Carpe Diem by Anthony Deluise

Blind entitlements and fear mongering.

So much separation in this day an age ‘ from race’ religions’ age barriers.

I see systems of poverty traps and gentrification ‘ keeping people poor from generations to generation. Then i see complaints of people’ slandering people who are trying to make it in a rigged system.

I see families torn by beliefs’ racist people coming out the closet’ to disrespect muslims as if every muslim is a radical terrorist. To register them ‘ like hitler did the jewish. I see hatred for the black community and black communities hatred for white people’ when not all are racist.

I see people being evil’ to the gay and lesbian and transgender communities’ bible pushing words written by other humans to hate a natural occurrence’ even in nature.

I see nepotism and favoritism amongst the elitist’ and soul selling actions to make it to the top.

I see treaties’ such as the treaty of laramie being broke. Natives of the Sioux communities being disrespected and hurt and their water being jeopardized for oil companies.

I see Pfizer and dow chemical and many more companies poisoning our crops and food’ from GMOS to neonictonoids.

I see older generations ‘ scolding the younger generations’ for freedom of expression. To feel is weak ‘ to not want hate and separation ‘ and to feel disgusted by a country that is accepting of it.

I understand people wanting to defend traditions’ but when its built on the bloodshed of african americans and native Americans and pointless wars ‘ killing the innocent i cant.

I won’t stand for a flag that represents that’ but riots and violence is not the answer to wake people up to this.

We must be in the system’ shedding light.
Upon your communities bringing people together. To create a new flag built on love and togetherness of all cultures and beliefs not violent.

I see the building of the wall in mexico ‘ as a way of saying forget mexican culture’ when the border and customs just need a better evaluation and of who is in this country.

I see vitriol and confusion and even with deep study ‘ unless your part of the regime or close to it we do not know what is really going on.

All we can do is not hate ‘ not divide . we argue with loved ones and its divide and conquer’ all this is what the media wants .

Why can’t we create more work and trade programs’ why can’t we encourage mom and pop shops and free enterprise ‘ holistic healing and permaculture.
No more deaths of our healers ‘ killed like dr sebi and more.

It’s not about who leads our country’ but the effects on who leads our communities. The real work is what can you do.

Ask not what your country can do for you ‘ ask what you can do for your country_ JFK

We need a country in which the individual ‘ is felt to make a difference in the whole unified.

Your tools of work and talent’ connect you to the center of it all.

Many Messiah’s not just one’ we all make a difference.

People are to worried about things that do not concern’ their immediate life.

One step at a time ‘ we can change things.

Fear is making us stagnant and hateful ‘ as a country.

Everyone gets blamed ‘ instead of actually fixing the problem. Broad thesis written about the control’ from marxist theories too much more ‘ yet nothing gets done.

Charities built-in the image of these controls’ yet i wonder if that money is even used to help.

Peacecorps’ to AmeriCorps’ and Greenpeace ‘ to habitat for humanities we need people to come together unify.

Dont let people call you a liberal for caring’ just do the work’ educate People’ heal people with knowledge on true medicine’ education’ spirituality’ sustainability.
People have become so consumed’ by the system of fear’ they have no time to raise their children.

Uncle sam and the media raise them’ the cabal and negative music industry and the obvious stereotypical entertainment industry.

We have a generation of adults’ who can’t cook’ clean ‘ do their own laundry.

Do to depressing reality of these systems’ obesity and health problems increase.

Sustainability should be mandatory taught how to clean’ and cook’ and know nutrition.

Indulgence and the push of gluttony’ has led to people living beyond their means.

Minimalist are intelligent ‘ yet the over indulgent procreate more .

Iq levels of the united states drop ‘ for easy use of slavery.

Statism and such.

We are not a third world country’ yet our souls are poor. The desires of the American ‘ are ego led with entitlements.

I feel sad for this nation’ yet donald trump becoming president’ shows just how corrupt the media and the goverment is.

The masqerade it created ‘ opend more eyes.

I see a unity of soul not racist’ not sexist ‘ omnist helping a new world prosper.
Spirit science becoming not so fiction.

From venus projects’ to jedi souls.

From humanitarian leaders.

And conscious media gurus.

A global renaissance so to speak.

I do not wish to debate’ nor prove anyone wrong.

I only wish to move forward into a new frontier.

With wisdom on the tongue ,and action of divine hands.

Carpe diem!!

ajAnthony Deluise is a tarot card reader, channeler, spiritual teacher, Alchemist and Healer. He is based in New York and offers his spiritual guidance globally via skype. His healing sessions are full of transformational power and wisdom.

He charges 50$ for a healing/reading session but also for house cleansing and any occult advice.

To know is to heal and to heal is To know.

For any enquiries please contact AJ via his reading facebook group here…or send directly an email to

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