How Tooth Decay Affects the entire Body (video)

Did you know that tooth pain is not only a sign that something might be wrong with your teeth but also that it can be linked to your organs? Have you ever heard that digestive problems, a trapped nerve in the shoulder can also lead to incredible tooth pains?

Did you know there is a close connection between every tooth in your mouth and the organs in your body? Unfortunately not many western dentists have this holistic approach yet and far to often the patient receives the wrong treatment. Instead of pulling a tooth out we might need to take a closer look and understand that tooth pain is only an expression of an imbalance in our body. In addition to that tooth pain can affect many other areas in our body and cause a lot of problems.

To gain a better understanding of the connection our teeth and our organs, the Meridian tooth Chart is very helpful. It might save us a long and painful visit at the dentist when we are able to understand how and why tooth pain has appeared in the first place.

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