The principle of healing

Through the raise of consciousness all over the world more and more people become aware of their suffering. Health issues but also the global suffering of others are raising to the surface. No longer we can – put a blind eye – on the pain and suffering we experience through our incarnation in the physical body and the experiences we go through while here on earth.

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Feeling that a part of us is ruled by a higher principle that we just about to grasp and not yet fully understand. Body, Mind and Spirit no longer can be treated and seen separately. But also no longer we can deny the wrong doings in the world and its effects on everything and everyone. Suddenly the pain of others can be felt so intense as if it would be our pain. We desperately start looking for an escape from all the things that start to crack our heart wide open, through the experience of shared compassion.

Yes it is time to name the suffering, to ease it symptoms but furthermore to understand that what we heal within ourselves will heal the world.

To understand the principle of suffering we need to see is as a chance to open our personal quest towards its  meaning. Only if we come to the root of our suffering we also will find the possibilities of  healing. Understanding the principle of healing will add a powerful tool to help ourselves and others out of the darkness to finally shine the light we carry within.

It is time to light the fire of transformation to burn away what no longer serves the highest good of all.

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There are many ways to restore balance and well-being within ourselves that lie far beyond the mainstream understanding of just killing or numbing the pain. Not only to embrace pain,  face it and work through it but also to find new ways of getting in touch with the universal flow of life.

Eileen Garrett a great medium and outstanding healer wrote in her book “Life is the Healer” a powerful message

“Between man and reality there lies a gate that must be opened. During his entire lifetime, man pushes against this gate and tries to break it down. If he would only cease his pushing, the gate would open – but in the opposite direction.”

Pain and suffering might be the gate that we are pushing again and again. Trying to make the suffering go away, to ease or kill the pain and furthermore to avoid it. Our resistance to change will create even more suffering and trying to avoid pain will also take away the discovery self-healing.

We will miss out on the chance to re-connect with the universe and all its abundance and miracles it has to offer, if we only would tap into its flow.

We have spent far too much time and focus on reducing the symptoms of our so called suffering, in the physical, mental, emotional but also the spiritual area. We learnt how to quickly escape something that is so profound and natural than the course of time itself.

Its called growing pain.

Our suffering has no other reason than to wake us up, make us aware that something is out of controll, not quite right and lacks harmony.

Something is not done with Love but out of fear.

Some people take the easy root and relate to western doctors who prescribe painkillers, others may find their denying and avoiding lead them right into the path of addictions. Just a few very brave beings are ready to take the next step and find themselves on the way which leads them closer to the truth. A truth that lies beyond our logical understanding of personal growth and expansion of consciousness through suffering.

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Every pain we experience is a reminder that we are not living in alignment with the universe.  By saying that I don’t mean you should turn towards spirituality as an excuse that helps you to mentally raise above your pain or even to endure it as much as possible. Furthermore I would like to say, its time to open up to new ways to deal and understand  pain and illness.

Its time to take action because we are not here to suffer but to re-create our own consciousness.

It is time to raise to the next level of interconnections.

You will need to learn to understand the universal laws and its movements, their reflection in your body and how best to redirect the energy that moves right through you.

Pain can be a hint that there are energetic blockages in your system, caused by traumatic experiences, suppressed emotions but also the inability to let go. Understanding the natural cycle of life, the movement of the universal life force but also the permission to fully express yourself will assist in that process of overcoming your own suffering.

There are many different ancient cultures that already observed the interaction of nature and man, of heaven and earth, of the macros and the microcosms.

All of them discovered a hidden truth that is now ready to be revealed again.

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The oriental (ancient) healer is taught from childhood that there are many subtle forms and forces of energy in the universe, and that these forces of nature may be taken advantages of and pressed into service by man. To him there is as much mystery and awe about psychic force as about electricity – he sees them as but varying forms of the same thing, and respects both. To him, all energy and force is a manifestation of Prana ( the Hindu term for the principle of energy) or Qi ( the Chinese term for the same principle), and the assumption is that Prana has mind behind it – that is has emerged from the mind principle of the universe. Any true form of healing therefore, must employ this force and power – whether it is meditated to the sufferer through Western medicine or through oriental methods. The oriental (ancient) healer believes that there are certain natural laws of the body which must be observed in order to maintain health, or to restore it if lost. What makes the healthy man healthy, he holds, will make the sick man well. Natural laws relating to the body cannot defied with impunity.”

– Eileen Garrett from her book from 1957 Life is the Healer.


Steps towards healing

So how can we step into this new understanding of the principle of healing? How can we maintain healthy and furthermore how can we restore our natural state of well-being when we lost it?

First of all we need to become very aware and conscious about our very own situation. Allowing the pain to be felt and recognized, appreciated as a sign that the universal energy can not flow freely through our physical and energetic body ( read more about the energetic body – The Aura here…).

And this is very important if we want to take the next step in our human evolution. Understanding the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, its functions and abilities.

The next step will guide us on a journey deep down into the source of pain and suffering that we experience in the present moment. Why and what is blocking us? Its time to find and explore new methods and techniques on how to release pain and illness from our energetic body.

Understanding the principles of nature and living the wisdom of the universal laws ( have a look on my video blog about the Universal laws – here…) can assist you along the journey of ascending towards your true self. Coming home to the perfection you were made of – in the moment the universe gave birth to itself through you.

Let us integrate the Power of connecting with the truth:

God has made you out of Himself. The only material, He had was the Substance of His own being. The only mind He had to implant in you was His Mind. The only Spirit He had to impart was His own Spirit.”

Ernest Holmes ( This Thing called YOU)

Let us raise to a new level of consciousness of our connection with the universe and its energies.

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