Sounding Stars – A fun vocal workshop for children

“All children are born with a beautiful voice.”

Does your child enjoy singing?
Do you want to help them feel more confident in their voice?
Then this fun workshop is ideal!

SOUNDING STARS with Suzi Joy Lever

Suzi has been a Vocal Coach for over 23 years. She is a songwriter and recorded her own chants and compositions. Suzi has run successful Voice and Sound Healing groups and given individual sessions all over UK and Europe.

She creates a special safe supportive environment for participants.
Suzi also offers innovative Sound Ceremonies. 
Now she is focusing on young people!

If you can speak you can sing!

During her extensive experience of teaching, Suzi has met so many adults who were put off their love of singing when they were children growing up. Unkind criticism of their voices stayed with them as lack of self-confidence, self judgment and unfavourable comparisons with other’s voices and fear of self-expression. These obstacles can all be overcome!

At one time singing was a natural part of our daily life. We sang in the fields, sang to celebrate and to give thanks. Sadly this tradition has been lost. Nowadays many of us have been led to believe we cannot sing or are inhibited in using our voices in public. We’ve become passive listeners instead of active participants.

It’s time to reclaim our birthright!

Therefore this workshop was created to help
children to gain more confidence in their vocal expression but overall within themselves.
Joyful and playful we want to explore what we can do with our voices if we have enough space and the right to be ourselves. Why not come and join us – let you child sing and explore the Joy of Sound and Music.

The workshop runs from 1.15pm to 4.15pm in the Dance Studio at the Earthbeat Centre in Saltburn.

The number of children is limited to 12.
Age range from 5 years till 12 years.

Costs are £ 15

Only full payment will secure the place for your child. Payments can be made via paypal to or via bank transfer.

To book your place or you have further questions please send an email to

Singing is not only fun but also has a lot more benefits – these are just a few

Helps release stress levels
Improves concentration, memory and alertness
Singing helps connect easily with others
Helps promote relaxation and sound sleep
Helps with asthma and breathing difficulties 
Relaxes muscles helping with posture.

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