Philosopher – Apple of my Eye


How old age has withered you
to a crumpled, dried up core.
The alluring gift of youthfulness
is yours to claim no more.

Once shining red so proud you were
of how your curves did marvel
all the keenest eyes of the shopping wise
as they wandered down the isles.

Pride of place you were on a pedestal
where they polished you once a day,
and sprayed a mist of water around
so the lights would shine on your display.

In the prime of youth you were picked from a tree
then in a shop front found where I made you mine.
Your taste was delicious, nutritious, divine.
Although now as a core your appeal is all recall,
the ideal of a beauty that will live forevermore.

pic by The Son Of Man, by René Magritte (1964)

The Poetry of Archetypes are written by Sulaiman Mackay

Sulaiman Mackay is a lifelong lover of writing poetry and has been particularly enamored with it since arriving at middle-age. He has realized it is a powerfully evocative and revealing means of self discovery and conscious development. He started writing poems about archetypes as a way of expressing his inner work, discovering the light and shadow aspects of his psyche, and to explore the energetics of the archetypal experience. He has recently completed an Honours Degree in Creative Communications at the University of Canberra and is currently looking for a way to turn his love for the written word into paid work.

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