Free QiGong Healing Event in Saltburn – A reflection

The Free Healing Event with QiGong Master Zhou Zhihao was very successful and our participants learnt a lot.

The event took place in the Woodland Centre in the Valley Gardens in Saltburn on a lovely Saturday morning. Luckily  we were able to do the first QiGong excercise outside and benefit from the natural Qi of the environment.

Zhou Zhiaho told us how important it is to practice QiGong on a regular basis to keep the meridians in the body clean and open so the Qi Energy can circulate freely. Any blockages or stagnation will automatically lead to physical or emotional as well as mental problems or illness. Everything is connected and QiGong and its practice teaches exactly that. Nothing happens separated from the other and we need to nourish our bodies with healthy food, keep them moving with exercise and do regular maintainance mentally.

We learnt on the importance of our emotions and what can happen when we get caught up in them. Therefore we should try to express but also balance them regularly before their imbalance can lead to serious health issues. The 6 relics were one of the healing wisdom teacher Zhou Zhihao had to share on this day. Each relic is a certain chant that helps to release blocked energy of the inner organs and releases what has been suppressed. Similar to chants we can find in Buddhism or Hinduism as well as other religious or spiritual practices.

Food in China is more than just something to fill the belly with. Furthermore in China the people know about the power that lies in certain ingredients, herbs but also vegetables and fruits. All of them carry a certain quality of Qi Energy and deliver a very important part to keep ourselves on track and in balance. Out of this understanding the 5 tastes/smells and energetic qualities were developed and play today a very important part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (more...).

In China people do believe that prevention of disease is more important than anything else, therefore people in China spend a lot of time and thought to prevent illness. This happens not only on a mental level with meditation but  on a physical by practicing Qi Gong, Tai Qi and other Martial Arts Techniques. Nothing happens by accident but everything is related to everything.

Zhou Zhihao taught us how to unblock meridians in our bodies and showed us several self-healing practices. For some of us that was most definitely a very strange and new experience but something we can do all by ourselves at home. Different than in our western culture in china a doctor gets only paid if his patients are healthy, which therefore means he will try everything to keep them healthy. Otherwise in our culture our doctors get paid even more when they offer us pharmaceutical drugs and other things that should cure our problems. Unfortunately side effects and other problems occur and  our western doctors don’t see the relationship of body, mind and spirit.

At the end of our day some of the participants received a free Moxa treatment which helps to clear the meridians. This technique has been known in china for thousands of years and is an important part of healing tradition in china. If you want to read more about a Moxa treatment please read here…

The traditional chinese medicine offers more than a few techniques to stay in balance furthermore it is a profound collection of outstanding healing and prevention techniques. All of them following the one goal – becoming immortal. If you would like to read more about Rainbow Tai Qi and how it can help to improve your life have a look here…

Qi Gong can also be used to heal others if you would like to learn more about this please look here…

A walking Qi Gong exercise can be seen here…

And here you can find an interesting documentary about Qi Gong…

The participant of the Blossom of the Soul Free Healing Event with Zhou Zhihao from China really enjoyed their day. This makes us happy as well…here is some of their feedback and some pictures too.

“Magic to see you n all too ⭐🌟⭐ Super day Thank you so much for helping organizing it and the invite. You still pinching and punching 😆😯😁xx” – Andrew

“Hi Julie, I enjoyed meeting Zhou, thought he was very humble and a real gentleman…” – Terry

“Hi Julie so disappointed that I wasn’t able to stay on Saturday, it sounded really interesting. Felt so much better once I got out in the fresh air…” – Ann

“Thank you Julie ♡♡♡♡ I had such a connecting time, a sweet venue, I felt safe and inspired. Xx” – Jackie

“What a great day…!! Thank you so much…!!” – David

Zhou Zhihao has been teaching Zhineng Qigong worldwide since 2014.


He runs Qigong workshops, retreats in the United Kingdom, China and Pakistan.

His students are coming from all parts of the world and appreciate his wisdom and compassion.

Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong literally means wisdom healing. It is a powerful system of healing that was developed by Dr Pang in the 1990s in China. The first level of Zhineng Qigong is lift qi up and pour qi down it teaches the student to heal, build energy and maintain/strengthen their own energy or Qi field.

Zhihao’s story

Zhou Zhihao was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in the brain at the age of 19. His family couldn’t afford an operation so Zhihao had to look for alternatives. He left his hometown unable to walk properly as he was in excruciating pain and made it to the Huxia centre in which he was introduced to QiGong. He practised solidly in the group qi field for 6-8 hours a day for three months. One day during practise he felt a snake slithering out of his head and a feeling of lightness. Tests revealed the tumour had gone.

We hope to welcome Zhou Zhihao again in Saltburn and maybe this time we will organize a 2-Day Workshop or a Residential Retreat. If you would like to stay updated then send us an email to and we send you our monthly newsletter.

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