Last night a heart stopped beating

Last night a heart stopped beating – any attempts to bring it back to life failed.

It was just in a moment of joy and happiness and I was laughing out loud. Cracking up over  a  stupid joke – when the neighbour decided to leave this earth.

I had no idea until the moment the ambulance parked in front of the house. Men jumped out of the car and stormed upstairs – just like if every minute would count.

I heard voices hectic shouting to each other. Footsteps on the floor – then suddenly it went quiet.

A peace suddenly entered the building and no one said a word. Just as even God would hold is eternal breath for a moment.

A calmness we experience when the shock brings up our own helplessness and we sit there with head in our hands.

There is nothing we can do about that.

Only to show respect and honour the dignity we feel for others who so bravely touched the other side.

Followed by the rage and anger that shows us – how difficult it is to handle the uncontrollable.

Doors slamming. Shouting. Screaming.

The neighbour was known to others – some of them called him a friend. I hear their crying. Not believing. Just not accepting that he had gone and closed the door behind him.

He cracked them open. Reminded them that nothing lasts forever. Showed them that their existence is just temporary. And that’s okay!

But we don’t want to be touched there, we don’t want to meet this vulnerable emptiness which knows about our own mortality.

I had to think about my friend who moved on last year.

The pain. The sorrow. The devastation.

The No, not him, not now….turned into why me? Why that?

Even today, sometimes it hurts deep within and I shiver when I go there. I might not ready yet. I might never will be ready to accept the unacceptable.

Still the cycle turns again and again.

Somewhere out there someone is laughing out loud – about a stupid joke – expressing pure happiness or might just to release the tightness of this earthly life.

In this moment – out there someone slips silently away into the next dimension. Unnoticed by anyone.

Because the time was over – it brings an end to a painful situation or just as an escape of the tightness of this earthly life.

Just now. You reading this. Remember to laugh as much as you can, love as deep as possible and don’t hold on too tight.

Slipping over into the next dimension is a natural process for the soul to expand.

So you can learn to laugh a bit louder, love a bit deeper and fly a bit higher than you would normally do.

Bless you my friend – wherever you are.

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