Astroshamanic Dance in Saltburn – A Review

Blossom of the Soul organized the Astroshamanic dance with Franco Santoro at the Earthbeat Centre in Saltburn by the sea.

I’ve been connected with Franco via the Internet and through my beautiful friend George Hollis for many moons now, longing to meet in person and experience what he does for what seems like forever.

Always something popped up, maybe not right timing which is always how it works for me, plan something to not receive, more of ‘ the moment will arrive just be’.

Then Julie Jurgan from Blossom of the Soul sent me an invitation, through Julie and patience we were able to meet. Wow. Even the journey to the centre felt guided ,nugent get lost and arrived early!

Greeting at the door was lovely Julie, such warm embrace, and all that came, who I hadnt met so warm so friendly and welcoming.

Then Franco came to welcome us, very pure sacred soul, his embrace felt formless so light. I have done Astroshamanic dance for a while now, yet this was different, it’s quite difficult for me to put into words the experience of the evening, like a higher guidance through sound, deep.

I instantly went into the body which normally I leave it in dance, it felt powerful, every fibre of my being penetrated by the sounds (music) presence. At one point I experienced such a cleansed feeling, empowered in spirit, Francos shamanic toned voice in the ether no gaps. So what was unconscious resided in the body and became light. Then as always left the body and danced with light. When we were coming to completion the ending music touched again so deeply.

Such blessed moments all sat sharing the blessed evening, the love and gratitude felt was so beautiful, like all hearts one beat. The gentle smiles I took away with me. So I’d really like to thank Julie and Franco for making this happen and for such a beautiful meaningful and therapeutic experience and evening in a lovely place by the sea.

As always om mani peme hung….

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