Root Chakra and how to balance it

Root chakra : – this chakra is blood-red in colour. This base chakra is at the bottom of the spine, bordered by the sexual organs and the anus, between the legs. This chakra is linked to our survival. Root chakra is responsible for grounding, support, foundation and security. This chakra keeps us stable and provides base for all 7 energy cantres.

 If you feel or see that root chakra is imbalanced, this could be due to a childhood trauma, which may result in lack of self worth or self esteem.

 If you see that this chakra is muddy then it a sign of grounding the person. It may also signify that the person has foundation issues related to self esteem. The muddy red also represents problems related to lower part of the body, such as knees or ankles even arthritis. This chakra is imbalance it can lead to weight issues, constipation, bladder or prostate or elimination problems. The base chakra is in charge of the entire skeletal system including the teeth.


                                                  Exercise to balance root chakra

 The best way to balance root chakra is through grounding meditation. Focus on colour red and imagine the earth’s energy rising up to met you. Visualize the brown, ruddy grounding energy as it melds together with the beautiful vibrant red energy of your first chakra. Feel your legs beginning to sink into the earth, almost as though they are reaching down to connect. Sit with this feeling until you are content and secure. Continue this meditation as long as it feels right and repeat as often as you want. Grounding helps in stabilising

(reference : Melanie Brown, the book of psychic symbols)

( image : google images )

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