Moonphase in Pisces – when we feel too much

The moon in Pisces days are normally very relaxing and smooth going days. People will think and act far more selflessly than on other days and show more compassion. These days are an ideal to actively listen to what the other has to say without judgement and without giving that good advice. The Pisces energy is a very dreamy energy and so soft and gentle in its nature that we easily drift away into other realms. The spheres of magic, illusion and fantasy are opening their doors to all those brave enough to walk through them. We might feel our psychic abilities heightened and the longing to connect with others and life on a deeper level than the normal.

Everything that is out there, and hard to grasp seems to be very fascinating and adorable. We wonder, what lies beyond and we are ready to find out.

These days are perfect to take some time for yourself and do some daydreaming. Different than making concrete plans like Virgos or Capricorn would do we are now into the no boundary state. We just want to play around with what is possible and not worry about all that could go wrong. Pisces in moon days hold the potential of accumulating of ideas and visions, supernatural experiences and others but definitely not good days for making long lasting commitments. Too easily we would say yes to something today that we later might regret because there are no boundaries, there is no self today. These days is all about floating along rather than getting things done.


Staying home with a good book, some chocolate and a nice cup of tea would be a perfect Pisces moon day. Watch a movie, have nice food and spend some quality time with your partner, you will not regret the openness and all that comes with it.

Our sensitivity is very much stimulated and we should stay away from anything that could bring us out of balance. Pisces love their peace and quiet and they need more of that than other star signs. Not clearly knowing where the path leads the Pisces moon days invite us to try new ways and experiment with what else is possible but more in our minds than in practical reality. Its not a time to make a promise nor to sign a contract or an agreement. We might experience some confusion and should put things off that would need our focus or clarity of mind.

Pisces in Moon days are for the dreamers and the idealist. Those who dream the world into shape when no one is watching.

These days might also shine a light on our insecurities and low self-esteem because Pisces just feel too much. They often have abundance of compassion and caring thoughts for others but for themselves they tend not to spend enough time. It is important on these days to return to ourselves with the help of spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, or swimming.

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A walk in nature, on the beach or near water is also very good and brings the influence of these days even closer into our energy field.

We will need to try to keep positive and not to get stuck in depression or the overwhelming feeling that we are unable to change the world. One step at a time would be a good advice for Pisces in moon days, so we can realisticly achieve our goals. When the moon passes through Pisces we might also in need of extra encouragement or support as subconscious feelings and thoughts might find its way to the surface. It is a great day to arrange an appointment with a therapist that can help us to find deeper layers of ourselves and how to deal with them. We are open and receptive and want to uncover all that is hidden deep within ourselves, if we can find assistance or guidance to do that this definitely would be very helpful.


It is a brilliant day to seek out some advice from a psychic or a healer because all these things are positive supported by the Pisces energy. Be creative, listen to music, explore the unknown and try something new. It is a great day to let yourself go, spend the day in bed or in a retreat. Let go of boundaries and experience yourself in a state of oneness with the world. Trance dance and any other kind of ecstatic expression can be very beneficial these days. Pisces in moon makes us long for more to see beyond the ordinary and let go of this earthly suffering.

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Pisces are also often associated with addiction and all the problems that do come with it. From Co-dependency but also the intoxication of the body and its side-effects. On pisces moon days we need to be mindful not to end up in a place where we didn’t want to be – because there are no boundaries and going with the flow is so much more fun. Drug addiction and comfort eating can be an expression of Pisces energy but also these days offer the opportunity to exactly do some great work exactly on these problems.

When the moon passes through Pisces it is very advice able not to drink or smoke too much. Because of the sensitive energy we will experience everything more intense as usual which can have fatal results.

The Pisces are ruling the feet in our physical body and we should spend extra attention to these areas during Pisces days. A nice reflexology, a foot bath or seeing a podologist is very beneficial and can bring a lot of good.

The feet are on of the most sensitive areas in the whole body even many people won’t believe that. All the meridians of the whole body are coming down to the feet where they find their final destination. This is also why reflexology is so beneficial because it can help with all the inner organs and its problems.

Pisces Moon Days are great days to find some form of creative expression like singing, drawing or painting, cooking or just listening to music. If you are gifted in writing, than get your pen and paper ready and try to write some poetry.

What ever you do today, it is important that you are gentle with yourself. Take more time for a task then normal and do it in your own pace. Don’t allow a fixed schedule or anything or pressure to interfere in your day and try to make enough time and space for yourself to retreat. An Epsom Salt bath can work wonders on Pisces moon days and helps the body to detox. Drink plenty of water and be mindful to take a good rest during the day.


Withdraw into your own world if you want to and make space for some subconscious work. Stay away from any toxins if possible and if you do take medication or smoke, especially during Pisces Moon days it would be beneficial to reduce the daily intake because everything has a bigger impact or influence today.

Try to take it easy, if you are emotional than allow your emotions to come and go. Don’t force or overthink too much as these days lead to heightened sensitivity and it can happen that we feel more than we normally do. It also indicates that we might feel more of what others go through and can easily mix it up thinking it would be our own feelings.

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Pisces Days for 2018:

March: 16/17                                    June: 6/7                                  Sept: 23/24

April: 12/13/14                               July: 3/4/5/30/31             Oct: 20/21/22

May: 10/11                                       August: 1                                 Nov: 17/18

Dec: 14/15/16

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