days.

Travelling via water or air is beneficial these days.


When the moon passes through Aquarius, our blood circulation can be vulnerable or weakened. Take pauses and avoid excessive sports. If you go hiking, play tennis, squash or do dancing be aware that your ankles will have a life of their own today and need extra attention.

If you already suffer from problems with your circulation and or with your ankles than this day would be a great day to give these areas extra care. Treatments and supplements that will help to increase the stability of your ankles or build up your circulation are very beneficial these days.

Avoid shopping marathons and any work that includes a lot of standing because that can end in a nightmare and give you more pain than needed.

Anything that helps your veins could be very good today and if possible don’t have any operations or surgical procedures during Moon in Aquarius on your ankles or your veins.

The days, even in summer tend to be little bit cooler than on others, so pack in the extra pair of socks, jumper or jacket, especially in the evening.

Aquarius Moon Phase are good days to give your body some extra good fats, such as Avocado, Olive Oil, any nut oils (unless you are allergic). Your body absorbs these better than on other days.


Essential oils applied to your body will be absorbed more easily and can be of great benefit. Especially if you find yourself in an over thinking mood or you are mentally burning out.

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